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PostSubject: The unsung Hero   The unsung Hero EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 6:52 am

I am the unsung hero
fearing the tragic
living the lies
I am the champion
of all those who failed
before and after my existence
how ironic
I'm not iconic
more like the comic
relieving the stress
the pain but I have to press onward
All these words inside all of the
screams and the lies
the need to rhyme
this is not the sublime
but it will stop
I hate
what is going on
My will won't hold until the breaking dawn
But it will change
My friends they
help me to carry on
No more
pain for me to relive
You all take but you never give
I try to look happy
Just so I can see
How please you are
But this negativity
is frustrating
I might just explode
better yet I might implode
Bringing everyone down with me
But i won't
I have a heart
I feel like my mind, my body
They are being ripped apart
When you think I will stay down and you think you've won
Just remember
that it has only just begun
I have been left in the dark for so long
But the light its blinding
Yet it is so warm
It's comforting but
it wont last very long
Because it is artificial
it makes me feel so wrong
It pisses me off
Why is it when we speak our mind
Our thoughts end up being left behind
And now i have seen my own light
I can see that what I say can be right
I know that I can see the truth to it all
That the world sets you up just to fall
To see you fail
I won't, I will prevail
I will shout
I got through the darkness, I found the way out
I am the unsung hero
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The unsung Hero
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