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 WITCHES!!!! [The Musical]

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WITCHES!!!! [The Musical] Empty
PostSubject: WITCHES!!!! [The Musical]   WITCHES!!!! [The Musical] EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 5:58 pm

[-]Continuously, I soar upward
The grandiosity of the sky is my ecstasy
I blur myself from prying eyes of madness
Shifting inward, suppressing, pacifying the demons.

The dins of a phlegmatic sanctum,
now being cursed by my spirit
I breathe the signs of a coming revolution
The movement of the soul,
unleashed from death.

And a second just because I don't want to make multiple topics:

[]Peeling back skin. Whittling away at bone. Cracks and breaks appearing, only to be stitched back up again.

They sedated her -- but she was still awake.

Piercing on the left. Then on the right. [That was the only pain she felt]

They sliced into tender skin that had temporarily forgotten how to feel. Pressed and pulled, and peeled under. And she looked down at it...the image distorted by painful angles and the numbing in her veins.

They struck bone. Took a chisel and hammer to God's creation, and made it their own.

Insecurities were removed. Self-esteem was stitched into skin, or so she thinks, as they press skin back down onto bone,

weaving their signatures into flesh,

and covered it -- Plaster of Paris hides everything.

Her eyes sunk into her skull. The swelling has taken over a face that no longer looks like the person I know.

if she had asked me
I would have told her
She was beautiful to begin with.
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WITCHES!!!! [The Musical]
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