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 tips for King's Relic

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PostSubject: tips for King's Relic   Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:52 am

1st room
nothing special
just unleash all you have
it is helpful if there is a holding move
of course, it is important to finish the guy as fast as possible, he hurts and u have 5 more rooms

2nd room
also, nothing special
all u have to do is match the timing
one thing u have to be careful is, sometimes the guy's barrier switch activates faster than normal, so take ur time and dont get hit
btw, he can stun

3rd room
it is important that the designated target user run away from his partymates as far as possible
the rest only have to unleash their skills on the knight
if ur solo, then abuse invincibility frames and air attacks

4th room
u need to be careful here
i suggest filling 5 flames that blowing it up with an invincibility frame skill
when the guy gets bigger, just run
also, if the damage u inflict is too big, the damage is reflected
be careful of burns too(dont get too close)
i suggest constant hit and run(for strikers, lightning dance is good here)

5th room
when he flashes, dont face him
dodge the thunderbolts
and kill him as fast as possible...OHKO is the best lol
nothing special

6th room-Borodin
rather easy
dont attack him from the Y axis
use ranged attacks(if possible)
take it slow
jump when u need to
if he stuns u, give up
other than that, just concentrate firepower

ps, blue grails/bibles are REAL LIFESAVERS in this place
abuse them
1 blue grail can be the difference between life and death
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PostSubject: Re: tips for King's Relic   Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:51 pm

thanks for this, couldnt figure out why bloody twister would instakill me on the flame guardian.
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tips for King's Relic
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