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 The Three Swords: Encyclopedia - Races and Groups

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PostSubject: The Three Swords: Encyclopedia - Races and Groups   Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:50 am


Human/Elf/Dark Elf/Pandemonian/Empyrean - No explanation needed

Demon-man - A human born with the traits of a demon. One can be distinguished by the horns on the head. Generally excels in physical fields, especially strength and stamina. How they came to be, is still unknown. Many scientists have discovered up to the part that Ozma had some influence in how demon-men came to be, although demon-men were proven to be not always evil. Some have been found to have wings, and a few of them have been known to actually fly with those wings.

Vampire - A humanoid that feeds on blood. Unlike what lore tells, vampires can survive in sunlight, although they are stronger at night, and can eat other foods besides blood, although lack of blood for a long time can weaken a vampire. Vampires can be distinguished by their wings, which sprout from their backs and enable them to fly. Red eyes are another trait of vampires. Vampires are known to be slightly weaker than demon-men in terms of strength, but are faster. Vampires are little in number. In fact, vampires are so rare that their existence has become a myth for many.

Half-vampire - A non-human turned into a vampire due to having his blood sucked. Although half-vampires have red eyes, they do not have wings, and so cannot fly. It can also be noted that they are physically on a lower level than pure vampires. Most vampires in existence today are half-vampires.

Doppleganger - These beings have no definite shape. They can take the image of whoever they see, and whoever they transformed into is saved in their memory permanently, allowing them to use that tranformation again if needed. Despite their tranformation ablities, their physical prowess isn't that impressive, being a bit weaker than humans, and their physical abilities stay the same no matter what they turn into. Ways of distinguishing a doppleganger are few, although research is in progress to find more, and not many know how to distinguish at all.


Spero Spera
A guild formed by Iris under the order of Hilder. Although it has many members, many members don't know that there are more members than them, and are often surprised to find out a friend is also a member. While not exactly composed of top class elites, the members of this guild can be seen as those who proved themselves worthy. The ultimate purpose of this guild is yet unknown to many.

notable known members
Jiino - sword saint
Dragon - sword saint
Kirov - sword saint
DXD - hellbenter
Maribo - trickster
Bextah - moon empress
Tri - light lion emperor

Blood Battalion
A group of hand-picked elites personally chosen by Cain. How they were chosen, or how they recieved the message from Cain, is unknown to others. While it has no definite allegiance to any power, it definitely does not seem to be siding with the good. The existence of the group itself is secret.

notable known members
Kiro - champion
Sherlok - soultaker
Zext - general
Yung - great dark sky
Lymia - archmage

Deux ex Machina
A covert group of agents formed by the Ghent army to sabotage the Kartels and any anti-Ghent actions, while at the same time seeking those who can aid Ghent. As it is, only its members and the ones who selected them know of its existence. The members are all notable warriors of name value.

notable known members
SMW - blaster
Gunter - desperado
Koni - bloodia

Senate of Magic
A council composed of mages who have been sent from Pandemonium. Serves as an unofficial government that rules over mages sent from Pandemonium. It is divided into High Council and Low Council. It is also in allegiance to Hilder, and follows the orders of Hilder. Several members are members of the guild, Spero Spera.

notable known members
Lymia - archmage
Maribo - trickster
Bextah - moon empress
Crazed - trickster
Sophister - bellatrix

Holy Crusade
A branch of the order of priests which is overseeing the disasters in Arad. Although it does not intervene directly, its members aid those who seem to be working for the peace of Arad, when it seems they are in need of help.

notable known members
Yden - holy order
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PostSubject: Re: The Three Swords: Encyclopedia - Races and Groups   Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:06 pm

Where am i at?
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The Three Swords: Encyclopedia - Races and Groups
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