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 Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter

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PostSubject: Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter   Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter EmptySun Apr 25, 2010 11:46 pm

Ep.1 The Nine Apostles

1st Apostle: Cain the fatality
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825107

Cain reigns as King of Pandemonium as the most powerful Apostle of all nine. The fabrics of both his body and seemingly his powers seem to be invincible if not unabled to be countered. Being the most powerful being in all of Pandemonium, he has little interest in areas outside of Union Square.

2nd Apostle: Hilder the Crying Eye
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825100

She is the oldest living Pandemonian to date (aka Terranian), and also believed to be the first Mage.
Legend states that she was one to discover several different forms of magic and it is also believed that she has mastered all the current Mage classes. Her abilities as a Mage, which include Telepathy, have protected her from the vile inhabitants of Pandemonium as well as from the toxins that now inhibit the land year round. Now even though her power is comparatively weaker to that of the other Apostles, through her friendships with the 4th and 9th Apostles, she is regarded as the 2nd Apostle. With her age, comes the wisdom of many years past, when Pandemonium once flourished and it is her sought after dream that it may be returned to it's former glory no matter how long it takes and through whatever means to bring back smiles to the peoples of Pandemonium. It is assumed she resides in Bloomingdale, where she is rarely spotted.

3rd Apostle: Isis-Prey of the Blue Sky (Aka Freya)
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825101

Isis was originally from a world of a proud race that soars the blue sky. Due to many mysterious and disastrous events that started befalling his home world, he decided to find out the cause of all these events and soon found Pandemonium, particularly where Cain resided. Taking this as the cause of the events, Prey challenged Cain to a fierce battle which ultimately ended with a loss. The once proud warrior of his world, now defeated, retreated where he was expecting to be able to return home. However because of the epic clash between the two, Pandemonium had drifted away from it's original location and now Isis with no home to return to, flies around the skies of Pandemonium awaiting his fate and wishing to return home.

4nd Apostle: Kasillas the Conqueror
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121855420

Kasillas is from a proud race that lives for battle. Seeking stronger opponents, he found his way to Pandemonium and challenged each Apostle (except Isis and Lotus) and barely defeated each one. However, he suffered his greatest loss at the hands of Cain, and due to the overwhelming power Cain wields, a fear of sorts was implanted into the warrior. Now seeking to rechallenge the only opponent to utterly defeat him, he made a pact with summoners to summon a shadow of himself anywhere in the land of Arad so that he may fight the strong denizens of the land and train for his future bout.

5nd Apostle: Siroco the Intangible
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825103

Siroco has the power or rather inept ability of changing the shape of the world around her. Wherever she goes distortions in space soon follow. She however is only able to travel through warm areas which is why she resided in the Metro Center of Pandemonium, alongside Anton who she fought over energy to survive. With her Devolution to the land of Arad, Siroco lost her immortality and soon after suffered a painful death in Screaming Cavern.

6nd Apostle: Diregie of the Disease and Darkness.
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825104

Composed of the all diseases ever to infect all of the races of Pandemonium, Diregie is the living plague. Wherever she goes, death and plague follows and it's because of this that she has been shunned off by all of the denizens of Pandemonium. The Apostles had careful watch over the Bronx area where Diregie resided, an attempt to keep the Apostle away from harming other areas. Diregie herself however holds no reason to pick fights with the other Apostles and would only bother doing so if her life was in danger. A fellow victim to the Devolution, Diregie was transported to Arad and winded up on the once prosperous town of North Myre. However since her arrival, the area has become a deserted wasteland, where disease, mutations in animal life and wild weather have taken it's toll on the populace and their once beautiful grand city of the Hendon Myre empire.

7nd Apostle: Anton the Flame Eater
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121855421

The biggest Apostle to date. He comes from a world that once flourished in it's own rite but due to Anton feeding on the planets energy source to sustain his own life, all native inhabitants died. Just before his planet met it's ultimate destruction, Anton pulled himself onto the land of Pandemonium and began to feed on the small energy products that Metro Center releases from time to time. When he sleeps, the power from Metro Center releases with such a radiance that it is said Empyreans can see the entirety of Pandemonium floating in the sky. Empyreans have thus named Pandemonium as the "Mirage of the Reversed City". Anton also fell to the Devolution of the Apostles and is said to have transferred to Empyrean where he remains at the Power Station which has lead to the many power outages throughout the entire land. Rumor has it, that this is one of the causes to the Kartels of Empyrean invading the city and capturing the Queen.

8nd Apostle: Lotus, the Long Legs
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825105

Lotus originally came from a world where only boundless ocean existed. Soon after he migrated to the Land of Pandemonium and became the ruler of the seas there. However during one of his hibernation periods, he was transported to Arad and winded up on the Behemoth. With this sudden appearance, the Behemoth flew to the skies out of fear and with no way off the Behemoth, Lotus took refuge inside the temples there where he took control of the GBL religion and made countless mind servants out of the worshipers. He appears to have some sort of knowledge on future events to come.

9nd Apostle: Luke the Constructor
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Img200808121825106

From the day he was born, Luke's brilliance and hardwork produced countless concepts and inventions. With the completion of each project, he moves on without falter onto other projects and continues the endless cycle of construction he lives in. In the past, under orders of Bakal during his reign of Empyrean 1000 years ago, he constructed the City of Death which connects Empyrean and Pandemonium. He can be found currently in Metro Center where, by request from Hilder, is working progressively over time to restore power to Pandemonium.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter DragonKingEX]

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Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Empty
PostSubject: Ep.2: The Futune Teller and Pandemonium   Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter EmptySun Apr 25, 2010 11:48 pm

Pandemonium (World)

Pandemonium was originally part of the planet, Terra aka Earth. Due to strife between technically advanced nations, nuclear war destroyed the entire planet. It was only at the last moment that the region around New York City slipped into a different dimension sparing it from utter doom. The land traveled long and far through this dimension and reached many different worlds. This journey has lead to many different forms of life to creep onto the land and conflict has continued to emerge from the clashing of different lifeforms on conquest to gain more land. The once great city of technology was renamed Pandemonium by the inhabitants due to it's dark demeanor and primal way of life. Currently, Pandemonium hovers high around the world of Arad.

Apostles (Title)

The lifeforms come to Pandemonium during the "Journey". and the strongest will be name as Apostles.
Even thought Apostles all come to Pandemonium by break through Dimension, and hold fearsome power, but they still rank weak and strong between them.
Actually, Apostles are Invader for Pandemonium, but during the war with Bakal, 2nd Apostle Hilder and 4th Apostle Casillas lead the Terrian against Bakal, make the name of Apostle contain the meaning of savior.
But the fact is, many Terrians facing dangers because Apostle's daily activity.

Pandemonian/Terrian (Race)
People who live in Pandemonian, Very good at Magic

FlameSkin (Race)

A Race that look like Normal Terrian, but they are much faster and able to use more powerful maigc, but they can't control their power when they are young.
Because they join the side of Bakal during the war, now they are the most unwelcom race in Pandemonium.

Pandemonium Grand Meeting (Event)
It's a meeting for set the compromise between each organization in Pandemonium about Control area, information, and power. The organiger is Iris.
From the result, we may call this event a tourment rather than a meeting because the way to set up everthing is by fighting....

The fountain of life (Epic Item)
The water which believed can give people the life of eternity
There is not Comfirmed information about this item, we don't know it's really a liquid, or some kind of new tech, we don't even know if this thing really exist.
But since 2nd Apostle Hilder lived from the very beginning until now, there should be something that give people the life of eternity, not matter what form it is.
The only one know about the datail of Fountain of life is Iris.

Iris FortuneSinger
About 20 years old
TerraKeter's bard, DarkElf's guest
A Element master from Pandemonium, also a Bard and FortuneTeller
We don't know when did she come to Arad, but since her Fortunetelling are almost 100% correct, many people would like to get advice from her.
Because she is come from Pandemonium, she is the only who understand the Apostles(The mage we play are common people....you know what I mean) in Arad, so she will teach everything adventurer need to know to able to defeat Apostles appear in Arad

TerraKeter (Organization)
The oldest Organization in Pandemonium, the rumor tells that 2nd Apostles Hilder helped to create this Organization.
Most of the Member in this Organization are Element Master

KarCiuPie (Organization)
The terroristic organization
The member in this organization like to use powerful mage and killing people

Ancient Library (Location)
The only place still contain the knowledge of the old Terrian civilization.
Even thought most of the documents are lost, but many people still believe they can rebuild the civilization by research the remain documents.
The combination of magic and the old Terrian tech been called as "Magiscience"

People who against Karciupie formed this organization. First BattleMage Niu (The Chaser) is the member of this Organization, and because this reason, most the member in this organization now are battlemages.

Sakar the Summoner Union (Organization)
Once the only Summoner organization in Pandemonium. Believe the Summoner should created a understanding and deep bond with his/her summon, But because some people doesn't believe the idea, they leave the organization and created a new Summoner union name "New Promise"

New Promise (Organization)
Believed The truth of Summon is Order, Total Control. The reason New Promise been so wellknow is because the Cruel action the Summoner use to their Summon.
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Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Empty
PostSubject: Ep,3:From Ancient to Recent -History of Sky Realm and Formation of Continent   Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 12:00 am

Sky Realm (World)
No one can tell how the Sky Realm was formed.
But no one can deny the fact that the development of its magic culture reached a pinnacle in ancient time. During a period spanning 1000 years before Furious Dragon King Barkal reigned, Sky Realm and the Arad continent were connected by Heaven City and culture fusion was promoted. Its magic culture has passed down from one generation to the next one.
Barkal isolated Heavy City and cut off its connection with the Arad continent. He made attempts to strangle rebellion by curbing the development of magic. Afterwards Angels tried to survive through pushing forward the development of science. Now a Japanese atmosphere has been evoked in Sky Realm through development over the past years. Science culture has taken place of magic culture and claimed its exclusive status here.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 22
Race: Dragonoid
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Origin: Devildom (the dismissed 9th Apostle)
Origin: Sky Realm (Lord)
It’s the lord of Dragonoid and also known as Furious Dragon King.
When Bakal settled down in the Devildom region, he was appointed as the 9th Apostle because of his prowess and mystical abilities. His appointment afterwards became the cause of mass chaos in Devildom. Ambitious Bakal wanted to become the ruler of Devildom, which made other Apostles turn against him.
That’s why Hilder, the 2nd Apostle, dismissed Bakal (Luke the Constructor was then elevated to the 9th Apostle). He amassed troops and waged war against Bakal.
This war was named Dragon War.
Bakal made an escape through City of the Dead and entered Sky Realm.
In Sky Realm, he announced himself as the Redeemer and sent his Light Magic Troops to wipe out anyone standing in his way to dominate here.
After he took the throne, he forbid anyone to use or learn magic and made Heaven City inaccessible as attempts to cut off connection between Sky Realm and Arad in order to stifle growth of rebellion force.
It’s 1000 years ago. The year when the access to Sky Realm was blocked and culture interaction between the Arad continent and Sky Realm ceased marked the beginning of Arad era.
The development of science in Sky Realm reached its peak over the next 500 years. That’s the period when the Severn Meister started to exert profound influence in Sky Realm region.
Their attempts to develop the most destructive program “Code: Gai Bolga” that would be used to kill Bakal failed. However their deeds inspired numerous Angels. A Mechanical Revolution broke out. The Bakal’s reign was overthrown.
The deranged Bakal divided the Sky Realm region into many independent continents upon his death. Some of these continents are now known as Yeedan, Nospith and Lawless Wasteland.

Heaven City (Building)
It was firstly constructed in Paroman. For an unknown reason, the whole building was moved to the West Coast in Belmaia.
As the only access to Sky Realm, it could not be seen by people until the fire in Grand Flores weakened the magic matrixes around this building.
Rumor about the existence of Sky Realm were swirling around. As Kiri fell upon the land from the sky, this rumor was proved to be true. A lot of adventurers embarked upon their journey to find out the access to Sky Realm.
The access has been blocked. It is possibly done by Bakal who wants to cut off connection between Sky Realm and the Arad continent.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Sighard
Race: Magic Organism
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Origin: Heaven City (City Lord)

Heaven City is the only access for people on the Arad continent entering Sky Realm. Bakal took control of it in order to realize his ambition to dominate Sky Realm.
The thought of humans on Arad continent helping Angels retrieving magic prowess made Bakal feel disturbed. He sent powerful Light Soldiers to guard this city.
Even though it has been 500 years after the death of Bakal, Sighard, one of Bakal’s henchmen without knowing the death of Bakal, has still kept his promise and been guarding here.

Angels (Race)
Angels are living in Sky Realm. Each of them has slim legs and graceful curves.
Angels used to be proficient in casting magic. But Bakal restrained the development of magic culture. Only tales about magic are passed down.
Because Bakal cut off connection between Sky Realm and the Arad Continent, Angels gradually neglected the existence of the Arad Continent. Only the rumor that there is another world across Middle Ocean is circling around.
It is true some Angels have fallen upon the land of the Arad continent after surviving the attack from fish in Middle Ocean. They are pretty shocked to find out the world below their homeland enjoys highly developed magic culture.
If Sighard is defeated, humans may have a chance to meet Angels.

The Seven Meister (Characters)
It’s about 500 years ago when Bakal was reigning over Sky Realm.
Magic blackout was implemented to boycott the spreading of magic knowledge in Sky Realm. Angels decided to shift their focus to the development of science for the purpose of overthrowing Bakal’s reign.
Bakal failed to understand the prowess of science. So he showed no concern for its development. That’s how Angel’s strenuous efforts to develop science slipped his attention and blossomed into real fruits. Science and technology in Sky Realm soared to new heights. The Seven Meister was seven talented mechanical engineers. They were planning to create a destructive weapon secretly and named this weapon Gai Bolga. This weapon was specially designed to defeat Bakal. However Meister Teneb, one of the Sever Meister betrayed his friends. He divulged their plan to Bakal. Thing went south. Five mechanical engineers were murdered. The only Meister who survived was Curio. He was concerned about the weapon would fall into foe hands and took the initiative to transfer Gai Bolga to other space through time travel machine.
Curio still could not escape the grip of enemies. Bakal killed him. But the design picture of time travel machine was left and passed down.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: the Severn Meister (chasing after freedom)
He is a mechanical genius and the youngest among the Severn Meister.
He was in charge of the development of time travel machine which would be used for the transportation of giant Gai Bolga. He had a resolute mind and yearned for freedom.
The betrayal of Teneb doomed the prospect of their research project. As the only survivor, Curio transferred Gai Bolga to anther space and blocked the signal used to summon Gai Bolga.
Curio was murdered by Bakal and the signal used to summon Gai Bolga has been saved and passed down.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: the Severn Meister (price for betrayal)
He was the best mechanical engineer in that era. He betrayed his engineer fellows and divulged their plan to Bakal for an unknown reason.
After the death of his five engineer fellows, he disappeared.

Imperial City (a place name)
This city used to be a huge continent. It was where Sky Realm existed. This continent was split into different parts upon the death of Bakal. The Imperial City is centered around Kent that was the capital of Sky Realm and being connected to nearby isles through water highway. The Coast Guard composed of gunners is defending in the south.
Imperial City has been invaded for the second time. The princess was put under house arrest.

Lawless Wasteland (a place name)
It is located to the southeast of Imperial City, a distant continent on the opposite bank.
As the largest continent in Sky Realm, the desert covers most of its area
When water highway was built, error in measuring distance resulted in trains failing to reach this place. That’s why Lawless Waster is lagging behind the pace of development for hundreds when comparing to other adjacent continents.
Lawless Wasteland has been the paradise of criminal. Its decent into evil was happening following the decline of ancient culture.
Its residents are leading poor lives because they are unable to get energy supplies from Yeedan, which is one of the reasons for the decline of ancient culture.
Without a specific culture that everyone will aspire to and no public security organs to assist in the maintenance of security and administrative order, this place like what its name is indicated is crime infested. Justice can only be brought by gun.
Haze, the Fog City is the largest city here.

Kalete (Organization)
It is the most heavily armed force in Lawless Wasteland where conflicts are settled down by uncivilized means.
Enjo Sipho, aka Eyes of Dawn is the leader and seldom makes appearance in public.
Kalete defeated all the armed forces in Lawless Wasteland 26 years ago and started to invade Imperial City and made foray into its capital, Kent. They surrounded this city for three yeas and still could not penetrate its defense. Their supplies were running in short and they were forced to stop the war.
Afterwards Kalete spent a long period to recover its military power and invaded the Imperial City for the second time.

Yeedan Industrial Region (a place name)
Yeedan is located to the east of Imperial City.
It has built an energy station to help mechanical engineers complete their assignments. Commerce develops rapidly in Yeedan, making this continent more and more prosperous. Most commercial products or materials supplied to Sky Realm are made here. Yeedan has contributed a lot to the development of mechanical culture in Sky Realm. But Antuen who has settled down here recently has grabbed a monopoly on energy supplies, which drags Sky Realm into chaos.
The mass chaos in Sky Realm provides a chance for Kalete to successfully invade the Imperial City for the second time.

Nospith Isle (a place name)
It is a small floating island to the north of Imperial City.
Only the rich in Sky Realm can afford to live here.
Surrounded by Yeedan and Imperial City means most of attack attempts from Lawless Wasteland will be blocked by these two barriers. People living on the island are leading a peaceful life.

Healin Islands (a place name)
Healin Islands emerged after serious damage was made in the south of Imperial City to split this district into many parts.
It is a barren area and no culture takes root here.
It’s become the best destination for holiday due to its warm climate and beautiful beach.

Modern-People Living in Imperial City Kent

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Qyjx002
Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Origin: Imperial City Kent (Chief Maid)

There is a group called Princess Yard. This group is led by Princess and composed of the best maids selected from around the world. Marlene Kitzka still stands out from such a talented pack.
Members of Princess Yard are assigned with the mission to protect Princess from unwanted threats. These maids have withstood many severe trails to fully display their resolute spirits that even a man simply can’t match. But they are still feeling frustrated about the incidents that Princess is captured by Kalete.
Marlene Kitzka was born in a notable family. She is the daughter of Kitzka, has a good personality and morals and is quite stubborn at times. She behaves awkward with men, is not sophisticated enough when it comes to dealing with people and always cares about others and put their interests at heart.
According to tradition, maids are selected and will be given a new name by Princess. Marlene Kitzka is also called White Rose.
She did not mention it to Princess that she disliked her new name.
If there is someone who is not Princess calls her White Rose, she will feel very shy.
Crisis in Kent drove her to learn Magada Propel from adventurers. So she came down to the Arad continent and sought some adventurers to save the Sky Realm.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Qyjx003
Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Origin: Imperial City Kent (Kent Troops Commander)

She is appointed as commander of Kent Troops thought she’s female.
In her opinions, she is not the ideal candidate for this position. She was forced to fill the position after its original commander died in a combat against Kalete.
She blamed herself too much and attributed the crisis prevailing in Kent and failure her troops suffered to her incompetence.
She lost her parents and brothers in her childhood and joined the army to revenge her father and siblings. But she lost her right hand in combat.
A cannon is installed on her right arm to take place of her lost right hand.
She thinks Verrickt, used to be a member of Kalete, is a weird old man and does not believe in him. However, he is the only reliable source to provide information regarding Kalete and she wants him to live in Kent. So she takes care of him considerably.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Qyjx004
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: Imperial City Kent (a legendary gunner)

He is a living legend as a gunner in Lawless Wasteland. He is also known as the Sand Storm.
He rises to fame because of his superb shooting skills and defies any perilous obstacles.
He craves freedom. After he joined in Kalete, he played an active role. But as principle was strictly emphasized in Keleta, he could not put up with such a military life and decided to quit the organization. He then hit the road again to travel around.
Now he is an old gentleman and has two most pleasing traits that are generosity and romance.
When he was young, he displayed the unregulated and uncontrolled lust and rage. After experiencing ups and down in his life, Verrickt has become a humble person.
He is a rover and has settled down in Kent. It is his dream that someday Kalete will be the same lawless group as it was in the past.
He hates Zenldin Schneider because she is a woman in a field dominated by men. He still recognized her for her extraordinary leadership ability and resolute spirit.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Qyjx005
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: Imperial City Kent (a talented mechanical engineer)

He is a member of the Seven Shards research group. This research group is believed to be the successor of the Seven Meister. Despite the fact that he is the youngest, Melvin Richter has displayed terrific talents and has real quality to become a star in the field of science.
He cares about nothing but science and hates doing chores.
He focuses his energy and attention to the development of science and technology.
Any new scientific achievement or scientific talk will get his attention.
Although the look on his face seems to show his pride, he never has a bad intention.
Jill in the same group was a perfect match for him (Melvin did not think so). Jill was so jealous of Melvin’s talents and success. He then quit and allied with Kalete to wipe out Melvin.
Melvin knew nothing about Jill’s intention.
Many hostile forces including Kalete are stepping up the manhunt for this mechanical genius whose mechanical talents will help them strengthen their military prowess. Melvin is hiding himself somewhere in Ironworks Street.
Melvin is accompanied by a robot equipped with AI intelligence which he named King Kong Wolf. This robot was designed by him when he was ten years old. It is not only his pet but his bodyguard.

Modern-Two Imperial City Invasion Battles

Imperial City Invasion (Event)
The invasion was done by Kalete under the command of Enjo Sipho, which is an armed force dominating the Lawless Wasteland.
1st invasion (Three-year War): When the 1st invasion took place, the Imperial City nearly fell into enemy hand. But Imperial City withstood invasion attempts by Kent Troops. The 1st Imperial City invasion failed.
The defeated Kalete seized another opportunity and made assault on the imperial city when the whole Yeedan Industrial Region was controlled and dragged into mass chaos by ANTON. The 2nd Imperial City invasion was successful.

Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Origin: Imperial City (Female clergy)
She is the priestess of highest rank in Sky Realm and Princess.
After the Three-year War (1st Imperial City Invasion) broke out, she was elevated to the priestess of highest rank by her predecessor who was leading Kent Troops to secure victory over invaders and protect the Imperial City from security threats. Upon death, this predecessor not only appointed Erje as the priestess of highest rank but also transferred her ruling power to Erje.
Erje possesses wisdom and insight that are inappropriate for her age, good mastery of key concepts and theories in political and economy and has won trust of every one in Sky Realm.
She is eloquent and her telepathic abilities are an unknown mystery.
She was captured in the 2nd Imperial City Invasion and now is imprisoned in a tower.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Origin: Kalete (Leader)
He is the leader of Kalete and seldom makes appearance in public.
He is 55 years old but possesses extraordinary energy and strength of a man of his age. He is also known as Eyes of Dawn.
He has created the most formidable terror organization in Lawless Wasteland and acted as its leader.
After the failure of Three-year War (1st Imperial City Invasion), he endured hardships to plan retaliation. By taking advantage of power station malfunction, he occupied the Imperial City and captured Erje.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: Kalete (Body guard)
People will call him Johan, the Baptizer.
He is the only slayer in Sky Realm.
But he is a Soul Bringer but is able to cast magic.
Rumors are circulating around about his homeland. Someone thinks he comes from Afterlife Island and others say that he is a human on the Arad continent. No one can tell what his real intention is as a member of Kalete. Even members in Kalete are not so familiar with him. They just make use of him.

Modern-Legends about Lawless Wasteland

Aden Highland (City)
It is a small village in the south of Lawless Wasteland.
This village has nothing special but there is still a legend about it to spread after it defeated ferocious invaders from Kalete for three times and glorified itself to be an anti-Kalete force..
But outrageous conflicts among gunners including “Glass” Vilmots offered Kalete a perfect opportunity to take control of this village.
Before Kiri fell onto the land of the Arad continent, she used to fight here.

Aden Highland Warfare (Event)
Aden Highland, a small village in the south of Lawless Wasteland was pit against powerful Kalete, an armed force here planning to dominate this region. Within one year, this village withstood three invasions. Battles between its residents and invaders are called Aden Highland Warfare.
Many famous gunners were involved in this warfare. Kiri who is now living on the Arad continent joined in Aden Highland Guardian Army.
During the 3rd invasion, Vilmots, the commander, was betrayed and finally killed by enemies. Aden Highland was controlled by Kalete.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Origin: Kalete (member)
As a member of Kalete, he is also known as Stick
It is his personality traits that make him ruthless and irritable. Nothing can stop him from getting whatever he wants.
As a wandering gunner, he is using cards and gun to taken down his foes.
He is the commander leading troops to invade Aden Highland. There are many times that his troops were directly confronted with the army led by Vilmots.
He is pure evil.

Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Origin: Kalete (employed sniper)
She is a notorious mercenary in Sky Realm and also known as the Deathgazer
There is a popular saying among mercenaries that on one will live under her gun. It sounds scaring but gives a truthful profile of Irigare who possesses persistence and professional competence.
In Aden Highland Warfare, she defeated Nills, the Left Straight, hurt his right hand and broke his weapon. But she was murdered by Audrie, the Machine Gun.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Origin: Kalete (a commando leader)
Mercenaries in Lawless Wasteland call him Ranjerus, the Dog Man. He is the leader of a commando.
He looks like an agreeable middle aged man next door. But he is downright dangerous and will bring death to anyone without hesitation.
He has taken part in the Three-year War (the 1st Imperial City Invasion) and accumulated abandon experience.
After being employed by Kalete, he started to attack Aden Highland. His troops endured serious loss when facing resistance from Aden Highland Guardian Army.
He uprooted Aden Highland Guardian Army after Peyo was tricked by him and stabbed his teammates from behind.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (Leader)
People will call him Glass.
He plays an important role in Aden Highland Warfare and protects Aden Highland and leads many gunners to defy all evil organizations in Lawless Wasteland.
He is 40 and possesses experience and leadership skills of a man of his age. He is earnest and taciturn and always keeping a cool mind.
Although he successfully protected Aden Highland from being occupied by Kalete in one year, his tragic end is inevitable because of the betrayal of his teammate.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Qyjx006
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (a talented sniper)

Also known as the Left Straight, Nills is pretty young and has just shown his blooming shooting talents.
Born in a middle-class family, he is growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth.
He accidentally discovered his shooting talent when he was playing a weapon in his neighbor’s home. This neighbor was also a young gunner. From then on, he swore to become a gunner.
To uphold justice, he came to Lawless Wasteland.
Although he displayed real quality to become a sniper and was able to learn very quickly plus the fact that his breath was steady, his timidity and deficit technique had made him fail to be enlisted in Aden Highland Guardian Army.
However he solved crisis for Aden Highland Guardian Army in the 2nd Aden Highland Warfare and was finally recognized by them.
In the 3rd Aden Highland Warfare, he was shot by Irigare, hurting his right hand and he tried to escape through stealth.
Now no one knows where he is

Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (a female sniper)
She has black hair, is a female gunner and also known as the Machine Gun.
She is always dashing forward in combat.
In the 3rd Aden Highland Warfare, she was shot by Peyo and then saved by Nills. She was killed by Irigare when she tried to save endangered Nills, which made her come to prominence.
She is immune to any emotion. That’s why she is able to hit targets at any range
She is keenly aware of this difference and will feel a supposed outpouring of regrets whenever thinking of it.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (an excellent driver)
He is a good driver and people will call him in his nickname, Peyo. Being a transporter of Aden Highland Guardian Army has brought fame to him.
His driving skills are incomparable in Lawless Wasteland.
He is funny and talkative. Painting is his life interest
Being teased by Ranjerus, he betrayed his teammates and involved himself in many evil plots trying o kill Katu, Vilmots and Audrie.
He possesses good Sword Mastery.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (Justice)
He is intolerant of any evil.
His nickname is Justice.
He likes fighting in solo and his legs are pretty powerful.
After being cheated by Peyo into dueling with Kiri, he and Kiri fell into sea. Rumor is swirling around that he is dead. But this rumor has never been confirmed.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Qyjx007
Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (an energetic gunner)

She is an outstanding female gunner in Sky Realm. Her nickname is the Lady.
She is a girl, but she does not fear death, enjoys adventure and fight. She has a strong character.
She was critically acclaimed for her competence of using different shooting weapons. She will draw the revolver at breath taking speed.
She was cheated by Van Platin into battling Katu. Both of them fell into Middle Ocean after being shot. She was floating on the sea and finally reached Belmaia. She then decided to settle down there.
Now she is living a happy life and teaching shooting skills in Hendon Myre.

Modern-Characteristic Coast Guard

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Origin: the Coast Guard (avenger gunner)
In the Coast Guard, he enjoys the most fame as the leader of a four-people team.
He has silver hair and a 20-year-old like baby face.
In most cases, he will be an agreeable and tolerable man. But once in combat, he will become a ruthless killer.
When he is shooting an enemy, there is a hideous grin in his poker face and he will say “shame on you, filthy animal”.
His mechanical talent has been well observed in his childhood. He was born in Yeedan. As a student of Hethman who is the most achieved mechanical engineer in Sky Realm, he has been expected to become an equal to his teacher.
When he was 16, Hethman was murdered.
His teacher revealed his death to Hira in his will and asked Hira to send weapon design pictures that were hidden somewhere in Forging Mill to Kent. Hira found a letter left by his teacher accidentally. After reading, he came to know the reason for the death of his teacher. Kalete coveted his teacher’s abilities as a weapon consultant in Imperial City and regarded him as a threat. That’s why Kalete sent someone to assassinate his teacher.
Failing to control his rage, Hiram built a weapon according to his teacher’s will and enlisted himself in the Coast Guard. He was elevated to a leader after several years. HIRA does not reveal his teacher’s designs of destructive weapons to the public. He is the only person who knows how to build these destructive weapons.
His only purpose is to kill everyone in Kalete.

Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Origin: the Coast Guard (a forthright wandering gunner)
He is a wandering gunner in the Guard led by Hiram.
Different from Hiram, Huk is a person who takes things as they come.
Generous and straightforward, he likes drinking and woman.
Being confident in his superb shooting skills, he prefers using his revolver to hit targets instead of suppressing enemies’ attack through firepower.
He has long red hair, tan skin and wears scars in his face.
He travels around to pursue freedom. When the Three-year War took place, he felt pulse through his vein after hearing evil deeds of Kalete. A strong sense of justice drove him to go to Lawless Wasteland. He came across Van Platin and had a fight against him. He flied to furious rage after seeing his face hurt by Van Platin and decided to join in the Coast Guard.
He swears he will capture Van Platin on his own.
He regards fights as pure entertainment. He is often scolded by Hiram for his wild acts.
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Origin: the Coast Guard (Shooter)
He is a young gunner and a follower in the Guard.
He has yellowish curling hair, white skin and is short.
In real life, he is a timid person. Once in fighting, he will keep a cool head.
Hiram praised him for his ability as a gunner and reminded Huk to learn from him.
Born in a wealth family in Nospith, he is the youngest among his siblings. His parents sent her brothers to learn in colleges that are famous for their high teaching levels in politic, science and medicine. Coen hates her parent making plans for him and left home when he was 13.
He came to Kent. In order to make a living, she received a job to work in a shooting training center. She was found by Hiram accidentally and impressed him through her superb shooting technique.
She is still growing and learning as a member on Hiram’s team.
She is often running errands for Huk and Myu.

Race: Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Origin: the Coast Guard (Female mechanical engineer)
She is an excellent mechanical engineer on Hiram’s team.
Short brown hair, tall and wearing fight garments make her be misunderstood as a man quite often. But she has a pretty face and charming character.
She is a mechanical enthusiast and always carrying food with her.
She may not be a good gunner. But once she has enough mechanical apparatus, she will create freakish firepower to wipe out enemies.
Born in Yeedan and following her secret crush, she became a shop assistant and worked in a weapon rebuilding store.
But her secret crush disappeared someday, which gave Myu a heavy blow. But she tried to cheer up and built her own mechanical plant.
One year later, she received orders from Hiram and was attracted by him for his personality. She then decided to join in the Coast Guard.
When she was informed of her secret crush being spotted in Lawless Wasteland, her heart was throbbing with excitement.
Although her dream of love has not join in Kalete, she is praying not meet him in battlefield.
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Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Arad
Mainly being dedicated to blending Magic with Alchemy to apply them in realistic life and military products
Building lots of devastating weapons.

Paros Empire (Kingdom)
Paros Empire that is regarded as the predecessor of the Kingdom of De Jones was where Khazan and Ozma were born and lived when they were still humans.
Looking back in time, Paros had the same formidable military power as the Kingdom of De Jones is today. When its national strength reached a peak after Khazan and Ozma were born, this empire announced military supremacy over the Arad continent.
However, as he became the evil Chaos God, Ozma channeled his inner chaotic spirit in a way by spreading blood curse throughout the continent and infected humans. He became a blood sucker in disguise to seek more targets to create chaos and disorder, Paros inevitably came to an end.

Belmaia Principality (Kingdom)
While being under reign of Queen SKADY, Belmaia is actually governed by a joint committee consisting of three parliament members. Its capital city is Hendon Myre. It’s about 500 years ago when this new kingdom emerged and incorporated vast areas between Paroman and the Suju kingdom from south to north into its territory. This kingdom possesses fertile farm lands and has never experienced food shortage crisis after being founded. In Spirits’ language, Belmaia means the kingdom of kind hearts.
The Suju kingdom is a natural barrier to invasion of the Bantu people. By taking advantage its geographical position, the Belmaia kingdom has survived and thrived and peace has been maintained for the past 300 years after the decline of Paros Empire. But its military stagnation has undermined development of armed forces.
In folktales, the Belmaia nobles are believed to be connected with the fire disaster in Grand Flores.
The Heaven City firstly appeared in Paroman and later was transferred to the West Coast.
Now the kingdom of De Jones has occupied Belmaia.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Origin: Belmaia (Queen)
She is the Queen of Belmaia. Her full name is Skady Balore Marr.
Born in a wealthy non-royal merchant family, she claimed her noble status by marrying to the Prince of Belmaia.
After her sick husband came to the throne, Skady has been the one who reigns. Following the death of her husband, Skady was enthroned and has been known as Queen Skady.
Still not quite comfortable with her queen status, Skady will take a trip around the Belmaia kingdom. That’s why she is often spotted out.

Skady's Escort (Organization)
It's Sandlin, Speaker of Parliament who proposed to set up an escort team to protect Queen Skady.
Only the bravest and most skilled in Belmaia will be enlisted. This military fleet is assembled to escort and protect Queen Skady.
But Queen Skady does not know the existence of such an organization, which makes it extremely hard for each security escort team member to carry out their mandates.
Security escort team members will wear least attractive tailor-made clothes because of their secret missions.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Belmaia (a famed ironsmith)
Spotlight is shed upon his rapid rise to fame as an ironsmith. People will call him Ironsmith Expert or a Forging Master out of respect.
Siv has a long track record of involvement with making equipment for Myre. Now he’s fully occupied with the fun of digging up ancient treasure and weapon.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Origin: Belmaia (a bard)
She’s grabbed every Belmaia citizen's attention because of her sing talents as a bard.
Instead of being concerned about issues like combat or territory expansion, she is staying focused on her singing career and touring around the world to perform her songs. Her music is full of love and passion.
She is beautiful. Being as popular as this singing sensation is, it still can’t be explained why people will look perplexed after listening to her songs.

The Clergy Order (Organization)
Headquartered in Lemidia Basilica sanctuary, Belmaia, the Clergy Order is an organization to select and train qualified clergy.
Even though Ozma was defeated, his blood suckers, the Disguiser army, were still wrecking havoc on this continent. The Clergy Order was founded to train qualified clergy to dispatch these blood suckers.
In recent years, as there are signs of time reversing appearing in Belmaia, it's brought into focus that Ozma will take a time trip back to the past and get revived in Arad hundred years ago. So the Clergy Order has ordered its clergy around the world to get amassed in Belmaia.

Lemidia Basilica (Building)
It is a sanctuary located in Belmaia and has been transformed into the clergy training academy led by Michial in order to wipe out
Trainee clergy will be receiving rigid training here to learn how to wield giant weapons (Heavy Strike) and wave their fists (Divine Hit) to bring down their opponents.

Hendon Myre (City)
Belmaia is a country with a long history of magic culture. Hendon Myre is its capital city.
Legend has it that the Archmage, Hendon Myre made use of a Magic Matrix to build this city in the desert.
As a paradise for magic enthusiasts, all magic research endeavors will be awarded in Hendon Myre. Myriads of magic apparatus built here have been appeal to merchants and scholars around the world.
It is Myre’s will that all the buildings in the city must be whitewashed.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: Belmaia (Arch Mage)
The arch mage created a huge magic matrix and successfully changed this desert area into a comfortable living environment.
Human are learning magic from Spirits. However even Spirits are blown away by Myre’s versatile magic casting talents.
According to history, Myre is obsessed with the color white.
In his old age, he has authored a book called Anti Enbi to keep track of all the research he has done for his entire life time.

Hendon Myre Alchemist Community (Organization)
It is funded by government. As alchemy has been all the rage in recent days, it is necessary to set up a medium-sized research group and make strenuous efforts for profound study of alchemy.
In Hendon Mrye, different schools of magic enjoy rapid development. But Alchemy has been always alienated from mainstream research. It never occurred to people that a small alchemy research group would receive government funds some day.
Actually, this research group must report each of their research achievements to the Kingdom of De Jones. It is because this kingdom is currently taking control of Belmaia.
That’s the truth behind this research group being funded by government.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Image002
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Origin: Belmaia (Chairman of Hendon Myre Alchemist Community)

He is the Chairman of Hendon Myre Alchemist Community
Being the driving force behind alchemy innovation development, he has a strong faith in the superiority of science over magic, which sometimes makes him a stubborn man. He does not get well along with mages.
He used to be a member of alchemy community in the Kingdom of De Jones. As his research was restricted, he left and came to Hendon Myre where enough freedom was given to allow him pursue his own research goals. He founded Hendon Myre Alchemist Community.
However, the fact that his alchemy community has been kept under surveillance makes him feel outrageous and frustrated.

West Coast (City)
It's a prosperous port city adjacent to Hendon Myre.
It's a beautiful seaside city and an entry to the Heaven City.
Sharan the Chairman of Magic Guild, the magnate Roger Levine and Kagon are living here.

Northmyre (City)
Northmyre is a prosperous commercial city located in the north of Hendon Myre.
Following the break out of the same widespread plague as the one swept through Novebella, a Dark Spirit’s city, all Northmyre residents were infected and killed in a month.
A Belmaia investigation team was sent here to reveal the truth about the plague. But only very few of them came back alive.
According to these survivors, Northmyre has been under control of Manic Robbers that used mysterious skill. Even though the plague has claimed lives of everyone in Northmyre, victim’s bodies could not be found.

Suju (Kingdom)
Its capital city is Shonan where King Heonan is reigning.
Although not an equivalent to Paros Empire, Suju has created a splendid civilization for its 2000 years history.
Situated in the northwest of Arad continent, every Suju people are shrewd and insightful. Their clothes, language and culture bear great difference from any other countries.
Suju people have huge body size. They are not tall and strong but can move very quickly. There are many among them having good mastery of Nian.
Suju people are tame and pretty satisfied with their narrow territory. Qigong Masters will assemble once the country is thrown into the chaos of an all –out war. They will make use of caves or valleys to resist enemies and grab victory.
There are a bunch of Qigong clubs managed by young Qigong Masters in the suburb. Prices for many famous swords are slashed in market here.
In this country, everyone has a martial spirit. Even an old man you come across in street will give you hard time when being pissed off.

Suju Language (Language)
This is a language only prevailing in the Suju region.
Comparing to the standard language widely spoken on the Arad continent, Suju language was only used by people in Suju kingdom. As Suju culture getting spread across the continent, lots of words in Suju language have been added to the standard language lexicon. More people are becoming familiar with Suju language.
Characters in Suju language are a form of ideogram while words in the standard language are written in an alphabetic writing system.

Shonan Ironworks (Organization)
Situated in the capital city Shonan, Shonan Ironworks is the most famed forging plant throughout Arad Continent.
Its reputation for making top notch equipment has rapidly soared and swept through the continent, which has helped take its influence in forging field to new heights.
Equipment coming out of this factory has drawn raves from dungeon-goer adventurers. They are solid and portable, and have already been enchanted. Many famous forging masters on Arad continent will feel proud of themselves when they create a piece of gear that is a match for equipment produced in Shonan Ironworks.
Each of their designs is a piece of art and will be critically acclaimed.
However, only very few people have got lucky to possess such an exclusive piece bearing the label Shonan Ironworks.

The Suju Exorcists (Organization)
Lots of temples are scattered around the Suju region. People of kindred spirits are united to form a team called the Suju Exorcists.
Their motto: wipe out evil forces
M•IEN, a hell monk is its member.
Most of the clergy in Suju region are also Exorcists who will fulfill their duties as members of the Suju Exorcists.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Origin: the Suju Exorcists (exorcist)
He is a lunatic. Hell Monk is a nickname for him. People often call him in his nickname.
He has a big body size and is wearing a wide-brimmed bamboo hat. He is traveling across the continent with a monk’s staff held in one of his hands.
He hates all evil creatures. Whenever he encounters an evil being, he will kill it without hesitation . There is no mercy in his eyes.
After his slaughter, he can't forget his doctrine of nonviolence as a monk. He will chant a prayer.
"Murderers will go to hell" -M•IEN

The Suju Stylites (Organization)
It's an armed secret organization and takes order from King.
Although Suju people are chasing after a peaceful life, attempts of invading their homeland and ransacking their resources have never stopped. The Suju Stylites is founded to resist such an invasion. Its members will be assigned with tasks of collecting information and assassination.
In most cases, its members will not use weapon while fulfilling their assassination missions .They approach it in a different way and will kill their targets through their special mental power, called Nian.
They will wear light armor for improved movement speed when they are performing their missions.

The Bantu People (Alliance)
Its biggest city is Amulos. The tribe chief is Bwanga.
Its history is still a mystery.
This alliance used to be split into many independent tribes. When the sleeping Ice Dragon Skasa came to consciousness and started to bring calamity and starvation upon them, tribes were reunited. They climbed over mountains and settled down in Belmaia.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 80+
Origin: The Bantu people (Ironsmith)

He is an aged Bantu ironsmith.
Even though being not so much easy going, he has done his best for the Bantu alliance to be reunited.
He has helped Bwanga take the crown and become the lord of Bantu secretly.
When Ice Dragon posed a huge threat upon them, he analyzed the situation and proposed to move to the South.
Although these two will often argue with each other, there is a mutual respect between Siv who is also an ironsmith and G•LG•RIAN

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Image003
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Origin: the Bantu people (Shaman)

Her father belongs to the V•lk clan while her mother is a Cunic. Born in such a family, MINTI is a naive child.
Although as young as she is, MINTI has been regarded as the best Shaman in Bantu region.
She is the little sister of RABN, aka the Avalanche Guy.

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Origin: the Bantu people (a soldier)
He and many other Bantu soldiers are guarding along rugged Mount Thunderime ridge to defend their homeland.
His high pitched scream will cause a terrifying avalanche. That’s why people will call him the Avalanche Guy.
He is impatient with intruders but like other Bantu people will respect someone who secures victory over him in fights.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Image005
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Origin: the Bantu people (ironsmith)

He is an optimist and cares less about what other people think of him.
He will forget everything when seeing a beauty.
He is always holding a glass of Horse Milk Wine.
Being a D•rus means he is deft with his hands. Rin has made a lot of weapon and farm tools for the Bantu people.
His wife is Renardy and a V•lk. This couple does not have a kid.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Image006
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Origin: the Bantu people (ironsmith)

She is an extroverted and agreeable mid-aged woman and has good morals.
She comes from the D•rus clan and are specialized in making armor.
His husband and the eldest son Marino were killed by Ice Dragon Skasa. She cherishes a bitter hatred of Skasa in her mind. The young man Charlie who is also known as the Ice Heart is linked with her.
Different from other Bantu people, she will put down her guard when facing an outsider.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Image008
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Origin: the Bantu people (Vice Tribe Chief)

As a vice tribe chief, he will give up everything to protect his Bantu people.
He has a strong sense of responsibility and extraordinary leadership skills.
He is only inferior to his brother Bwanga and looks up to him.
Now Bwanga is away. He has been assuming a leadership role.

Dark Spirits Realm (Country)
It's a closed country built around Underf•t which is a cave linked to Alpheilia Tunnel. Its capital city is Andafu.
This country is governed by Queen. Dark Spirit Elders will also exert influence in national affairs.
This country adheres to a policy of isolation and is walled off from international exchanges. It retains its neutral status and never involves itself in territory expansion conflicts with other armed forces on the Arad continent.
A plague broke out in Novebella and caused death of many Dark Spirits.
IRIS, the fortune teller from Devildom and now living in the Dark Spirits Realm pointed out the Plague was brought by humans. Her accusation cause the relationship between Novebella and Northmyre deteriorated. The war is on the verge of breaking out.

Dark Spirits (Race)
They have black skin and glossy white hair. Proud and bellicose are all words that describe Dark Spirits traits.
They are living in the Dark Spirits realm and seldom socialize with other races. Because they are the only race that possesses the ability to make spaceship by means of magic, there are many dark spirits dosing business around the continent.
Every Dark Spirit is a hot temper, self-absorbed. These personality traits and formidable magic power they possess have undermined their reputation.
Queen MEYA decided to seek friendly ties with Human countries by building Magic Guilds to help spread magic among Humans who lack proficiency in magic casting. Sharan, the Chairman of Hendon Magic Guild is a Dark Spirit Mage who has been sent to human country to help humans.
Occasionally, there are Dark Spirits who leave their dungeon kingdom and live on the Arad continent.
The least known Spirit race on Arad continent and Dark Spirits shares the same origin.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter Image010
Race: Dark Spirit
Gender: Male
Age: 29 (in human years)
Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (Queen's Herald)

He is a herald and takes order from Queen.
As a young male dark spirit, he always wears formal suits and adheres to etiquette.
He was the one who volunteered to investigate into the cause of plague that swept through Novebella after IRIS blamed the plague on Humans and Spirit Elders persuaded Queen to wage a war. In order to avoid such a groundless speculation to put strain on diplomatic relation, KL•NTER went to Alpheilia where Belmaia Embassy set up a branch office and tried to find out the truth
He and Sharan used to be employed by royal families and are close and trusted friends.
His girlfriend is Lilies, a famous mean girl and his pet is a flying tiger named Lamina•Beantu.

Race: Dark Spirit
Gender: Female
Age: 22 (in human years)
Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (Queen)
She is Queen
Although she is young, she has been a respected queen and best known for her calmness and insight.
Dark Spirit Elders insist on declaring a war upon humans. But she has been standing firm in her proclamation that there she sees no cause for a war
Keenly aware of her incompetence to convince Dark Spirit Elders of giving up their plan to wage a war, she sent KL•NTER to a human city to investigate into the cause of plague.

Race: Dark Spirit
Gender: Male
Age: 63 (in human years)
Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (Dark Spirit Elder)
He is the leader of Dark Spirit Elders
After the plague broke out, he insisted on waging a war upon humans.
He is such a stubborn person that he will finish what he wants to do. He is highly praised for his resolute and persistence and selected to lead Dark Spirit Elders.
Like other dark spirits, he feels superior to Humans.

Race: Dark Spirit, Zombie
Gender: Male
Age: 45 (In human years)
Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (alchemist)
He is a royal alchemist in the Dark Spirits Realm
His parents and siblings were dead in a plague that swept through Novebella. He was not infected because he lived in palace. Bitter hostility toward Humans occupied his mind. He went to Novebella trying to find out the cause of plague. But the plague prevailing there claimed his life.
Because of hatred cherished in his mind, he became a vampire after death. People therefore call him M•RGAN, the Wrath.
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The Dark Holy War(Event)
This is the battle between the disguiser army lead by Oni of Chaos Ozma and The priests
This war keep for more than a century, and finally Ozma been sealed into other dimension, the human won...

Disguiser (Devil)
When a people who have a weak mind been curse by Omza...he/she will become a Disguiser.
Disguiser usually will attack people who close to it (friend or family), people who been attack will also become Disguiser, so once Disguiser appear, the amount of them will increase very fast.
Also, since you can't tell who is Disguiser and who is human by the look, there were a very long time that human didn't have any idea to stop the Disguiser, so there was not trust between people, not even between families.
After thousands innocent people dead by heretical trial, there still no way to stop the Disguiser, until a group of people as Priests show up in the history.
Even though most of the Disguiser been destory during the Dark Holy War, but there still few of them hide in the people today.

Curse of Blood (Curse, illness)

The Cusre give by Ozma, and also a illness turn human into Disguiser.
It mainly effect on people who have a weak mind, the infector will become very aggressive.
People who been attack by Disguiser may also get this illness, but if you have a Strong mind, you may able to fight it.
(Base on the only Avenger I know, a priest wanted to be a Avenger require to get this curse and get over it)

? years old
Paros Empire (Mage)

Once the great General of Paros Empire and the friend of Khazan
When he hear Khazan betray the Empire, he been given order to catch him back...but during the battle between him and Khazan, both of them been catch by the Empire army.
In the prison, he realize all things happen because the Noble class and the king fear the power of him and Khazan.
After he know he lost his family, Ozma ask for the Death god, Ozma will exchange his soul for the power that able to Destory the world.
Then the rest as we already know....
But now, because Pandemonium get close to Arad, the space around arad become unstable, and the "Prison" where sealed Ozma also start to getting weaker, so now Ozma once again try to find a chance to back to arad and finish what he wasn't done.

The Three Dark Knight
They are the servant of death god, but death god send them to help Ozma.
They were once fighting during the dark holy war... today, because Ozma may once again back to arad, so they also come to arad, ready for start the new dark holy war...

The knight of Fear
This is the one who make Grandis' brother become a Avenger.

The knight of Desperation

Knight of Destruction

The Five Saints
The Priests leader during The dark Holy war

First Priest

Base on legend, he will not effact by time, always stay in the form of 16 years old
After the dark holy war, he disappear.
Also, he is the one who develop the fighting style of Infighter : "ShinKi" (GodHit)

Milan Rosenbach
because his great healing and protection skill, his squad know as "Team of Immortal"

Wolfgand Beonarr

He was knew as "GodWind", his speed was the top of all Priests

First Exorcist

He was the first priest that come from XuZu. After he successfully defeat the Disguiser by Xuzu's Exorcism skill, the class "Exorcist" start to appear in Priest group.

Shapiro Gracia

Unlike other priest use great weapon, Paladin like to sue huge shield to protect their teammate, and they know few of the healing magic.
During the end of dark holy war, Shapiro is the only one able to hold on the attack from Astaroth, and counter attack, make Astaroth have quit the battle field. This is the turning point of that battle.

Extra: The only Avenger we know

Nilbas Gracia
35 year olds

Once a Paladin, because the attack of Astaroth, he almost become a Disguiser, but he successfully overcome the curse and become a Avenger.
Now Nilbas just travel around arad and search for Astaroth.
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By someone's request, I post Ep 6 first....

item didn't mention: SaYun the guard of Shadow Maze, Berserker Roxy

? years old
The General of Paros Empire

The Oni of destruction, Khazan the BladeSoul
He was once the legendary General lived in Paros Empire, but he was been framed by the noble class for treason. All his families were executed, and himself been bannish from the Empire with his hand tendon were damaged.
Later, his friend Ozma, who once the Powerful Mage in Paros Empire, but now the Oni of Chaos, found him. Ozma take away the rest of the life of Khazan, and make him the Oni of Destruction. But Khazan refuse to joined Ozma's plan for World Destruction. After that, Khazan just travel all around the arad as a Oni without a purpose.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 200808261e810759d23740d79e2344afa6d3d1e3
? years old
The princess of Bill Kingdom

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 2008082682970c63f72d4b098209e99b9e4af71dEncyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 20080826023199dba8364a71bf2fa4470451f79f
The Princess of Ancient Bill Kingdom, SaYa the Frost.
She engaged with the prince of Saroum Kingdom, John. It would be a very nice marriage if the two kingdom won't have the strong tension.
SaYa hope John can forget everything and just take her away, far away. But John couldn't leaved his duty and his people along. SaYa felt disappointed while angry with John for his decision.
The tension between two Kingdoms were getting worse and worse, and finlly the war started.
The war was end by Bill Kingdom army enter the palace of Saroum. In the palace, SaYa killed John by her own hand, then suicided.
The sorrow of SaYa became a strong curse, make the palace of Saroum sink in the the ground. SaYa and John become Onis, stay in the palace and battle each other until the end of times.

The Seven Oni
"Far away, I hear someone is calling me...
Their sound came under the chaos...
Is friend who on my arm, or is the enemies?"

Khazan: "The BladeSoul will bless you for your power."
Keiga: "Protect me from my enemies, create the hope of victory"
Bremen: "The deepest eye will attract my enemies, weak their mind and body."
SaYa: "She makes your heart will be IceCold, and lead you enemies to her world"
Rhasa: "The Ruler of all Disease, the right arm of Diregie"
Kalla: "Release your deak side, and obtain the power of Dark Flame"
Blache: "Your desire will lead you obtain everything..."

The people who get the curse of Khazan usually will obtain KhazanSyndrome.
They don't look much different compare to normal people, but when they obtain strong emotion like sad or angry, they will lose control and attack everything in sight.

First SoulBringer

He is the one who discover the way to summon Oni and how to use them in battle. Since he can fully control the seven Oni, he is one of the few fearsome GhostKnight in arad. But he is been drag to the underworld by the Oni he control once he lose his power during battle.

Linus Smith
Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 2008082650f3243cc3ce47d8a930df6de6d997a7Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 2008082623ea4ae67119474084406842c600287e
36 years old
Black Smith

Long ago he is a very powerful swordman in De Jones Empire.
He killed his friend who lose control during KhazanSumdrome, because this reason, he quit the De Jones army and move to Elvenguard. Now he is just a droken Black Smith who like to give advice to new adventurers.

Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter 20080826a07ab68276574433a6366d20a7b692e6
about 50 years old
The master of GhostKnight Dojo in Hendon Myre

There is not a lot we know about GSD, the only thing we know is there was something make him lose his eyes, and he is about 50 years, and he is one of the few powerful GhostKnight in arad.
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PostSubject: Ep.7: Investigation on Crying Cave   Encyclopedia of Dungeon and Fighter EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 12:35 am

Crying Cave (Location)

Pass Elvengard from one side of Belmaia to enter the Empire. Before long, you will reach the Crying Cave.

For centuries, the Crying Cave has been the den of Nugers, the giant worms living beneath the ground who make human-like Crying noise when moving forward by rooting the earth. That was, actually, how the Crying Cave got its name.

12 years ago SILOCO was transferred here, which changed everything.

Giant Worm Nuger (Creature)

Nuger, the hermaphrodite giant worms with sharp teeth on their several-meter-long heads, have been living in the Crying Cave for hundreds of years.

Although Nugers can feed on the nutrients from soil and can survive even without food, they become offensive during the breeding season in order to feed their larvas. If animals happen to show up in front of them during this time, they will attack them like mad.

After SILOCO was transferred to the Crying Cave, Nugers became extinct. But because of the chaotic situation recently, SILOCO's awakened hatred thought brought Nugers back to life and enchanted them with her mutation abilities, turning them into more horrifying variants.

Investigation on Crying Cave (Event)

Twelve years ago, SILOCO, the Fifth Apostle, became the first victim and was transferred to the Crying Cave. In the course of traversing the pain of death, the infuriated SILOCO eliminated all the Nugers in the Cave.

Ever since that day, the Crying of Nugers was replaced by SILOCO's painful screaming. Some humans who have noticed the abnormities, including the Bhan Squad sent by the Empire, Aganzo and Roxy who sensed the evil smell of the cave, the wandering slayer Siran and his student Woo, and Bwanga who later became the patriarchal of the Bantu Tribe, all gathered around the cave.

These warriors went through painstaking battles. Although most of them were forced to quit, Roxy, the ghost slayer lead by KHAZAN eventually defeated SILICO.

However, ten years passed, and there came the Crying noise from the cave again.

And the smell of devil is spreading from there……

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wow, the entire encyclopedia
methinks it should be called encyclopedia and not history lol
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