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 Dungeon Guide - Bakal Castle

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PostSubject: Dungeon Guide - Bakal Castle   Fri Jul 06, 2012 5:05 pm

Welcome to Bakal, by large and far the easiest of the three dungeons, this doesn't mean you should be lacking in preparation.

Sacred Blessings
HP/MP pots (Obviously)
Skytree nuts Shocked

On to matters:
First Room: A zerg, kill all the lizards, the green will knock you across the room, the red will spew a multihit fire attack, if your party is halfway decent, you should not even be touched in this room. If you get hit, or godforbid, die, I'm not sure what to say.

Second Room: The first gimmick room consists of a skill exploitation more then anything else. The brother in this room has 3 main skills to look out for.

1) Dragon Scream - If you never invested in Quick rebound, I would do so now if you plan to farm here. This miniboss will use his tail to knockdown all the players in the room and follow up with a screen wide roar attack. When you are knocked down, you will need to quick rebound (with some good timing) and outlast the roar for about 90% of its hits. If you do not quick rebound be ready to take some painful damage. The skill "Guard" can suffice in emergency cases.

2) Anticube: Dragon Shield Barrier - If you use a cube skill while he is on his feet, he will throw up a shield to deflect damage which you'll have to keep knocking down. It's not to say you cannot cube in this room but you have to use moderation. The best time to cube is during another class performing a hold skill such as Grappler's "Fling" , "Cyclone Suplex oror after he is Neck Snap'd. Slayers can utilize Wave Wheel Slash or Bloodlust to give party members time to use cubes or cube hold skills. Holds all around are very helpful here.

3) Falling Debris Sweep: If the miniboss is knocked too high in the air, or bounced into walls, he will jump into the sky and proceed to knockdown debris around the room which follow your characters movement slightly. Best to walk around and away from other players at this point.

Strategy: If your party has no plan for cubing in this room, it's best to avoid them and just stick to your non cube skills. Keep a very trained eye on the boss and watch for his knockdown tail attack, that's the key point to note when your suppose to quick rebound. Each time the boss is knocked down, he will use his own form of quick rebound, as well as a shockwave to trip up anyone in the vicinity. This will be a fight of attrition, keep your HP high as well. Non cube holding skills do wonders here, as they give the party time to cube him as he collapses.

Third Room: This room is what will generally end a run if done sloppily. He has several abilities to look out for.

1) Disease Ailment: The miniboss in this room employs a plague on 1 character (looks like a glowing circle on the character) and will summon two stalkers that will follow the afflicted player. The player inflicted with the ailment will continue to take progressive tick damage as well. The disease ailment CAN be transferred however when the flashing circle changes from a pulsating red-yellow to a grey-blue scale color. At this point, the plague can be transferred to another player by moving next to them. The player(s) inflicted has TWO very important responsibilities.

A) Keep there HP full at all times. The reason for this is because of a current bug in Bakal's dungeon. If the player with the ailment dies with the ailment on said player, that person CAN NO LONGER resurrect throughout the entire dungeon. If they do, everyone in the party will disconnect from the game. So above all else, the two players exchanging there disease ailment are to keep their HPs full at all times while in this room.

B) The players are to KILL the stalkers asap to prevent a heavy damage tick on everyone in the party that hits for about 10-11k. Players with the ailment on them are NEVER to attack the boss. Doing so even by accident, will cause heavy damage to EVERYONE in the party. So take heed killing the stalkers if you plan on using big skills. Small and precise is what you need in this room.

2) Anti Cubes- Curse Daggers, Death Pillar: The boss himself will fire curse daggers across the room and if anyone cubes, he will summon a powerful vortex from the ground. If any player is hit twice with the daggers, that player will get a skull icon over there head and begin glowing red. This means that player will take 11k damage when the boss resummons the disease ailment on a player.

Strategy: First off, identify the hardest hitter and the highest amount of def in the group, both of these players will head up the duos. The heavy hitter will take 1 other player and deal with the boss using non cube skills. The heaviest defense (and potential hitter) will deal with the stalkers. The two players attacking the boss need to be wary when the room goes dark and STOP attacking at this point and verify who the disease ailment is afflicting as the boss tends to put it sometimes on one of the people attacking him while the person is mid attack animation, causing damage among everyone in the party.

The two involved with the stalkers will have to alternate the curse immediately when it changes color, as it ramps up in damage, becoming impossible to out pot. This makes the tick damage reset on each transfer keeping the damage low enough to cope with. Maintaining high HP is important but more so being careful with your skills if your afflicted to NOT HIT THE BOSS. This is what murders the group 9/10 times. If the disease Ailment appears over your character, stop attacking the boss immediately and transfer it to the stalker duo. Make sure it's gone before you continue attacking. If done right, the group will be on their way in 5 minutes with 0 deaths, if done wrong, you'll use 6-7 blessings and several tokens or fail the entire run due to the disconnect bug.

Fourth Room
From here on out, cubes are usable, this room is fairly easy, just requires coordination. The miniboss first off is invincible and unable to be damaged by conventional means at any point. He has two skills which he uses.

1) Summon Doppelgangers: Boss will summon clones and yellow pillars simultaneously. The clones need to die in order to progress in the room, so group and bombard em. However, while the clones are being dealt with do make sure the pillars are also being removed from the room.

2) Pillar Summon: This is the main crux of the room. All the pillars need to be removed in order for the boss to take damage at the end. Failure to do so will result in the party taking damage equal to 50% of there maximum HP threshold. There are two types of pillars the boss will summon.

A) Yellow Pillars (Single Person): Each of the pillars will require one person in the party to stand on them. These pillars take a few seconds to disappear so remain inside the middle of the pillar till it disappears completely then move on.

B) Purple Pillars (Three Persons): These pillars require three players to stand on them at once. They will disappear immediately once all three players are detected to be standing on it. He will summon these pillars in a special type pattern.

Strategy: You main focus in this room is the pillars. A disorganized team can get murdered in this room quite easily. Before entering this room, designate one player in the party to be the main *Follow Me* leader. This leader is to move into the purple pillars and ALL of the remaining party members are to follow this leader to whatever purple pillar they stand on. Without a proper leader, party members tend to branch of into other pillars in confusion resulting in no synchronized 3 man cells standing on purple pillars ever at once. It's also important that while the Doppelgangers are out and being dealt with the boss is also summoning yellow pillars that need to be taken down. It's best to have the more passive characters in the party tend to these yellow pillars. Failure to do so can sometimes lead to an odd yellow pillar out during a purple pillar summon sequence which is really bad. When all the pillars are cleared at the end of the pillar summon phase, the boss will take damage. Two sets of doppelgangers and four pillar summoning sequences is generally all that's needed to get past this room.

Fifth Room: This room can be a hassle, the final brother employs several annoying traits including sporadic invincibility, a combolock-esque attack that blows you away, and as usual a 1HKO. Addressing the invincibility he will only go invincible when someone grabs him or freezes/stuns him. Even then, the invincibility is levelled toward the other 3 members, the person who did the immobilizing attack can still damage him. Concerning the combolock attack, just bloody sidestep, it's an x axis attack. Concerning the 1HKO, the brother will summon a rune and go completely invincible, charging a giant full room fire breath that will murder everyone multiple times. A circle will launch from the miniboss to the far end of the room. One person from the party needs to follow the circle down to a blue rune and grab the ice circle to counteract the boss's breath. The person with the circle will be hindered by falling fire pillars and a wave of dragon wizards, you have a little time to reach the boss but not much so be on point. Now while this is happening, the other 3 party members are twiddling their thumbs and taking a fat chunk of damage. The person with the highest defense or guard can throw a skytree for the other two, allowing them to quick rebound and not die as fast. If a sader is in the group, he can push the miniboss forward with a well-placed wall. This room is about teamwork, the better you can work together, the less annoying it will be.

Ironically, out of all 3 bosses, Bakal is the most straightforward. The fight doesn't have any real game based gimmicks, the gimmicks come down to each player's individual ability. I hope you have good hand eye coordination however. Bakal will transform into his dragon form after a brief dialogue (and wasting of wine). Right after the transform he will be momentarily invincible. Wait until he attacks to bombard him, a good idea is to open the fight with some sort of hold, quaker, twister, etc. for brevity I'm going to break his phase of attacks based on him on land or in air.
Obviously you'll be dealing the majority of your damage when he is on the ground. Bakal has a large range and can easily attack from the back line as well. He can claw at a wide arc, shaking the room as well and dislodging debris from the roof that can also deal damage. He will also fire a fireball that will knock your character to the ground, interrupting any moves, occasionally he goes invincible for brief seconds for no real reason, also if you run under him or behind, constant fire vortexes will hit anyone under him. His most lethal move is his roar, which makes him invincible and locks your party still, a spam prompt and a bar will appear and you have to keep the bar from capping off, there really isn't a surefire to do this, it just takes practice, some people prefer to just facescrub the keyboard, some employ a zxc rinse repeat quickly while spamming arrows, others still just eat the damage and heal. It's up to you. After a few bars on the ground he will perform an aerial attack.

This is where the majority of his lethal attacks will occur, Bakal will wing off from the ground after regular intervals of certain amounts of damage, his first move is a carpet bombing, you'll see bakal fly over the room and a bunch of meteor symbols will pop up. Move to the spots that are unmarked, bear in mind you are being hindered by wind as well. Occasionally he will do two meteor attacks in a row so be ready. His second move he will fly up, then come down and hover a brief moment before engulfing the floor with flames, he can be damaged but the damage reduction is high so better to simply dodge, 1 member should remain to prompt him to breath an area so that the party can escape to the nonflaming side while he does said attack, he will do three lines before giving up. The final move is the most deadly, the infamous DDR move. Bakal will wing up and off screen for a minute, he will appear in the background and issue a yellow roar, all of the players will be frozen and an arrow prompt will appear on the screen of about 9 arrows, you need to get through the arrows with less then 3 mistakes to survive. The arrows will alternate in speed so watch the screen rigorously. It's helpful not to have any distractions during the attack so find a fairly quiet spot in the room. He will do this 2-4 times a battle depending on difficulty usually and like the breath there isn't really a way to excel at it except practice. Last but not least, after each attack, when he lands he will cause touchdown damage, this damage is actually very high so to avoid it, stand in the middle of the room as much as you can, and watch for the boss symbol to appear.

The fight isn't too hard with some attention, with practice you can get through a kings fight with 0 tokens and mininal pots. Happy hunting.
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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon Guide - Bakal Castle   Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:23 am

Quote :
after each attack, when he lands he will cause touchdown damage,

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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon Guide - Bakal Castle   Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:02 pm

Jinglestan wrote:


Dat football - Jingle Edition.
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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon Guide - Bakal Castle   

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Dungeon Guide - Bakal Castle
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