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I swear to god... you laugh, i'll quit the guild i shit you not.....


“Sir, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you’ve already lost your wife to this

experiment, do you really want to use her DNA to create the key?” the scientist asked.

“Do it, I’ve already made up my mind, thanks to that fool Asroc, I have finally acquired

all that I need to set my plan into motion.” Said Townsend.

“Then I shall begin immediately.” Said the scientist. Soon enough, it will be mine. Said


5 years later: “Father where are we going?” asked the young girl. “Home, your going to

be starting school soon. Helga will pick you up after school understand?” said

Townsend. “Yes father.” said the young girl. “Here we are.” Said the driver of the limo.

The young girl opens the door and steps out. “Do you remember what I said?” asked

Townsend. “Yes father, Helga the maid will pick me up.” Said the young girl.

The young girl runs to the front doors of the school, but before she enters she turns

Back to wave to her father. Unfortunately Townsend closes the car door and the

Limo drives off. The school bell rings. The young girl enters the school. Inside were

Children running around trying to keep from being late to class. In the midst of the

Commotion, a boy with long blond hair runs into the young girl. The young girl falls to

the floor. “Oh man, are you alright?” the boy asked. “Yes, thank you for asking.” Said

the young girl. The boy helps the young girl to her feet. “Jeez, I really am sorry, your

new are something?” the boy asked. “yeah, but I don’t know where to go, I’m suppose

to go to room J122. But I’m not sure where that is.” Said the young girl.

“No problem, follow me.” Said the boy as he took the young girls hand. “Follow you,

why?” asked the young girl. “J122 is where I’m going, were in the same class. By the

way, my names Umbra, what’s yours?” asked Umbra. “Mew, my name is Mew, nice

to meet you Umbra.” Said Mew. The two children ran for class.

(Act I)
Chapter I
The Adventure begins

It was suppose to be a fun filled summer. No one should have died. Going to

Summer camp seemed to be a good idea. We had just settled into the cabin for

the night. Me, Lumus, Shade, and Seraph. But when we found that train, our lives

where forever changed. Shade had gone out to sign natures guest book. We were

excited about camp. We planned on having a wild time. Seraph and Lumus were

talking about something, I wasn’t really interested. “So what do we do first?”

asked Seraph. “Whatever we want,” Said Lumus, “because for the next two months

we are free from our parents.” Shade had finally walked in and jumped into his

bed. He would be sleep in no time. Your probably wondering who I am, Names

Umbra and I’ll be narrating most of this story. I was a boy of 15, I had let my hair

grow during the end of school but I was thinking of cutting it. I was kind of tall;

Lumus was about six inches taller than me. Lumus was what you would call a

problem child He had a saying that went: “I don’t find trouble, trouble finds me.”

Seraph was short boy who would kick your butt if you made fun of him, and then

there was Shade, the lazy one of our crew, slept a lot and I mean a lot. Shade could

sleep anywhere, If Shade got tired, he would fall asleep right where he was.

Don’t let that lazy attitude fool you though. Shade can hold his own in a fight. He

has one hell of a shot to. His aim is legendary in our neck of the woods.

We were about to go to bed when we heard a cry that rang out in the night. “What

the hell?!” said Seraph. Shade had woke up to. “Maybe it’s a coyote.” Said Shade.

“Coyotes don’t make that kind of sound.” I said. Everyone piled out of the cabin.

There was another scream, closer this time. I turned to look around but saw

nothing. “Where is everyone?” I asked. There was another scream. “Lets check it

out.” Said Lumus. “What, hell no why don’t you go check it out!” shouted Shade.

“Come on what’s the worst that could happen?” said Lumus. “Well for starters, the

same thing that’s happening to everyone else out there could happen to us!” said

Shade. “Come on lets go.” I said. So we ran trying to follow the sound of the screams.

When we arrived at the origin of the screams, the forest went silent still. That’s

when we saw the train. “What’s that doing here?” said Seraph. Lumus shrugged his

shoulders. I walked forward and tripped over something. When I turned to see

what it was, I almost lost my lunch. It was Craig, a kid from camp, he was dead.

“Oh hell no!” shouted Shade. “Who did this?!” asked Lumus full of anger. “How

unfortunate for him.” said a mysterious voice. We turned to see a figure in the

shadows. “Who are you?” asked Shade still recovering from the shock. “That’s not

for you to know, but you must leave now!” said the figure. “Not till we get some

answers!” shouted Lumus. “Did you do this?” I asked still sitting on the ground.

“No, but I may know what was the cause.” Said the figure.

“This child is a victim of a terrible experiment, This experiment has infected this

entire region, How unfortunate.” Said the figure. “ What kind of experiment?” I

asked. “A type of toxin, a virus you might say,” Said the figure. “This virus can mutate any living

organism, this child is also infected by the virus, in time he will become a

horrible monster, if you were smart you would leave now.” Said figure as he

walked away. “I don’t think the entire truth was being told.” I thought, “and when

the truth comes out, it might be to late.” “You okay?” said Lumus as he helped me

up. “What do you think is going on?” I asked. “Hey guys, Where’s Seraph?”

asked Shade. “Aw crap, his parents are gonna kill us!” said Lumus. “Maybe he’s on

the train.” I said. “Great now we got to get on this creepy ass train.” Said Shade.

We boarded the train. “I got a bad feeling about this.” Said Shade. “Think the

police will get involved?” said Lumus. “Don’t know, but I don’t want to get

blamed for this.” I said. There was a low rumbling sound. The doors suddenly

locked themselves. The train started to move on its own. “See, see, told you I had

a bad feeling about this!” shouted Shade.

There was a low moan, “Oh god.” Said Lumus. Shade had seen it to. The kids from

camp, all the kids from camp, Looking half dead, half alive. Just standing across

from us. “Is it me or do they look like zombies?” said Shade. The zombies started

walking towards us. “Hey there’s Seraph.” I said. But something was wrong here.

Why weren’t the zombies attacking him? He just walked pass all those zombies.

One of the zombies lunged at Lumus, but since Lumus had a black belt in karate, he

dropped the zombie like it was nothing. “Okay get any closer and end up like your

buddy here!” I shouted. “I don’t think there listening!” said Lumus as he sent

another zombie to the ground. This time he kicked its head off. “Well then, lets

kick some ass!” shouted Shade. The zombies charged at us. We dropped one after

another until there was none left standing. But even after all that fighting, I felt

hopeless. We were stuck on this runaway train. Most would give up any hope of living.

But not us. This was just the beginning. Our adventure was just beginning.

Chapter II
The Nightmare Begins

“Now what do we do?” asked Shade. “I guess we just ride it out.” Said Lumus.

“Ride it out, you was the one who suggested we get on this damn thing!” shouted Shade.

“In case you haven’t noticed there are some really freaked out things on this train, and we

don’t stand a chance if we don’t work together!” I said breaking up this oncoming

argument. “well I for one want to get out of here.” Said Shade.

I understood what Shade was feeling. Its not every day that the dead would attack

you. It felt like a dream that turned into a nightmare. “Well there’s nothing we can

do now.” Said Lumus as he sat down in a seat. “Maybe we should find out what happened

on this train.” I said. We all walked to the nearest cabin car door. I put my hand on the

door knob. “Here goes nothing.” I thought. I opened the door The passenger car had a

musty smell of death. the smell brought tears to my eyes. “Lets try this room.” Said

Lumus. We walked into the room. It was a small passenger cabin. I walked over and sat on

the small bed. I noticed something in the covers of the bed. “hey I found someone’s

journal.” I said

Chapter III
The Search
“Well open it” said Shade. “Can’t, there’s a lock on it.” I said. “Can I see that for a

second?” said Lumus. I handed the journal to him. Lumus looked at the journal.

“This is a standard lock, needs a key to open it but can easily be broken.” Said

Lumus. “Then break it smart ass.” Said Shade. “Okay dork.” Said Lumus. He threw the

journal against the wall.


The lock popped off. “See, easy.” Said Lumus. “What’s the last entry say?” asked Shade.

“Its yesterdays date.” Said Lumus. “Read the damn thing already!” I said getting


June 5th 2001: The toxin has spread throughout the research facility. Was

creating this thing really worth it. There was no warning of the leak. To make matters

worse, the train was also exposed, so that escape plan failed. It killed everything it

touched and mutated everything it couldn’t kill. Everyone is dead, but not for long. They

will walk again, just like the others? But not me, I’ll make sure of it with my last bullet in

my gun…

“That’s all it says.” Said Lumus as he closed the journal. “That’s messed up.” said

Shade. Lumus opened one of the dresser drawers. “What’s this?” asked Lumus. “Let me see

it.” I said. “Some kind of research report.” I said: This report is a show of the certain

types of physiologies.

Mammal: We have found that a wide variety of animals can be infected by the toxin

virus. The canine species have had the biggest success rate yet, being trained as military

assault units. This idea was later thrown out because of the inability to control the


Human: We thought that we could make the perfect super soldier by combining the virus

with human DNA. Again we failed. Subjects died twenty minutes after exposure.

Afterwards, the virus takes control of the lifeless body by reanimating the brain and heart.

The body then develops a taste for human flesh and will attack any living being.


Gorilla: Gorillas was one of the successful experiments. Intelligence increased as well as

strength. They made perfect military defensive weapons, unfortunately, none survived

due to an abnormality which causes the subjects to go insane and attack anything that

moved. We ended up having them all destroyed.

We were also unsuccessful in creating the perfect weapon using creatures from the insect


Project Insecta T34: The subject used in this project Grew in size. It developed high

levels of aggressiveness. The tarantula then developed an acid like poison that could melt

through even the toughest of metal. It also developed increased strength as well as keen

eyesight. However the subject escaped into the lower sewer system.

The only project that has continued to be a success is the Shred lizard project.

Shred lizard: We combined the DNA of a komodo dragon with that of a human subject.

The creatures were easily controllable. With very sharp claws, they could easily rip

through any adversary. The ability to leap to very high places as well as there extreme

speeds has made them perfect weapons. There fastest speed so far is about 62 to 70 miles

per our.

“The rest has been torn out”. I said. “Here’s a question, why were they creating

these things?” asked Shade. “Like I know.” Said Lumus. “Hey, look what I found.” Said

Shade, “Just what I need, a fully loaded revolver.” Shade started rummaging through the

drawers for additional ammunition. “Might be a good idea to look for something to


defend ourselves with to.” I said.

Chapter IV
Make Shift Escape

“Hey, here’s a thought, maybe we can stop the train.” I said. “Okay genius, how?!”

said Shade. We had reentered the hall and was making our way further down it. At

the end of the hall was another zombie. “Watch me blow this things head off.”

Said Shade. “Hold on, its just one, lets just duck in this room and wait for it to pass

by.” I said. “Yeah lets not waste what little ammo we have, you only have thirty

rounds in reserve.” Said Lumus. “Spoil sports!” said Shade. We ducked into the

conductor’s cabin. Inside was a small office. Shade started searching the desk for

more bullets. “Only eight, damn.” Said Shade.

“Hoping to find more huh?” said Lumus. “Shade, keep watch for that freak

outside.” I said. “Will do.” Said Shade. I walked over to the cabinet and opened it

there was a machete. “Nice.” I said. “What is with you and sharp things?” asked

Lumus. “Umbra has a knife fetish.” Said Shade laughing. “Shut-up and keep watch.”

I said.

“Hey Shade, has that zombie passed by yet?” asked Lumus. “Well, there’s three

more of them now,” said Shade, “they’re waiting at the door?” I said. Just then the

glass on the door shattered. “Damn it, there trying to get in!” shouted Shade.

“Where screwed!” said Lumus. “Not yet, look up there.” I said.

There was a trap door that led to the cabin above. “Lumus, give me a boost!” I


shouted. Two shots rang out and two zombies hit the ground hard. Shade had just

fired at the zombies. “Shade what are you doing, hold your fire!” shouted Lumus.

“Hey screw that, there’s a hole lot of them out there now, a shoot one and two

more take its place; I don’t think this a permanent fix! Said Shade. Lumus boosted

me up into the cabin above. I reached down and pulled Lumus up. “Shade, come

on!” I shouted. Shade jumped up and grabbed my hand and I pulled him up. Just in

time to because the zombies had burst through the door.

“That was close.” I said. “You telling me.” Said Shade. “Uh guys, what the hell is

that over there?” asked Lumus. We all looked across the room. “That is a very

pissed off looking dog zombie.” I said. “The one from the report?” asked Shade.

The dog gave out a howl and to more dog zombies appeared. “Looks like they

want a fight!” said Lumus. “Not good.” Said Shade. “Where gonna have to fight

them.” I said. Lumus picked up a long metal pole that was made sharp at the end.

Shade pointed his gun at the enemy. “Here we go.” I said. I jumped at the dog on

the left and attempted to strike. I swung and missed. I jumped back before the dog

could counter. The dog on the right jumped at Shade. Shade moved to the side to

dodge the attack and then opened fire and landed a hit to the side of the dog. The

dog got to its feet but Lumus slashed it before it could do any thing. It fell to the

ground and died.

I jumped at one of the dogs and struck it in the head killing it instantly. The last

dog lunged at me but I was able to dodge it by an inch. Shade turned and blew its

head off.


“Piece of cake.” Said Shade. “Shut-up.” Said Lumus. There was a low rumble. “What’s

that?” I said. “This train is picking up speed.” Said Lumus. “If we don’t do something, this

thing is going to derail!” said Shade. “Damn it, what are we going to do?!” I said. “Head

for the front of the train, we gotta put the brakes on this thing!” Said Lumus. “I’m not

going through all those zombies.” Said Shade. “Then we go over them.” I said. “What!”

said Lumus. “We climb on top of the train and head straight to the front.” I said. “Is that

gonna work?” asked Lumus. “You got a better idea, Id love to here it.” I said. “Okay, lets

do it.” Said Lumus. “Hey if we die, I’m never going to speak to you again, obviously.”

Said Shade. “Shut-up.” I said. Shade shot one of the windows out. Lumus climbed out and

onto the top of the train. Shade went next and I went afterwards. “Man this thing is really

moving!” shouted Lumus. We made our way across the train, making sure to go slow so

we don’t slip and kill ourselves.

“This has got to rate as a ten on the scale of one to stupid!” Shouted Shade. “Oh crap,

Heads up guys, tree branches!” shouted Lumus. Lumus ducked under the branches but Shade

wasn’t so lucky. The branch struck him in the head rendering him unconscious. “Shade,

hold on!” I shouted as I reached out and grabbed his arm. “Don’t let him go Umbra!”

shouted Lumus. “Don’t worry I wont,” I said, “Go on, get to the front car.” I said. “Right.”

Said Lumus.

Lumus headed for the front alone while I attempted to pull Shade back on to the

train. “You need to wake Shade.” I said as I pulled Shade back onto the train. “Come on

wake up!” I shouted as I repeatedly slapped Shade in the face. Shade finally came around.

“Hey, what the hell you think you doing?” said Shade. “Thought you were gone for a


second there.” I said. “Well I’m not,” Said Shade, “Where’s Lumus?” “Heading for the front car.”

I said. Meanwhile: “Man I hope this switch is the right one.” Said Lumus. He pulled on the

switch and the train jerked. Lumus was successful in putting on the breaks, but it was to

little to late. The train was still moving to fast. And to make matters worse, The train had

started to tip over to the left on the last turn that the train took. “Oh crap, this wont end

well.” Said Lumus. The train had flew the tracks and crashed into the forest.

Chapter V
Misty Forest

“Hey Umbra, wake up.” Said Lumus. “Man what a ride.” I said as I got up. “I

thought I was gonna die back there.” Said Shade. “Where the hell are we?” I

asked. “Don’t know, this part of the forest is unfamiliar to me.” Said Lumus. “Ha

we actually lived through that,” Said Shade, “Someone up there likes me.” “Shut-

up Shade” said Lumus. “Now what fearless leader, anymore bright ideas.” Said

Shade. “Give me a sec, Gotta think of something.” I said. “Think later, we got

company!” shouted Lumus.

There were three pairs of glowing red eyes in the distance. At the speed that they

were moving id say they weren’t human. “Okay, gotta go.” Said Shade. We took

off into the forest, but the creatures were right behind us. They moved fast and

were making some kind of loud shrieking sound. We ran through a small creek

and ducked behind the trees. The creatures stopped at the creek. “What’s going

on?” asked Shade. “There ability to hunt in this dense fog must be based on sent, since we

ran through that creek, they must have lost our sent.” I said. I peaked out behind the tree.


The creatures appeared to be giant lizards. “Shred Lizards.” I said. “What.” Said Lumus.

“The lizard things from that report, those things are Shred Lizards.” I said.

The lizards turned around and took off into the forest. “Okay now’s are chance,

lets get the hell out of here.” Said Shade as he stood up. Lumus took a step back. He started

looking around. “Hey, where did this mist come from, its really thick.” Said Lumus.

“Yeah, I can barely see, and its getting kind of hard to breath, is it me or did it just get hot

out here.?” Said Shade tugging on the collar of his shirt. “Yeah I noticed to, it is kind of

hot.” I said.

Lumus fell to the ground. “I think it’s this mist, we didn’t have this problem until it

appeared.” Said Lumus. Shade had fell to the ground and passed out. Lumus was out to.

“What the hell is going on?” I said. I fell to my knees. “Damn.” I said. I blacked out.

I awoke looking at the ceiling of some kind of underground tunnel. “How did I

get here?” I said. “What?” said Lumus as he was waking up. “Shade had awoke to. “Aw my

head, What the hell happened?” said Shade.

“Don’t know, today has been one of those days,” Said Lumus, But we need to find

a way out of this hell hole.” This wasn’t actually how I planned my summer. We

had gotten ourselves into something serious and I wasn’t sure if could get

ourselves out. But one things for sure, it was going to get a whole lot worse before

It got better.


Chapter VI
Underground Mayhem

“It stinks down here.” Said Shade. “How did we get down here?” asked Lumus. I

wasn’t really paying attention to the conversation, I was more worried about if we

was gonna live through the night. “Hey Umbra, what are you thinking about?” said


“Nothing.” I said. We came into a big circular room. “Ha, there’s a door.” Said

Shade. There was a low moan. “Here we go again” said Lumus. Six zombies

decided to try to make a meal out of us. “Okay you little bastards, you can make

this easy, or hard!” I shouted. The zombies came at us. “Hard way it is then.” I

said. I slashed one of the zombies in the neck. The zombie tried to grab me but

Shade shot it in the head putting it down. Lumus struck two of the zombies on the

left sending them into the water that lay underneath the room. Shade shot the

middle zombie two times. The zombie continued to close in on him. “Umbra,

cover me while I reload.” Said Shade .I stabbed the zombie through the heart and

kicked it to the ground. Lumus ran over and stomped its head in. Shade pumped six

shots into one of the zombies killing it. Lumus swung his pole like a baseball bat,

striking it in the head which in turn sent the things head flying.

“Ha, to easy.” Said Shade. We ran over to the door. We ended up in a small

corridor with stairs leading up somewhere at the end. Before we could do

anything, a Shred lizard crashed through the ceiling.

“Oh crap, well guys it was nice knowing ya.” Said Shade. “Its not over yet.” Said


Lumus. The Shred lizard raised it’s claws ready to strike. Shade opened fire at the

Shred lizard, the bullets bounced off the creature without even leaving a scratch.

The lizard let out a screech and charged at us. “Heads up!” shouted Lumus. We

jumped out the way just as the Shred lizard landed. We took the chance and ran

for the door. The lizard took off after us screaming as if it was irritated. We had

made it upstairs. “Close that door!” I shouted. Lumus slammed the door behind him.

Three seconds later a claw slammed through the door. Two seconds afterwards,

the Entire Shred lizard came crashing through. “Damn, this thing wont quit.” Said

Shade. “Hey!” said a voice. We turned to see Seraph holding a axe. “Seraph,

where the hell you been?” said Shade. Seraph tossed the axe at the lizard. The axe

embedded itself into the Shred lizard. The creature shrieked and started swinging

wildly before falling to the ground. It tossed around for a few more second before dieing.

“Damn, that looked painful.” Said Shade. “Screw that, Seraph where the hell

have you been?” asked Lumus. “Not sure, I woke up here in this place, there are

some really messed up things here.” Said Seraph. “Really, I hadn’t noticed.” Said

Shade being sarcastic. “Shade, now’s not the time.” Said Seraph. “it must have

been that mist, Seraph did you come across this really thick mist?” I asked.

“Yeah, back at the train.” Said Seraph.

“Maybe that mist is what’s causing all this” said Shade. “What are you stupid,

remember that guy, he told us it was some kind of virus.” Said Lumus. “Oh yeah,

forgot.” Said Shade. “Most of the house full of that mist, mainly, the upstairs,”

Said Seraph, “The front doors are barricaded to.” “So we cant get out of here?”


said Lumus. “Maybe there’s another way out.” I said. “Okay then, lets find it, Id like

to escape from this hellish nightmare.” Said Shade.

Chapter VII
Dining of the Dead

“Let’s try those double doors.” I said. We walked over to the doors. “Shade open

the door.” I said. “Why me?” said Shade. “Damn it, I’ll open it.” Said Seraph.

Seraph opened the door. We were in some kind of dining hall.

“Man, its quiet, to quiet.” Said Shade. “Don’t say stupid things like that, that’s

how people get killed in the movies.” Said Seraph. “This ain’t the damn movies.”

Said Lumus. Just as Lumus finished his sentence, four zombies rose from behind the

tables. “Big mouth.” Said Seraph. “Shut-up!” shouted Shade. “Damn, I’m tired of

fighting.” I said.

“Better than being killed.” Said Lumus. “You guys ready?” said Shade. “No, but is

that going to stop us?” I said. Without hesitation, I slashed the closest zombie

across the neck. Shade started firing at the zombie on the right and ended up

blowing off its right arm. “Stop playing around and kill it Shade!” said Lumus.

“What, can’t have a little fun?” said Shade. “Your wasting bullets.” Said Seraph.

Lumus pounced on the zombie and stabbed it in the head. Seraph tossed his axe at

the zombie in the middle, striking it in the chest. The zombie pulled the axe out

and tossed it back at him. Seraph ducked just as the axe passed by. I hacked

slashed the zombie from behind. The zombie turned around to attack but was


stopped short because Seraph had took that opportunity to cut the zombie in two.

The last zombie decided to be bold and go after Shade. Shade retaliated by putting

two bullets through its head. “That was easy.” Said Shade. “Go see if they got

anything on them.” I said. Seraph started going through the pockets of the

zombies. Seraph found a small box of bullets, and a map. “What’s with the map?”

said Shade. “It’s a map of the sewer system that runs underneath this place,” said

Seraph, “according to this there’s a secret passage in the sewers, we can get there

by going through the sewage drain in the kitchen. “Then what the hell are we

standing around here for.” I said. Lumus opened the door that led into the

kitchen. “Lets go.” He said. We entered the kitchen, or what was left of it. The

place had been torn apart. “Okay, we need to find the sewage drain, and then we can

get the hell out of here.” “What’s that smell, Seraph did you cut one?” said Shade.

“Keep it up jack-ass, and I’ll drop you where you stand.” Said Seraph. Finding

this thing wasn’t going to be easy. The kitchen was quite big, and we didn’t even

know where to look first. Lumus picked up an over turned table. Shade was looking

Under the counters. “If I were a sewage ditch, where would I be?” he said.

All these cooking utensils were scattered everywhere, broken bottles, and other

useless crap was all over the place. “ Someone was quick to get out of here.” Said

Lumus. “Tell me about it.” I said. There was a huge industrial refrigerator in the

Kitchen. It looked as if it was still operational. “Big fridge.” Said Shade.

“Damn, where never going to find this thing.” I said. Just as I finished that


sentence, something fell on my shoulder. At first I paid no attention to it until it

started burning through my shirt.

Chapter VIII
A New Way Out.

“Aw, what the hell?!” I shouted. I jumped back just as a strange green liquid hit

the ground. The substance burned straight through the floor. I looked up. “Holy

cow!” I Shouted. Lumus looked up. “That’s a huge ass spider!” he shouted. Now

huge was an understatement. This thing was as big as a cow. It had the same

green substance dripping from its fangs. “Oh crap.” Said Seraph. The spider dropped

down from the ceiling. “I’m guessing that’s T34” I said. “Really, what was your

first guess?” said Shade. Seraph charged at T34 and tried to cut it in to. T34 jumped

out of the way and spewed its acid at Seraph. Lumus knocked Seraph to the

ground just as the acid flew by, it hit the wall and burned straight through it. “That

was close.” Said Seraph. Shade opened fire, hitting T34 in the head. T34 screamed

and turned its attention on Shade. T34 raised its fangs in the air preparing to strike.

I came in from the side and cut off one of T34’s fangs. That did nothing but piss-off

the oversized spider. T34 turned towards me and spewed the acid at me. I ducked

behind a counter, the acid burned the counter into nothing. “Okay, we need a plan


here!” I said. “You’re the smart one,” said Shade as he jumped behind a table to

avoid T34’s acid, “You think of something!”

I looked around the kitchen until I came to the refrigerator. “I got a plan,” I said

“Seraph, get that fridge open!” Seraph opened the fridge. “Okay, now what?” said

Lumus. I stood in front of the Refrigerator. I took a kitchen knife and tossed it a

T34. T34 turned and came at me. I slid under T34, it ran straight into the

refrigerator. Seraph slammed the door shut. The refrigerator started rocking side

to side. “It’s not gonna hold it.” Said Lumus. The fridge fell door first “You were

saying?” I said laughing. “Look what was behind that thing.” Said Shade. It was

the sewage drain. “Oh right!” said Seraph. Lumus and I pulled the drain gate out of

the wall. “Okay lets go.” I said.

We found a ladder inside and climbed down into the sewers. “Damn it, does

everything stink around here?” said Shade. We were moving through the shallow

waters of the sewers until we came to a ledge. We Climbed up to escape the waters of

the sewer. “Damn, you think this will wash out?” said Shade. The tunnels seemed

to stretch out for miles. I didn’t know what would kill us first, one of the monsters

or the smell. “You know, I got a bad feeling about this.” Said Lumus. “I really do

wish everyone would quit saying that, something bad happens every time.” Said

Shade. We came into an open room, the stench had subsided. “Where the hell are

we now?” Said Seraph. “You think we would have found a way to escape by


now.” Said Lumus. I walked into the center of the room. “What if there is no way

out.” I thought.

I looked down and noticed a ragged looking book. “What’s this,” I said,

“Investigative report for Project Helix: do not distribute.” I said reading aloud.

“What are you reading?” asked Shade. “I’m not sure.” I said. “Well, read it.” Said

Lumus. “Okay.” I said.

It read: This mission has made a turn for the worst. The minute we entered this

Place, my men started shooting at everything that moved. Those things weren’t on

the briefing report. I think command central deliberately sent us here without

knowledge of these monsters. So many have died already, either by those damn

monsters are that black fog. I swear that fog was following us, or maybe I’m

going crazy. There are only six of us left out of a team of eighteen. One of our

men have been infected. We have no choice, he will have to be left behind.

All this to retrieve one man. Professor Gerald Townsend. The man who created

the Toxin virus. God, I hope no one ever finds this place. But if by chance

someone does, to escape use the laboratory emergency elevator that dwells in the

industrial chemical and research factory.

“Then its settled, we head for the factory, where’s the factory?” asked Shade.

“Underground.” I said. “A secret underground factory, someone’s trying to hide something.” Said Seraph.

Chapter IX
Evil shows itself

At the end of the tunnel, there was a elevator. “That must lead to the factory.” I

said. “You think it still works?” asked Lumus. Shade walked over and pushed the

button to call the elevator. “I’m surprised you made it this far!” said a mysterious

voice. We all turned around. “Remember me?” said the figure. “You was the guy

we saw in the forest.” I said. “What are you doing here?” asked Shade. “Silence

you little brat,” said the figure, “for a bunch of children you are some what

persistent, everyone else who has tried to escape has died,” Said the figure,

“but its time for you all to die, this game ends!” “Hold on a second, who the hell

are you?!” shouted Lumus. “Guys I think this is Professor Townsend.” I said.

“Your pretty smart for a kid.” Said the professor. Then I guess you were the

one who released the toxin virus.” I said. “Correct, I released the virus, I

had to test its full capabilities, your camp just happened to be in the way.” Said

the Professor. “Why you, this is unforgivable, you murdered all those innocent

people!” shouted Seraph. “You talk as if it were a bad thing,” Said the Professor,

“so, ready to die?” “Fuck you!” I shouted. “Umbra, lets not make this guy mad, its

obvious that he’s gonna try to kill us, you seen what he’s capable of.”

Said Lumus. “Man where the hell is that elevator?” asked Shade.


“Escape is not an option.” Said the Professor. The professor’s eyes stated to glow

red. “That can’t be good.” Said Shade. The black mist started to form in the air.

“Not this again!” shouted Lumus. The mist started to surround the Professor.

“What is he doing?” asked Seraph. The Professor started to laugh. It sounded

human at first but then it changed to something that didn’t sound human.

When the mist cleared, the Professor had taken a less human and more demonic

form. “Now lets end this.” Said the Professor now fully transformed. The

Professors hands had become huge claws, his face had taken on a new appearance

To, he had also sprouted huge bat like wings, the Professor took flight. “You all

Shall die here and now!” shouted Demon Townsend. Demon Townsend raised his

right hand into the air. “Deadly Tempest!” he shouted. A burst of fire shot into

the air. Five seconds later the fire ball came flying at us from above. “Oh snap,

heads up everyone!” shouted Lumus. We dove out of the way just as the fire ball

hit the ground, causing a huge explosion. When the dust cleared, I could see

Demon Townsend preparing another attack. Just then the elevator doors opened.

“Run for the elevator!” I shouted. Lumus made it to the elevator first. “Hurry up!”

he shouted. Shade dove in followed by Seraph and I. Demon Townsend landed

right in front of the elevator. “Where do you think your going?” he said.

Lumus hit the button to close the door. The doors shut just as Townsend swiped

At us with his massive claw. Townsend’s claw slammed right through the door.

Townsend then let out a loud roar. I hit the sublevel button and the elevator came


to life.

Townsend pulled his claw out of the door. “This is not over!” he shouted. About

Five minutes of riding in silence, Shade said “Anybody having fun yet?” “Shut-up

Shade.” Lumus and I said. “What the hell is wrong with you guys?” asked Shade.

“In case you haven’t noticed, there is a deranged psychopath after us, as if we

didn’t need any other problems.” Said Seraph. “Hey, I don’t know why you guys

are so bummed out, all we need to do is find that emergency elevator and where

home free.” Said Shade. “I’m betting vital parts of my anatomy that its not gonna

be easy.” I said. “Umbra is right, the factory is probably where these monsters

were created, and I bet there are still a few left around.” Said Lumus.

“Man, way to set the mood Lumus.” Said Shade. The elevator stopped at the

bottom floor. “Here goes.” I said. The doors flew open We stepped out into the

factory. The factory was huge. It looked like it had been abandoned for a long

time. The advanced machines had been wrecked. I looked up to read the signs

hanging over us. One of them read: Laboratory East Wing. “I guess

we go this way.” I said. “How do you know?” asked Shade. “Because the sign

says so dummy.” I said. We walked down the east wing until we entered the

lab area. The place had been torn apart. The cryogenic tubes had been shattered

as if something had escaped, blood covered the floor around the tubes. “What

do you think they were creating down here?” asked Seraph. “I don’t even want

to know.” I said.

Chapter X
Escape or Die

“Well that elevator is somewhere in this place.” Said Lumus. I walked through the

door on the opposite side of the lab. There were more machines in this room.

Lumus came through the door. “What’s bothering you?” he asked. “Nothing.” I

said. “Come on, you’re a lousy liar.” Said Lumus. “It’s just that, what if the virus

has spread to other areas beside the forest, we may just be leaving one nightmare

and entering a whole new one.” I said. “Dude, if you think of things like that to

much, your gonna give yourself a headache.” Said Lumus. Shade and Seraph came

into the room. “What are you guys talking about?” asked Shade. “Were talking

about your momma.” Said Lumus laughing. “Hey, that ain’t funny.” Said Shade.

We walked through the next door and into a hall, there was an elevator at the end.

“Is that it?” I asked. “It must be.” Said Seraph. “So, we meet again.” Said a voice.

We turned to see Demon Townsend with two Shred Lizards tagging along.

“Damn not this psycho again.” I said. “Didn’t I tell you this wasn’t over.” Said

Townsend. The two Shred Lizards stepped forward. “Kill them.” Said Townsend

Both lizards lunged at us. Lumus smacked one of the lizards from the air, Seraph

then jumped on top of the monster and rammed his axe through its skull. The

creature made a violent roar and died. I dashed at the other lizard an quickly cut it

across its chest. The Shred Lizard fell on its back. Shade put the front end of his

gun into the mouth of the lizard and fired, killing it instantly.


“Impressive.” Said Townsend. Townsend dove at Lumus and slashed him on his

back. Lumus flew across the hall and hit the ground hard. Shade opened fire on

Townsend to stop him from killing Lumus. “Damn that hurt.” Said Lumus.

Shade fired again, the bullets were hardly affecting Demon Townsend

“I’m gonna need a bigger gun!” shouted Shade. “How do we kill this guy?”

asked Seraph getting up after Townsend threw him into a wall.

Shade dropped his gun. “Damn I’m out of ammo.” Said Shade. Townsend raised

his claw ready to cut Shade in half. I ran at Townsend and slashed him across the

chest. “Was that supposed to hurt?” said Townsend. Townsend turned around and

shot a ball of fire at me. I ducked under it and jumped at The monster. This time

I cut Townsend across the face. “You don’t get it, I can’t be killed. “Oh really.”

Said Lumus as he shoved his staff through Demon Townsend’s chest. Seraph had

jumped on Townsend’s back and wedged his axe into Townsend’s back..

Townsend let out a loud roar. “Say good night!” I shouted as I leapt into the air.

I took my machete and plunged it through Demon Townsend’s neck. Townsend

let out a glass shattering roar. He then fell to the ground. “This isn’t over.” He

said. “Shut-up and die.” I said. Lumus pushed the button to call the elevator.

“Where gonna expose this entire thing.” Said Shade. “Yeah where gonna warn

everybody about the virus. “That’s not going to happen, if I die you die.” Said

Townsend. Townsend pulled out a small remote control. “I hope you all burn in

Hell!” shouted Townsend as he pushed a button on the small remote.


There was a low rumble followed by the sound of an explosion. “What was

that?!” shouted Shade. “I just activated the auto-destruct sequence, this place is

going to become a pile of charred rubble, you have five minutes to live, you’ll

never make it.” Said Townsend. The elevator arrived and the doors opened.

“Then we need to go.” I said. We boarded the elevator. The elevator started up.

All that was left to do was escape. There was another low rumble. “The

Vibrations are getting worse.” Said Shade. Just as soon as Shade finished his

sentence, Demon Townsend’s claw smashed through the elevator floor.

“Damn, he just won’t quit!” shouted Lumus

Path of Destruction

The elevator reached the top floor. We jumped out just as Townsend ripped

Through the elevator floor. “Where do you think your going?!” He shouted.

We took off running down the corridor. “Hey there’s a light up ahead!” Shouted

Lumus. There was an explosion that came from behind us. I turned to see a huge

ball of fire rapidly approaching us. It was plain to see that we were just about out

of time. The Professor was right on our heels. “Your not going to get away from

me!” He shouted There was a second explosion. We dove through the exit just as

the explosion engulfed the corridor, and the Professor along with it.

The sun was just rising but we didn’t have time to stop. We ran through the forest

As fast as we could, hoping to escape the explosion. There was a third explosion.

This time it ripped through the ground, sending trees into the air. We had barely

Made it out of there alive.

Finally it was over. We sat down near a stream and watched the sun rise. No one

Spoke, we just wanted to enjoy the silence. “Think anyone is gonna notice the

big crater in the ground?” Said Shade. “Shut-up Shade.” I said. “Hey you know

what, you guys need to lighten up, we made it, where still alive.” Said Shade.

“Yeah, but still, this was more excitement than I had hoped for, a killer virus, a

psychotic scientist, and the fact that we just escaped a huge explosion.” Said

Lumus. “Okay, what’s your point?” asked Shade. “The point is all this had made us

really tired and we don’t need your lame ass jokes.” Said Seraph.


Just then there was a noise in the forest. “Now what?” I said. Three men dressed

in biohazard suits appeared from the forest. “We found them,” Said one of the

men, They were also carrying M-16’s. “No one move.” “Excellent.” Said a man as

he appeared from out of the forest. “Who the hell are you?” asked Lumus.

“Richards, and that’s all you nee to know,” Said Richards, “we’ve been watching

you four.” Anther man in biohazard gear appeared from the forest carrying a

metal suitcase. “Open it.” Said Richards. The man opened the suitcase and handed

a canister of that black mist to Richards. “Hey, wait a second, Don’t open that

thing here.” Said Shade. Richards put on a gas mask. “Sweet dreams.” He said.

Richards then through the canister at to the ground near our feet. The mist rose

Quickly. We tried to cover our face hoping not to breath in the mist. It was no use

The mist quickly rendered us unconscious.

I awoke in a white room. I don’t know how long I had been asleep. “My head.” I

said. I had a pounding headache. The door on the opposite side of the room opened.

“You okay?” said Lumus as he entered the room. “How long have I been out?” I

asked. “Don’t know, I just woke up myself.” Said Lumus. Shade and Seraph entered

the room. “You guys alright?” asked Shade. “Aside from this headache, yeah I’m

okay.” I said.

“Okay, now that everyone is here, let’s get the hell out of here.” Said Seraph. The

place was silent. There was no one around. “Where is everyone?” I asked.


“Maybe they all got off work.” Said Shade.

We walked out of the building. “What the hell!” shouted Lumus. The streets were

littered with cars some over turned, others on fire. Store windows had been

shattered. “What happened here?” asked Shade. Lumus picked up a newspaper that

was lying on the ground. “This can’t be right, guys according to this, we’ve been

sleep for almost to years,” Said Lumus, “It’s the 15th of March, 2003.”

“Last time we were awake, it was June 12th.” I said. “The damn virus must have

spread.” Said Shade. “I don’t believe it, I wont believe it!” said Seraph. “Well

believe it or not Seraph, our troubles are just beginning, this nightmare is far from

over.” I said.

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Second part

(Act II)
Chapter. I
Dead Town

What if I told you that the world might have just ended? You’d probably say I

was crazy. God I wish I was going crazy. Then maybe this wouldn’t be happening

to us. It would just be my imagination. Thanks to that damn virus, New York is a

ghost town. We’ve been sleep for almost two years. I wish I could escape this nightmare.

That would sweet. What if we were the only living beings on this planet. No, I

can’t think like that. Gotta have hope, hope that there are still survivors.

“Now what do we do?” asked Seraph. “We keep moving.” I said. “Yeah there’s

no point of waiting around here just to die.” Said Lumus. Shade walked over to a

police cruiser and kicked in the window. “The silence is almost nauseating, the

place should be alive with people, cars, you know like the business district

should be.” Said Seraph. “Yeah, but I doubt where alone, I bet there are tons of

zombies around.” I said. Shade was still looking in the cruiser. “Damn, nothing.”

he said. I looked down the street. “Uh guys, I think we should get back inside.” I

said. There were eight Shred Lizards coming down the street. We ran back into

the office building. We hid in the security office. We could here the Lizards enter

the building. They were making that weird roar that they made when they were

hunting. We heard a scream. We could hear the Lizards running out of the

building. “Damn, I feel sorry for the poor bastard that there hunting.” Said Shade.

“Aren’t we gonna help however that was screaming?” asked Seraph. “In case you

didn’t notice, those were Shred Lizards, that person is on there own.” I said.


“That’s cold Umbra.” Said Seraph. Shade picked up a shotgun that had been hidden

underneath a desk along with a box of shotgun shells. “I bet I can blow some

heads off with this bad boy.” Said Shade. Lumus picked up a rusty metal pole.

“Hay isn’t that your machete over there?” asked Lumus. It was but it had rust all

over it. “Man, can I even use this thing still.” I said. Seraph picked up a huge

sledge hammer. “Can you carry that Seraph?” asked Shade. “Hey, worry about

yourself.” Said Seraph. We walked out the security office and into the main

hall. The front doors had been torn apart. Three Shred Lizards were standing

guard. “Lets not go that way.” I said. We snuck pass them and made our way to

the parking lot. “Lets steal a car and get the hell out of here.” Said Lumus. Shade

kicked the window in on an old truck and opened the door. “I’m driving.” said

Lumus. Shade and Seraph hoped onto the bed of the truck. “I guess I have shotgun.”

I said. We sat out there for about thirty minutes waiting on Lumus to hot wire

the truck. “Could you work any slower?!” asked Shade “Hey you want it done

right or do you want me to end up setting off the alarm?!” exclaimed Lumus.

I was looking in the rear view mirror when I noticed something moving between

the cars. “Damn, we got company!” I said. Two Shred Lizards jumped onto a

car and let out there annoying roar. Shade pulled the trigger on his shotgun

blew them away. Lumus finally got the truck going and stepped on the gas petal.

The truck took off and we pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.

Lumus mowed down three Shred Lizards. Shade shot down another lizard.


Lumus swerved out of the way of a broke down bus and veered onto the side

walk and ran over a parking meter. “Damn Lumus, who taught you how to drive?”

I said. Lumus pulled back onto the street. Two Shred Lizards jumped onto the side

of the truck. “Hey where the hell you think your doing?” said Shade. Shade blasted

one of the lizards in the face sending it flying. Seraph smacked the other one in

the face. The Shred Lizard let go and started chasing the truck. Shade Shot it in the

leg to stop it. “And you wanted to walk.” Said Shade.


“Damn, the neighborhood has seen better days.” Said Lumus. We had just pulled

into our neighborhood. “You think everyone made it out?” asked Shade.

“By the looks of this place, something really bad happened here.” Said Seraph.

Just then the truck engine sputtered and died. “Damn it, where just getting all kind

of bad luck today!” I said. “You think that’s bad, we got zombies guys.” Said

Shade. A horde of zombies were making there way down the street. “Okay, any

ideas?” asked Lumus. “Yeah, run!!” I shouted. We took off in the opposite

direction and turned on our street. Another horde was coming at us. “Where

trapped!” said Shade. “Go over the fences!” I said. We climbed over the closes

fence. We ended up on another street. “Hey isn’t this the street that Mew lives

on?” asked Lumus. The zombies were coming fast. “This is it guys!” said Shade.

“Not yet, lets hop this fence.” I said. We went over and found ourselves in Mew’s

backyard. Lets get inside, we can come up with a plan afterwards.” I said.

We went through the back door. We piled into the kitchen. “Damn, I hate

zombies.” Said Shade. “Just be lucky your still alive.” Said Lumus.

“Who’s there?!” said a voice. We turned to face a blonde haired girl.

“It’s Mew.” I said. “Who else would it be?” said Mew.

The Plot Thickens

Now that we established who I am, who are you?” asked Mew. We stepped into

The light. “Oh my God,” said Mew. “Your alive!” Mew ran at full speed and

jumped on me, like I died or something. “Where have you been, I thought you

died, there was a funeral and everything.” Said Mew. “Funeral, wait a second

we’ve been held captive in the Helix Industrial Tech building all this time.” Said


“Helix, you mean my fathers company?” asked Mew. “That mad-man was your

father, he’s the reason all this shit is happening!” said Shade.” What are you

talking about?” asked Mew. I paused for a second to think back, “That would

explain why know one ever saw Mew’s dad.” I thought.

“Well, it’s complicated we got some bad news about your dad.” I said. “Mew

looked at me with a puzzled look. “You see he created this killer virus and turned

everyone at the camp site into zombies, and well, he’s dead, we kind of killed

him.” I said. “Hey we didn’t kill him that huge ass explosion did him in.” said

Lumus. Mew stared at me. “Sorry I had to tell you.” I said. “So he’s dead?” asked

Mew. “Yeah.” I said. “Okay guys, lets leave these two alone.” Said Lumus as he

Pushed Shade and Seraph out of the room “Hey wait, Mew’s gonna hit him.” Said

Shade. “She’s not gonna hit me.” I said. Lumus and the others walked out.

I turned to see Mew with a frying pan in her hand. “What are doing?” I asked.

Mew smacked me across the head with the frying pan. “See I told ya she as gonna


Hit him.” Said Shade

I awoke about an hour later. Mew was holding an ice pack to my head. “Sorry.”

She said. “For what?” I asked. “For hitting you with the frying pan silly.” Said

Mew. “Oh right.” I said. “Lumus told me the rest of the story.” Said Mew.

Where is everyone?” I asked. “Sleep, you think after being sleep for two

years, you wouldn’t want to sleep.” Said Mew. Lumus walked into the room.

“Look who finally decided to wake up.” Said Lumus. “Shut-up.” I said.

“Now what do we do?” asked Lumus “We can head towards the school, there are

others who survived.” Said Mew. “The school huh, okay lets go.” I said. “Wait

don’t you guys want to eat?” asked Mew. Seraph ran into the room. “Who said

eat?!” said Seraph. “Look out guys, fat boy is hungry.” Said Shade. Seraph and

Mew made the breakfast while Lumus and I set the table. “The fork doesn’t

Go there.” Said Lumus. “Don’t start okay; does it really matter where it goes?”

I asked. “No, just messing with ya,” Said Lumus, “Shade, Shade, where the hell is

he?” “he went out into the back yard.” Said Mew. “Is that a good idea?” I asked

“He’ll be fine.” Said Seraph. “Since when do you care what happens to Shade?” I

asked. “Shade may be annoying but he’s still my friend.” Said Seraph.

We stuffed ourselves full of food that morning. “So Umbra, have you taking care

Of yourself?” asked Mew trying to make small talk. “I guess.” I said. “Please

Umbra’s almost died at least six, seven times.” Said Shade. “What!” said Mew.

Lumus hit Shade on his shoulder. “Shut-up dumb-ass, you trying to make Umbra’s

Girlfriend worry, you know how she is.” Muttered Lumus.


“What, she asked.” Said Shade. “She didn’t ask you!” shouted Seraph. “So what,

you gonna get on my case too?” asked Shade. “Damn it Shade shut-up!” I shouted.

“Mew, Shade was just kidding, it wasn’t six or seven, more like two or three.”

I said. “Umbra you should be more careful life isn’t a game, you shouldn’t joke

About it.” Said Mew. She was trying to hold back her tears. “Mew, please don’t

cry.” I said. “I’m not crying.” Said Mew. “Anyway we should get going.” Said

Lumus. “Lumus is right, we cant stay here forever.” I said. It was mid afternoon

when we left for the school. There was know sign of any monster. “Man this feels

familiar.” Said Shade. “How’s that?” I asked. Ya know, that long walk to school,”

Said Shade, “If it weren’t for all these monsters running around, it would be a

normal day.” Shade had a point, the walk to school was too familiar. We would

always meet up at Mew’s house and walk to school together. Day in, day out.

The professor might have just ruined that, our way of life has changed forever.

The school was about four blocks from Mew’s house. Mew walked beside me

staying as close as possible. She had wrapped her arms around my waist. “Mew,

its okay, you can loosen your grip, besides your making it hard for me to breath.”

I said. “Sorry, I guess I’m just a little scared.” Said Mew. “A little, when I

slammed your front door, you jumped.” Said Shade. Lumus smacked Shade over the

head. “What did I tell you, dumb-ass.” Said Lumus. “Oh right sorry.” Said Shade.

Chapter. IV
Evil returns

We had finally made it to the school, all we needed to do was get over the fence

That surrounded the school. Lumus and Seraph climbed over first. “I hate doing

This.” Said Shade as he climbed over. “Anybody ever tell you that you complain

to much?” said Seraph.

Mew went over next followed by me. We entered the schools front door. “Follow

Me.” Said Mew. Mew led us down the main hall until we came up to the cafeteria.

Voices could be heard from behind the doors. Just about everyone we knew was

here. The voices stopped when Mew walked in. “Hey guys, guess who I found.”

Said Mew. She pushed the doors open. Everyone gasped. “There’s no way!”

someone said. “People just don’t stay dead around here anymore.” Said Seth

“That isn’t funny dumb-ass.” Said Shade. Everyone ran over to us. “How is this

possible?” said Seraph’s little sister Fay. “It’s complicated, but it would be a

good idea to listen to their story, it can explain what’s been happening around

here.” Said Mew. “We’ll explain everything, but first you guys have to tell us

something, what happened here?” I asked. “It all happened so quickly. First

that explosion out in the forest, then we heard on the news of all the people who

died in the vicinity of the explosion, your names were among them, than little

by little everything died down until a few months ago.” Said Mew. “Yeah let’s

not forget about that black fog that had rolled into town.” Said Erick.


“The black mist…” Said Seraph. “Everyone pulled together to try to stay alive, but

so many were lost.” Said Fay. She started to cry. We sat in the cafeteria for

about two hours telling our story. We told everything, the train, that strange

research facility, the chemical plant, everything, we didn’t leave out a single detail.

“So you guys were there when it all started?” asked Fay. “Yeah what a trip.”

Said Shade. “Yeah and to think we survived.” I said. I got up and walked over to

A vending machine. It had been broken open, there was nothing left. “Umbra.”

A familiar voice said. “Hey mom.” I said. “Its still hard to believe your alive.”

She said. “Well believe it,” I said, “Mom, can I ask you something?” I said.

“What is it?” she said. “What happened to dad?” I asked. “Well after you

disappeared, your father went and joined the army, we haven’t seen him since,

they needed every available man on duty.” “That’s dad for ya, always trying to

help.” I said.

Lumus ran over to us followed by Seth. “Something wrong?” I asked. “Yeah, I’ll

say, there’s a bunch of Shred Lizards coming straight for the school.” Said Lumus.

“How many?” I asked. “Seven or eight, I didn’t have a lot of time to count.” Said

Seth. Lumus and I ran outside. There were about nine of those lizards coming

For us. “Damn, why do we get all the bad luck?” I said. “Don’t know, but I guess

we got use to this sort of thing.” Said Lumus.


Shade and Seraph ran outside. “Ah hell no, we just can’t catch a break.” Said

Shade. “Oh well lets get this over with.” I said. Mew ran outside. “Mew get back

inside.” I said. “Wait you should take this with you.” Said Mew. Mew handed me

her locket. “Didn’t I give this to you for your birthday?” I asked. “Yeah, its

brought me good luck, maybe it will do the same for you.” She said. “Thanks.”

I said. Mew kissed me on the cheek. “Go, you got a job to do.

The Shred Lizards had already gotten over the fence. Shade had already opened

fire. Two lizards hit the ground. The others charged. Lumus knocked one to the

ground and stabbed it in the head. Seraph was knocking one after another to the

ground with his sledge hammer. I ran in and started slashing through the crowd.

Shade blasted the finally one. “Well that takes care of them.” Said Shade.

“Yeah but I still rather not do this.” I said. “Well, look whose still alive.”

said a familiar voice. We turned to see Demon Townsend. “What the hell?!” I

said. “It can’t be you died!” said Lumus. “That’s what you think.” Said

Townsend. “How did you survive?” I said. Mew and the others ran outside.

“You thought that explosion would keep me down, it will take more than that

to kill me.” Said Townsend. “Doesn’t matter, we beat you once, we’ll do it

again.” Said Shade.


“Please I have no interest in you four anymore, I’m here for someone else,” Said

Townsend, “I’ve come for Mew, she is the final part of my plan for world

domination.” “World domination, just what are you trying to do?” I said.

“I might as well tell you, you won’t live long anyway, you see when Mew was

born I had her injected with a special gene, over time this gene grew, it has

special abilities that are to complicated for your brain to comprehend. She is the

next step in my plans. With her I will create a new paradise that I will control.” Said

Townsend. “Yeah and destroy the worlds population.” Said Shade. “Your mad!” I

said. “Ha, you couldn’t begin to understand what you’ve gotten yourselves into,

this world is mine.” Said Townsend. “Don’t you mean we?” said Richards as he

came from behind the corner. “You’re a fool Townsend, telling these kids about

our plan,” Said Richards, “I thought we were gonna rule together.”

“Change of plans Richards,” Said Townsend, “Have a nice trip in oblivion.”

Townsend raised his hand in the air. “Richards look out!” I shouted. Townsend

fired his deadly tempest at Richards. He never had a chance, Richards was

killed instantly. “Like I said, I shall rule the world, now can I get what I came

for?” said Townsend. No chance, Mew get inside, Shade blast this bastard!” I

shouted. “I thought you’d never say so.” Said Shade.


Shade opened fire. The bullets bounced off Townsend like it was nothing.

Townsend plowed through all four of us, smashed through a brick wall, and

grabbed Mew. “That’s as far as you get!” I said as I jumped on Townsend’s back.

I stabbed Townsend in the back, all that this accomplished was pissing off Townsend.

Townsend grabbed me and slung me through a brick wall. “Get ready to meet

The same fate as Richards!” said Townsend. The deadly tempest started to form

In Townsend’s hand. “No, don’t kill him, please!” shouted Mew. “Ha, fine then

I’ll let him live for now, I’ve spent enough time here, if you wish to follow me, then

Come to the Francis International Airport.” Townsend spread his wings and flew

off. “Umbra you okay?!” shouted Lumus. “Yeah no sweat.” I said. I then collapsed

and passed out.

Father Daughter Talk

“Where am I?” asked Mew. “That’s not for you to worry about.” Said Townsend.

He had changed back into his human form. “Why can’t I move?” asked Mew.

You were causing a lot of trouble, so we had to restrain you, don’t worry, we

wont hurt you.” Said Townsend. “What do you want with me?” asked Mew.

“You don’t need to know that right now.” Said Townsend. “Sir everything is

ready.” Said a man in a lab coat. “Good, we leave in four hours.” Said Townsend.

Townsend looked at Mew. “Its all going according to plan.” Said Townsend.

“Oh, I almost forgot, the super solder project is complete.” said the scientist.

“Excellent, dispatch the first wave now.” Said Townsend. “Yes sir.” Said

the scientist as he walked away. “it wont be long before someone stops you.”

Said Mew. “And who’s going to stop me, your boyfriend?” said Townsend.

“How can you do this father?” asked Mew. “Father, please.” Said Townsend

as he walked out of the room.

New Adventure Begins

“Look who finally came around.” Said Fay. Lumus walked over and helped me up.

“You okay?” he asked. “I don’t know, do I look okay!” I said. “I was just asking.”

Said Lumus. “Where is Mew?” I asked. “She’s gone.” Said Fay. “Damn it, I

couldn’t save her!” I said. “Hey chill Umbra, we’ll get her back.” Said Shade.

“we got to get to that airport.” I said. “Yeah, we can catch up with them.” Said

Lumus. “Is anyone there?” said a man. He was in full military clothing. “We found

More survivors said another man. More solder’s came into the room. Twenty

minutes later the school was filled with people, families were reunited. Friends

had come together after months of separation. The military had been searching

all over for survivors. My mom and dad were reunited to. “Hey Umbra, if we leave

now, we could probably be at the airport in two hours flat, but we have to go now.”

Said Lumus. Yeah lets get out of here before anyone notices that where gone.” I

said. “Seraph you coming?” asked Shade. “No, I think I’ll stay here.” Said Seraph.

Fay ran over towards us. “You guys are leaving huh?” asked Fay. “Yeah, don’t

Worry we’ll be back.” I said. Fay handed a laptop to me. “don’t lose it, you can

Use my personal chat room when you get the chance.” She said. “Fay’s gonna try to hack into

Townsend’s company to try to find out anything that will be useful.” Said Seraph.


“You guys be careful out there.” Said Fay. “Thanks guys.” Said Lumus. We

climbed over the fence. We didn’t want to go but we had to, this nightmare

had pulled us in to deep for us to stop. We never even looked back.

Enter Daryu

We arrived at the airport around 1:20 P.M. We had been running around the

abandoned airport for some time now. “We’ve been all over this place and

we still can’t find them.” Said Shade. “There’s still one more hanger we haven’t

checked.” Said Lumus. We walked around the hanger when Lumus pulled me

behind the wall. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Be quiet, look over there.”

Said Lumus. “That’s a big airship.” Said Shade. “That must be where they are.”

I said. “So then, hoe do we get on?” asked Shade. “Duh, we sneak on.” I said.

“Hey check out the guards.” Said Lumus. The guards were wearing these strange

mask. The eyes were visible but they were glowing red. “Those cant be human.”

I said. We found a nearby crate that was near the ship. We all jumped in. As

We planned, they loaded us right on the ship. “Man, my leg is falling asleep.”

Said Shade. “Shut-up, you want them to hear us?” said Lumus. “Why do I have

This bad feeling that this wasn’t the best idea.” I said. “Hey I got you in didn’t

I.” said Lumus. “Hey who said that?” said one of the guards. A guard had opened

the crate that we were hiding in. Lumus jumped up and hit the guard in the head

with a metal pole. “Say good night pal.” Said Shade. “Lets just hope no one else

realize were here.” I said. “I don’t think its going to matter.” Said Lumus.

Lumus pointed to a security camera mounted on the wall. “Damn!” shouted



The alarm went off. “Well so much for going unnoticed.” I said. “Lets get going

before we get caught. We ran out of the storage room and into a hallway. Three

guards were running towards us. Lumus struck one of the guards in the face. Shade

followed with a shotgun blast finishing off the other guards. “Hey look at that.”

Said Shade pointing at the guards. The guards blood was purple. “Okay, that’s

not right.” I said. “Lets just keep moving before something else happens.”

Said Lumus. We ran around a corner and through a big door. Townsend was

on the opposite side of the room. “So you kids haven’t given up yet.” Said

Townsend. “Where’s Mew?!” I shouted. “You really want to know, it will

Cost you.” Said Townsend. “I got a bad feeling about this.” Said Shade. “If

you survive then I’ll give you a chance to save her.” Said Townsend. He turned

and walked out of the room. “What the hell is he talking about?” I said. “Lets not

worry about it, lets just go after him.” Said Lumus. “If it means anything, your not

going anywhere.” Said mysterious voice. A man dressed in black dropped from

the ceiling. “Welcome gentlemen, my name is Daryu, I’ll be fighting you today,”

Said the man, “The professor has asked that I do away with you.” “This

May be a problem.” I said. “I hope you don’t panic when I mesmerize you with

my speed.” Said Daryu. Daryu removed his mask. His hair was grey, the pupil of

his eyes were red. He held a long sword in his left hand. “Prepare yourself.” Said

Daryu. “Lets take this chump out.” Said Shade. Lumus and I ran at Daryu. I swung

My sword at Daryu. Daryu dodged with little effort and made a open gash on my


Back with his sword. Lumus swung his staff at Daryu. Daryu grabbed the staff and

kicked Lumus in the face. Lumus went flying across the room. Shade tried to shoot

Daryu but Daryu was moving to fast to hit. Daryu jumped into the air and came

down on Shade with tremendous force sending Shade into a wall. “Pathetic, I

think I’ll end this now.” Said Daryu. Daryu held out his right hand. A blue light

started to form in his hand. “Lets see you withstand my Thunder force attack!”

said Daryu. He tossed the ball of light at us. When it hit the ground it exploded

sending all three of us across the room.

My body was aching from the explosion. “So your still alive, I’m sure the

professor will have plenty of fun with you kids.” Said Daryu. Daryu walked

out of the room. “You can pass out know.” He said. “I closed my eyes and

did just that.

Pg. 46
Chapter VIII

I awoke in a office of some kind. I don’t know how long I had been out. I did

know that I was alone. I picked up my machete. I guess the guards didn’t even

bother checking my backpack. I walked over to the door and tried to twist the

door knob. “Locked.” I said. I walked over to the window. There was a forest

that seemed to stretch out for miles. “So this is Townsend’s little hideout.” I said.

Mew had to be around here somewhere. I walked over to the desk and looked at

The computer monitor. I grabbed the laptop out of my backpack and plugged it

Into the computer. I figured as long as I was stuck in here, I should download as

much info on Townsend’s little operations as could. I put the laptop back into

my backpack. I attempted to log onto Fays chat room. She could figure something out.

There was no reply. I started to search the computer for anything else that could

be useful. I found a document on the computer that sparked my interest. It was

the only file with a password. Fay finally answered, Asking how things were

going. I explained the situation to her. Fay replied: I’m sure you’ll figure

something out. I closed the chat room and continued to search for anything useful.

I was looking at all the projects that Townsend was working on.

The one that I ended up fixated on was his super soldier project.

Apparently, Townsend had created his own private army, but why.

Pg. 47

I clicked on the document with the password again. There was a picture icon

on this file. When I clicked it a picture of Mew came up. “It read Project Helix.”

“Mew’s Project Helix, what is Townsend planning?” I asked myself. I slammed

my fist on the desk. I guess I was to loud because one of Townsend’s super

soldiers rushed into the room. “Great, just my luck.” I said. I made a run for the

door but was cut off by the zombie soldier. “Okay you asked for it.” I said.

The soldier swung it’s sword at me. I barely dodged it and slashed the soldier

in the back. Another soldier rammed me in the back. I went flying out of the

room and into the hallway. The guard that knocked me out of the room followed

behind me. I threw my blade at the zombie soldier. It connected right into the face

of the soldier. I walked over and picked it up. “I think it would be best if I get

moving before any more trouble comes my way.” I said to myself.

I turned to the stairs and ran.

Chapter IX
Shade All Alone

“Why do I always let them get me into these messes.” Said Shade. Shade had just

woke up after being knocked out for so long. “I could have just stayed home, but

no.” said Shade. Shade had been bolted down to a cold slab of table. There was

a man on the other side of the room. “Where the hell am I?” asked Shade.

“Do you really want to know?” said the man. “Not really.” Said Shade.

“Well I’ll tell you anyway, Mr. Townsend would really like to turn you into

one of his super solders.” Said the man. “What’s a super solder?” asked Shade.

The man ignored Shade. “Hey I’m talking to you!” shouted Shade.

The man turned toward Shade, he was holding a syringe filled with a purple

Liquid. “this may hurt.” Said the man smiling. The man was about stick

Shade in the neck when a phone on the other side of the room rang.

“Aw, what now?” said the man. He walked over to the phone.

“Man, that was close.” Said Shade. The man hung up the phone. “Now where

was I?” said the man. He picked up the syringe and walked over to me. The phone

started to ring again. “Aw hell, can’t seem to get anything down around here,

your lucky kid, someone up there really likes you.” Said the man. The man

slammed his chart on the counter. The chart landed on a computer keyboard

that released the shackles that held Shade down. Shade took that opportunity

to escape. But before he left, Shade grabbed a metal pipe and smacked the

man across the head. “Paybacks a bitch ain’t it!” shouted Shade. Shade ran out of

the room. Shade ended up in another laboratory.


On the counter in this room was what looked like a gun. But Shade had never

Seen a gun like this before. Shade picked up the gun. By doing so Shade attracted

Some unwanted attention. Two zombie solders ran into the room. Shade aimed

and fired, a blue light came from the gun. When it hit the two solders, they

were smoked. “Damn, I think I’m gonna like this bad boy!” said Shade.

Shade ran out of the room. “Now where do I go?” said Shade. Shade looked

to the left. I guess I could go up the stairs. Another group of soldiers were

coming from the opposite end of the hallway. “Yeah I think I should go up the

stairs.” Said Shade as he ran for the stairs. Before went up he turned and fired at

the zombie soldiers. One of the soldiers fired back. Shade ducked and ran up the

stairs. “Man I hope the others are doing better than I am.

Chapter X
Lumus Bust Loose

“Aw, my head.” Said Lumus. Lumus awoke in his cell. The only other person in

the room was one of Townsend’s zombie soldiers. “So the kid finally woke

up.” Said the solder. It didn’t even sound human. “Hey when I bust out of here,

I’m going to make you and your boss pay.” Said Lumus. “Shut-up kid!” said

the zombie solder. Another zombie solder walked in. “Feeding time.” He said.

The soldier walked to the cell door. “Get back against the wall.” Said the soldier.

Him Lumus cooperated with the soldier. “They would probably kill me if he tried something.

The soldier slid a lunch tray into the cell. Lumus looked at the food, or at least

He thought it was food. “Damn what is this crap?!” said Lumus. “Trust me kid, you

Don’t want to know.” Said one of the soldiers. “I don’t feel like eating anymore.”

Said Lumus. “There’s got to be a way out of here.” he thought. About an hour later

Another soldier walked in. “Guard duty change.” Said the soldier. The soldier sitting

in a chair got up. He gave the new soldier the keys to the cell. “hey the boss wants

all available personal to report for reassignment, a couple of the prisoners have

escaped, one of them has got there hands on a energy pistol.” Said the soldier.

“It seems that Umbra and Shade are running about, it’s sad really.” Said Lumus.

“No one asked for your opinion.” Said one of the soldiers. “You can’t even

catch two kids, I got to say, that’s pretty lame.” Said Lumus.


“Why you little punk!” said one of the guards The soldier, in a blind rage pulled

out a small metal object. He pushed a button on it and a yellow beam sprung from

it. “What the hell is that?” asked Lumus. “This is what I’m going to use to cut that

smart-ass tongue of yours right out of your mouth.” Said the soldier. The zombie

soldier ran at the cell door and sliced straight through the door. “Must be some

kind of sword.” Said Lumus. The guard lunged at Lumus. Lumus calmly stepped

out of the way and let the soldier slam into the wall. “I’ll take that.” Said Lumus

as he picked up the sword. “He’s got his energy sword!” said one of the soldiers.

“And your gonna do something about it.” Said Lumus as he stabbed the energy

sword through the back of the unconscious zombie soldier. The other two soldiers

lunged for Lumus. Lumus went into a fighting stance and swung the sword.

In an instant flash of light, Lumus cut the two soldier into pieces.

“I’m way to quick for you chumps.” Said Lumus. He walked out of the cell

and out of the room. “I think this will come in handy.” Said Lumus.

Lumus walked through the nearest door. It led to a flight of stairs. Lumus

headed up. He stopped after going up six floors and entered another hallway.

There was only one door and it was on the other end of the hall.

In this room was a office. There was a huge couch in the center of the room

with a sheet covering it. It looked as if someone was sleep under the sheet.

Lumus yanked the sheet off and revealed an unconscious Mew. Lumus was

About to wake her when he heard a noise. Lumus hid behind a bookshelf.

Chapter XI
Big Ambush

I had finally found the office where they were holding Mew. I ran over to Mew

And tried to wake her, when someone snuck up on me and wrapped there arms

around my neck. “You should learn to stay sharp kid.” Said Daryu. I couldn’t believe

I let this guy sneak up on me. “Let me go!” I shouted. “Oh yeah, sure, I’ll let you

Go, as soon as I hear that fatal click in your neck.” Said Daryu. “Hey, wait let

Me go!” said a voice. I turned to see Shade flying through the air. Shade ended up

Crashing into Daryu and I. “Damn, that hurt really, really bad Lumus.” Said

Shade. “Then don’t sneak up on me.” Said Lumus. I jumped up and ran to the

others. “You guys are really hard to find.” I said. “Wait, we were looking

for you.” Said Shade. “Can we talk about who was looking for who later, we

have a problem here, remember?” said Lumus. Daryu had risen to his feet, and

he looked really pissed. “Well looks like you found each other, good, now I don’t

have to waste time hunting you all down!” shouted Daryu. Daryu snapped his

fingers and six zombie soldiers surrounded us. “Man these things are everywhere.”

Said Lumus. “Anyone got a plan?” asked Shade. “Just one, kill these guys and get

Mew out of here.” I said. “Anyone got a well thought out plan?!” asked Shade.

“Don’t be a smart-ass.” Said Lumus. “Enough talk, get ready to die!” shouted

Daryu as he lunged at us.


We jumped out of the way just as Daryu’s long sword sliced through the wall.

Lumus went to work on the zombie soldiers while Shade was trying to dodge

Daryu’s attacks. I had to intervene to save Shade’s life. Just before Daryu could

Strike Shade down, I used my blade to block Daryu. “So you want to play the

hero?!” shouted Daryu. “Shade maybe you should help Lumus.” I said. “Umbra

don’t be stupid, you cant take him!” shouted Shade. Shade turned and fired his

energy pistol at an approaching soldier. “Just go, I got this.” I said. “Alright

go ahead and get yourself killed.” Said Shade as he ran to help Lumus.

I jumped back and swung my blade but Daryu was to quick and blocked

it with his sword. When the swords connected, they made a loud metal


Daryu pushed me across the room. I hit the wall hard. “Damn this isn’t

Working.” I said. I looked up just in time to see Daryu’s sword flying right

at me. I managed to duck just in time. Daryu lunged again and I dove out of the

way. Daryu grabbed the hilt of his sword and attempted to pull his sword from

the wall. “Looks like your swords stuck.” I said. I dove at Daryu but at the

last moment, Daryu turned and flung a small knife at me. The knife hit me

in the chest. I fell to the ground and tried to pull the knife out. “First lesson

of combat kid,” said Daryu as he cocked his leg back, “never let your

guard down.” Daryu kicked me in the face and I went flying across the room.


I pulled the knife out and threw it to the ground. I picked up my blade and stood

to my feet. “Good thing it didn’t go in all the way.” I said. “Ready to go again?”

asked Daryu. Daryu swung his sword. I swung mine out of desperation. Our

swords connected again, but this time my sword cut through Daryu’s sword.

The tip of my sword went across Daryu’s face. Daryu screamed as he staggered

backwards. “Why you little punk, I’ll kill you!” shouted Daryu. “I got a better

idea, why don’t you take a swim!” shouted Shade as he shot Daryu. Daryu flew

through the window and belly flopped right into the lake that was outside.

Chapter. XII

Lumus had just finished off the last zombie soldier. “Damn, you know he’s dead!”

Shouted Lumus. “You okay?” asked Shade as he put his hand on my shoulder.

I ran over to Mew. “Mew, come on wake up.” I said. “You just gonna ignore

Me, huh.” Said Shade. “Let it go.” Said Lumus. I continued to try to wake her.

“Wake up, Come on!!” I shouted. Mew opened her eyes. “Umbra?” she said.

Mew jumped up and wrapped her arms around me. “I thought I’d never see you

again.” Said Mew. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m alright,” Said Mew,

“Are you alright, your bleeding?” “Don’t worry about me, I’ll make it.” I said.

“Yeah Umbra’s tough he’ll make it.” Said Shade as he slapped my back.

“Ow, what the hell you do that for?” I said. “See your hurt.” Said Mew.

“I’m fine, trust me.” I said. “Okay, all though I hate to break up this

touching moment, but don’t you think we should get going before more

of those things come?” asked Lumus.

“But how, its not like we know our way around this place.” Said Shade.

Mew had gotten to her feet. “I know the way.” She said. “Lead the way.”

I said. We ran down the hallway with Mew leading the way. “You sure you

Know where your going?” asked Shade. “Yes, there’s an elevator that we can use

Down here.” Said Mew. We turned left into the lobby. Lumus pushed the button to

call for the elevator.


Our little fight in the office had caught the attention of some unwanted guest.

Two huge machines were walking toward us. They had us cornered in the small

lobby. “That cant be good.” I said. “What do we do?” asked Lumus. Shade

answered by firing at the machines. The energy blasts were holding the hulking

giants back. “That elevator needs to hurry up.” Said Shade. One of the machines

lunged its massive claw at Shade. Shade got creamed and flew to the ground.

“Shade, you okay?” asked Lumus as he picked Shade up from off the ground.

“Yeah, nothings broken.” Said Shade. The elevator door opened. “Lets go guys!”

shouted Mew. We ran into the elevator. One of the machines lunged again just as

the elevator doors closed. The claw struck through the door. I pushed the first

floor button. “That was close.” Said Mew.

Shade had finally started to stand on his own to feet again. We were silent as

we rode the elevator. We were approaching the third floor when the elevator

suddenly jerked and stopped. “Don’t tell me the damn elevator broke down. I

said. Suddenly the alarm started to go off. “Damn, they know were trying

to escape.” Said Mew. “Its over, were screwed!” shouted Shade. “Shut-up, it’s

not over yet, I got a plan.” Said Lumus. “What is it?” I asked. “We need a diversion,

two of us go and distract the guards while the other escape with Mew.” Said



“The question is, who goes with Mew?” asked Shade. “I’ll do it.” I said.

“You sure about that, your not exactly at 100%.” Said Lumus. “I can do it.”

I said. The elevator doors swung open. “Halt intruders!” said a voice. Shade and

Lumus ran out the elevator. “Good luck you guys!” shouted Lumus as he ran at

A zombie soldier. I looked out of the elevator. More of those machines were

moving slowly toward Lumus and Shade. “Okay, lets go Mew.” I said as I grabbed

her hand. One of the machines grabbed Lumus and flung him into a wall. The

big robot was about to deliver the final blow when Shade blew its arms clean

off. Lumus dropped to the ground. “Thanks Shade.” Said Lumus. “You owe me

one.” Said Shade as he walked over to Lumus. “Oh really, do me a favor.” Said

Lumus. “Yeah, what?” asked Shade. “Duck!” shouted Lumus. Shade did just that

As Lumus slashed through a zombie soldier that was sneaking up on Shade.

“Where even.” Said Lumus.

“I have no idea where were going.” I said. A machine swung at me but I quickly

ducked under it. “The cargo elevator is our only chance.” Said Mew. “How do we

get there?” I asked as I ducked another giant swing from the robot. “Mew looked

around. “This way I think.” She said. I followed Mew down a stairwell.

At the bottom of the stairs were two zombie soldiers. “I quickly tore through

The enemy as Mew ran ahead. “What do you suppose those are?” asked Mew.

She was looking over the balcony at these huge chemical tanks. “That must

be the toxin virus.” I said.


“Why is it purple?” asked Mew. “I don’t know, my question is why do they have

so much of it?” I asked myself. Just as I finished my sentence, a zombie soldier

thought it would be a good idea to tackle me. Me and the soldier flew right over

the balcony and into the chemical tank. “Umbra!” Mew shouted. She ran down the

stairs and toward the tank. I really couldn’t tell you what it was like swimming in

the tank because I blacked out for a moment. When I came to I swam for the top

of the tank. “Mew was screaming at the top of her lungs, hoping that I would

reply. I climbed out the tank. “Umbra, are you alright?” asked Mew. I fell to the

ground. Mew rushed over to me. “Umbra say something.” Said Mew. I started

coughing. “Damn that stung!” I said. “Thank God, I thought you were gone for a

second.” Said Mew.

Chapter. XIII

“I don’t think I want to do that again.” I said. Mew helped me to my feet. “You

sure your okay?” asked Mew. “No I don’t.” I said as I fell to my knees. My heart

was hurting. At first I thought I was having a heart attack, but then I realized

that I may have been infected. My whole body started to burn. “Mew I think

I’m infected.” I said. “No, you cant be infected!” shouted Mew. “Well then

how do you explain this intense pain I’m feeling?!” I asked.

Mew fell silent. “Umbra look out!” shouted Mew. Another machine had snuck up

on us and was about to strike. The robot swung its massive claw at me. I put my

hands over my head out of desperation. The claw came down, and I caught it.

“What the hell!” I said I had caught the claw in my hands. “How did you do

that?!” asked Mew. The machine was attempting to pull away but somehow

I was holding it in place. I tightened my grip and tossed the robot over my

shoulder. “Okay, that’s a neat trick, Umbra how did you do that, that thing had to

weigh at best six tons.” Said Mew. “I don’t know but I think it had something to

do with that virus, sweet.” I said. “No, not sweet, Umbra you may need medical

attention. “I feel fine now, lets just keep going before something else happens.”

I said.


We ran down the docking bay until we came to a cargo elevator. Two more

machines decided to try and catch us. I jumped into the air and kicked one of

the robots knocking it into the other one. “I don’t think they will be getting up.”

I said laughing. “Umbra you just jumped at least twelve feet into the air.” Said

Mew. “Yeah I noticed.” I said. We got into the elevator. I pushed the button for

the first floor. “So I have super strength and agility, what else do I have.” I

thought. The elevator couldn’t be moving any slower. “Umbra what do we do

now?” asked Mew. “Good question, I hadn’t really thought this through.” I said.

“You never think things out fully.” Said Mew. She was smiling for the first time

in a while. “I guess your right, I guess I’ll just get you out of here, then come back

for the others.” I said. “Umbra I’m not leaving your side, wherever you go, I go.”

Said Mew. “Okay since when have you been a take charge person?” I asked.

“Things change, people change.” Said Mew. I looked at Mew. “Just remember,

I wont loose you again.” I said. I took Mew by the hand.

The elevator finally reached the first floor. “Where are we?” I asked. “This is

the hanger bay.” Said Mew. “I hope Lumus and Shade can catch up.” I said. “You

want to go back for them, don’t you?” asked Mew. “I think I might have to.” I



The hanger was huge. There were airplanes everywhere. “I wonder if we can use

one of these.” I said. Just then something hit the wall that we were standing next

to. There was a smoldering hole where it was hit. “Mew get down.” I said. Some-

one just took a shot at us. I was looking around trying to see where the shooter

was. I saw someone hiding in the shadows on the right side of the room. “Who are

you?!” I shouted. The figure stepped out of the shadows. “Gunsanryu!” shouted

Mew. “What you say?” I asked Mew. “That’s Gunsanryu, he’s another one of my

Dads super soldiers.” Said Mew. “So he’s another hybrid zombie like Daryu?”

I said. “Yeah, but he’s an expert shooter, he’s almost as good as Shade.” Said


“What the hell do you want Gunsanryu?!” I asked. “I’ve come for Ms. Mew,

Master Townsend says that her play time is over, it’s time for her to come with

me.” Said Gunsanryu. Mew got behind me. “You want her, come get her.” I said

as I drew my sword. “Little boy, do you realize that I could shoot you to pieces, I

can’t imagine how you got this far, even though you defeated Daryu ,you wont

stand a chance against me.” Said Gunsanryu.

Gunsanryu aimed his energy pistol at me. “Mew take cover.” I said. Mew hid

behind a crate.


Gunsanryu fired his energy pistol. I jumped to the left and ran at Gunsanryu. “Fast

Little punk ain’t ya.” Said Gunsanryu. He pulled the trigger again. I had to jump

away at the last second. When I landed on my feet I charged at Gunsanryu before

he could fire again. I kicked the gun out of his hand and jabbed Gunsanryu in the

stomach. I tried to cut him across the face but Gunsanryu jumped away just in

time. I picked up Gunsanryu’s energy pistol and crushed it in my bare hands.

“Looks like I broke your gun.” I said. “Your gonna pay for that kid.” Said

Gunsanryu. “Looks like he’s getting the best of you.” Said a mysterious

Voice. “Daryu, stay out of this.” Said Gunsanryu. Daryu stepped out of his hiding

spot. “Great, another hybrid.” I said. “You thought you were going to get away

huh kid?” said Daryu. “Daryu I got this.” Said Gunsanryu. “Well whether you got

it or not, master Townsend said that I should assist you in taking out this kid,

besides he’s infected, he wont be easy to kill alone.” Said Daryu.

Chapter XIV
Get Away

Daryu and Gunsanryu lunged at me. I dodged Daryu’s sword attack and ended up

getting kicked across the face by Gunsanryu. Daryu jumped into the air and came

down with a powerful drop kick. I sprawled to the ground. Gunsanryu landed on

top of me and buried his foot into my stomach. I spit up blood like a fountain.

“The kid ain’t so tough.” Said Gunsanryu as he stepped back. I got to my feet

slowly. “That the best you got?!” I shouted. Daryu roared and charged at me.

I side stepped and caught Daryu in the jaw with a right hook. Daryu fell to the

floor. Before he could get up, I Field goal kicked him and sent him flying into a

wall. Daryu laid motionless. I turned in time to see Gunsanryu leap into the air.

I jumped into the air as well. Gunsanryu tried to kick me but I grabbed his leg and

threw him to the ground. Now, we were about a good nineteen to twenty feet

in the air, so when Gunsanryu hit the ground, he made a crater where he landed.

“What goes around comes around!” I shouted as I landed on Gunsanryu. My foot

connected with his back. The force of my attack buried Gunsanryu in the


Mew ran over to me. “Umbra are you okay?” she asked. “Yeah I’m fine, just fine.

Although my stomach kind of hurts.” I said.


“Umbra, Mew, what’s up?” said Shade as he and Lumus ran over to us. “What

happened to Daryu and this guy?” asked Lumus. “Long story.” I said. “Yeah we

need to go now.” Said Mew. “So many planes, which one do we take?” asked

Shade. I noticed someone sneaking away from one of the planes. “I’d stop if

I were you. Shade looked over and pointed his energy pistol at the man. “Tell me,

can you fly one of these things?” asked Shade. “Yeah sure, just don’t shoot.” Said

the man.

We boarded the nearest plane. “Okay, get this thing off the ground now!” I said.

There was a loud thud that hit the side of the plane. “What was that?!” shouted Shade.

Lumus looked out the window of the plane. “Shit, we got trouble!” Lumus Shouted.

“How many?” I asked. “Thirty-forty, give or take a dozen.” Said Lumus.

Shade pulled open the plane door and started firing. “That isn’t going to work,

There’s way to many.” Said the pilot. “No one asked for your opinion, just get

this thing off the ground!” I shouted. “Give me a minute.” Said the pilot. “We

don’t have a minute, where gonna get overrun by zombies.” Said Mew.

“I’ll give us a minute.” I said as I jumped out of the plane. “Umbra, what are you

doing!” shouted Mew. I ran into the crowd of zombie soldiers and started hack

slashing at every soldier that got in my way. In any other case, if I had done

something stupid like this, I would have gotten myself killed, but since I had

developed these abilities from being infected, I was dropping soldier after



Some of the soldiers were getting some good hits on me. I felt blood coming down

my back. Another soldier jumped on me and forced me to the ground. I kicked

it off and got to my feet. A soldier fired at me and hit me in the chest. Another one

cut me across my shoulder. I was getting overwhelmed slowly but surely.

Another zombie soldier shot me in the chest again. That was it. That last hit

got me to fall to the ground. “I was fading fast. If I pasted out, then it was all

over. Just then Shade and Lumus ran into the crowd and started taking down what

was left of the small army. “Come on Umbra, it’s time to go.” Said Lumus as he

helped me to my feet.

Lumus and Shade carried me to the plane on their shoulders. About thirty seconds

later we were taking off. More zombie soldiers came and started firing at us.

But there shots fell short. “Umbra say something!” said Mew. She was trying to

tend to my wounds. “What the hell was he thinking?” said the pilot. “Hey shut-

up.” Said Shade. “How was he able to do that, a human body shouldn’t be able

to take that kind of abuse.” Said Lumus. “He got infected.” Said Mew. “What are

you talking about?” asked Lumus. Umbra was pushed into a tank of the Toxin

virus, that’s why he’s strong like this.” Said Mew. “He needs a doctor.” Said

Shade. “No I don’t.” I said as I sat up. “Umbra no, your hurt.” Said Mew.


“Its alright, I’m fine now see.” I said. Most of the wounds on my body had started

to heal themselves. “How’s that possible?” asked Shade. “The virus must have

made it so you heal faster.” Said Mew. “My back still hurts though.” I said.

There was a loud beeping noise. “What is that?” asked Lumus. “Where almost out

of fuel.” Said the pilot. “How did we use up so much fuel?’ asked Mew. Lumus

looked out the window. “What’s that coming out the side of the plane?” asked

Lumus. “I may be going out on a limb to say this, but that may be our fuel.” Said

Shade. “You guys better brace yourselves!” said the pilot.

The plane went into a sharp nose dive. “If we don’t make it out of this, I just

want you guys to know, I blame you!” shouted Shade. “Blame us for what?!”

asked Lumus. “I blame you guys for getting me into this mess!” said Shade.

“Shut-up Shade!’ shouted Mew. “Hey can you land this thing?” asked Lumus.

“Yeah but don’t expect it to be perfect.” Said the Pilot.

The pilot turned the plane at a sharp angle. “Hang on because where about to

get a first hand look at San Francisco!” the pilot shouted. “This isn’t gonna be

pretty!” Said Shade. Lumus tumbled to the other end of the plane. “God I hope the

streets are clear.” Said Mew.


We were heading down faster now. “Brace for impact!” the pilot shouted. The

nose hit the ground first. The plane slid across the street. We hit two trolleys,

eight cars, and finally hit a brick wall before we came to a stop.

“Every one still alive?” I asked. “Yeah, if you call this living.” Said Shade. Lumus

had gotten two his feet. “Damn that hurt.” Said Lumus as he was rubbing his hair.

“Mew you alright?” I asked. “Yeah, thanks for asking.” Said Mew as I helped her

to her feet. “Well, any landing you can walk away from…” said Mew. “Is still

considered a crash landing.” Said Shade. “Shade not now.” I said. “Why, we need

a good laugh, we just survived a plane crash, this is a perfect time to laugh.” Said

Shade. “Not all of us.” Said Lumus. “Huh.” Said Shade. “The pilot didn’t make it.”

Said Lumus as he checked the pilots pulse. “Oh, I didn’t know.” Said Shade.

I kicked the hatch door open. “You think they followed?” asked Mew.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care, lets just get out of here.” Said Lumus.

The streets were dead quiet. “Hey, doesn’t this scene seem familiar?” said

Shade. I looked around. “You know, I got a feeling that our troubles are just

beginning.” I said. “Yeah, Townsend’s going to be after us from here on out.”

Said Lumus. “We should keep moving.” Said Shade. “Why, what’s the hurry?”

Asked Mew. “That over there.” Said Shade as he pointed. Townsend’s zombie

soldiers were coming from the south. They hadn’t seen us yet. “Okay lets move.”

Said Lumus.

Chapter XV
Erie City

“Lets duck in here.” I said. We ran into a small store and hid. The zombie

soldiers passed by the store. A few stopped and looked through the store window

but soon turned and left with the others. “Are they gone?” Mew asked. “Yeah, lets

move.” I said. We had started walking down the street. “Does anyone know where

there going?” asked Shade. “Not a clue.” I said. “Maybe we can go to the police.”

Said Mew. “I doubt that there still around.” Said Lumus. “You know, I bet we can

Use one of these trolleys.” Said Shade. “It would make to much noise, we don’t

need the attention if you know what I mean.” I said. “Then what do you suppose

we do?” asked Mew. “I don’t know just yet, it’s almost dark, we should find

someplace to sleep.” I said. We continued walking for about six blocks until

we couldn’t continue anymore. “Guys wait; I’m way too tired to walk any

further.” Said Shade. “Yeah, I’m tired to.” Said Lumus. Mew yawned and looked at

her shoes. “Okay then I guess we better find a safe place to rest.” I said. I walked

over to the doors of the local hospital and pulled on the doors. “Let’s

sleep here for tonight.” I said.

The hall was dimly lit. I could barely see. “We should go up a few floors, it

would be safer for us.” Said Shade. “Look at Shade, thinking ahead for once.”

Said Mew. Lumus started laughing.


We walked up the stairs until we got to the forth floor. It was real quiet. I

didn’t like it. “I cant believe that there’s no one left in the city.” Said Mew.

“We don’t know that for sure.” I said. I opened one of the patient room doors.

It was dark inside. I could hear what sounded like breathing. “Hello, is someone

there?” asked Mew. I felt on the wall for a light switch. My hole body was

just about in the room when I flicked the switch. A zombie jumped on me

just as the lights cut on. “Oh shit!” shouted Lumus. The zombie was trying

to take a bite out of my face. “Get the hell off me!” I shouted as I grabbed

the zombie by the neck and tossed it through the window. “Umbra, are you

okay?” asked Mew. “Next time keep quiet when we enter a room that could

possibly be dangerous, especially when there are zombies moving about.” I said.

“Sorry.” Said Mew. “Umbra chill, she didn’t know.” Said Lumus.” “Yeah I know.”

I said. “I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to sleep in a room that a

dead guy was in.” said Shade. I tried another door. It was empty except for the

one bed. Shade ran in and jumped into the bed. “I call this one.” He said.

“Shade, get out.” Said Lumus. “What, why?” asked Shade. “Mew gets the bed, we

sleep on the floor.” I said. “Hey wait, cant we just rock, paper, scissors for it?”

asked Shade. “No, we give Mew the bed because it would be rude not to.” I said.

“Damn, alright then, I guess I better find some sheets and pillows.” Said Shade.

Shade walked out the room.


I leaned against the wall. “Umbra, aren’t you tired?’ asked Mew. “No, I should

be, huh.” I said. Lumus sat at the table with the laptop and started typing. “What

are you doing?” I asked. “ Trying to see if Fay’s chat room is still open.” Said

Lumus. “Well is it?” I asked. “Uh, yeah.” Said Lumus. Shade came back into the

Room with some sheets and pillows. He was also carrying a bag. “What’s in

There?” asked Mew as she got under her sheets. “Something for us to snack on.”

Said Shade. I grabbed the bag and opened it. The bag was full of sodas, chips, and

every type of candy imaginable. “Where did you get this?’ I asked. “I blew up one

of the vending machines in the cafeteria, man was there big fire.” Said Shade.

“Fire, did you put it out?!” asked Lumus. “Yeah, Yeah, I put it out, this energy

pistol has some power.” Said Shade. “Shade, you’re an idiot.” Said Lumus.

“Hey, at least he got us some food.” Said Mew. She was just about sleep now.

I walked out of the room. “Where you going?” asked Shade. “To think.” I said.

Chapter XVI
Conversations with the Dead

I walked up the stairs until I got to the roof. The air was very calm. There wasn’t

even a breeze. “Now what do we do?” I asked myself. I sat on the edge of the

building. “I better come up with a plan soon, or we won’t make it out of here

alive.” I said. “Sounds like you got yourself quite a predicament.” Said a voice

I turned to see a young man standing behind me. He had become a Zombie

soldier. “Man now’s not a good time.” I said. “Relax, I’m not here to kill you.”

Said the zombie. “Not just yet anyway.” “Then what do you want?” I said.

“I just want to talk.” Said the zombie. “About what?’ I asked. “You said you

wanted to come up with a plan, but you seem to have more on your mind, it

would help to talk about it.” Said the zombie. “Why do you care?” I asked as

I sat down on the edge of the building. “I find it better to talk about ones problem,

I can help with your problem.” Said the zombie. “Isn’t that ironic.” I said.

“Well do you want to talk about it, or should I just kill you now?” asked the

zombie. “Okay then, lets talk.” I said. The zombie soldier sat down about two feet

away from me. “So where should we start.” I said. “Start from the beginning.”

Said the zombie. “Well, I got this bad feeling, like something really bad going

to happen.” I said. “Go on.” Said the zombie. “I feel that when it happens I

won’t…” I said. “I won’t what?” asked the zombie. “I won’t be able to protect

her.” I said.


“Who is her?” asked the zombie. “Mew, I feel that I won’t be able to protect.”

I said. “Oh, Townsend’s living experiment.” Said the zombie. “She’s not an

experiment,” I said, “she is a living being.” “Okay, sorry, didn’t mean to make

you mad,” Said the zombie, “why do you feel this way?” “Because I don’t think

I’ll be strong enough.” I said. “I see, well it sounds like you really love this girl.”

Said the zombie. “Yeah I do, I would do anything to protect her.” I said. “Then

you shouldn’t worry, when the time comes, you’ll just have to face it, if you

mean what you just said then nothing can stop you.” Said the zombie. The zombie

got up. “Yeah I guess your right, thanks.” I said as I got up. The zombie soldier

lunged at me. “You really helped me with my problems” I said as I punched the

zombie in the face sending it flying off the roof. “I think everything’s going to be

alright.” I said.

I walked back to the edge of the roof and sat back down. “I think I may be able

to pull this off.” I said.


Mew awoke in a cold sweat. “That dream again.” She said. Shade and Lumus were

sound asleep. Mew got out of the bed. “I wonder where Umbra ran off to.” Said

Mew. She slipped her shoes on and walked out into the hallway. It was dead quiet.

“I cant wait to get out of here, this place gives me the creeps.” Said Mew. Mew

walked further down the hallway hoping to run into Umbra. As she was walking

she could hear laughter, it sounded like a child playing. “Hello, is someone

there?” Mew asked. As she walked further the laughter grew louder. “Hello.”

she said again. When Mew got near the door where the sounds were emitting

from they suddenly stopped. Mew reached for the doorknob. “Umbra is that you?”

Mew asked. Mew opened the door. She walked into the room. It was a nursery.

It was surprisingly well lit. “Umbra?” Mew said. Mew closed the door behind her.

“Hello, is anyone here, Umbra.” she said. “Whose Umbra?” a voice said. Mew spun

around. A little boy was standing in front of the door. The boy was really pale,

there wasn’t any color in his face. “Uh, hello, are you hear alone?” asked Mew.

“I guess you can say that.” said the boy. “Where’s your mom and dad?” asked

Mew. “Dead, I’m here by myself.” said the boy. “Poor thing, your mom and dad

were killed by the virus.” said Mew. “Uh, no, my parents have been dead for over

sixty years.” said the boy. “Come on, don’t joke around.” said Mew. “Do I look

like I’m laughing?” said the boy.


Mew stopped smiling. “What are you?” asked Mew. “Cant you tell, I’m a ghost.”

said the boy. Mew stepped back. “No way.” said Mew. “Yes way.” said the boy.

“Just when things are bad they get worse, I must be losing my mind!” shouted

Mew. “Chill, I’m not here to kill you, haunt you or whatever were supposed to

do, I just want to talk.” said the boy. “Talk, talk about what?” Mew asked.

“Well its been so long since I talked to another living being, I’m kind of lonely.”

said the boy. “Wait if you’re a ghost, then why am I able to see you?” asked Mew.

“Your different, your not an ordinary human.” said the boy. “Different, how?”

asked Mew. “You may not know this yet but you are the being that darkness

seeks, the final key.” said the boy. “The final key?” said Mew. “I can feel them,

the dark souls that are reaching out for you from the Dark Abyss, they need you to

open the final door, the door where the dark one sleeps, you’ve seen it in your

dreams haven’t you?” the boy said. “You mean the dream where Umbra is fighting

that black figure, the dream where I see Umbra die.” said Mew. “The boy nodded

his head. “He wants to protect you, he’s willing to give his life to do so.” the boy said.

“How can I stop this?!” shouted Mew. “You can’t, only Umbra can.” The boy said.

The boy looked toward the window. “I have to go.” he said. “Wait, I have more

questions, how do you know so much?” asked Mew. “Sorry I must leave now, the

darkness approaches, be ready.” said the boy. The boy vanished through the wall.

“Oh god what’s happening, why do these things keep happening?” Mew said.

Chapter. XVII

Mew walked back to the room. I was sitting on the bed. “You okay you look

like you’ve seen a ghost.” I said. “Umbra we need to talk.” said Mew. Mew sat

next me. For the next hour she explained what had just happened. She was really

frightened. “Mew its okay, I’m not going to die.” I said trying to reassure her.

“Yeah but what about…” said Mew. “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,

that’s a promise,” I said, “Now let me see that pretty smile.” Mew started to

smile. “Now all we have to do is come
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Third Part


“Where making way to much noise.” said Mew. “You couldn’t be more right.”

said a voice. We all spun around to see a zombie soldier. “For a second there

I was worried, good thing there’s only one.” said Shade. I looked around.

“There’s not just one.” I said. zombie soldiers were appearing from buildings,

from behind cars and ally’s. “Can we take them?’ said Shade. “No there’s way

to many.” said Lumus. “Its just a suggestion but maybe we should run!” Mew

Shouted. We took off down the street. “Remember, the girl must live, we can kill

the others.” said the zombie soldier. The zombies were right behind us. We came

to an intersection. “Which way do we go?” Mew asked. I looked to the left. More

soldiers were coming this way. “We ain’t going that way!’ shouted Lumus. We took

the path to the right until we came up to a abandoned building. “Lets hide in

hear.” I said. We entered the building. Inside, Shade jumped behind a desk and

got ready to fire. I stood in front of the door, Lumus was behind me with his energy

sword. Mew got behind the desk with Shade. “Its official, this day sucks!” shouted

Shade. “Here they come.” I said. The first zombie came through the door. I jumped

Into the air and dropped kicked it into the ground. Shade opened fire and took out

three zombies that decided to come through the window. “I don’t think were

going to get out of this alive!” shouted Lumus as he cut his way through a crowd

of zombies.


“Yeah, there’s to many of them.” I said. Shade opened fire again taking down

a zombie that lunged at Mew. I looked around. There wasn’t any other exit.

“Its going to take a miracle to get out of this one.” I thought. I noticed something

moving in the shadows of the room. “Who’s there?!” I shouted. A girl with long

purple hair stepped forward. In her hands was a long sword that looked like it had

been polished a lot. “Here catch.” she said and flung the sword at me. I caught the

sword and looked at it. “The sword started to glow blue. “What the hell?!” I said.

There was a loud roar. I spun around just in time to slice through another zombie

soldier. The soldier hit the floor and exploded sending up a cloud of dust that

blinded the other soldiers. “Just as I thought, come with me if you want to live.”

said the girl. “Should we follow?” Mew asked. “Its better than being killed!”

shouted Shade as he took off after the girl. I grabbed Mew by the hand and

followed Lumus. We were running through a small hallway. There was a dead-

end at the end of the hallway. “Now what?” Mew asked. The girl lifted a rug off

the floor to reveal a trap door. “This way.” she said. We entered the trap door.

We were in a dimly lit tunnel. “Man, I don’t like tunnels.” Shade said. “Your

friend talks to much.” said the girl. “Yeah, you get use to it.” said Lumus.

“Umbra we should thank her, she saved our lives.” said Mew. “Yeah, I guess so,

you saved our butts.” I said.


“I’d do it anytime for the chosen one.” said the girl. “Chosen one, what are you

talking about, who are you any way?” I asked. “My name is Hope, and you’re the

one who’s going to save humanity.” said Hope. “Save humanity, from what?”

I asked. “The Dark One.” said Hope. Mew gasped. I didn’t understand, and I

didn’t think I wanted to, but what was about to happen next, what we were in for,

would forever shape our destiny.

As they delve deeper into the madness.
Our hero’s will discover an age old prophecy that is tied with the current events that
have transpired. The chosen one is about to be revealed and a new legend is about to begin.

Act 3
Chapter I

“What do you mean when you say chosen one?” I asked. “Not here, follow me.”

said Hope. We followed Hope further down the tunnel. “Where are we?” asked

Shade. “The underground water ways.” said Hope. “You mean a sewer.” said

Lumus. “Call it what ever you want, but this is a safe haven.” said Hope. We came

into a large section of the under ground water way. There were people walking

around. Hope ran over to a woman and started talking to her. The woman looked

at us than at Hope. Then the woman smiled. Hope ran over to us. “Okay its settled

you guys have to talk to my father. I looked toward the woman. She had ran off

into the crowd. “What’s going on?” asked Mew. “Just follow me, you have to talk

to my father.” said Hope. We followed behind Hope through the swarms of

people. The place looked like some sort of camp, there were shelters every-

where. People were staring at us. Hope led us to a huge tent. “In here.” said Hope.

We entered the tent. A man with a white beard was sitting in a chair reading a

book. “Father I found them.” said Hope. The man looked up. “Finally, I was

starting to think you guys would never get here, my name is Asroc, you must

be Umbra, Mew, Lumus, and Shade.” said Asroc as he pointed to each of us.

“How do you know who we are?!” I asked. “We’ve been watching you for quite

some time,” said Asroc, “You must have many questions.” “Yeah I sure do.” I



“Well I don’t know where to begin.” said Asroc. “Start from the beginning.”

said Mew. “Well then, let me tell you a story.” said Asroc. “This story

is said to be an ancient legend about a darkness, a being that was sealed behind

the final door. This event took place over one million years ago. A beast that

nearly brought the end of the entire planet. This monster was able to corrupt

those that it touched. It would seem that this creature is about to walk the

earth yet again.” said Asroc. “You dragged us down here to tell us a fairy

tale?!” said Lumus. “This legend is tied to the current events that have happened

these pass few years.” said Asroc “I don’t see what Townsend and a killer virus

has to do this.” I said. That virus was created by the dark one, the one who plans

on destroying the world unless it can be stopped,” said Asroc, “This ancient toxin

infects the living, killing the weak, and corrupting others.” “Finish your story.”

Mew said. “All seemed lost, the world was descending into madness. Until a

young child who had been tainted by the dark toxin came forward wielding the

sword of Arcane and banished the creature back into the darkness.” said Asroc.

“Your holding that very same sword Umbra,” said Hope, “When you caught it

and it started to glow, I knew we had found the new hero.” “You are the one

who shall defeat Nell once again.” said Asroc. “Sorry but I think you got the

wrong guy.” I said. “No you’re the one, you have been infected and the sword

recognizes you as its master, see how it glows blue for you.” said Hope.


“This can’t be, me a hero.” I said. “For a while I didn’t believe it myself. But

when Townsend translated the text and opened the first door, I knew Nel was

about to reawaken. Townsend entered the ruins and inherited the powers of

the fiends. Now he wants to wake Nell so he can take over the world.” said

Asroc. “Who is Nell?” I asked. “Although child like in appearance, she is one

of the most powerful creatures to ever walk this planet. “So where is the final

door?” asked Mew. “South America,” said Asroc, “Townsend’s forces are

protecting the ruins where Nell sleeps. “Luckily they don’t have the keys.”

said Hope. “The keys?” I asked. “There are three keys needed to awake

Nell. One is in Antarctica, the other is in Africa and the final key is right

hear.” said Asroc as he looked at Mew. “Me?!” said Mew.

Chapter II
Mew’s Purpose

“Mew is the final key?” I said. “Yes Townsend’s only child. He created Mew

from his late wifes DNA. A female clone that acts as the final key. That’s why Townsend

came for her.” said Hope. “I don’t know how he was able to do it, but its very

important that Townsend doesn’t get the keys.” said Asroc. “Now there’s an

interesting plot twist.” said Shade. “Mew is different than any other human, the

power that has been sealed within her remains dormant.” said Asroc. “So what do

we do?” I asked. “We must obtain the other two keys, before Townsend does.”

said Hope. “Yes but it wont be easy, since Daryu and Gunsanryu have been

reawakened.” said Asroc. “You mean those two crazy people, I thought they

were just some zombie hybrids.” said Lumus. “Not exactly, those two are ancient

fiends revived by Townsend, so there more powerful than your regular zombie

soldier, they were the guardians that watched over Nell.” said Asroc.

“So, where two first?” Mew asked. “Mew, your staying with Hope, where going

to retrieve the keys.” I said. “Wait I want to come to.” said Mew. “It will be

dangerous, it be best if you stayed behind.” said Asroc. “Fine , you guys just

be careful okay.” said Mew. “Easier said than done.” said Shade.

Chapter III
Breathing Room

We were in the air now on our way to Antarctica. I was sitting quietly in my

chair, almost sleep when Shade came into the passenger cabin. “Man this plane

rocks!” said Shade. “Shade do you have to be so loud?” I asked. “Sorry, sorry,

its just that this is my first time on a private plane.” said Shade. “Yeah well its

our first time to, but you don’t see us running back and forward through the

plane.” said Lumus. Lumus was on the laptop still, holding a conversation with

Fay. “You guys are way to up tight, there’s still time to chill before we get

there.” said Shade. “Yes, and that’s why I’m trying to sleep.” I said. I hadn’t

had a good nights sleep in days. This was the perfect time to catch up on some

much needed sleep.

“Umbra, could you come here for a second?” asked Asroc. “Sure, why not, I’m

not going to get any sleep around here anyway.” I said. “I think its time for you to

know just what’s waiting for you when we get to the ice temple.” said Asroc.

“Okay , what do I need to know?” I asked. “Well first, the temples littered with

traps set to stop intruders, there are also fiends that are ready to tear any living

being to pieces. said Asroc. “Fiend, you’ve used that word before.” said Lumus.

“Fiends are the essence of darkness, created to destroy and kill.” said Asroc.


“Well, it doesn’t matter, I’m going back to sleep, wake me when we get there.”

I said. I got back in my seat and closed my eyes. “He’s not worried?” Shade asked.

“Why should he be, you seen what he can do.” said Lumus. “Yeah, but still, I’m

still trying to figure out why I decided to come with you guys.” said Shade. “You

nervous huh?” said Lumus. “Hell yeah.” said Shade. “Shade you just need to calm

down. focus on the task at hand.” said Asroc. “Yeah sure, easy for you to say.”

said Shade.

I had finally fell asleep. For the first time in days I finally fell asleep and had the

weirdest dream. “So you’re the one who’s going to try to beat me said a voice.”

said a voice. “Who’s there, show yourself!” I said. “To think that I’m going to

have to face another one like the first.” said the voice. “I’m guessing that this

is a dream.” I said. “Sort of, you see I have the ability to speak to someone

through there dreams, I know all I see all.” said the voice. “Nell, I presume.”

I said. “Pretty sharp aren’t ya kid. Yes I am Nell.” said Nell. “Why are you

invading my dreams?” I asked. Nell appeared before me. “I just wanted to

see what I’m up against, most people that I do this to die, you have a strong

mind.” said Nell. “So your just trying to see how strong I am?” I asked.

“I think our little chat time is over, I’ll be seeing you.” Said Nell. Nell disappeared

into the darkness. “Who the hell does she think she is?!” I said.

Chapter IV
Cold Space

I awoke just as we landed. “Damn, what a night.” I said. “I’m guessing you didn’t

sleep to well.” Said Asroc. “How far are we from the temple?” I asked. “Not far,

we just got to get pass all the zombie soldiers.” said Lumus. “And we still have to

get the temple doors open.” said Asroc. Lumus was holding a small object in his

hands. “This bad boy ought to do the trick.” he said. “What is that?” asked Shade.

“C4 explosives.” said Lumus.

I stepped out of the plane. The air was clean, to bad it was freezing. “Lets get this

over with.” said Asroc. We hiked for about three miles when all of a sudden an

artillery shell exploded right in front of us. “Oh shit!” shouted Shade. A tank had

rolled up to us. “That’s not good.” said Lumus. The tanks turret turned on us.

Just before it could fire I ran up and sliced the end of the turret off with the

Arcane sword. Now that the tank was incapable of firing it decided to try and run

us over. Shade jumped on top and opened the hatch. “Shade pulled the pin on a

grenade and dropped it into the tank. Seconds later there was an explosion.

“That’s got to hurt!” said Shade. Another tank came from over a hill. “There’s

another one.” said Lumus. I ran up to the busted tank and lifted it off the ground.

“What are you doing?!’ shouted Asroc. “Returning their tank!” I said. I tossed

the tank into the air. The tank landed right on top of the other one causing a

huge explosion.


“His strength is unreal.” said Asroc. “Yeah, I don’t think that there’s anything that

can stop Umbra.” said Lumus. “I think it would be best if we keep moving.” I said.

We made it to the temple ahead of the zombie soldier. Lumus ran up to the door and

set the C4. “Lumus ran and hid next to us behind the hill. “Fire in the hole!” said Lumus

as he pushed the detonator. The door exploded sending snow and ice flying.

“Lets move.” said Asroc. We entered the temple.

Chapter V
The Ice Temple

The main room was a vast cave of ice. “Damn, its colder in here than outside.”

said Shade. There was a huge ice sculpture of a dragon. A door could be seen

behind it. “I’m guessing the keys back there.” I said. I approached the sculpture.

That’s when I heard a voice. “To enter my masters chamber, defeat me with the

power of the sun.” “Did anyone hear that?’ I said. “Hear what?” Lumus asked.

“Nothing, what was that?” I said to myself. “First things first, we need to go

through the door on the right.” said Asroc. “Alright then, Asroc you stay here.”

I said. “Why?” Asroc. “No disrespect, but your kind of old.” I said. “Oh, I see,

fine, just don’t get carried away.” said Asroc. “Remember to stay in contact.”

said Lumus as he pulled out his walkie-talkie. We entered the room on the right.

This room had a hole in the ceiling. Sun light was coming through. A wall of

ice was on the other side of the room. “This is simple, we just reflect the sunlight

onto the ice and melt it.” said Shade. “Okay smart guy, how are we going to reflect

the light.” said Lumus. “Like this.” I said. I held out the Arcane and used its

polished steel to reflect the light. When the light hit the wall it melted instantly

revealing a switch and a uninvited guest. “What in the hell is that?” said Shade.

It was some kind of creature made entirely of ice it stood up straight with sharp

ice sickles as hands. “Uh Asroc what is this thing?” asked Lumus as he talked into

the walkie-talkie. “I’m guessing you guys just ran into an Icerrock, I’d be careful,

they cant be killed by any weapons, only sunlight can kill them..” said Asroc.


“That’s cool, we just stay in the light.” said Shade. Something flew across the

room and hit the ground just a few inches from where we were standing. “They

hurl sharp pieces of ice at there prey, so staying in the sunlight isn’t going to

help.” said Asroc. The Icerrock was regenerating another ice sickle. I reflected

the sunlight into the creatures face burning off its head. “They aren’t so tough.”

I said. Another piece of sharp ice flew at us. I ducked just as one went over my

head. “Just because there head is gone doesn’t mean there dead.” said Asroc.

Shade pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin. “Shade that’s not going to work.”

said Lumus. “We’ll see.” said Shade as he tossed the grenade at the Icerrock.

The grenade exploded right in front of the creature. When the smoke cleared the

Icerrock had been blown to pieces. “Ancient fiend, meet high explosives.” said

Shade. I ran up to the switch and pulled it down. A loud noise could be heard in

the distance.

We entered the main room. A new door had appeared in the alcove on the left.

“Well it seems that your all still alive.” said Asroc. “You know, you could have

warned us about that thing being able to throw ice sickles.” said Shade. “Yeah I

could have, couldn’t I.” said Asroc. I stared at Asroc. “You think this is funny huh?”

I said. Asroc just grinned. “Lets just go.” Said Lumus.

Chapter VI
Freeze Volley

We entered the room in the small alcove on the left. “Make sure there aren’t any

Icerrocks.” Said Shade. “I don’t see any.” I said. “Good, let’s keep it that way.”

said Lumus. This room was just one long hallway. I could see a crank switch

at the end of the hallway. I took a step forward. There was a low rumbling

sound. “What is that?” said Shade. There was a sound that sounded like glass

shattering. I looked up. The stalactites on the ceiling were starting to fall..

I had to dive out of the way to keep from being killed. Shade and Lumus took off

after me. All the stalactites were falling now. Shade slipped on the ice. He rolled

out of the way just as another deadly stalactites hit the ground. We made it to the

other side. Lumus and I rotated the crank switch. Another sound could be heard in

the distance. “let’s check back in with Asroc.” I said. “I hope all this crap is worth

it.” said Lumus. As we made our way back to the door, there was a loud roar.

“Here we go again.” I said. Another ice creature exploded out of the ground.

This one was huger than the other one. “That’s a big Icerrock.” said Lumus.

“I’m guessing you guys just ran into an Frost null.” said Asroc over the walkie-

talkie. “What’s different about this one?” Lumus asked. “Well for starters, it

launches balls of ice from its mouth that can freeze anything upon contact, but

there not as strong as the Icerrocks.” said Asroc.


The Frost null opened its mouth and fired. We jumped out of the way just as the

ball of ice hit the wall, freezing it instantly. “Holy cow, it wouldn’t be a good

idea to get hit by that!” said Shade. The Frost null lunged at us and started lashing

violently. I dove under the creatures leg while Lumus jumped over it. Shade opened

fire blowing off chunks of ice on the monster. I jumped onto the creatures back

and stabbed it in the back. The Frost null reached back and grabbed me, then to

make a bad situation worst, it decided to throw me into a wall. Lumus cut through

the Frost null’s leg taking it off completely. The Frostnull hit the ground. I ran

forward and sliced the Frostnull’s head off.

“I officially hate this place.” I said. “Your just mad because you got thrown into a

wall before I did.” said Shade. “Shut-up Shade.” I said.

Chapter VII
Frost Greybull

The ceiling in the main hall had broke away to reveal a skylight. The sunlight had

hit the ice sculpture and started melting it. When the sculpture fully melted, a door

was revealed. “Now comes the most dangerous part, you must do battle with

Greybull.” said Asroc as he walked over to us. “Who or dare I say it what is

Greybull?” I asked. “He is the master of the temple. Be on your guard, He’s

very powerful.” said Asroc. We entered the final room. This room was a huge

circular room with a huge chasm circling the outer part of the room. “I’d hate

to fall off this thing.” said Shade. We walked to the center of the room.

That’s when Greybull decided to make his grand entrance. Greybull fell from

the ceiling and let out a loud roar. Greybull was a huge bull like creature made

entirely of ice.

Greybull charged at us attempting to gore us. We jumped out of the way just as

Greybull came past us. Shade landed on top of Greybull and blasted away at his

head. “All that Shade accomplished was pissing the thing off. Greybull bucked

sending Shade to the floor. Before Greybull went for the kill, Lumus slashed

at the side diverting Greybull’s attention onto Lumus. Greybull charged and

rammed Lumus to the floor. Just before Greybull could trample Lumus I jumped on

its back and stabbed it in the neck then quickly jumped off.


Greybull turned and stomped the ground sending a wall of jagged ice right at me.

I jumped over it and landed on Greybull’s back. I slashed at its neck again, this

time taking the head clean off. “You okay Lumus?” I asked. “Yeah, thanks.” Said

Lumus. “I’m fine to if ya want to know.” Said Shade. The door in the east alcove

opened. “Now we just get the key.” said Lumus. We entered the room.

A huge crystal was sitting in the middle of the room on a alter. “Is that it?’ Shade

asked. “It better be, because I’ve had it with this place.” I said.

I walked up to the alter and grabbed the object from off the alter.

Chapter VIII

“So you three defeated Greybull.” Said a voice. We all spun around to see non

other than Daryu. “Not this psycho again.” Said Shade. Daryu drew his sword.

“There’s no way any of you are getting out of here with that key.” Said Daryu.

“Get out of our way Daryu.” I said. “If you want to leave than you got to beat

me.” Said Daryu. “That can be arranged.” Said Lumus. “No Lumus, you and Shade

get going I’ll take care of Daryu.” I said. “You sure about this?” asked Shade.

“There’s no way where leaving you here.” Said Lumus. “Good than you can all

die together.” Said Daryu. “Well if your going to stay than lets kick this guys ass

together.” I said. Daryu jumped at Shade but Lumus jumped in the way and sent

Daryu flying across the room with a kick to the face. “Hey no cheap shots.” Said

Lumus. Shade opened fire but Daryu was to quick to be hit. Daryu jumped into the

air and unleashed his thunder force attack at me. I blocked the attack with the

Arcane. At that moment I felt a strange energy. “Whoa what is this?” I said.

“Oh shit, this wont end well.” said Daryu. “Okay Daryu get ready, Thunder force

attack!” I said as I fired Daryu’s signature attack right back at him. The force of

the attack sent Daryu flying through a wall of ice.


“Damn it, I didn’t expect the boy to get so strong so quickly, you won this round

but rest assured, I’ll be back.” said Daryu. Daryu through something to the ground

that released a thick cloud of smoke. When it cleared, Daryu was gone.

I turned towards the others. Shade and Lumus were staring at me. “What?” I asked.

“Lets just go before something else happens.” said Lumus. Just as Lumus finished

his sentence the cave started to shake. “I got a feeling that this cave won’t be

around much longer.” I said. We took off running. By the time we made it to the

main hall the vibrations had gotten worse. “Asroc we need to get out of here

now!” shouted Lumus.

We ran out of the temple. Just as we gotten five feet from the door, the temple

collapsed into the ice. To make matters worse the ice started to collapse. We made

it to the plane. The pilot had already gotten the engine started. “Get this damn

thing off the ground now!” shouted Asroc. The ice was about to collapse around

the plane. “The pilot managed to get the plane off the ground before it fell into the

abyss. “That was close.” said Shade as he looked out of the window. I was still

feeling strange. “Umbra, are you alright?’ asked Asroc. “I can feel the power of

the key.” I said. The key was glowing red in my hand. “Asroc can you tell me

how Umbra was able to use the Thunder force attack, I Thought Daryu was the

only one who could use dark power.” said Lumus.


“Umbra has dark power as well it was just dormant until he grabbed the key.

Umbra has the ability to learn dark attacks by observing them first, Since he saw

Daryu’s attack he was able to use it.” said Asroc. “Then why didn’t I learn the

Icerrock and Frostnull’s attack?” I asked. “You must first be compatible with

the attack, since you aren’t made of ice you cant use the attack, there are tons

of attacks that you can use, in fact when we get to our next destination, I’ll teach

you an ancient technique that may help you.” said Asroc. “Why cant you teach

me now?” I asked. “No, I don’t want to die in a plane crash.” said Asroc.

Act 4
Chapter I
Crash Landing

“How long until we get there?” I asked. “Forty-five minutes, be patient Umbra.”

said Asroc. We had been flying for twelve ours straight. “Lumus was going over

the temple map. “The sun and Moon temple isn’t going to be a walk in the park,

some areas can only be assessed during the day and some during the night.” said

Lumus. “That means this one can take a while.” said Shade. “Yes, the sun crystal

will give you access to the moon catacombs, that’s where the key rest. But

remember not to get yourselves burned.” said Asroc. “What’s he talking about?”

Shade asked. “The Chamber of the Sun was built into the side of an underground

volcano.” I said. “The Moon catacombs were built into the side of an underground

water well.” said Lumus. Shade slumped into his seat.

There was a loud explosion, it sounded like something hit the plane. “What the

hell was that?” said Shade as he jumped out of his seat. “The pilot ran into the

passenger cabin. “Something just shot us out of the sky, were going down.” said

the pilot. Shade grabbed a parachute and tossed another to Lumus. I grabbed one

and tossed another to Asroc and the pilot. I kicked the hatch door open. Shade

jumped out of the plane first. We all followed behind him.


We pulled the cord on our parachutes. We floated to safety as our plane crashed

and burned.

“Well, that was different.” said Shade.

Chapter II
Jungle Scape

We landed right in the middle of the African jungle. Twenty miles from our

intended destination. Shades parachute had got caught in a tree. “Everyone still

alive?” asked Asroc. “Yeah if you call this living.” said Lumus. Shade fell out of the

tree and hit the ground. “You okay Shade?” I asked. “Hell no, I just landed on my

butt!” said Shade. “We better get going, we have a long way to go.” said Asroc.

We had started our hike through the jungle. About two miles into the hike Shade

shouted. “There’s got to another way to do this!” “Nope, we got to walk.” I said.

About another twelve miles we came to the bottom of a waterfall. “We can rest

here for awhile.” said Asroc. Shade collapsed to the floor. “Damn my feet hurt.”

he said. Lumus walked over to the water and splashed water in his face. Shade took

the chance and pushed Lumus into the water. Those two started fighting in the

water, picking each other up and slamming each other into the water.

I walked over to Asroc. “You ready?” asked Asroc. “Yeah.” I said. “Follow me

then.” said Asroc. Asroc led me away from the waterfall into a secluded part of

jungle. “Pay close attention to what I say alright.” said Asroc. I nodded my head.

“I’m going to need you to focus your dark power.” said Asroc. I started to

summon my dark power into my sword. “No, no, not into the sword, focus your

power into your own body.” said Asroc. “Is that possible?” I asked. “Just try.”

said Asroc.


I tried to focus my power through my body. “its not working.” I said. “Try again.”

said Asroc. “I don’t see how this is possible, I can only focus dark energy through

a solid matter.” I said. “What’s your point?” said Asroc. I didn’t understand.

But I think I answered my own question. My body was solid matter, so maybe it

was possible. I tried again. I tried to focus my power into my body. “Concentrate

on the task at hand, block out all distractions.” said Asroc.

My body stated glow white. “What the hell?” I said. “Keep going you’ve almost

got it.” said Asroc. The strain that I was putting on my body felt like I was about

to faint, then something happened. There was a bright flash of light that emitted

from my body. “You’ve done it.” said Asroc. I couldn’t see at first. The light

was so blinding. When the light subsided there was this blue aura that was

emitting from my body. “What is this?” I asked. “This is your hidden potential.

Its called a Dark Burst.” said Asroc. “Dark burst?” I said. I didn’t understand

what Asroc meant. “I’ll explain, the dark surge is a short burst of energy that

enhances your abilities, Your strength and agility are enhanced, and your body

heals itself almost instantly in this state, You can do more damage and your dark

attacks can dish out serious hurt, The Thunder force attack changes into Thunder

tempest in this form.” said Asroc. “Should I try it out?” I asked. “Who’s

going to stop you.” said Asroc. I turned to the nearest tree and held out my hand.

“Thunder tempest attack!” I shouted. A pillar of thunder rendered the ground.


The pillar moved forward and hit the tree causing a huge explosion.

“Whoa.” I said. The blue aura dissipated. “What happened?” I asked. The

Dark burst is a powerful technique, but it can only last for a certain amount of

time. It takes about six minutes for the power to fully recharge.” said Asroc.

“I think this could seriously help me.” I said. Lumus and Shade came running up

to us. “What was that explosion?” Lumus asked. “That was Umbra trying out his

new power.” said Asroc. “Damn we missed it.” said Shade. “well if you hadn’t

picked a fight with me in the water.” said Lumus. “Don’t start this again, lets just

get back.” I said.

Back at the waterfall I decided to sit and rest for awhile. The sound of the wildlife

was so peaceful. “What are you doing?” Shade asked. “What’s it look like I’m

doing?” I said. “Umbra you sure you want to go through with this?” Shade asked.

“If your scared you can stay here.” I said. “I’m not scared, I’m just concerned, Im

kind of allergic to death.” said Shade. “Your nothing but a big chicken.” said

Lumus. “Don’t call me a chicken.” said Shade. I hadn’t noticed at first but the

jungle had got quiet. The pilot and Asroc had noticed to. Shade and Lumus didn’t

noticed until I got up and drew my sword. “That’s not good.” said Lumus.

“I’m going out on a limb to say this, but silence in a jungle is a bad thing, right?”

said Shade. “Maybe it would be best if we get moving.” said Asroc. There was

a loud explosion. It sounded like it wasn’t to far off either. “Another tank?” Lumus

asked. Lumus question was answered as a tank came crashing through the trees.


We took off into the forest just as an artillery shell exploded right where we were

standing not five seconds ago. “Umbra now would be a good time to use your new

strength.” said Asroc. “Right.” I said. I turned and ran right at the tank. “Lets hope

this works.” I said. I focused my power into the dark burst and jumped into the

air. “Thunder tempest!” I shouted. I hit the tank with the arcane sending a surge of

electricity into the tank. I jumped off the tank and a second later it exploded.

Just as I landed on the ground another tank appeared on m left, along with a huge

group of Shred lizards. “Bring it!’ I said. Just as I was about to attack, the dark

burst wore off. “No, not now.” I said. “Umbra run!” shouted Lumus. We ran

through the jungle as if there was no tomorrow. We came out to a dirt road.

“Were sitting ducks out here in the open.” Said Lumus. “Not really, look over

there.” Said Asroc. Two zombie soldiers were sitting in a jeep. They hadn’t

noticed us, which was strange because you could hear what was happening

for miles. Shade blasted one of the soldiers and I went into a dark burst and slashed

through the other one. We jumped into the jeep and sped off. The tank fired again

but its shot fell short sending up a cloud of dirt. “You know what, whoever is

driving that thing has really lousy aim.” Said Shade. “or maybe where just moving

to fast for it to hit us.” Said Lumus. “Asroc how far till we reach the temple?” I

asked. “Were close, not far now.” Said Asroc.

Chapter III
Sun and Moon Temple

“I had a bad feeling ever since we got here, this place is crawling with fiends.”

Said Shade. The front entrance was being guarded by two big stone creatures.

“Asroc, what are those things?” Lumus asked. “Nightmare Golems, there slow

but extremely powerful, there close range rock bash can tear through steel. Umbra

could learn their rock tower attack.” Said Asroc. “Those things are big, Umbra go

ahead and do what you got to do, I’ll sit here and bring up the rear.” Said Shade.

“Anyone ever tell you that you are a big chicken?” asked Lumus. “Yeah, my mom,

my sister, everyone at school.” Said Shade. You guys argue way to much.” Said

Asroc. I ran over to one of the golems. It instantly tried to attack me. I ducked

under its rock bash attack and went straight for the door. Unfortunately the other

golem lunged at me. Good thing for me that Shade blasted it before it could reach

me. The golem staggered back, that’s when Lumus Sliced through it with his

energy sword. The golem fell into two pieces. The remaining golem unleashed

its rock tower attack. We had to jump out of the way to escape the long range

attack. When I landed I went into a dark burst and fired a thunder tempest at

the golem. The attack hit its mark stopping the golem in its tracks. I ran up to the

golem and kicked it in the chest. The golem toppled over and broke into a pile of

rocks leaving behind a small black orb. “What is that?” I asked.


“That is the golems dark essence, If you absorb this dark energy you will be able

to use its special attack.” said Asroc. “Is that thing safe to touch?” Shade asked.

“For Umbra it is.” said Asroc. I picked up the black energy. The energy started to

glow than it was absorbed into my body. I fell to the ground afterwards.

“Whoa, you alright?” Lumus asked. “Yeah, never better.” I said. “Then open the

door to the temple.” said Asroc. I got up and turned towards the temple door.

“Rock tower!” I shouted. I slammed my sword into the ground causing a small

visible shock wave that moved toward the door at a fast paste, upon touching

the door a barrage of jagged rocks exploded out of the ground causing a huge

explosion that blew open the door.

We stepped into the temple entrance. The main room was a huge magna pool.

The only way to get across was by using the stepping stones that peeked over the

lava. “Looks like you have to cross.” said Asroc. “Yeah I figured as much, I’m

guessing you and the pilot are waiting outside?” I asked. “This is your task.” said

Asroc. “I’ll go first.” I said. I jumped to the first stone. “Take your time.” said

Lumus. I jumped to the second stone. “So far so good.” I said. I jumped to the

third stone and almost loss my balance but quickly regained it. There was a low

rumbling sound coming from the wall. “That can’t be good.” I said. A stream

of fire shot straight out of the wall. I jumped to the forth stone. When I landed

on the forth stone it started two sink.


“Umbra the stones are sinking!” shouted Lumus. I jumped to the last stone and on to

the other side. I turned back to look. The stones had fully sunk under the magma

pool. “How do we get across?” Shade asked. Lumus looked to the left. He noticed a

door hidden in the shadows. “We have to find another way around.” Said Lumus.

“Alright, don’t get killed.” I said. I turned to enter the door behind me. As I

walked into the corridor I heard a click. One of the stone tiles that I had stepped

on sunk into the ground. “Oh no.” I said. I turned to see the magma pool start to


Chapter IV
Chamber of the Sun

My first task at hand was to out run the lava flow. I ran straight down the hall.

There was a small explosion that came from behind me. “That can’t be good.” I

said. The hall ended in a dead end. There was light seeping through a small hole

at the top. A small ladder hung just above my head. I jumped up and started to

climb. The lava started too rise after me. It was getting hotter, the lava was getting

closer. I knew that if I stopped I was going to fry. I made it to the top and

jumped out of the hole. The lava stopped inches from overflowing out of the hole.

“Damn that was close. I looked down at my shoes. The bottom of them were

partly burned. I looked around the room. It was pretty well lit. Someone had been

here recently. There were also two doors. One was plane and ordinary, the other

had a funny looking slot. “That must be where I have to put the sun crystal.” I

said. The plain looking door opened and Lumus and Shade walked in.

“Where the hell did you to go?” I asked. We got chased up here by the lava.” said

Lumus. Lumus was out of breath. Shades shoes had been burned black. “Can we just

get that stupid crystal and get out of here.” said Shade. “We have to get to the top

floor, but I don’t see any stairs.” said Lumus.

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4th part


Shade leaned against a wall. “We better think of something.” said Shade. I

was at a lost, how were we going to get to the top floor.” I looked at one of the

torches. The torch was flickering as if wind was blowing. “There’s a draft in

here.” I said. “What are you talking about?” said Lumus. I walked over to the wall

that the torch was hanging from. I went into a dark burst and hit the wall. The

wall crumbled revealing a staircase. “Well what do you know.” said Shade.

we ascended the stairs. A door was at the top of the stairs. I opened the door and

we stepped into a arena like room. A figure was standing in the distance. The

figure was huge. “I’m guessing that’s here to stop us.” Shade said. The figure

stepped forward. Lumus picked up his walkie-talkie. “Asroc there’s this big

bull like thing wielding an axe, what the hell is it.” said Lumus. “That would

a minotaur, there fast for something that big. Their signature attack is when

they throw their axe at you they can use telepathy to control the direction

of axe, so its like having to deal with a homing missile.” said Asroc.

“And what is this attack called?” I asked. “Its called a split heaven attack,

you can acquire this technique.” said Asroc.

The Minotaur let out a huge roar and came charging at us. Lumus and I jumped

over it while Shade rolled under it getting a few shots at its legs.


The Minotaur turned and flung his axe at Lumus. Lumus ducked under it. “Your

aim is way off.” said Lumus. The axe stopped in mid air. Then spun right for

Lumus’s back. I Dark burst and jumped in front of the attack. The axe hit me square

in the chest sending me to the floor. “Umbra, you okay!” shouted Lumus I grabbed

the axe and pulled it out of my chest. The gashing wound started healing. “Damn

that hurt.” I said. I threw the axe to the ground. “Okay, lets see how you like

getting hit like that.” I said. I drew the arcane. “Split Heaven!” I shouted.

I flung my sword at the Minotaur. The Minotaur jumped to the side dodging

the attack. I pointed at the Minotaur and my sword stopped. It then started

spinning right for the creatures head. Upon impact it severed the Minotaur

head from its body.

“Damn that looks like it hurt.” said Shade. “Where almost to the top, lets keep

going.” said Lumus. We exited the room via the door on the other end of the room.

This room was a big rounded room. The sun crystal sat in the center. I walked up

and grabbed the crystal. The crystal started to burn my hands. “Aw this things

hot!” I shouted. I threw the crystal into my backpack. “Well if it isn’t the little

runts.” said a voice. “That sounded like Gunsanryu.” I said.

Gunsanryu stepped out of his hiding spot. Gunsanryu was holding his signature

energy rifle. “So how do you want to do this, die one at a time or all at once?”

said Gunsanryu. Gunsanryu pulled the trigger on his rifle. We dove out of the way


just as the shot hit the ground causing a huge explosion.

Shade returned fire as he ducked behind a rock. Lumus and I took cover as well.

“Now what, sundown’s in five minutes, we have to get out of here before where

locked in here all night with this psycho.” I said. “Yeah but the minute we step

out this spot, we’ll be blown to pieces.” said Lumus. “You guys go, I’ll cover

you.” said Shade. “Wait a second that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do.”

said Lumus. “Just go!” shouted Shade. Shade rose from behind the rock and started

firing like crazy. Lumus and I ran through the door. We entered the arena. About

two dozen zombie soldiers were waiting for us. “We don’t have time for this.” I

said. I went into a dark burst and launched a thunder tempest into the crowd.

The zombies were burned to a crisp. We made it to the bottom floor with only

seconds to spare. The door slammed shut and locked.

“We made it.” said Lumus. “You think Shade beat Gunsanryu?” I asked. “Are you

serious?” said Lumus. There was a rumbling sound coming from over us.

“I think we better move!” I said. The ceiling exploded and Shade came falling

through holding Gunsanryu’s energy rifle. “Hey guys what’s up.” said Shade.

“Shade we thought we lost you for a second, how’d you survive?” I asked.

“Come on, no one is a better shot than me.” said Shade. “So shall we get going

before sunrise?” asked Lumus. “yeah I’d hate to get locked in here.” I said.

Chapter V
Moon Catacombs

“Man its cold down here.” said Shade. It wasn’t well lit either. I could barely see.

Lumus pulled out a flash light. He pointed it down the hallway. There was a door

at the end. “There’s the door.” said Lumus. We went through the door and found

ourselves in a huge room. “Where are we?” Shade asked. “I think this is the hall

of the Ancients.” I said. “The what of the what?” Shade asked. “Don’t you ever

listen, Asroc explained it to us just after we left The first temple.” said Lumus.

“I think I went to sleep before that.” said Shade.

The key was sitting in the middle of the room. “Umbra grab that thing so we can

go home.” said Lumus. I walked up to the alter and grabbed the key. Piece of

cake.” I said. Just as I stepped away from the alter a voice echoed through the

room. “So you children actually think what your doing is going to make a

difference, how amusing.” “I got a bad feeling about this guys.” said Shade.

The voice sounded familiar, but where did I hear it from. That’s when I realized

that the voice we just heard was Nell’s. But before I could say anything the floor

started to collapse. “This wont end well will it?” I said. “I think you might be

right.” said Lumus. The floor broke away sending us into the abyss.

Chapter. VI
Aquatic Moon Catacombs Part II

I awoke in a well lit cavern. I don’t know how long I was out or how far I fell.

All I knew was that I was alone here. My legs hurt, which was a good sign that

I could still walk. “Where the hell am I?” I said.

I stood up. “First things I got to do is find the others.” I thought. There was a pool

of water in the center of the room. A door was on the opposite side of the room

from where I was standing. The water was crystal clear. The pool was really

deep though because I couldn’t see the bottom. I noticed that I didn’t have a

reflection in the water. “What the hell?!” I said. Was I going crazy? I looked

around then back at the water. My reflection was now in the water, but it was

different. My refection was wearing black clothing, and the sword it was

holding wasn’t the Arcane. I took a step back. This wasn’t going to end well.

A hand rose from the water followed by a body. Believe it or not my reflection

had rose from the water. “You’re a hard person to find.” said the reflection.

“Who are you?” I asked. “I’d say that I’m you but I’m much more superior

than you, but if you must know, call me Darkside.” said Darkside. “I’m guessing

Townsend is tired of me meddling with his plans.” I said. “Your could say that

but all I want to do is see how strong you really are.” said Darkside.


“Do you really think you could kill me?” I said. “Shouldn’t be that hard.” said

Darkside. I drew my sword. Darkside drew his. “My body count starts with you!”

shouted Darkside as he lunged at me. I had to jump out of the way to keep from

being cut in two by Darkside’s massive sword. I turned and attempted to slash at

Darkside but he dodged to the left. “Your pretty quick for a human.” said

Darkside. Darkside lunged at me again. I swung the arcane just when Darkside

swung his sword. Both blades connected with a loud metal clang. “Our strength

are evenly matched.” said Darkside. “Yeah, keep telling yourself that.” I said.

I went into a Dark Burst and sent Darkside flying with a rock tower attack.

Darkside slammed into a wall. “Damn that hurt.” said Darkside. He started

laughing afterwards. “What’s so funny?” I asked. “Its my first time feeling

pain, intriguing.” said Darkside. “You’re sick.” I said. “That depends on your

point of view on it.” said Darkside. “Well it was fun while it lasted, see ya.”

Darkside turned and disappeared into the shadows. “Hey wait, come back here!”

I shouted. It was to late, Darkside disappeared. “Damn, this can’t be good.”

I said. I walked over to the door and attempted to open it. The door was sealed

shut. I guess I was knocked out for so long that the sun had already rose.

Damn, I have the worst luck today.” I said. “Perfect” (Note the hint of sarcasm.)

Act 5
Chapter I
A Very Short Intermission From the Adventure

“You ever get that bad feeling that something bad has happened, You start

to get a cold shiver that goes down your back.” said Mew. “You worry to

much.” said Hope. “I just know something bad happened, I just have a bad

feeling.” said Mew. “Trust me I’m sure there doing alright, when they get back,

I’m sure they’ll have a good story to tell.” said Hope. “I guess so.” said Mew.

Mew looked out of the window of the car. “Come on your almost home anyway,

I bet you can’t wait to see your friend’s again.” said Hope. Mew started to smile.

“Do you think its safe to head back to home?” asked Mew. “We have to keep

you on the move, Townsend isn’t giving up looking for you.” said Hope.

“Yeah, but I still have a bad feeling about all this.” said Mew.

Chapter II

“Lumus wake up.” said Shade. “My head, what happened?” Lumus asked. “We

almost didn’t make it.” said Shade. Lumus and Shade were in an abandoned tunnel.

There was water coming through opposite from where they landed. “Lets go.”

said Lumus. “How do you know that’s the right way to go?” Shade asked.

“If the waters coming in here then it must have an entry point.” said Lumus.

Lumus and Shade walked down the tunnel for what seemed like hours. The tunnel

finally ended at a waterfall. There was a slight breeze. “Where back outside.”

said Shade. “I don’t see Umbra.” said Lumus. “Maybe he met up with Asroc.”

Said Shade. “Then lets get back to Asroc.” said Lumus. Shade and Lumus

walked backed to the temple entrance where Asroc and the Pilot were waiting.

“What are you two doing here, where’s Umbra?” Asroc asked. “He isn’t with you,

he must still be inside the temple.” said Lumus. “We got to go back for him.” said

Shade. “I don’t think we’ll be able to.” said Asroc. “Why?” Shade asked. “Were

surrounded.” said Lumus. A horde of zombie soldiers led by Daryu and Gunsanryu

had snuck up and surrounded them.

“Can we get past them?” Lumus asked. “We wouldn’t make it.” said Asroc. “I just

hope Umbra is having better luck than we are.” said Shade.


“You know getting captured was not something I had in mind.” said Lumus.

The zombie soldiers had locked them up in a room somewhere on their base.

“I don’t see how you can be so calm.” said Shade. “Because I know that Umbra

will get us out of here.” said Lumus. “I hope your right, because things can’t

possibly get any worse.” said Asroc.

Chapter III
Master of the Catacombs

“Damn, its taking a long time to recover dark energy.” I said. The cold air in

the catacombs was making it hard to focus. So I was unable to recharge quickly

like I usually do. I’d been sitting in this stupid cave for hours, and I was losing

what little patients I had left. My sword started to glow again which meant that I

was finally back at full power. “Okay, time to go, Thunder tempest!” I shouted

and blew the door to pieces. Beyond the cave was a dark corridor. The only

available light was a single torch. I grabbed it hoping that it would keep me warm

and ventured deeper into the catacombs. The further I went the darker and colder

it got. “If this keeps up I’ll either get lost or freeze to death.” I thought. “If this

torch goes out, I’m done for.” I said. Isn’t it ironic that when you say something

it happens almost instantly, because as soon as I finished that sentence, the damn

torch went out. “Come on give me a break!” I said. I reached out to feel for the

wall. I found it and felt my way deeper into the caverns. I came across what

seemed like a door. I pushed on it and opened the door. I found myself in a

brightly lit room.

The light blinded me. “Aw my eyes.” I said. “To bad for you.” said a voice.

The light dimmed to reveal a zombie soldier holding a rocket launcher. Two other

zombie soldiers were controlling a huge search light. “This can’t be good.” I said.


The soldier with the rocket launcher fired at me. I jumped out of the way just as

the rocket hit the door, blowing it to pieces. I rushed at the zombie but before I

could land a hit the two zombies manning the searchlight blinded me with a flash

of light. The soldier on the ground sucker punched me sending me across the

room. I can’t do any thing as long as that damn light keeps me from attacking.

Another missile came flying at me I jumped straight up. The zombie fired again,

I went into a dark burst and countered with a split heaven attack. The arcane

connected with the missile creating a huge explosion.

I ran up and picked my sword and attempted to slash at the zombie. But the

searchlight came back on blinding me before I could do anything. I jumped

back to avoid getting hit in the face again. “I got to do something about that

light.” I said. Another missile came flying by, barely missing me. “I don’t think

this a permanent solution, I can’t do anything unless I get rid of that light.” I said.

That gave me an idea. I jumped up into the air and landed in front of the

searchlight. The zombie soldier on the ground fired at me just as I thought it

would, these guys may be strong but there non to bright. I jumped out of the way

just as the missile hit the search light blowing it and the two zombies to pieces.


As soon as I landed on the ground, I sent a spilt heaven attack right at the last

zombie soldier splitting it into two pieces. “It would be best for me to find an exit

before something else happens.” I said. There was a door on the opposite side of

the room.

“That had better be the exit.” I said. I walked through the door and found myself

in a small room with a ladder that led up. I couldn’t see the top of the ladder

though. I started to climb hoping that I had found the exit.

Chapter IV
Shadows in the Jungle

I reached the top of the ladder after climbing for a long time. I was welcomed by

sunlight, something that I hadn’t seen in a while. I fell to the ground. I was

exhausted. Today was one hell of a day, and I just realized that I acquired both

keys now all I had to do was find Lumus and Shade. “I hope there not still in the

catacombs.” I said. I stood up and looked around.

There was a low growl coming from the shrubbery. “That can’t be good.” I said.

A black figure stepped out from the shrubbery. It was big dog, and I mean big.

It was black as a shadow and had red glowing eyes. It let out a howl and four

more of the same dogs appeared. These things were much bigger than what I

faced on the train. One of the dogs lunged at me. I slashed at the dog and to my

surprise, my sword went right through it as if I t was nothing but air.

“What the hell?” I said. There was laughter coming from the jungle. Darkside

appeared from the shadows of the jungle. “It seems that my shadow wolves have

found their prey.” said Darkside. “These things belong to you?’ I asked.

“Yes, I created these little guys.” said Darkside. “There not so little.” I said.

“True I did go a bit overboard on there size, but still there cool aren’t they?”

asked Darkside. “I really don’t care.” I said.


“Everyone’s a critic.” said Darkside. Darkside snapped his fingers and the

shadow wolves moved slowly towards me. Since these things were nothing but

living shadows and I couldn’t kill them, I figured that the best solution was to run.

I took off into the forest and the wolves followed. I dodged through the trees

hoping to slow down the wolves but they just passed through the trees.

“How can I stop them, they pass right through solid objects.” I said.

I cleared the jungle and was out in the open fields. The wolves came running out

of the forest. I turned to look behind me. The wolves had stopped their pursuit.

“what the hell?’ I said. The shadow wolves started to melt. The sunlight was

killing them.

The wolves had just about melted away when Darkside appeared. “Looks like

you found their weakness. “What do you want, you want to get thrashed again?”

I said. “Not right now, you don’t have time to fight with me, you need to help

your friends. If you continue north you should find our base.” said Darkside as he

pointed north. “Why are you helping me?” I asked as I walked away. “I have my

reasons, besides I want to see how this all ends.” said Darkside. “See how it ends,

this isn’t a game, people are dying.” I said. “Calm down, I don’t care how it ends,

just as long as I have some fun in the process.” said Darkside.


“You’re insane, life isn’t something to be toyed with!” I said. “While your yelling

at me, your wasting time, you have to save your friends, next time we meet, I’m

going to kill you.” said Darkside. “That’s what you think.” I said. Darkside

laughed and disappeared. I took off for the base. The fields stretched out for

what seemed like forever, and who knows what was waiting for me out there.

Chapter V
Eyesore Fields

“Man its hot!” I said to myself. Id been walking for about six hours. I was starting

to think that Darkside lied to me. I also had a strange feeling that I was being

watched. “Maybe I should have wore shorts.” I said. Things had gotten real

quiet, which wasn’t a good thing because it was only an hour ago that I heard

the sounds of wildlife. Which meant someone or dare I say it something was out

there. I turned to look to my left. Something moved in the long grass. That feeling

of being watched came back. I drew my sword. Whatever was there it was

moving toward me, fast at first then slow. Then it just stopped, it was about three

feet away from me. Then I heard a low growl, or what I think was one. It didn’t

sound like anything I had ever heard before. The growl was a repetition of clicks.

That’s when things got bad. The hidden figure stood up on its hind legs. It was

some kind of creature. It appeared to be some kind of lizard, except this thing

somehow grew out of its skin. Its eyes in its head were gone. It had two massive

claws and a long tail with a sharp stinger at the end. There was something else.

An eye, growing out of its chest. This creature was at least six feet tall. I was

staring at the eye when it started to glow red. “What the hell?” I said. Suddenly

the eye came flying out of the creatures chest and right at me.


I stepped two the side and watched the eye fly pass me. It hit the ground and

exploded in a cloud of green mist. When the mist dissipated there was a huge

crater where the eye landed. “That’s a nasty trick.” I said. I turned back toward

the creature. it was in the process of re-spawning a new eye. When it finished, it

got back on all four and came right at me. I slashed at the creature that I nick-

named Eyesore and split it in two. “That wasn’t to tough.” I said.

That’s when I realized what I did. The Eyesore may have been cut in half. But

that didn’t mean it was dead. The two halves started to regenerate. I stepped

back. “You got to be kidding me.” I said. Now I was against two Eyesores.

Of all the stupid things that I’ve killed, it surprised me that I ran into the

one freak that I couldn’t kill. How do you kill something when killing one

brings back two more. I didn’t wait around to fight. I ran as fast as I could

with the two Eyesores in hot pursuit.

I couldn’t outrun them. They were moving faster than anything that I had ever

seen. The only thing keeping them from ripping to pieces was the fact that every

time one got close I turned and slashed at it. This wasn’t the best solution,

because now I had eight of these things after me. “I can’t out run

these things forever.” I said. I cleared the fields and was back in the jungle.

I could hear a waterfall. I followed the sound all the way to a bridge that hung

over a waterfall.


The bridge wasn’t in the best of shape but I was running out of options. I started

to cross just as the Eyesores made it to the bridge. I had made it halfway across

when I looked back. The Eyesores started two cross to. “Man those things don’t

give up.” I said. I made it to the other end of the bridge and looked back. The

bridge could be the answer to my problem. The Eyesores were half way across

now. I took out my sword and cut the ropes on the bridge. The bridge collapsed

sending the Eyesores plummeting into the roaring current down below.

“I have to get out of here, this place can make a guy go crazy.” I said.

Enemy Base

The base where Lumus and the others were was crawling with guards especially

around one of the buildings. “That must be where the others are.” I said.

The element of surprise was on my side. Night had come and the zombie soldiers

wouldn’t be expecting me. I made my way slowly through the jungle foliage

around the base.

I stopped a few feet from one of the guards. No one noticed me moving through

the bushes. The guard had its back turned to me. I made a low toned whistle to get

the guards attention. Like a dumb-ass, the zombie turned and walked into the

jungle to investigate the noise. That’s when I popped up from my hiding spot

and made a silent takedown by slamming the zombies head into the ground.

“One down, about a hundred more to go.” I said. I walked out of the bushes and

made my way to the main gate. There were two zombie soldiers in front. I

unleashed a split heaven attack at one of the guards. When the arcane struck it

in the face, I pounced on the other guard and snapped its neck. I pulled the arcane

from the guards lifeless body and hopped the fence.

I hid behind a jeep and waited for a couple of guards to pass by. That’s when

I ran up behind them and hacked them apart.


I moved towards one of the buildings and looked inside. Lumus and Shades

weapons were in there. I ran in and grabbed them. I heard voices coming from

outside. I hid behind a stack of crates. Two guards walked in. I took that chance

and ran back outside. I headed for the building that was being protected by all the


Chapter VII
Face Off With Siryu

“I can’t go through the front door.” I said. I ran around to the side of the

building. There was a ladder here that led to the roof. “Just as I thought.”

I said. I climbed and walked to the center of the roof. I took Shades energy

rifle and blew a hole through the roof and fell through. Everyone was

here just as I thought. “Hey guys.” I said. “You’re a sight for sore eyes.”

said Shade. “Please don’t say sore eyes.” I said. “Why, what happened?” Lumus

asked. “It’s a long story.” I said. “Did you get it?’ Asroc asked. “Yep, now

lets bust out of here, find Mew and destroy these damn things. I threw the energy

rifle to Shade and the energy sword to Lumus. “You guys ready?” I asked. Shade

aimed for the front door and fired. The door exploded taking the zombie soldiers

with it. We ran outside. Shade fired into a crowd of zombie soldier, incinerating

them. Lumus and I ran in and started slashing at every soldier that got in range.

Shade blasted another set of guards when Daryu and Gunsanryu came running at

us. “Umbra this time your not getting away!” shouted Daryu. Gunsanryu went

straight for Shade. Daryu lunged at me but before he could do anything, I went

into a Bark Burst and sent him flying with a rock tower attack.


As soon as Daryu hit the ground, Lumus pounced on him and stabbed Daryu in

the chest. Shade blasted Gunsanryu sending him into a wall. Lumus jumped

back just as Daryu got up. “That all you got, if that’s the best you can do

than you guys don’t have a pray…” said Daryu but was interrupted by a ball

of black energy that hit him in the back. Upon impact, Daryu exploded.

“What was that?!” I said. another ball of dark energy hit Gunsanryu just as he was

getting up. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of him. Lumus spun

around just in time to see a figure sneaking up behind me. “Umbra look out!”

shouted Lumus. I turned just in time to dodge the man’s attack. I jumped back

next to Lumus. “Well done, I didn’t think a bunch of kids could get this far.”

said the man. “Who are you.” I asked. “Oh forgive me, I haven’t told you worth-

less creatures my name, Siryu, you can call me Siryu.” said Siryu. “What do you

want?” Lumus asked. “Give me the keys and maybe I’ll let you live.” said Siryu.

“That’s not going to happen.” I said. “Then you refuse?” said Siryu. “What do

you think?” said Lumus. “Then you’ve sealed your fate.” said Siryu. Lumus and I

got ready to attack. “You to couldn’t hit me in a hundred years, by the way look

out behind you.” said Siryu. “What?!” Lumus and I both said. Siryu disappeared

right before our eyes. “Where did he go?” I said. “Ha I told you to look

out behind you.” said Siryu.


Lumus and I spun around just in time for Siryu to send us flying with a powerful

high kick. He then jumped into the air after me .Siryu shouted “Rapid kick!” as

a fury of relentless kicks rained down on me. The last kick sent me to the ground

face first. Siryu landed next to me and grabbed my backpack. “Some hero, your

out cold from one attack.” said Siryu. “He’s got the keys!” shouted Asroc.

Lumus attempted to grab the backpack but was sent into a wall by another

powerful kick. Shade opened fire but Siryu was way to fast to hit. Siryu ran into the

jungle and disappeared. There was loud laughter for a few seconds then silence.

“I can’t believe we let him get away.” said Lumus as he was getting up. “To make

matters worse he has the keys.” said Asroc. I got to my feet. “Its over, we lost,

Townsend has the keys and were stuck here.” said Shade. “Not yet, we still have

a chance, they haven’t got Mew yet.” I said. “Umbra’s right, as long as they don’t

have Mew, they can’t open the final door.” said Asroc. “Okay then now we just

got to get out of here.” I said. “Easier said than done, how are we getting out of

here?” asked Shade. “Easy, we still one of Townsend’s planes.” said Lumus.

“Alright, I just hope were not to late.” I said.

Act 5
Chapter I

“Its good to be back home.” said Lumus. “Yeah it’s a shame the place looks like

hell.” I said. The city was in ruin. “Man I hope everyone is okay.” said Shade.

“Mew and Hope should be in the residential area.” said Asroc. “Looks like were

walking.” said Shade.

You think Townsend’s soldiers are here yet?” I asked Asroc. “Probably not, but

we shouldn’t let our guard down.” said Asroc. The business district smelled like

blood. It was a smell that I had gotten use to. Its not a good smell by the way.

Four hours later we arrived in the old neighborhood. There was a crowd of

zombies waiting for us. “Looks like we got a welcoming party.” said

Shade. We got ready to take the zombies down, but before we could do anything

there was a huge explosion right in front of us. When the smoke cleared the

zombies were gone, blown away by the explosion. “What the hell

just happened?!” asked Lumus. “Was that suppose to happen, I didn’t know

zombies could explode.” said Shade. “They don’t, something else did this.

“Maybe it would be best if we get moving before that happens to us.”

said Asroc. “Where to, they can be anywhere.” said Shade. “I bet there at the

old school.” I said.


We moved on toward the school. There were military vehicles everywhere. Most

had been destroyed. Many of the houses in the neighborhood were destroyed to.

The school was in site. There were lots of military vehicles parked around the

school. “Hey look at those guns mounted around the school.” said Shade. Shade

had just spotted what looked like anti-aircraft machine guns. “What do you

suppose those are for?” Lumus asked. “I don’t know.” I said. I noticed one of the

guns was turning slowly towards us. “Oh shit, every down!” I shouted. Everyone

hit the ground just as bullets came flying at us. A few seconds later it fell silent.

“What in the hell is going on here?!” shouted Asroc. “They most think that were

zombie soldiers or something.” I said. Shade stood up. “We don’t appreciate you

guys shooting at us!” He shouted. There was another blast of gunfire and Shade

ducked for cover. “Shade what the hell is wrong with you, are you trying to piss

them off?!” shouted Lumus. The gunfire stopped again. And in a few short

seconds we were surrounded by military soldiers. “See you went and pissed

them off.” said Lumus. “Well look what we have here, Asroc I can’t believe

your still alive.” said a voice. “Commander Sirus?!” said Asroc. One the men

stepped forward. He was in a commanders outfit. “Commander Sirus, its good

to see a friend again.” said Asroc.


“Your daughter told me everything, I didn’t believe it at first but seeing you alive

here.” said Sirus. “I guess its safe to say that you to know each other.” I said.

“So this is the boy.” said Sirus. “Yeah he’s the one.” said Asroc. “Ha, your

girlfriends been worried sick about you.” said Sirus. “Where is she?” I asked.

“Follow me, it be good for you to see your friends and family.” said Sirus.

We followed the soldiers to the school. Inside there were people everywhere.

“Well look who finally decided to show up, its been a while.” said Seraph.

“Seraph, you haven’t changed a bit, your still as big as ever.” said Shade.

“Shut-up Shade.” said Seraph. Seraph’s little sister came running over to us .

“Hey guys, did you bring me anything?” she asked. “Fay don’t be rude,

“said Seraph’s mom,” you guys look well.” “Hello Mrs. Wallis.” I said.

Lumus and Shade’s parents had walked over to us. “Lumus, your okay.” said Lumus

mom. “We need to talk.” said Lumus dad.” “Yeah, I guess we do,” said Lumus,

“I’ll see you guys later.” said Lumus as he walked off with his parents. I guess we

should go to.” said Shades mom. “Shade you coming?” asked Shades dad. “Right,

Umbra you should go find Mew.” said Shade. Shade left with his parents. I turned to



“Seraph, where’s my mom?” I asked. “Dead.” said Seraph. “No, not her.” I said.

“It happened a few days ago, there was an explosion, many were killed.” said

Seraph. “Damn it!” I shouted as I hit the wall putting a hole in it. “Wow, he

broke the wall.” said Fay. “Where is Mew?” I asked. “She’s probably on the

roof.” said Seraph.

Chapter II

“Lumus why do you have to go, cant you just stay here?” asked Lumus little

sister Monica. “I have to, Umbra needs someone to watch his back.” said Lumus.

“It doesn’t make since, what difference can you make?” asked Lumus dad.

Lumus mom was in tears. “You can’t stop me.” Lumus said. “I think I might be

able to.” Said Lumus dad. “Why do you care, I mean you never cared about me

before so why start now?” Lumus asked. “Your crazy.” Said Monica. “Look

I’m going to make this as simple as possible, I’m going and you can’t stop me.”

Said Lumus.

“You know what, I wash my hands of the whole thing, go ahead and get your-

self killed.” Said Lumus dad. “Stop it you two!” shouted Lumus mom. “We can’t

do anything to stop him, its in fates hands now,” Said Lumus mom, “He may still

be just a child but he has matured on his own, and Umbra’s going to need his

help.” Just as Lumus mom finished there was a huge explosion that rocked the

building. “What was that?” Lumus asked. “It sounded like it came from the roof.”

Said Monica. “Oh no, I got to go.” Lumus said. “You be careful, come back

safely.” Said Lumus mom. “Kick there ass for me.” Said Monica. “Right.” Said

Lumus. Lumus took off for the roof. “I just hope I don’t get killed today.

Chapter III
Dieing is Way to Easy

“Shade come on, you can’t be serious.” Said Shades dad. “I am serious, they wont

get far without me.” Said Shade. “You’re a crazy little dumb-ass you know that?” said

Shades brother Charles. “What difference can the three of you make?” asked

Shades mom. “You should see us in action, we survived this long, besides dieing

is way to easy, staying alive is the real challenge.” said Shade. “Your sure you

want to go through with this?” Shades dad asked. “Yeah, I can’t turn back.” Shade


“Your gonna get yourself killed , mom, dad, you can’t let him do this.” said

Charles. “Its no longer our choice to make.” said Shades mom. “Thanks for

understanding.” said Shade. “You just promise that you wont do something

stupid and get yourself killed.” said Shades dad. “Don’t worry, what’s the

worst that can happen?” Shade said. Suddenly there was a loud explosion.

Lumus was running towards the stairs followed by Seraph. “I have to go.” said

Shade. Shade followed behind the others. “Lumus wait up!” shouted Shade.

Lumus and Seraph stopped running. “Shade come on, I got a bad feeling about this

one.” said Lumus.

Chapter IV

I was making my way to the roof. I hadn’t seen Mew in months, I wonder if

I would be able to recognize her, better yet would she recognize me. “Mew

you up here?” I shouted. There was no reply. “I guess she’s not up here.”

I thought. The truth is Hope told Mew that I was on my way up here, or that

Mew was sneaking up behind me. This was perfect timing for her to jump on


“Guess who?” said Mew as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “What the,

hey let me go.” I said laughing. “Not till you guess who.” said Mew. “Okay, um

Shauna, no Monica, wait I got it, Hope right?” I said. Mew slapped me across the

head. “Hope, do I sound like Hope to you?” asked Mew. “Calm down, I was just

playing around,” I said, “Look at you, your still as beautiful as ever.” “I can’t

believe your back.” said Mew as she hugged me. “Its good to be back, you wont

believe what I’ve been through.” I said. “So are you going to tell me about your

adventures?” Mew asked. “I can’t yet, this adventure isn’t over yet.” I said.

“What do you mean?” Mew asked. “We lost the keys to a fiend named Siryu,

and I have a feeling that he’s on his way here.” I said.

“He can try but since you’re here I’ll be safe right?” said Mew.


“Your optimistic today.” I said as I put my arms around Mew. “Gotta have

have something to hold on to, things aren’t actually cheery around here,”

said Mew, “Its strange that I’m the last thing keeping the world from being

destroyed.” “Not if I can help.” I said. “Huh?” Mew said. “I’m not going to lose

you, not again, I love you to much to lose you again.” I said. “Umbra, just

remember, your not in this alone, you have your friends to back you up.”

said Mew. “Yeah, I know, but I promise I wont let any thing bad happen to

you.” I said.

“Umbra, you try so hard to protect me, I’m worried that your going to get yourself

killed trying to do so.” said Mew. “I’m not going to die, love conquers all.” I

said. Mew started to blush like she always does. “How touching, it’s a shame

Umbra has to die.” said Siryu as he appeared from behind a wall. “Mew get

back!” I shouted. “Umbra, you can’t beat me, you can’t even touch me.” said

Siryu. “You caught me off guard last time, it wont be the same this time though.”

I said. “Well if you want to hurry up and die, then die!” shouted Siryu as he

launched a ball of black energy at Mew and I. I went into a dark burst and grabbed

Mew. Before the ball hit the roof I jumped into the air holding Mew. The dark

energy hit the roof causing a huge explosion.


“I hope Lumus and Shade heard that because I can sure use there help right now.”

I said. “Umbra, what are you going to do?!” Mew asked as we landed. “First

things first, I got to get you out of here, then I’m going to kick this guys ass.”

I said. Just then Hope ran up onto the roof. “Mew come on, let the guys handle

this.” she said. Lumus, Shade and Seraph ran up onto the roof. Mew followed Hope

off the roof. “Now where did we leave off, oh yeah, you decided to get a cheap

shot in on me and kicked me through a wall!” shouted Lumus. “So this is the guy?”

Seraph asked. “Yeah he took the keys and now he’s trying to get Mew.” said

Shade. “He looks like a pushover.” said Seraph. “Looks can be deceiving.” said

Siryu as he prepared to fire again. “Not this time” I said as I rushed at Siryu.

Siryu jumped into the air. “Nightmare flip kick!” he shouted as his foot hit

the roof sending rubble and everyone else flying. The only thing left was a crater

in the roof. “Whoa, that’s some power.” I said. “That’s nothing, you fools have

dug your own grave.” said Siryu. Siryu stomped his foot on the ground and

there was a loud crack that came from the roof. “Oh shit, no one move.” said

Lumus. “Don’t worry, to scared can’t move.” said Seraph. Siryu took a step

forward. “Siryu don’t move!” I shouted. There was another crack. Siryu took

another step and there was another crack. “This wont end well.” I said. and just

as I said that, the roof collapsed and we plummeted into the second floor

art room.

Chapter V
Zero Hour

“Any body hurt?” Lumus asked. “Just my pride.” I said as I got up. “Well that was

interesting.” said Siryu. “This guy doesn’t give up to easily.” said Shade.

“You should be the one to give up.” said Siryu. “Not a chance!” shouted Seraph

as he charged at Siryu. Siryu moved out the way just as Seraph’s axe came

swinging down, leaving Seraph open for a very nasty kick that sent him through

the wall. “Seraph, you alright?!” I shouted. Seraph moaned. “He’s out cold.” said

Siryu. “Okay lets not try that.” said Shade. “Any thoughts on this?” I asked.

Lumus rushed at Siryu without a word. Before Lumus could strike, Siryu

unleashed a Rapid kick attack sending Lumus to the floor. “This isn’t working,

Shade find Mew and get her out of here.” I said. “You can’t take`12321 him on alone.”

said Shade. “I know, but at least Mew will be safe, I’ve already come to the

conclusion that I may not be able to stop him.” I said. “Your bold, stupid but

bold.” said Siryu.

“Hey Siryu why don’t you shut-up, no one asked for your opinion.” said Lumus

as he got up from off the floor. “Yeah what he said.” said Seraph. “You haven’t

had enough yet?” asked Siryu. “You kidding I’m just getting my second wind.”

said Lumus.


“You fools, your all going to die here.” said Siryu. “You talk to much lets just end

this.” I said. “I was thinking the same thing.” said Siryu. Lumus rushed at

Siryu again but Siryu kicked Lumus in the face sending him through the art room

door knocking Lumus out. Seraph charged at Siryu and swung his axe. I came in

from behind just as Siryu sent Seraph to the floor. Siryu spun around just in time

for me to thrust my sword through his chest. “Your done for.” I said. “Not yet if I

die you die as well.” said Siryu as he grabbed me by the neck. I pulled my sword

from Siryu chest and attempted to strike him in the head, but before I had the

chance Siryu ran toward the window. “Time to die!” shouted Siryu as we both

crashed through the window.

Chapter VI
Darkside Returns

Shade had just made it outside with Mew. Everyone was in a panic. The school

was being evacuated. “This place is going crazy.” said Shade. “I just hope Umbra

didn’t get killed.” said Mew. “This way!” shouted Shade as he grabbed Mew’s

hand. Mew and Shade ran around the building and into the parking lot. They had

passed by one of the cars when something landed on it, another object hit the

ground. “What the hell was that?” Shade shouted. Shade and Mew ran over to the

car. “Oh my god!” shouted Mew. I had been thrown from the second floor

window and landed on a car, Siryu hit the ground killing him instantly. I let

out a moan. “He’s still alive.” said Shade as he got me from off the car. “He has

more right to be dead right now,” said Shade, “Were going to have to carry him.”

Shade put my arm over his shoulder. Shade and Mew ran down the street carrying

me with them. We didn’t get far though. A huge explosion erupted in front of us.

“Our exit been cut off.” said Mew. “We got to go back!” Shade shouted. “I don’t

think so.” said an unknown voice. Mew and Shade turned around to see Darkside.

“He looks like Umbra.” said Mew. “Your that no good fake that Umbra was talking

about.” said Shade. “What happened to Umbra?” asked Darkside. “Why do you

care?” Shade asked. “I came here hoping to fight the great hero, but he’s out

cold,” said Darkside, “Oh well I guess I’ll just have to take the girl with me.”


“Your not taking Mew anywhere.” said Shade. “You fool, do you realize how

much trouble your in?” said Darkside. Darkside lunged at Shade. Before Shade

could make a move Darkside struck him in the stomach with a very strong punch.

Shade flew to the ground. “Stop what are you doing?!” Mew shouted. “I think its

time for you to sleep,” said Darkside as his eyes turned red, Mew fell to the ground

and passed out. “There now, just go to sleep like a good little girl. Mike

opened fire but his shots didn’t even faze Darkside. Darkside picked up Mew.

“When Umbra wakes up, tell him if he wants the girl back, then he’s going to

have to come get her.” said Darkside. A black vortex appeared in front of

Darkside. “Looks like its time for us to take this game to its final level.” said

Darkside as he stepped through the vortex carrying Mew. “Umbra’s not going to

be happy with this.” said Shade.

Chapter VII
Dark Temple of the Ancients

“Umbra wake up.” said Lumus. “Damn my head hurts, you don’t have to yell.”

I said as I sat up. “You okay?” Hope asked. “Where’s Mew?” I asked. “That

misfit copy of yours has her.” said Shade. “No, I should have been there.” I said.

“There was nothing you could do, you did get tossed out of a window and landed

on a car, or don’t you remember?” Hope asked. “What about Siryu?” I asked.

“He didn’t survive.” said Lumus. I got up and walked over to the vortex that

Darkside created. “We got to go.” I said. “What, now, you can’t be serious.”

said Seraph. “We can’t delay, there’ no time.” said Lumus. “You can stay if you

want to, but we got a world to save.” said Shade. “Hey I’m coming.” said Seraph.

“Umbra, I cant stress this matter enough, but this will be the most dangerous

temple yet, the Dark Temple of the Ancients is a breeding ground for the fiends.”

said Asroc. “Yeah I figured as much, but we don’t have a choice.” I said.

Lumus, Shade, and Seraph ran through the vortex. “Its about time I end this, I just

hope I don’t die before then.” I said. I stepped through the vortex and instantly

appeared in front of the temple. “About time, I thought you chickened out for a

second there.” said Shade.


“Save the jokes for after we save the world?” said Lumus. “I’m just lighting the

mood, I know the fate of the world rest on our shoulders, but try to relax.” said

Shade. “Shades an idiot.” said Seraph. “Shut-up.” said Shade. I walked over to the

temple doors. “How do we get the doors open?” I asked. I put my hand on the

door, they started to open slowly. “I just want to go on record, this is a bad idea.”

said Seraph. “Seraph if your scared, you can go back.” said Shade. “I’m not

scared just a little nervous.” said Seraph. Come on, lets get this over with.” I said.

We walked inside. The main hall was very well lit. “Its quiet, too quiet.” said

Shade. “Damn it Shade, you don’t say stuff like that, now something bad going to

happen.” said Seraph. Just as Seraph finished, a loud roar echoed through the

temple. “You two are bad luck!” said Lumus. Six figures erupted from the ground.

“What the Hell are those things?!” shouted Lumus.

They appeared to be shred lizards but they were clothed in full battle armor.

“You don’t think they came here to talk do you?” Seraph asked. “Don’t ask stupid

questions.” I said. The lizard in front pointed its sword at us and the other five

lunged at us.


I swung at one of the creatures that I nicknamed lizard soldiers, slicing it in two.

Shade blasted a lizard soldier out of the air just before it could land on him. Lumus

followed by striking the creature in the chest. Seraph was tossing the lizards like

rag-dolls. Before we were able to finish off the rest, the lizard soldiers dove back

under ground. “There running away?” said Lumus. “I don’t think they were trying

to kill us, that was just a distraction.” I said. “Townsend’s trying to buy some

time.” said Shade. “We need to keep moving, lets go.” I said. We ran deeper

into the temple.

Chapter VIII
Blood-Red Dolls

I had a bad feeling about this place the minute we arrived here. The walls were

covered in blood, and to make things worse, the smell was terrible, blood has a

awful smell. “This hallway doesn’t seem to end.” said Seraph. “Don’t nag, it

makes you sound like a punk.” said Shade. Seraph ignored Shade. “Lumus how long

we been running down this hallway?” Seraph asked. “Five minutes, calm down,

where moving as fast as we can.” said Lumus. Shade suddenly stopped. “What are

you stopping for?” I asked. “My foot is caught on something.” Shade said. Shade

yanked his foot to the left, dragging a life-sized blood covered doll out of the

shadows. “What the hell is this?!” shouted Shade. “Its just an oversized doll.” I

said. Seraph started laughing. “Scared yet?” said Seraph. Shade kicked the

doll across the floor. “Stupid toy, what is that thing doing here anyway?” Shade

asked. I walked over to the doll. “Why is it covered in blood?” I asked. The doll

started to hiss and I jumped back. Then to make matters worse the doll stood up.

More bloody dolls dropped from the ceiling. They pulled knives out of their

tattered bodies. Then the dolls let out a sadistic war cry. “Man, is there anything

here that doesn’t try to kill you?!” Shouted Lumus. One of the dolls dashed at us

with incredible speed, but Shade blew it away with his rifle. “There not so tough.”

he said.


“Wait a second, look at it.” I said. The doll that Shade shot apart was reassembling

itself. “I guess there tougher than you thought.” said Lumus. “How do we stop

them, they’ll just come back together when we destroy them.” said Seraph.

The dolls came stampeding at us. Seraph started tossing dolls into the wall, but

they were coming back faster than he could kill them. Lumus tried cutting the dolls

into small pieces but every time his energy sword cut through one, it immediately

came back together. Shade was shooting away, but the dolls kept coming back as

soon as they hit the ground. “This isn’t working Lumus!” I shouted as I kicked

another doll to the ground. I turned to slice another doll in halve and caught a

glimpse of two red glowing objects in the shadow of the hallway. The first doll

that Shade found eyes were glowing, and it wasn’t trying to attack either. “Shade

shoot the one with the glowing eyes!” I shouted. Shade opened fire but one of the

other dolls jumped in the way of the blast. “Damn, no good I can’t get a clear

shot.” said Shade.

I went into a dark burst and unleashed a rock tower attack mowing the dolls out

of the way. “Is it clear mow?!” I shouted. Shade fired again, this time hitting the

target, the doll with the glowing red eyes exploded. The other dolls stopped

attacking and fell to pieces. None tried to regenerate. “What else is waiting for us

in here.” said Seraph. “I don’t know, and I don’t care.” I said.

Chapter XI
Tragic Encounter

The hallway finally ended in a huge room. There was only one door in this

room. “No sign of those doll.” said Lumus. “Yeah, lets keep it that way.” said

Shade. “At this rate we wont make it in time.” I said. “Oh don’t worry you

wont be getting there anyway, so why worry.” said Darkside. “Where is

he?” Shade shouted. “Right here!” shouted Darkside as he appeared behind

Seraph. I turned around and shouted “Seraph look out!” but it was to little

to late. Darkside plunged his sword through Seraph’s back. “And another one

bites the dust,” said Darkside, Death I got another one!” A dark figure appeared

from a cloud of black mist. “ha, he’s pretty big.” said the figure. The figure

pointed at Seraph’s lifeless body and a blinding light came from Seraph.

“What the hell are you doing to him!” I shouted as I ran at the dark figure.

The figure turned and hit me with the end a death reaper, sending me to the floor.

“Do not interrupt unless you want to be the next victim of the Grim Reaper.”

said Darkside. “Grim Reaper, you mean Death himself?!” shouted Lumus.

“The one and the same, now if you excuse me I have another unfortunate soul

to collect.” said Death. The mist surrounding the figure disappeared revealing a

hooded figure standing with a long sickle. The body of the figure was a skeleton

surrounded by the black mist.


“This boys soul is mine.” said Death as he absorbed the light that came from

Seraph’s body. “That’s Seraph’s soul isn’t it?” Shade asked. “Yes and you’ll

be joining him soon.” said Darkside. “Not now, there time will come.” said

Death. Death disappeared in a cloud of black mist. “Until next time we meet

Umbra.” said Darkside as he disappeared into a black vortex. I had finally

got up from off the floor. “He was to powerful, I couldn’t do anything.” I said.

Lumus helped me up. “Les find Mew, then we worry about Death and Darkside.”

said Lumus. “Your right, but still, I can’t believe there was nothing we could do.”

I said. The door opened. “Lets go, we got a world to save.” said Shade.

“I’ll settle the score, I said as I looked at Seraph’s lifeless body,“ That’s a


Chapter X
Nell awakens

“We finally made it.” I said. The air in the room was cold. The door that led to

Nell had been already opened. In front of the door laid the unconscious Mew.

“Mew!” I shouted as I ran over to her. “Is she dead?” Lumus asked. “No she’s

still breathing, come on wake up.” I said. “Umbra is that you.” said Mew as she

opened her eyes. “Yeah I’m here everything is okay now, Lumus get Mew out

of here.” I said. “What wait a second, you can’t take Townsend on alone!”

Lumus shouted. “Lumus is right, and you might have to fight Nell.” said Shade.

“You don’t understand, I have to do this, I don’t want to see anyone else get

hurt.” I said. “I understand, but this is suicide.” said Lumus. I looked at Mew.

She just stared back, as if words weren’t necessary. She knew what I had to do.

“Lumus I’m asking you as my best friend, please, just go.” I said. “Alright, Shade,

Mew lets get out of here.” said Lumus. “Everyone turned and walked towards the


door. But before everyone departed Mew ran back in the room and wrapped her

arms around me, and kissed me. “What was that for?” I asked. “It doesn’t hurt to

have good luck.” she said. “You really think lucks going to play a big part in

this?” I asked. “Yeah, now you go and kick his ass.” said Mew as she ran out

of the room. I turned toward the doors where my destiny awaited. “Here I come

Townsend.” I said as I ran into the abyss. The air grew colder, I could feel the

the approaching evil growing stronger. I finally made it to Nell’s resting place.

“Townsend!” I shouted. “So you finally made it, good, I was starting to think

you had died.” said Townsend. He was already in demon form and I had already

went into a dark burst. “Save the chit-chat, we finish this.” I said. “You talk big,

lets see if you can back it up,” said Townsend, “in five minutes Nell will awaken.”

I looked at the alter where Nell slept. “Her power shall be mine and I shall enslave

this miserable world as the new demon king,.” said Townsend. “Your wrong

Nell will destroy everyone and everything unless I stop you and her.” I said.

“You wont get the chance,” said Townsend, “the dark power in this room gives

all with the ability to harness it infinite power, so no one will be running out of

energy ever, so you don’t have to worry about getting massacred if your power

runs out, but that also means that I wont be running out anytime soon.”

Townsend grabbed the hilt of a sword that was embedded into the ground. “This

is the sword of Hell-fire.” said Townsend. He pulled the sword out of the ground.

Its name suited its appearance; it was in-gulfed in flames. “This sword will

destroy your very soul.” said Townsend as he took to the air. Townsend dove


at me, sword ready to strike. I swung my sword to counter. Our blades met.

The impact caused a huge shockwave that rendered the very ground we stood on.

“Where evenly matched Umbra, I don’t understand why you choose to fight

against the darkness.” said Townsend. “I fight because people like you don’t

cherish your own humanity, because people like you want to bring everything into

chaos.” I said. “You fight me because I gave up my humanity?” Townsend

asked as he jumped back. “Yeah, you can’t be aloud to continue your work.”

I said. “Your fighting for all the wrong reasons.” said Townsend. “What do you

mean?” I asked. “You are a Harmony Devil, you use the same dark power that

all demons use. That power is evil, it doesn’t matter how you use it, for good

or evil, you gave up your humanity a long time ago Umbra.” said Townsend.

“I don’t care, as long as people like you exist I will continue to fight, I wont

let you destroy the world.” I said. Townsend took flight again. “Then come

show me what true power is like!” shouted Townsend. He dove at me again.

“You fool, don’t you see that there’s no way you can win.” I said. I stepped out

of the way of the attack and sliced Townsend’s right arm clean off. Townsend

turned and unleashed his deadly tempest attack. Balls of fire started forming in the

air. I waited for the exact moment for the attack. The fireballs flew right at me, at

the last moment I jumped into the air. The balls of fire hit the ground causing a

huge explosion.


“I may not be able to fly but I can still take you down, Thunder tempest!” I

shouted. I launched a barrage of lightning at Townsend. He couldn’t move

out of the way in time and was struck causing him to fall to the ground.

“Your pretty strong for someone who hasn’t mastered his true potential, it

doesn’t matter, your to late anyway.” said Townsend as he pointed to the alter.

Nell’s eyes had opened. “Nell just woke up from her nap.” said Townsend.

“This difficult task just became even more difficult.” I said. Nell stood up.

“I’m awake, its been so long, I feel like killing something.” said Nell.

“Nell so nice for you to join us.” said Townsend. “Who are you?” Nell asked.

“I am your new master.” said Townsend.

Chapter XI
Harmony Devils

“I believe your mistaken, you should be calling me master.” said Nell. “What,

how dare you, I awoke you, there for I control you!” shouted Townsend.

“I’d keep quiet if I were you, Umbra so nice to see you again.” said Nell.

“We never met.” I said. “Yes we have, remember your dream.” said Nell.

“So that was real, it doesn’t matter, your not leaving this place.” I said.

“Silly boy, don’t make a promise you can’t keep, you will die just like

so many others who have tested my power.” said Nell. “Now hold on Nell,

you belong to me now.” said Townsend. “Silence you fool.” said Nell.

Nell held out her hand. “Be gone.” said Nell. A white ring of light surrounded

Townsend. “What are you doing?!” Townsend shouted. Nell snapped her fingers,

Townsend disappeared in a flash of light. “What did you do?” I asked. “I merely

sent him to a place where he can be alone with his thoughts, he may be of use

later,” said Nell, “so ready to die?” “I’m not going to lose.” I said. Nell picked up

the Hell-fire and spread her wings. “I can’t see how you could be the most

powerful being in existence, you look like a kid.” I said “Looks can be deceiving

you yourself are only a child, but your power already rivals mine.” said Nell.

Nell took flight.


“I wont make the same mistake that I made with the first one, I’ll kill you quick.”

said Nell. Nell fired bolts of electricity that homed in on me. I jumped into the

air, dodging the attack. I retaliated with a thunder tempest attack. The attack hit

its mark, but Nell was barely fazed. “If that’s all you got than your in real trouble

Umbra.” Said Nell. “Trust me, I’m just getting started.” I said. “Yes hold on to

that belief, we Harmony Devils don’t give up to easily do we.” said Nell.

Nell lunged at me. “Unfortunately for you, I have a world to destroy, so I’m going

to end this quick!” shouted Nell. “So be it, if this is the end, then let it be now!” I

shouted. I got ready to strike. One way or another, this was going to end. Both

Nell and I swung at each other striking each other. Nell landed on the ground.

“Did I get her?” I asked. Nell had placed a deep wound across my chest.

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t realize how close she came to slicing me

in half. “Damn you Umbra!” shouted Nell. Nell was attempting to pull my sword

from her chest. I walked over to her and grabbed the hilt of the sword. “I guess

luck wasn’t on your side.” I said as I pulled the sword from Nell’s chest. “Your

strong, just like the first one, I didn’t expect you to be this strong.” said Nell.

“You can’t talk your way out of this, you lose Nell.” I said. “No, I don’t

think so, you should always have a back-up plan.” said Nell. As soon as she

finished her sentence, Darkside struck me in the back.


I flew across the room and fell to the ground. “Master Nell, I hope were not to

late.” said Darkside. “We, we who?” I asked. I was trying to get up when the

Grim reaper appeared in front of me and slashed me across the chest, sending me

to the floor again. “If I were you, I wouldn’t get up.” said Death.

Chapter XII
A Prelude to a New Dark Age

“Well then, shall we get going?” Darkside asked. “Hey wait, your not going

anywhere.” I said. Death wrapped his boney hand around my neck and tossed me

against the wall. “Shut-up Umbra, unless you want to die early.” said Death.

“Give it up Umbra, you thought this was the end, no, this nightmare is just

beginning, you just stay alive till the next time we meet.” said Nell.

Darkside opened another vortex. Darkside and Death stepped through. Just before

Nell stepped through she turned to me. “It’s a real shame though that where

enemies, your kind of cute.” said Nell. She stepped through the vortex. The vortex

closed afterwards. “Damn it,” I said, “She’s right, this is only just the beginning.”

I turned to leave, but as I was walking away, I thought, “This is far from over, I’m

not going to let history repeat itself. I stepped out of the temple and into the sun-

light. “Umbra!” Mew shouted. I looked up to see everyone running towards me.

“How did it go?” Lumus asked. “It didn’t, Townsend’s gone, and Darkside and

Death got the jump on me before I could finish Nell off, she got away.” I said.

“So then what do we do now?” Mew asked. “We wait and see what she’s

planning.” I said. “Yeah lets just go home.” said Shade. “Yeah, Umbra you need

time to heal, physically and mentally.” said Mew. We stepped through the vortex

that was left by Darkside. “At least I can rest for a while.” I said.



“Master shall we begin the next step in your plan?” Darkside asked. “Yes we

can’t delay any longer.” said Nell. Master what about the boy?” Death asked.

“I’m not worried about him, not right now anyway.” said Nell. “Your smitten

with him aren’t you?” Death asked. “So what if I am, I haven’t faced someone

like him in a long time, he’s different from the first one,” said Nell, “Well any-

way, lets get started.” Darkside and Death disappeared. “Just wait Umbra when

this world ends, it will be just you and me,” said Nell. She started Laughing

loudly. “Fate has bonded us together, we are after all, the Harmony Devils, the last

of our kind, and you don’t even know what it means.”

“I thought I could end it there. Boy was I wrong. Now that you know how it

Started, you should know what happened next. Unfortunately, I’m to tired

To continue right now. Take it Mew.” I said.

“Umbra is right there is a time and place for us to tell you what happened next.

But right now I have to tend to Umbra’s wounds among other things. We have

Some catching up to do. Lumus, its all yours.” Said Mew.

“What, why me? I’m just as tired, they’ll get to hear what happened next sooner

Or later. Right now, I’ve got some serious apologizing to do. I just hope my

Dads willing to hear it. So Shade, you do it.” Said Lumus.

“Hey I’m not going to give you the run around, I’m just to lazy to do it. So Hope

Your up.” Said Shade.

“No, I don’t want to, your so lazy, and lets not mention stupid. Mew you do it.”

Said Hope

“I cant I’ve got to much to do, so I’ll leave you all with this than me and Umbra

are turning in for the night, One journey ends only to start one anew, the heroes

must rest easy, but soon a new adventure shall call them back to battle, as the

Harmony Devils set forth in motion the wheels of destiny.” Said Mew

“Wow that’s deep, way to set the mood.” I said.
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fuck you DxD....
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Maribo wrote:
fuck you DxD....
i agree with this statement
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