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 Awakening Short Story (1)

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Awakening Short Story (1) Empty
PostSubject: Awakening Short Story (1)   Awakening Short Story (1) EmptyWed Apr 28, 2010 8:28 am

Yea...Just something that translated from DNF WIKIWIKI...well

It very bad...

Unlike those people who suffer from Khazansyndrome, they are people who already addict to the power bring by the Khazansyndrome, The hunger of power will make them do anything.
The people who choose the path of berserker are the powerful worriors, but they also face the greatest dangerous of all.
Berserker are powerful, but they are still mortal, their power still have a limit, even the most powerful Berserker like Roxy faced her death. Not to mention many more unknow berserker.
Death are horrible…even berserker would fear of death, because they are still mortal.
“Death is cause by the enermies stronger than me, then I just gonna be stronger than it”
So, some of berserker not longer use enermies’ blood as their source of life, but the source of power. People can those Berserker as “HellBenter”
The great power also bring great cost, HellBenter’s life would be much shorter than a normal Berserker….

Even the earth is shaking, you heart should still be quite
Even you eyes would no longer see anything, but you can still feel everything.
This is not something you can learn when you allow to see the light
Get rid of you eye, stay in the darkness, let the darkness become your ally
The Dark Sky fall into earth, everything become more clear to you…
The people face your sword will feel the horrible of death…
Then you will see things from you long lost eyes…
Yes…From the endless Dark Sky, there are endless of Eyes
Yes, this should be the first time you would once again see things by you eyes
By the Eye of wave
Close those eyes…
You are now have learn the Final Wave: Wave of eyes
Wave Swordmanship: Dark Sky Chapter

In Sky Sociey, only few of those Expert Launcher who in the North Beach Coast Guard Squad are allow to access the Satellite in the space. Those Launcher allow to use the Camara in Satellite to locate the enermies far away, and also fire the Laser weapon on the Satallite. In Sky Sociey, people call those Launcher as “Blaster”

The Black Rose, one of the ACE Squad during the war with Bakal, but more and more people forgot this name when the time passed. After the industrial revolution in Sky Society, The High Priest of Sky Society Decided to rebuild the Black Rose Squad. The First and the best SpitFire of the that time, Flow been promoted as the General Of Gent, and the leader of Black Rose, to protect the city of Gent.
But Soon The First General Flow MIA in a mission and Half of the Black Rose squad are lost, the lost of General Flow make the Gent city leader sense the great dangerous is wating ahead, so they once again search for the top SpitFire to lead the BlackRose. This message been sent to every place of the society….even the land of Arad
So…who would he be….
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Awakening Short Story (1)
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