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 repost: useful disposable items

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PostSubject: repost: useful disposable items   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:18 am

many people neglect useful items like these(took me one hell of a time of brain-spinning to come up with this)

sharpeye potion/flask-increases critical hit ratio by 50%(flask goes for whole party)

very helpful, considering critical damage is +50% damage

and sharpeye happens to be the least neglected of the items i will be explaining

blue grail-increases int by 30, increases all status ailment tolerance by 50

my favorite, considering it makes Borodin's hammer and Rime's ice needle WAY LESS EFFECTIVE

its also good for resistance against mutant monsters with special effects(all hate getting stunned in mid combo)

the int bonus is useless seeing im a striker, but i think it does give a slight damage boost to my suplex thunder lol

oh yeah, it was patched not so long ago in DNF so the effect wont stack(the lasting time is 60 sec, while cooldown is 30 sec)

it might still stack in DFO, so try it. tolerance +100 makes u totally resistant to all statuses

blue bible-increases vitality by 20, increases evasion by 20%

the vitality, seeing as it has no effect on hp max whatsoever(in DFO yet), is close to useless

but the evasion is a lifesaver.

those with low hp, or for those who have a long combo planned, or those with low def

i strongly recommend this item...20% is more than u think

jack frost/salamander flask&whisper potion
-enchants weapon with water/fire/shadow element

as those who know me already know, im a big fan of elements

it really helps in the ancient dungeons(ESPECIALLY IN CRYING CAVE AND NOIRE FERRA)

also, using the right element at the right time can be a real life saver

if u want to know what is affected by weapon element and what is not, refer to my other post: a guide to elements

did u kno that Aracloso(the spider boss) is light element?(i mean...really)

or u can utilize salamander flask in the snowy mountains

elements ROCK!!!!

cry of mad dragon(did i get the name right?)-knocks over enemies in the vicinity

really helpful, tho many neglect to use it

useful for getting a first strike against annoying enemies

or saving yourself from desperate/annoying situations(have u ever been bitten by 15 rugarus without stopping?bite-bite-bite-next rugaru-bite-bite-bite-next rugaru-bite-bite......wtf)

fruit of sky tree(or anything like it)-also knocks over enemies, but is a throwing item

same as the cry of mad dragon, but obviously u cant use it when u are in a hold lol, but works on allies too

it also can knock ur partymates away from items(white equipment are mine to pick up!!)

thats just about it

if u have any useful items u use, please notify me via thread haha
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repost: useful disposable items
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