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 Some 3 year old story i thought of

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Some 3 year old story i thought of  Empty
PostSubject: Some 3 year old story i thought of    Some 3 year old story i thought of  EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 9:15 pm

1- Cheesy story is cheesy.
2- I'm not a born writer and have a gazillion literature flaws...but oh well lol
3- here is some fucking old concept art of the characters (y)

It’s always the same on that street down town next to the big cathedral. The sidewalk to the cathedral was an arrangement of neatly laid out stones that the same man would sweep every morning. His sandals made a distinct clopping noise simultaneous with the swishes of the straw broom he’d use to push the dirt aside.

I had to have been maybe 12 at that time. I remember my parents had gotten into a big fight that morning and I had run to the big cathedral of which I had heard by many women dressed in long black robes say that it was a place of safety and sanctuary, and that my wishes would be granted if I prayed hard enough. My eyes must have been too blurred by tears to notice the man walk up behind me.

“Where did you come from?” He asked gently, while he sat on one of his knees to be closer to my height. “Are you alright? Why are you crying?”

I knew talking to strangers was never a good idea but something about this guy really lead me to a sense of security. Maybe it was just my desperate need for someone to hold me while I cried about the problems in my life, and my parents always screaming words that ripped my heart out every time I had to hear them. I wiped my eyes with my sleeve and spilled my story to him. He seemed really concerned with how I was feeling so it was fairly easy to tell him the details.

Following my confessions, he had made us some hot tea. I wasn’t much of a fan of tea but just the social aspect of it at the time really made it a lot more soothing than it would have been in any other situation. As I was blowing off the steam, I really got my first clear look of the man. He looked late teens, early 20’s at most, and his face was so gentle looking that it was almost angelic. He had long blonde hair that he tied at the bottom, and a white and pastel yellow robe. His pants were a blue wool material that he rolled up at the bottom so that they only came to his mid-shins, and topped off with the wooden sandals that clopped on the sidewalk every morning.

I took my first sip of the tea when he broke the silence. “So…what is your name?” It was an easy enough question, yet I really hadn’t thought to tell him yet.

“It’s Zabel.” I responded after taking my first sip. “What is yours?”

He just looked at me and gave a smile. “People here just call me the cleaning guy…” he chuckled.

I perked a brow at the answer, but shrugged it off. “I’ll just call you Mr.Cleaner then.” I smirked, as he let out one last chuckle.

The winters near the cathedral were pretty drafty. The cold winds could easily weave in and out of the architecture of the building. Despite this, I’d spend every day going there for at least an hour to prey to the statues of my higher God. Mr. Cleaner was always there, Even 3 months after I first met him, he really hadn’t changed much. I found it funny no one really ever seemed to give him any recognition except for me. Then again, being the churches cleaning boy wasn’t much of a respectable position to be holding.

We didn’t really talk much during my visits. I would give him a nod and smile, sometimes ask how he was, but we had yet to really sit down and bond like we did on the first day we met. Even if it was a short time together, I still felt grateful enough to show him my greetings, and best wishes every day.

As the years went by, I spent more and more time at the cathedral. At first it was for a sense of comfort, but for the later years I really enjoyed just going to be out and about. I enjoyed leading people to the face of God and volunteering to the place I spent many hours of my life. I also enjoyed seeing…

“Hey…” I said hesitantly to the familiar face of Mr. Cleaner. “We haven’t really… you know… sat down to tea in a long time.” At that point I had to have been 15 years old. I had been so busy with working and school that I hadn’t thought to ask him to sit with me again. “We should do that sometime soon.” I offered.

At first he was surprised at the idea but his expression soon mellowed out into a smile. “That would be wonderful”

I knew something about him was different. He looked the same, talked the same, even did the same job for 3 years. He walked the same path every morning and had the same attire as before, but somehow it just seemed so much more graceful. The steps he took were less like clops on the ground and more like thoughts that he would be passing me any second. I could feel my face get a little red. I never even talked about the cleaning man to other people. I wasn’t quite sure why the feelings arouse in me

Then the night came. The stars were bright and the cathedral was lit up by hundreds of candles, one of which I held to navigate myself to the kitchen of the building to meet up with… with him. He sat in the same seat as last time, he had been leaning with his back against the table waiting for the kettle to boil. I sat the candle next to him and gave him a warm smile. “Is it almost ready?”

He looked up and smiled back at me, standing up and walking up to check the water. I noticed he had changed into something I’ve never seen him in before. He had long baggy white pants with a light cotton shirt on. What was strange was the back of the shirt had two holes cut out of it with these two silver, almost wirey looking things sticking through them. From them, dangled these scrappy looking silver chinks of what seemed to be… feathers.
I stared up until he turned around and gazed at me. His expression wasn’t one of obliviousness to what I was thinking though. He had a stern look in his eyes… but it almost seemed sorrowful. I was confused on how to feel at that moment.
“I wasn’t quite sure how I was supposed to bring it up to you.” He said. “I’m… I’m what you would call a Fallen Angel, and you’re the only person who can save me.”
By then, the silence in the room seemed so loud that even the kettles screeching was muted out.
“I- I don’t understand” I stuttered. I was in a mix of emotions. The cleaner man turned the stove off and poured hot water into two prepared teacups, and directed my attention to the table.
“Please, have a seat and I’ll explain everything.”
I stood there still in shock for another second, before I snapped out of it long enough to nod and totter to the seat I had set the candle next to. Many, many things were running through my head in that short amount of time. As he set the cup of tea in front of me, I looked up at him desperate for him to answer my questions and relieve my mind.
“You see,” He said, sitting down, “There aren’t many ways I can explain this. But I’ll be as direct as possible.” He began to dip the teabag in his cup up and down as he breathed in a deep breath. “You humans know of this, how sin is deadly and can corrupt one. On earth it is not much of a big deal as compared to Heaven. In Heaven we are not shy with divine punishment, as the place must be pure. Committing a sin in heaven…” He pulled the teabag from his cup and set it aside. “…well it results in this.”
I held the cup in my hands and just stared into it, listening and trying to comprehend everything that was going on. “I don’t understand though… why are you telling me this? “
He bit his lip a bit, and hesitantly began to speak once again. “You… know the concept of guardian Angels, correct?” He asked as I nodded and looked at him. “Well… For every death on earth, there is a birth. That is how Guardian Angels are decided upon. You were brought into this world at the same time I had left it, which creates a link to our souls.” He took another deep breath.
“In this case… I was thrown to earth to find the soul I was meant to protect for the rest of their life… but in this case, so you can save me.” He must have seen me eyes grow big or something, because he had let off an awkward smile before he turned his head to facing out the door.
I began breathing unsteadily. “But…. How… How do I save you? I’m so confused” I groaned while holding my head. He grabbed my hand and held it between both of his.
“I need to tell you what I did.” He said with a stiff expression on his face. Through my mind, I kept thinking to myself that I wanted to know… but…
I started crying. It felt like so much was pouring out of me when I said it. “I don’t care what you did…” My voice quivered, “You don’t deserve this…” I said under my breath as the tears kept streaming down my face.
He was taken aback. “I… I could have murdered many people…” He stated. “Why do you think that I don’t deserve this?”
I looked at him and stood up to wrap my arms around him. “…y-you’re my soul mate… you’re the one I love… you’re the one I will forgive through the thick and thin…” I took a final breath “you’re the one I want to see happy for the rest of my life….”
He hesitantly took his arms and held them up… then wrapped them around me. His grip became tight and I could hear him mutter something…

In this world, we’re born with links. Links to the heavens… I see him. That is the one I would dedicate my soul to…. The one I would give the second chance under any circumstance given.

“Mr. Cleaner!” I cried across the abstract white void. “Where are you?”

“You called?” He said behind me with his angelic smile. I turned around in relief and threw my arms around him.

“I thought I wouldn’t find you” I admitted into his robe. He petted my hair and let off a look of melancholy.

I looked up at him, only to see his lips moving… His voice wasn’t there.

I leaped up and looked around. I must have fallen asleep on the pew in the cathedrals main lobby. On my lap was Mr. Cleaners robe, of which he must have let me use as a blanket after last night. I smiled and got up, clutching it between my two hands. “Mr. Cleaner! I’m awake!”, I announced. “It must be cold without your robe on!”

I looked in the kitchen and didn’t see him there, then went back to the main lobby. He must have been working late…

The main priest of the cathedral then poked his head in after hearing my yelling. “Zabel, what are you doing here at this time of morning?” He questioned.

“I was here with the Cleaning man last night, and must have fallen asleep on the bench,” I said still looking around and clutching his robe. The priest looked in my hands and gasped.

“W-where did you get that?” He asked, astounded. “I haven’t seen that old thing in 15 years.” He chuckled.

I took a glance in my hands, and saw nothing but the robe. “This? It’s the Cleaners robe… He let me use it as a blanket last night.” The priest looked at me with a bit of a concerned expression.

“Zabel… That robe belongs to the old church cleaner who died 15 years ago of sickness…”

15 years have passed. My long black and white gown glows in the sunrise through the window that I’m sitting next to. It gaze out the window for a few seconds before I decide to finally begin my daily duties.

I grab the bible, and read another section of it to myself while getting the food ready for the other citizens living in the cathedral. They say I’m the youngest nun there but I have a real talent for cooking a good meal with the limited budget the cathedral has, compared to the older nuns there, who don’t mind in the least.

The old table and chairs have been replaced since 15 years have passed, but the stove was still the same as it has been. It was a little outdated… but I didn’t mind. A nostalgic release, is what I clamed it to be.

Once breakfast was served, I would return to the window I woke up next to. I always liked looking out my window. It was the highest in the church bedrooms, as well as the closest to heaven… and the closest to him.
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Some 3 year old story i thought of
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