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  Tales Of A Cursed Blade

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PostSubject: Tales Of A Cursed Blade    Tales Of  A Cursed Blade EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 12:05 pm

Lol Now I'm starting up a fanfic as well. Oh Some of my ideas came from Tri so If some things are similar Its because
It's mentioned in his story but different in mine.

It seemed like an endless Nightmare with no where to run.

"damn not them again why does it always have to be a Ambush of Taus" said. smw tiredly

With what was left of his strength he attempted to retreat from what he knew would be impossible.

"shit why are there always barricades around these parts of the ruins. Every freaking time I get ambushed There's no way out! Oh well I guess I'll just try killing these Taus with what I have left in me."

With no escape smw drew his Great sword, which for some reason felt heavier then It should have been.
With Luck smw managed to kill most of the tau's. But Drastically missed one of the tau captains and collapsed unconsciously.

smw starting hearing a voice

" I can give you the All the Power you ever imagined..."

" Khazan!" smw replied.

" You can die now or live a life of Vengeance and revenge, The Catch. You let me take over, by doing that you'll Have the
Ability to Use my Powers whenever you want!" said. khazan.

" Never! The Last person Who gave into your power, Was one of My great friends..... Haven...." smw said. angerly


Awakening bruised up Smw found himself lying down in a bed.
Just looking around seemed to question if He was Alive or just slowly dying from khazan syndrome.
With what he remembered from trying to escape an ambush Smw asked." How in the world did I end up here"?

" You Collapsed of exhaustion over in Gark. said a women

"Surprisingly your not the first one who ventured into Gark alone. A lot Of people tend to wander there. Most of the time
they end up dead or never to be seen of again. I manged to find you lying on the floor walking back to
Hendon Myre after practicing some of my witchcraft. Lets just say I really got over my head and almost had a tragic accident."

Smw's last memories before collapsing was seeing smoke coming from somewhere. balls of fire Hitting the Tau Captain and 2 Shadowy Silhouettes
in the distance. Smw couldn't make out the 2 silhouettes but Somehow thought that more reinforcements were coming to kill him.

" So was that you who caused it to rain fireballs?" asked Smw

"Rain fireballs what are you talking about...? ... ... Oh that, yes I was Practicing Lava Potion No. 9. But it appears my first time using it almost ended in a disaster."

"I have 2 questions 1. who are you and 2nd what the heck happened to my sword?" said. Smw

My name is Wonderness. I tried dragging the damn thing but it was to heavy for me to even move it.
so I had my friend TriEdge carry it. Boy even Tri Had trouble bringing it! As for where it is. Its right over in the corner close to the bed."

"And you are?" Wonder asked

" Its Smw. There is a Secret behind it but I hate Talking about My Past. Just Thinking about it, Reminds me of The worst thing
that ever happened to me!"
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Posts : 159
Join date : 2010-04-14

 Tales Of  A Cursed Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tales Of A Cursed Blade    Tales Of  A Cursed Blade EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 12:06 am

If there is some things that doesn't make sense please tell me.. Added some ( _____ ) <- that's will be used to explain something so theres no confusion in a certain section of the fanfic.
____________________________________________________ ______________
Smw looked over at the corner to find that his great sword was there. Although Something Didn't stand out. Smw just knew something
was odd but couldn't quite place it. Without worrying about whatever it was smw got out of the bed and thanked wonder for saving his life.

" Alright thank you wonder. I'll be going now." smw said leaving the bedroom

" Are you kidding me! I just saved your life the least you could do is try paying me back." said Wonder

" How exactly can I do that? I Don't have much things to me besides money and this here sword." said Smw

" No you Idiot. You don't understand do you?" said. Wonder

" Don't understand what?" said. Smw questionable

" DO I have to Spell it out?" said Wonder

" Please do." Smw Said

" If you ever find Hidden Artifacts. Be sure to show me." said Wonder
( If you find anything of value Be sure to show me. )

" Um okay?" said Smw

"Good Cause if you don't Your gonna regret ever Meeting me! But I must tell you this
Somewhere In Arad is a Abandoned city Called North Myre. It's nothing but a run down Ghost town now-days.

Smw attempting to head out of house, was Interfered by Wonder.

" Where do you think your going Smw?" said Wonder

" North Myre! I want to go and find out where its located. so if you'll excuses me I'll be on my way" said smw

" As far as I am aware Nobody in Hendon Myre knows where it is located. Brave adventures who found the city Apparently end up going crazy or are never to be heard of." said wonder

" Is that supposed to even scary me? As if that's going to stop even stop me. I still don't believe what you just said to me." said smw

" Oh its true because, the only one to ever live to tell the story is a man named Jiino. Now days he just spends his day as a hermit training until the day he will go back.
If you'd like you should
go pay him a visit, one of these day. He lives In west cost next to a place called Sky Tower." said wonder

" I suppose I can visit him But At the moment theirs nothing for me to do in West Coast" said Smw " Well just Because You seem nice and Saved my life. " I wont go to North Myre." said Smw

Admitting that he wouldn't to go to North Myre, Smw decide to stick around awhile longer. Although something struck him. Why was North Myre a ghost town?
Smw tried thinking of reason why but thinking about it made his brain hurt. Moving to the kitchen smw asked

" Wonder may I ask you. why North Myre is a run down ghost town?" said. Smw

" Alright I'll tell you everything I know. Although I've only heard legends that were passed down by the City Folk. North Myre used to be the capital of Arad, A bright and cheery city.
Almost nobody Worried about the city getting overthrown because It was heavily guarded. They were clearly wrong. The survives who took refuge in West Coast or Hendon Myre, belied that
it was an invasion of monsters That Destroyed the city. Others Claimed that Khazan syndrome got the best of them, and Jiino claims that North Myre was Cursed.Because of what the Humans did to the Dark Elf's." said. Wonder

" the Dark Elf's who are they?" asked Smw?

" I can't really say myself." However they live in Norrien Ferra. As far as I know the only thing that's ever been written about them was that before North Myre was built, was
that it used to be a small village. Most of the relics they possessed were buried,destroyed, or burned because human's invaded and told them that they would be plunged to extinction if they wouldn't leave.
The remaining Dark Elfs found an uncharted land that today is known by Norrien Ferra.

I know this may sound Crazy But I belie that somewhere in North Myre is a Hand crafted ..."

" HEY WONDER IM BACK, from gathering some Blind Weed." Said a Man.
( why Tri has Blind weed will be explained later)

Smw Wondered If this was the man named Tri that helped Wonder bring him here. Smw noticed that he had Brown spiky hair A blue Head band, a trench coat, and a Katana.

Seeing the design of Katana That the man had. Surprised Smw. Smw Believed that the Katana the man possessed was Called a bloody sky twister.But keeping this to himself he decide to wait until things died down between Wonder and This Man who he thought was Tri.

" What the Hell Tri! I was trying to tell Smw About how he could pay me back from us saving his life!" said Wonder Enraged

" Were you telling him about what you hope to one day discover? Sorry about that Wonder. Knowing you I thought you would eventually give on up that dream." said Tri.

" Fuck You Tri. You know if had that broom I'd become a very famous Sorceress. No one else but us Mage's who decided to Become Sorceress can use them in fact its our weapon of profession! said Wonder

"Don't mind wonder. even when I first meet her She thought I would be the one to help her. apparently she believes that somewhere in Arad is a hand crafted broom that was crafted from the Dark Elf's. " said Tri to Smw
( Wonder didn't tell Tri about North Myre, because Wonder wanted Tri to avoid getting killed. so she told him its somewhere in Arad.)

Now that most of the ruckus died down. Smw found it a good time to ask tri about the strange Katana he Possessed.

" um. uh Tri is it? Is that A Bloody Sky Twister? asked Smw questionably.

Last edited by smw232 on Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:50 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : in north myre)
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Posts : 159
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 Tales Of  A Cursed Blade Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tales Of A Cursed Blade    Tales Of  A Cursed Blade EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 3:48 pm

There may be places were i left out commas. As I said Before if there is any confusion tell me.
" Damn right!" said Tri

" Why in the hell would you get blind weed Tri! said Wonder

" Because I want to become an Asura." said tri prideful

"Everyone knows that becoming an Asura means that you can never see again! " said Wonder

" I know.... But a man by the name of.... Apocalytica Is an Asura. He told me that he had no regrets from the decisions he made long ago.
The best part is .... I can control Khazan without him taking over my body. But I'll become blind in the process.
Wonder if you would excuses me I still need a couple of things in Shadow Thunder Land." said tri

" Why the Hell did you go there I told you time and time again that if you would go there Bad things would Happen. said Wonder

" I'm still here. Nothing is Going to happen to me!" said Tri

" If your planning to go back in you should at least take Smw with you. said Wonder.

" Smw were going to Shadow Thunder Land." said Tri

" Sounds fun. " said Smw

Before leaving Wonder said one final thing about Tri to Smw.

" Hey I know you don't know Tri at all, but he usual does things without thinking." said Wonder

" I'll keep that in mind....Thanks again Wonder." said Smw running trying to catch up with Tri.

After Smw caught up to Tri they found themselves in the streets of Hendon Myre. Wandering Around Was rough. Every where you went there was always Big crowds of Slayers, Gunners , Mages and or Fighters.
Wandering wasn't the worst of it! After Smw and Tri left town they stumbled across a Bum Named Sp.


" What the Hell is Wrong with him?" asked Smw

" He used to be some famous Mercenary until someone robbed him. I Hate that Fucker He Almost ruined my life. Seeing him here Makes me want to kill him." said Tri

"So Should we Kill him so he's out of Our Life for good? " asked Smw

Smw Never knew sp but by the look in Tri's eyes he knew that something very bad happened Between the two of them. Seeing sp for the first time reminded Smw of something that happened when he was Little. What
he remembered was that someone burned down his house and killed his brother Haru. Smw swore to get revenge on the person who did this. The only clues he knew were the killer was Dressed as a Business man who had a strange Obsession with Giraffe Heads.

Examining Sp he noticed that he wore what was left a Business suit. Had gay yellow Streaks in his Grey hair with Horns sticking out and Skanky Mini Skirt that He Held up to his nose.

" TCH this can't possibly be the man that killed Haru..." Smw said to himself

Although it didn't seem like it. Sp was In fact the man that Killed Smw's brother Haru. Smw and Tri Both Agreed that they should kill Sp, because of the pain he caused to them.
( the pain sp caused was killing Smw's brother and the terrible event that happened to Tri)

" How Should we Kill him?" asked Tri

" Dunno lets just make this as painful as possible for him" said Smw

Smw Pulling out his Great Sword. Tri Gripping His Sky Twister in Hand, both went to Attack Sp Face First. Smw Decide that it would be best if Tri took care of Sp's face and Legs While He took care of his Body and arms.
Deciding to go after Sp's arm first, Smw Kept Hacking at them until they became Broken. But Because Smw Sword was so Heavy it caused Sp's broken arms to gush Out blood at an accelerated rate.
After Sp's Arms were taken care of. Smw Moved To hacking SP body. Which was alot Harder then he thought.

Tri was slashing his katana at Sp's Face. Tri continued slashing at sp's face to what he thought was enough. ( enough was Having Sp's face Covered in blood). After That Tri went after his feet.
His Feet went by faster, because his katana was razor sharp and it had a greater chance then most other katana's to cause bleeding. After finishing Up at Sp's Legs. Tri Joined Smw Cutting up what was left of Sp's Body. When both Finished Smw asked.

" Who's going to do the Honor's of Cutting his neck?

" Ill do it." said Tri

With one slash Tri's katana successfully dislodged sp's head and sent it flying. Nothing was Left. But a puddle of blood and what remind of SP Body.

Once Sp was done with they got back to there journey of going to Shadow Thunder Land. Tri Having the map was completely lost. After Trying to Find out where he was. Tri finally gave up and handed the map to Smw.

"Hey I Think were lost and I can't find where on the Map we are so here I think you should try Identifying were we are." said Tri

After wandering the forest of Grand Flores Trying to find Shadow Thunder Land. Tri stumbled upon a sign that said " Turn Left and Danger Awaits, or turn right if you wish to arrive at Shadow Thunder Land . Of course without thinking Tri
decide that Smw and Him should go Left. (This is why Tri couldn't figure out where on the map they were.) Smw asked if they should turn back but Tri always said.

" There's nothing to worry about, if there's a dead end up ahead we'll turn around. Until then we keep going."

After wandering this endless Trail Smw and Tri Both Found themselves in a place they never seen before. The trees were frozen the Ground was Covered in Snow and all they could see was a Frozen Forest.
Without Warning A strange lady with a campfire appeared Saying " oh ho, don't get lost in the forest." Without word she was gone. Wandering around the Frozen Wasteland . Smw and Tri came upon a sign that Read " Welcome to Mirkwood Frost."
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PostSubject: Re: Tales Of A Cursed Blade    Tales Of  A Cursed Blade EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 8:19 pm

I think think there should be much confusion in the next part but if there is just tell me LOL.
This is all your fault Tri! Weren't we Supposed to go to Shadow Thunder Land? Well guess what were in a damn wasteland!" said Smw

" The very least you could be grateful were not dead!" said Tri

"Uh hu but I'm not the who who brought us to a frozen waste land. Tri, I only tagged along so you wouldn't get yourself into trouble.

After Smw and Tri stopped Arguing. They attempted to retrace there steps back to the Welcome to Mirkwood Frost sign but Finding it was Fucking impossible. Because Tri kept saying thing's like
"lets go this way",
"lets head back this way",
"This Part of the forest seems familiar".

Smw Felt that him and Tri were wandering in circles for what seemed hours upon hours. For the most part. with Tri still leading. Smw Starting noticing Strange Patterns within the Forest ( Mirkwood Frost) Every so often There were trees that stood
out from the others. Tri not noticing any at all just assumed the trees all looked the same. Smw asked Tri if he could lead for awhile.

" Hey Tri mind Following me for awhile? So far all you've done the whole time, I been traveling with you is just getting us more lost." said Smw

" You think you can do better?"

" Wonder was right I should have spoken up when we turned right at that sign. Damn I'm an Idiot for letting him get me into this." Said Smw to himself

" Yes I do. So mind if I take lead for awhile? Said Smw

" Go for it, but if we end up even more lost then we currently are, your taking the blame for all of this. said Tri

Tri wasn't the best cooperator. Every turn Smw made at Strange tree pattern he noticed earlier. Tri kept yapping at him saying

" Your just getting us even more lost"

" Am not" said Smw

Noticing the tree patterns kept getting Harder and Harder Smw decided That they should take a break and set up camp for the night. Smw's great sword came in handy for chopping down trees, with what usable wood Smw was able to gather was used to build a fire for him and Tri.

" I hate this forest Nothing good happened ever sense we came. " said Tri

" Oh you finally noticed? "
Hey just stay here. I want to explore a bit more before I crash for the night." said Smw

" But if you do that how will you find me again? " asked Tri

" Simple I'll just make a trail by hacking down trees so I know which way I came from" said Smw

" Alright just be back soon. " said Tri yawning around the campfire.

Smw leaving camp went what to he thought was north. hacking down trees was what Smw did in order to retrace his steps.
Although the pattern of trees Smw noticed in the daytime just stood out a little funny but at night they gave a small vibrant glow which could easily be mistaken for the moonlight. Smw decide he would not go back and get Tri simply Mark the trees that had this ob-skewer glow. Following these trees for a short distance lead Smw to a small cabin that seemed just the right size for a Loli to live.It didn't seem well guarded or hidden But the Snow around the cabin seemed thicker and deeper then normal. Scouting the Area Smw found Loli that was hiding behind some trees waiting for a small creature to fall in her trap.

"Wonderful night isn't it?" said Smw

The small creature ran away and the Loli seemed angry about it scampering away out of sight.

"What the heck did you do that for? You scared away my pet beaver! I've been trying to catch her for hours. I almost had it too until you came along and scared her away!" said the Loli

" Oh sorry about that little one." said Smw

" The Name is Daidarapochi!"

" Okay sorry about that Dai Its just I had a rough day from traveling with this guy named Tri. I was informed that he usual always wounds up into danger because he doesn't take time to think. So far I've been stuck in Mirkwood Frost from I don't know how long!"

"Noticing somebody else in this forest seems strange. Because I thought this was just a Barren forest of nothing but snow and trees." said Smw

" You should be surprised. As far as I know your the first person to ever figure out my puzzle. I thank you for that but now is not the time for congratulations."

"You mean the trees that stand out from others and give a small vibrant glow at night?" Asked Smw

" Yes I put those out as a way of maneuvering the forest. as I said before your the first one to figure that out.' said Dai

" I thought trying to spot those tree's would do something. But Dai how the hell do I of here?" said Smw

"I don't even know your name and your already trying to find a way out. Well your close that much I can say. " said Dai

" You never gave me a chance to let me tell. It's Smw There's a Secret behind it but as I told this one woman named Wonderness. I really dislike talking about my past because It always makes me think of the worst thing that ever happened to me."

" OK Smw. If your looking for an exit you should just turn back. said Dai

" Are you fucking kidding me?" Didn't I just say I'm stuck in Mirkwood Frost?" said Smw

"Yes you did, But if you would excuses me I like to go in for a Cup of Tea so see you. " said Dai

" Ill be back you hear that Dai! said Smw

Watching Dai go inside her cabin pissed Smw off. Telling him that he should just turn back got him really upset. There was one thing that Smw did figure out and that was Maneuvering this forest. Smw hoping to calm is frustration made his way back to camp to tell Tri what just happened.
Most the trees that Smw hacked made a trail that lead him from his campsite to Dai's cabin was covered in a light frost. Smw had no real trouble finding his way back to camp.

Smw was Startled seeing that Tri was still awake.

" Thought you were sleeping" said Smw

"Nope just relaxing and thinking about all we've been through... I know I got us into trouble and I apologize for that. I usual end up doing a lot of things without thinking. Speaking of which the only reason I know wonder is because she saved my life. The favors she asked me wasn't anywhere near what I believe she told you. She only Asked me to help her with small tasks. To name a Few she asked me to help keep an eye on her house while she was away and help with some of her Witchcraft. The most recent one was bringing some Flaming stones from Blazing Gark. When I was walking back to her place I decide to cut through Gark and that's where I Found her training on a new skill she called Lava Potion No. 9. After that she asked me to carry your sword while we brought you back to her place." said Tri

" Well Tri your not gonna Believe me but I meet a small loli named Dai that lives in a cabin, that's to not far from here.
If you like I can show you." said Smw

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PostSubject: Re: Tales Of A Cursed Blade    Tales Of  A Cursed Blade Empty

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Tales Of A Cursed Blade
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