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PostSubject: Arad's Grim Future   Arad's Grim Future EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 6:44 pm

This will basically be a collection of short stories based on what I will describe in this post to be the future of all the events in dfo. If anyone gets some ultra inspiration from it, they can post their own story here too.


The apostles were defeated. The balance restored. Kazan's curse lifted. The Plague had been stopped. The Devolution reversed. The demonic uprising had been quelled.

But even then peace could never be achieved. This time there were no ancient gods of evil. This age of war and misery had been brought by the people of Arad themselves, even the former dungeon fighters.


A New Power

Alchemy has advanced quickly and rapidly, new innovations give warriors and swordsman a new catalyst of power to replace Kazan's curse. The power hungry and the greedy stop at nothing to gain the most of the science. Children (mostly the poverty children of the Bantu, asthe storm pass hit an all new low, as they migrate farther north hoping to disconnect themselves from the problems of Arad) are kidnapped and tortured in experiments for the sole purpose to find the concoctions for making the perfect warrior, conjuring a wave eye, mimicking the final transformation of Kazan's curse, and for granting the ability to speak with the dead.

Following GSD's death, the Legion of the Wave Eye was created, an alliance of the Asura of Arad.


Against "Demonic" Alchemy

The Church find the new dark potentials of Alchemy as a sin against creation. They continue to fight against the wrongs committed in the child experiments, revealing that they all might be connected by a large organization. Meanwhile, Church Extremists attack the Alchemist guild, burning it to the ground and killing most of its members. The destruction of the guild eventually begins a split between those against all alchemy and those who just want to stop the organization behind the experiments.

The extremists form a group called the Force of Retribution, who aim to get rid of all Alchemy in a quest to save the world from its evils.


Fight for Survival

Among the troubles of Arad, martial artists struggle to continue their teachings. They officially call themselves neutral in the midst of all the trouble, trying to stay as far away from any cause as possible. Keeping one's honor becomes increasingly difficult as the chaos makes it ever more difficult to get basic needs, and now it is not uncommon for one to use their fighting skill for the highest bidder, but rare for one to do it in the name of protecting the innocent.

The largest group of mercenaries in all of Arad is a fighter only group called The Red Fist.


War in the Sky

Empyrean still knows no peace. The descendants of the Kartel unite under a political cause. Naming themselves the Sky Republic, under the leadership of a man called The High One, they fight for the supreme rule of Empyrean. When the princess is assassinated by an inside job, the Sky Republic quickly gain control over the continent. Not everyone succumbs to them however, as rebellions occur all over the continent.

The rebels call themselves Freedom's Wing, aiming to liberate themselves from the Sky Republic's oppression.


The Great Migration

Pandemonium is still a barren wasteland. The defeat of the apostles did not make it prosper... but a large rift was ripped open as a result of the battle. A rift to Arad. All the people still left in Pandemonium began the difficult journey from an empty, dead land to a place full to the brim of chaos. The innate magical ability of the immigrants quickly cause them to join the mage guild. Tensions grow between the former members and the new immigrants, and things become uneasy.

The Mage Guild splits between the immigrants and the Arads.


Racism rears its ugly head

The past is hard to forget at times. The Dark Elves continue to persecute and be persecuted as both sides blame each other for the large casualties amassed from before. Racial crimes happen everywhere, from lynching to large public executions. The Dark Elves close their gates once again, and the elves in human locations are forced into the grittiest of slums and are abused.

The Elves form multiple gangs to fight against the humans who try to control them, but also causing gang warfare with eachother for power.

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Arad's Grim Future
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