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Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Not a care in the world, frolicking wherever you wished without any concern for where your feet may take you? You experience a kind of freedom, a peace of mind that slowly slips out and away from us as we age. You could call it a right.... rather than a liberty. That episode in this adventure we call life is something every youngster should be able to call their own for several years.

Unfortunately, not all do. Or it is snatched away long before it is due.

Another average day in the small village of Granite Hills. 12 acres of green, ankle high grass swaying in the breeze atop soft hills; a long dirt trail swerving down the center, with various smaller trails breaking off of the main in vein-like patterns. The humble people of Granite Hills crafted their homes and shops with help from the sea of oak trees surrounding their safe haven in a perfect circle. The wood from these oaks is strong, sturdy, and durable. Easy to cut and work with, making it the perfect material for buildings. The rooftops were constructed the same way, but the town shops are covered in straw or branches to help distinguish them from regular houses.

Food markets vendors were lined up along the main trail. Their merchandise placed on a large table with an awning to provide shade above. Miscellaneous shops scattered through the village which cover just about anything a local would need. Repair shops, barber shops, a clothing store, tool sheds, and an amphitheater dug into the ground for the occasional block party.

The folk who inhabit these hills were special. They were special because there was nothing special about them. They went about each day to the fullest, like a normal healthy human should. They were all kind, modest, helpful, and hard working. They cared not for fancy clothes or highly advanced technology. Almost farm-like. Despite all these admirable qualities, there was a very....average, normal atmosphere about them.

Most of the men and boys dressed in their denim pants and cotton shirts, dirty from working the fields or fixing wagons and tractors. A pair of reliable boots and a cowboy hat completes the look. As children, manners were greatly stressed; be a gentleman, be efficient, be reliable, stay out of trouble.

The women sported dresses; the tomboyish gals chose overalls. Easier to chase boys and animals in them. A female in these parts was no pushover. They were raised right, and while it was perfectly acceptable to rely on your man, each woman was not afraid to get their hands dirty. They could fix, they could work, most could even throw down with many of the men.

The monumental goliath of granite, the source of this town's name, could be seen in the distance; its peak piercing the clouds and splitting them. It allowed the sun to show itself in the mornings and day but blocked the heavenly fireball in the evenings, when this granite mammoth transformed into a beautiful, yet somehow eerie silhouette. It stood for what the people stood for. Remaining strong in the face of anything that may be thrown at it. During the majority of the year, the rock was off limits and left alone. However... now and again a brave, or foolish, young villager would attempt to conquer the climb to the top. Usually resulting in failure.

Today was now and again.

"Hey, give me a boost will ya? I can almost reach this crack to pull myself up a little higher."

Enter 8 year old Jimmy Stone. A fearless young lad who never got bored with the taste of exploration, despite it getting him into quite a bit of trouble. With his bed-head brown hair, light brown eyes, light skin and a large smile, he was well liked by the townsfolk. He offered help to those who seemed in need, and was known to pull his own weight with chores and work. This was true, and after finishing his duties early, he ventured to the granite peak for a round 4 at his rise to the highest point in the land. Of course, little Jimmy Stone was no one without his trusty sidekick and best buddy, Howie Richards.

"Ugh, come on, you heard the saying third times a charm? Well you passed that smartypants and you're on your 4th try, so now science saying you can't make it." Howie says with a fed up sigh, ready to go home.

Howie was infamous around the neighborhood, same age as Jimmy. While everyone knew that deep down he was a good kid, he wasn't exactly talented. Average at best when it came to most activities or chores, he relied on his sense of humor and personality to win the hearts of his peers. Howie was one of the few blondes in Granite Hills. He was also blessed with a pair of blue eyes, which were said to bring good luck. Along his two main distinguishing features, he could never be seen without his silver chain link around his neck.

Howie's necklace was precious. He had found a small silver deposit in a small hole near the granite when he was younger, and brought it to his father. They used it to make chain which was intended to serve as a lock for the big doors on one of the barns, but the link turned out short. As a result, his father told him to wear it as a memoir to the first thing the two of them had made together.

Jimmy couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at his pal, surprised by his lack of determination. "You didn't even pass science so I don't think you know what you're talkin' about. Now hurry up and give me a boost before the sun goes down!"

Howie finally gave in and, after looking around for any witnesses even though there was definitely no one anywhere near them, let out a huge sigh and sulked his way over Jimmy who was standing at the base of the granite. "Alright hurry up and fall off so we can call it a day and go home, my mom caught a school of fish climbin' up the river today and she's smoking em up as we speak!"

Howie leaned his back against the rock, extending his arms down and cupping his hands, creating a step for Jimmy to step on and be lifted.

Jimmy moves in front of Howie and readies his hands on Howies shoulders to help lift himself. The adrenaline was pumping through his veins now, he had a good feeling that he would set a new record for how high he would go today. He was so lost in a daydream of what the view is like that he didn't realize he was still standing with one foot in Howies hands. Howie had a very uncomfortable and "please get away from me" expression and said "What, do you want a good luck kiss? Get climbing already you fruitcup!"

"Ah sorry, was just daydreaming for a moment there. Ok on 3. 1....2....3!"

Their timing was not in synchronization in the least. Jimmy jumped too early so his weight was already coming down when Howie attempted to lift, resulting in the loss of Howie's balance and the both of them stumbling, wiggling, and looking like fools up against the wall. The worst part of it all was a certain part of Jimmy was up in Howie's grill, much to both of their distress.

"Oh....my.... GET UP, I DON'T WANT THAT IN MY FACE!" Howie furiously lifted both arms and actually manifested enough strength to give Jimmy enough height to reach the crack he had been eyeing. He stuck his 4 fingers into the opening and gripped the edge of the crack with his thumb and palm. A smile grew on his face knowing he'd get to climb especially high this afternoon.

"Alright, I uh, I..... I think I got it, yes I definitely got it!" Howie took this as a green light to change to a more productive position and turned his body around while Jimmy used his feet to support himself. Howie took a slight kneel to get his palms positioned and pushed up on the bottom of Jimmy's shoes and got him much higher with much more ease. Jimmy managed to swing his right leg up to a small edge sticking out from the granite and lifted himself onto it using his legs and his hands in more cracks.

The view was already far greater than than Jimmy could have hoped for and he was only about 6 feet up. He instantly decided he would reach the top no matter what on this day. He would reach the summit and declare the mighty stone beast conquered. He looked up, trying to find the most fitting area of the wall to climb. He examined everything in reach carefully; he didn't want to climb half way up and run out of cracks to grab onto. He remembered that this humongous boulder was shaped like the side of a dome along the back. The back was slanted, or arced, all the way to the top. He chose to climb more to the back of the rock and walk up that section, rather than climb straight up in the front.

"Alright, I'll see you around loser, I'm getting to the top of this thing today!" shouted Jimmy, confidence filling his voice.

"Alright, I'll see you around loser, I'm gonna go eat the best fish in the world!" said Howie, as he turns around to walk away while lazily waving him goodbye. He had no interest in the view, or the top of the rock. He preferred his front porch or the amphitheater to relax at.

As Howie was just a mere few steps away from being out of view, obstructed by the oak trees, he suddenly came to a realization. Holding back a laugh, but showing off a humorous grin, he reminded Jimmy, "Oh yea... don't fall on your way down dude."

Jimmy had only traversed roughly 4 feet when he heard this, and it stopped him dead in his tracks. He suddenly felt a strange feeling in his stomach...almost like a premonition of a very unfortunate event likely to follow on his trip down. "Crud.... I totally didn't think of that..." Jimmy thought to himself, not wanting to say it out loud as if admitting to the world that he was stupid. He sank his head, and pressed the top of his noggin against the wall, worried thoughts racing through his mind as he pondered how he would return to the ground. "Oh well... no point in stopping now. Might as well get up there and enjoy what I find if I'm just gonna die anyways."

Slowly but surely, Jimmy began escalating up the granite. Numerous times his boots failed to grip, or one of his fingers would slip. His shirt would get caught on branches, and his pants would ride up on his bottom resulting in the most uncomfortable and poorly timed wedgies of his life. He refused to look down, but he looked behind him and to the sides often. he grew concerned for the growing number of birds flying in circular rotation around him, as if they were waiting for him to fall so they could feast on his corpse like vultures. However he did not fret, and after 2 hours of working his way up and to the back of the rock, he finally managed to get to the point where he could stand on all fours.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna make it! Yes! hahaha!" He looked down from where he was and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Ha! Take that Howie! Who's gonna reach the top? Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmy is!" It's not as if Howie could hear him, and Jimmy was well aware of this, but did not care whatsoever. As he crawled to the top, he gradually picked up the pace; the excitement rapidly increasing, his heart beateing faster and faster.

He had just about run out of gas and began to loligag and pant....when he finally made it. He made it to the top. He was on his hands and knees, head hanging down while he caught his breath as a cloud gently scraped the peak of the granite where Jimmy was. It obscured his vision and made the air around him much cooler, to his satisfaction. He brought one knee up, pressed up on it with his right arm to help himself up straight. As he straightened his back, the cloud passed.... and the view.

The view... what a view...what a sight to behold. Absolutely breathtaking. Nothing but oak trees and hills and mountains until they fell off of the horizon. The sun had begun to set, and its evening glow lit up the sky in a warm pink, and illuminated the bottom of every cloud in a fiery orange. Jimmy didn't know what to say. He wanted to say wow, but he could only sit there with his hair and clothes swaying with the wind, jaw slightly dropped from astonishment.

"I'm.... I'm king of the world! I'm the only one in Granite Hills to be here! This rock is mi-"

Then he couldn't help but notice something peculiar. There was a hole 20 yards or so away from him. he was too dazzled by the scenery to notice at first. With a huge amount of disappointment, he could barely finish his sentence.


But now curiosity was getting the best of him. A hole on the top of this extraordinary work of nature? Surely no one would have come up here before him - it was prohibited after all. Something about the hole, how out of place it was, made Jimmy nervous. But he was fearless, he was an adventurer. He couldn't say no to something so interesting. He slowly sidestepped towards the hole, arms position as if he were about to pull guns out of a holster. He had a lurking feeling that something would pop out and try to eat him. Still, he inched closer and closer to the hole, his legs feeling more and more wobbler as he approached. Once next to the hole, he took a peek inside.

There was a ladder. "A ladder...? That is really weird. Who else was here?" The ladder was hands down an invitation to Jimmy. Without much thought, he hopped over the hole to the other side, and backed up into the hole. Before putting his full weight on the first step, he hopped up and down on it with one feet while using his arms to brace himself on the surface of the rock. The ladder creaked and squeaked, but never cracked. Jimmy decided it was safe, and began his descent.

The ladder had a smooth texture that Jimmy was entirely unfamiliar with. it was crafted from bamboo, though Jimmy had no idea what bamboo felt like or that it even existed. Thin rope tied the many bamboo sticks together at each joint.

The farther down Jimmy climbed, the more uneasy his mind became. The hole was not very large; just wide enough to fit 1 person down. He scraped his back and elbows on the dark green moss covered walls numerous times. The temperature was steadily dropping as well and even the air gained a foul smell and moisture. Somehow light was not an issue; it beamed down as if the sun was directly above the opening, when in fact it was just beginning to hide itself behind the horizon. His body blocked most of the light so he still couldn't see very far down

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