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 repost: pets

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PostSubject: repost: pets   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:21 am

Pets are things that give u helpful stat boosts, and have skills of their own

they have their own slot, and once equipped, follow the user

here's an example(str+30, atk speed+2%, mpmax+5%, hp regen+31.2(varies on vitality)

pet skills are either buff, passive(there is only one), or attack(like this)

unless it is passive, the skill has a cooldown, as seen on top of the creature

at level 20, an overskill is learned, the blue cool is skill, red cool is overskill

either way, once u use a pet skill, the cool becomes zero(also consumes ur mp)

also, pets have a gauge of their own called fullness

max of 100, decreases by 60 per hour when equipped(in dungeon), recovers by 10 per hour when in town or unequipped

when the fullness is 0, it cant be used

there is also creature feed

fills fullness by 30, can be used manually or otherwise the pet eats it by itself when fullness reaches 10(can be bought at the item shop)

it also has the added effect of reducing creature skill cooldown by 20% for 5 minutes

then there are creature equippment

compare with the first pic, you'll see that the creature damage and cool are different

the green equipment either reduces skill cool or mp usage

red and blue increase damage

btw, creature damage is unaffected by ur own stats

and creatures, when obtained, are in an egg status

they are tradable, but once hatched(u hatch just by clicking the egg), they are untradeable

also, creatures level up, some even evolve

the max level is 50, and the exp gain is the amount of fatigue points spent in total after each map

youll also notice the pet equips are in their own section(artifact, thats what they are called) in the pet section

hmm...did i forget something?

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PostSubject: Re: repost: pets   Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:29 am


Oh I will add that due to Gachapon being around and no selective system it costs roughly 5 dollars for a random roll at a pet. You can get a crappy pet or an awesome pet that would cost about... 8 or 9 dollars in KR versions for 5. But there is still that chance of a random crappy pet.

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PostSubject: Re: repost: pets   Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:09 pm

you should show us all the different types of pets Surprised
and their abilities
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PostSubject: Re: repost: pets   

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repost: pets
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