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 Journey of a King......

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Journey of a King...... Empty
PostSubject: Journey of a King......   Journey of a King...... EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 11:23 pm

Chapter 1: Awakening

"Ugh" I say as I slowly open my eyes. "Where the hell am I?" As I begin to stand on my feet I feel a sharp pain run through my body. " Fuck!" I scream in my head as my body just plops to the ground. I never felt this much pain in my life. Every inch of my body pulsating when I try to move. I take a quick survey of my body. It was covered In bandages that look like some amateur did. "Well at least they tried" I say sarcastically. Some of the bandages were a dark blood red color. While other were a dingy white. "Well I'm alive. I guess I can thank them for that." I try to move again but the pain was just to great. "I guess there's no point in trying to move just yet then." I lay my head down in the soft grass and gather the thoughts i had.

"Lets see," thinking to myself "The last I remember is walking down the forest path looking for terranite when this enormous tau attack me. Normally taus are child's play for me but this was different. Half its body was metal. Not like any metal though. This metal was almost impenetrable. Like it was made of something not of this world. Its eyes were a pale green color like it lost its soul. It had no life whatsoever when it was attacking. His power was overwhelming. More power than Borodin could ever muster. It was clear that this tau was experimented on, but by who was the big question. No goblin could do this as they were dumbest piece of shits ever, except for Grubeck. My attack seemed to make it stronger. Charge Crash, Draw Sword, and Raging Dragon Slash seems useless, and he just dodges my Illusion Sword Dance." I pause for a second to see what else I can remember, but nothing come to mind. Everything is black and distorted. Just a few bit a pieces of the battle. Body still shaking for the immense pain I'm in. "I think I ventured to far into the forest. Delilah is going to kill me for this." mumbling to myself as I crawled to a nearby tree and leaned on it.

I look of to the distance wondering how am I even alive. The soothing nature of the forest calmed me. I could hear woodland creatures rustling in the thrush, I knew then that this wasn't the same place I had lost to that freakish Tau in. "I was dragged here?" I ask myself. " And if so when leave me here? Elvengaurd is like ten minutes away." As questions rushed into my head I suddenly hear a faint scream off to the distance. I looked in the direction of what I thought was the scream. It seems to be coming from behind the clearing. "Dammit I need to get up." Using all the strength I had i somehow get on my feet. "Ugh, where is my weapon?" I couldn't find my weapon. Looking around I spotted it easily, two feet from me. My sword, along with the rest of my outfit was custom-made with the hilt design as a dragon wrapping its serpent-like body around the bright light-blue blade.. The light was fading in and out indicating its in need of repair. "That tau most of been a hell of an opponent if it did this to my weapon." I pick up my weapon and saw it was in even worse condition than I thought. "Shit I can't kill anything with this, but it gonna have to do for now." I started toward the screaming thinking why the hell am I even doing this.

After about 15 minute I reach a clearing. Beyond it was the source of the screaming, a dark, terrifying cave. I felt an odd sensation from the cave. It was an eerie kind of feeling. I take a step forward to get a closer look. I reached the entrance of the cave and the sensation went from odd to frightening. I could feel immense power radiating from the cave.

"So this cave does exist."

I've only heard rumor of this cave. Tales of adventures going in to look for a legendary sword only to never come back. Or be turned into slaves by the sword. I had always dismissed this rumors along with the rest of them because its usually just a bullshit lie to get a conversation going. People in Arad needed something to talk about and these rumors were a perfect for that. But this was obviously real. "I should probably get back to Elvengaurd. I'm barely alive from the tau fight. I'd probably die going in there." I muttered to myself.

After about 3 hours of limping and stopping to rest every now and again. I make to Elvengaurd. It was a small town. People only pass through here to get to Hendon Myre, which is the capitol of Arad. So its a nice spot to recover from injuries and get info on things. I make my way to Seria, A very cute elf who has exceptional healing powers. I walk in an immediately get scolded by her.

"Where have you been? It been like 3 day since you left and you said you'll be right back. And what happened to you clothes?" She goes on and on before she realized i was getting annoyed. "Never mind just come hear so i can heal you." I plop on the couch and she begins the process of healing me. " So you going to tell me what happened?" she ask again with a sweet voice. "Well," I start to say, but before I can finish a small boy burst through the door. He stop in front of me then tries to catch his breathe while talking. " Hurry Dragon come quick."

"Who are you?!" I exclaimed. I didnt know this boy let alone knew he existed. And how did he know my name. I wasn't the most popular person in Arad seeing as I keep to myself. " No time for that Just come quick." I look at Seria who give me the nods saying I was finished healing. I pick up my weapon which was in need of repair still and headed out the door

Journey of a King...... DragonKingEX]

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Journey of a King......
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