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 i'll return to 'that world*

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i'll return to 'that world* Empty
PostSubject: i'll return to 'that world*   i'll return to 'that world* EmptyMon Jan 10, 2011 9:23 am

part 1 opening
the story starts with the not so normal witch nittis2747

i'll return to 'that world* Nittiswithswatter-4

''ve been the same strange dream this past week a mage wearing mostly pink with black gloves a mage with long steel purple hair and a cat tail golden butterflys they were fightning about something and then alot of red flashs then it was suddenly blue then faded to black'

now nittis wasnt no normal mage when she entered arad something about her wasnt right almost everything she battled was dead or near death it was almost like she can control the fate of all foes that were in her way. ' her flames burned her foes till there was no ash left' 'her darkness put her foes into an eternal sleep '

now nittis wasnt from the world pandemonium she is from a much greater world

the meta world

in the meta world nittis was known as the witch of fate

any witch that dare challenged that nittis suffered a cruel fate

her powers almost matched the strongest witch of all

i'll return to 'that world* Bernkastel

Bernkastel the Witch of Miracles

one boring day nittis got an invite it was from bern

it was a challenge nittis with out haste wanted to battle her

when she got there she saw many witches pretty powerful ones to perhaps they want to watch?

she saw

Lambdadelta the Witch of Certainty

i'll return to 'that world* Lambdadelta-2

Beatrice the golden witch

i'll return to 'that world* Beatrice

and Virgilia the former Endless Witch

i'll return to 'that world* Virgilia

they all greeted and had some before battle tea

'so how do you think nittis will fair against bern' ~beato~

'slim to none!' ~lamb~

'come on she does at least has a good chance' ~lia~

bern and nittis exchanged looks after that

well im quite ready by now ~nittis

'so am i!' ~bern~

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i'll return to 'that world* Empty
PostSubject: Re: i'll return to 'that world*   i'll return to 'that world* EmptyFri Jan 14, 2011 11:01 pm

part 2 first move

then they had an epic battle of truth loser would parish forever winner would live for all of time

the battle lasted about 5 days bern was flinging red truths left and right but in the end nittis won

bern faded into darkness as she heard some clapping now nittis is the most powerful witch in the metaworld

she went home after that then nittis felt a bite on her leg it was a kitten then many more appeared and tried to attack her but they all failed and got dropped into an endless abyss then even more appeared! then she saw a figure hovering over the field of cats it was...........


she was quite mad after that shameful defeat so she wanted revenge!

all the cats gathered up and attacked at once

i'll return to 'that world* Imager

but it didnt work that time nittis used a burst of fire to knock them all back!

'bern..... begone....'

then nittis fired a blast darkness and fire which seemed to kill bern for good then she walked away

then awhile after that nittis heard flying towards her when she looked........!

i'll return to 'that world* Imager
she was stabbed with a spear and it was no normal spear..... it was

The Gungnir

all she saw was red then it all faded to black

bern with her troll face on sent the so called *dead body* to another world which was arad

she was found by lady seria and healed her up then she grew a cat tail and she forgotten everything cept her name

a year later most of her magic returned but she was more cheerful then before she went to visit her friend maribo whom she hasnt seen in awhile

she rushed right and said hi then saw a pile of broken scrap metal and asked what happened to that thing? then she yelled at her then she ran away crying then she tripped on something it was an odd looking spear she picked it up then her head started hurting badly the memory of being the witch of fate starting rushing in like running water she went home after that then she had a weird dream beatrice told her that bern is about to regain the title of the most powerful witch in the meta world.....


she wasnt going to let that happen

beatrice told her that she can enter the meta world whenever she wants but it will be quite hard to come back to arad

it was her choice stay in arad and be a normal witch or go back to the metaworld and face the threat that awaits.....
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Posts : 30
Join date : 2010-04-28

i'll return to 'that world* Empty
PostSubject: Re: i'll return to 'that world*   i'll return to 'that world* EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 10:30 pm

part 3 dubious move
but for her to return to the meta world beatrice stated that she needs to get stronger and fix the broken fates of the people she broke and the only way into the metaworld is a portal somewhere along the lines of the east of arad so she left a image of her former self to go on with the normal time line

so she got stronger in those few days

she went from world to world to get stronger magic

stronger control over fate and boundaries

able to control a storm of unseen hands

able to control the endless flames from another witch

she found out the tail she had all this time wasnt just a tail it had the power of miracles in it that she had won from the battle from bern before

so she saw a certain slayer that she knew who was going to the east

she felt he was going to enter a chain of bad fate so she spared him with a few miracles to stay alive............for now

then she checked on maribo she saw that she was working on something so she gave her a miracle
part 3 dubious move
what she didnt know was what the miracle did so she left with a smirk on her face

hope that did it...... now for the real show......

so she went back to her normal body and went to sleep

she had another dream about talking to beatrice

you are ready now......

tomorrow you can enter the portal

i wish you good luck on your battle......

she woke up after that then she headed towards the east to face her fate
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i'll return to 'that world* Empty
PostSubject: Re: i'll return to 'that world*   i'll return to 'that world* EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 2:59 am

part 4 blunder
so she left her home to head on east and she reached The Town of Provenance beatrice told her that the portal was on a mountain called the scarlet mountain she asked the villagers about it and heard thats theirs demons guarding it and who ever enters it never comes back so she stocked up on potions and other needs and left for it

she saw a scarlet glow coming from the top of it and followed the trail then it lead to a cave which had a sign by it


she said to her self

what could happen?

and entered right away she used jackyl as a lantern of some sorts and then came to a dead end

then the lights went out and heard giggles alot of them then heard a voice

oh a visitor?

i havent seen someone in a good while will you play with me?

then lit candled appear then she saw a mage

i'll return to 'that world* Purplemage

she was purple as can be it was kinda hurting her eyes

im rena! i will make you my toy now!

then dolls appeared quite alot of them and they all looked like dungeon fighters.......

they started attacking all at once

ones with blades spinning around

ones shooting lasers

it was to much for her then nittis threw a jackyl which made the dolls attack jackyl

she then rushed towards rena and landed a few mighty hits with a finisher flyswatter

ouch! that hurt no more nice rena now!

many MANY more dolls appeared

she threw some more jackyls then after that rena was defeated then she faded into purple dust then all dolls fell down and turned back to dungeon fighters as they were before and left for home

the cave walls started openning and led outside and right on to a trail and followed it

the scarlet glow was getting closer so the top wouldnt be so far was it?

she heard something run towards her and she looked and moved


the ground under her was punched

it was a red monk

i'll return to 'that world* Redpriest

darn i missed!

and tried to hit her a few more times

darn your good! im Unzan

his aura grew a dark red color

hope you dont do ground combos!

he gave her a weird face and said

im way to pro for that

and nittis said

we'll see about that!

nittis threw a jackyl flyswatter combo at him and it hurt quite alot

he threw a side wind and nittis blocked it with a manteau

after awhile they both got worn out

she threw a power fire blast and knocked him off the cliff

cant dodge that can ya!

and went back on the trail

when she got to the top........
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Posts : 30
Join date : 2010-04-28

i'll return to 'that world* Empty
PostSubject: Re: i'll return to 'that world*   i'll return to 'that world* EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 6:02 pm

part 5 fool's mate
the top went above the clouds it was all sunny and clear up there she saw the scarlet portal and went over to it then all the clouds starting gathering and a storm was starting


she muttered then she saw a dark figure sitting in a chair by the portal

eh? a new guard around here?

as the dark figure in the chair just getting up and walking over

then another dark figure came out of the clouds

she isnt one of us

she's human

then it started to rain and lightning hit the ground somewhere

the dark figures were no more

a dark slayer with a purple and green robe appeared

i'll return to 'that world* Demonslayer

and a fighter with beautiful scarlet cloth appeared

i'll return to 'that world* Ikufigher

oh i guess you made it up here? why dont you just go all the way back down for your safety

the slayer said

koakuma dont mess with her she killed rena and unzan

the fighter said

oh well iku she wont be getting past us!

the storm got stronger then a bolt of lightning hit where nittis was standing

lightning never hits in the same place twice eh?

just get out of the way or else i wont have to hurt you guys

they didnt listen and both attacked at once

koakuma made a dark sword with his dark power

iku made a drill infused with lightning power with her shawl

the wind got stronger and so did the storm......

nittis summoned the endless flames and her endless hands

she pinned down iku with the hands and burned her cloth...... but it didnt work

koakuma charged in and tried to slash her but hit the pinned iku

nittis grew tired of this foolishness and summoned a portal and dropped them both in some other unknown place

and then took one last look at arad and said

i'll miss you for now

and went in the portal

but what she didnt know was the portal had a seal on it to seal away powerful demons and spirits

when she got into the meta world she found herself sitting in her old house she rested up and went to the witches theater to settle this once and for all!
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i'll return to 'that world* Empty
PostSubject: Re: i'll return to 'that world*   i'll return to 'that world* Empty

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i'll return to 'that world*
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