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 Elemental Guide to Ancient Dungeons

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Posts : 280
Join date : 2010-04-25

PostSubject: Elemental Guide to Ancient Dungeons   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:14 am

how to see


phys def 60%

light +5%

water +2%

dark -5%

fire +2%

->your damage to the enemy is reduced by 60%

you do 5%extra damage when attacking with light attacks than attacking with no element

2% extra damage with fire and water

and 5% less with dark attacks

got it?

ps i couldn't calculate mag def because i don't have a decent magic attack on any of my characters who can clear ancient dungeons, but you can say its about 7~8% less than phys def(ex. if phys def is 78%, then mag def is likely to be 71%)

King's Relic

Guardian Maelstrom

phys def 76.8%

light -1%

water -1%


fire -1%

Guardian Aegis

phys def 86.1%

light +4.5%

water +4.5%

dark +4.5%

fire +4.5%

Guardian Rime

phys def 77.9%

light +5%

water -79%

dark +5%

fire +30%

Guardian Cinder

phys def 77.9%

light +5%

water +30%

dark +5%

fire -79%

Guardian Lumi

phys def 77.9%

light -79%

water +5%

dark +30%

fire +5%

Lumi's underlings

phys def 54.7%

light -75.6%

water +4.9%

dark +25.9%

fire +4.9%


phys def 84.1%

light +1.4%

water +1.4%

dark +1.4%

fire +1.4%

Borodin's underlings

phys def 66.2%

light +4.6%

water +22.2%

dark +4.6%

fire +4.6%



phys def 75%

light +6.1%

water +6.1%

dark +6.1%

fire +6.1%

Goblin whateverthingamajig

phys def 76.2%

light +6.5%

water +6.5%

dark +6.5%

fire +6.5%

Crazy Ivan the Agitator

phys def 82.2%

light +8.2%

water +8.2%

dark +8.2%

fire +8.2%

Tau Captain

phys def 87%

light +4.7%

water +4.7%

dark +4.7%

fire +4.7%

Mini Tau

phys def 69.2%

light +5.6%

water +5.6%

dark +5.6%

fire +5.6%

Whimsical Sielle

phys def 80.8%

light 0%

water 0%

dark 0%

fire 0%

ps even if these things pick an element, it does not increase their defense against it, but onlt grants their attack the element


phys def 85%

light +5.7%

water +5.7%

dark +5.7%

fire +5.7%

Mecha Tau

phys def 86.6%

light +7.7%

water +15.4%

dark +7.7%

fire -16%

Alarm Robot

phys def 69.1%

light +5.6%

water +5.6%

dark +5.6%

fire +5.6%

as you can see, it is fairly better if you use elements to attack(you are not gonna be fussy about Maelstrom's 1%resitance to all elements, are u?)

even if you don't have elemental skills like asura or elementalist, there are items like...um...indomitable weps which bestow an element to your attacks(i use a weapon with a light element, and keep one with no element to beat guys with resitance to light...how else would a striker attack with an element?)

there are also one-time use items that bestow an element on your attacks for a certain amount of time(like salamander flask...fire element...is the name right?)

plus, in your stats, you can see individual numbers for each element(ex. light 6 fire 12 dark 3 water 5)->obviously, the higher the number, the stronger the attack of that element will be, and so will your resitance against it(in dnf it has been not so recently divided into two stats, offense and resistance(ex. light offense, light resistance)

thought i needed to repost a few guides
existing as mere links might lead to them being a bit negelcted lol
might be a useless worry tho...or not?
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Posts : 280
Join date : 2010-04-25

PostSubject: Re: Elemental Guide to Ancient Dungeons   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:49 am

just...waiting...for crying cave and noire ferra to be updated so i can know the translations*rants*
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Elemental Guide to Ancient Dungeons
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