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 How to Change DFO Music

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Posts : 63
Join date : 2010-05-01

PostSubject: How to Change DFO Music   Sun May 22, 2011 6:22 pm

If you really are going to do this i suggest making a copy of the DFO Music folder just in case you mess up

1. You will need to get a media file Converter,


2. When you have the Mp3 File you want, you must change the File to ogg, otherwise its useless sitting in the dfo folder.

3. after you change the mp3 file to .ogg, you must change that Files name to the name of the original DFO file you want,

ie: so im going to make Jin Kazama's Tekken 3 theme play in the Tavern, wich file name is aganzo.ogg

Delete the aganzo.ogg

and then simply Rename the Jin Kazama theme file to aganzo.ogg

and thats all there is to it,

now with new updates and so on, there's been new music files being added, so all you do is do the same as above
on another note some of the music files like shallow_keep.ogg doesnt play in the corresponding dungeon, (ie: underfoot.ogg plays in Shallow and Spider'sLair) so watch out for those
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Posts : 63
Join date : 2010-05-01

PostSubject: Re: How to Change DFO Music   Sun May 22, 2011 7:07 pm

"aganzo - tavern
aganzo_boss - tavern boss
alfhlyra - aphelia (old, not used)
alfhlyra_new - aphelia (current)
avata - gachapon
b_float_castle - old, unused. short, but sounds cool Razz
behemoth - outerwall, dendroid
behemoth_b01 - outerwall boss, dendroid boss
behemoth_b01_1 - outerwall boss, dendroid boss (not sure which the game uses, too lazy to test, i just replaced both)
behemoth_b02 - purg boss, silver boss
behemoth_b02_1 - purg boss, silver boss (not sure which the game uses, too lazy to test, i just replaced both)
behemoth_b03 - first spine boss, second spine boss
bloodhell - chamber of blood
bloodhell_boss - chamber of hell boss
bwanga - bwanga
bwanga_boss - bwanga boss
carol_gate - seria's place during christmas, but unused during christmas ~_~
carol_rock - angus/jimmy pet skill
carol_shop - cash shop during christmas
characterSelectStage - log in screen
characterSelectStage_new - vocal log in screen, says new but it's not used
charnakridge - ridge, ryku outside
charnakridge_boss - ridge boss
cold_boy - frozenheart
darkelf_amb - catacombs
darkelf_boss - catacombs boss
darkness_enter - vestibule of darkness
darkness_enter_boss - vestibule of darkness boss
draconian_tower - dragonoid
draconian_tower_boss - dragonoid boss
evilspirit - ?? i bet evilspirit and ?? sends shivers down your spine
eviltower_01 - tower of death first half
eviltower_02 - tower of death second half
float_castle - floating castle
forest_new - lorien dungeons
forest_town - elvenguard
forest01 - lorien dungeons (old, unused)
forest01_new - lorien dungeons, again?
forest02 - lorien boss
gate - seria's place (old, unused)
gate_new - seria's place (current)
GBLarad - arad branch
GBLarad_boss - arad branch boss
gentgate - south/east ghent
gentgate_boss - south/east ghent boss
gentgate_outside - ghent outskirts
gentgate_outside_boss - ghent outskirts boss
golem_tower - golem
golem_tower_boss - golem boss
grakkarak_new - grak and flaming grak
grakkarak_new_boss - grak and flaming grak

grenselos_battle - \
grenselos_ready - - I don't know.
grenselos_truce - /

grozny_boss - verderia boss (old, unused)
grozny_boss_new - verderia boss (current)

Gseeker01 -------\
Gseeker01_boss - supposedly guild dungeons
guild_agit - guild hideout whatever that is

hall_of_doll - puppet dungeon
hall_of_doll_boss - puppet boss
hameln - hamelin dungeon
hameln_boss - hamelin boss and GBL Hatch/Lab Boss. I know right?
hellmonster - hell mode
hendonmyre - hendon myre (old, unused)
hendonmyre_new - hendon myre (current)
icepalace - ice palace dungeon
icepalace_boss - ice palace boss
illusiontower - tower of illusion
intro - song that plays when you make a new char and go through the little story thingy
king_ruins - kings relic boss and scoria core boss
magma_cave - scoria dungeon
mirkwood - mirkwood dungeon
mirkwood_boss - mirkwood boss
mocean - sky tower music (old, unused)
odesa - odessa dungeon (old, unused)
odesa_new - odessa dungeon
odesa_boss - odessa boss (old, unused)
odesa_boss_new - odessa boss
palace_of_load - castellan dungeon
palace_of_load_boss - castellan boss
purgatory - purgatorium/silver night dungeon
pvp_01 - pvp...
pvp_02 - pvp...
result - thought this was when you won pvp or finished a dungeon. it's not. don't know for sure.
riku_boss - ryku boss
riku_cave - ryku inside the cave
sc_01 - sky tower (old, unused)
sc_b01 - vestibule boss (old, unused, use darkness_enter_boss)
sc_b02 - dragonoid boss (old, unused, use draconian_tower_boss)
sc_b03 - floating castle boss (current)
screaming_cave - screaming cave dungeon
screaming_cave_boss - screaming cave boss
secret - its a secret. (shadow thunderland, not sure though, it uses my "sunderland.ogg")
sera_shop - cash shop (old, unused)
sera_shop_new - cash shop (current)
shadow_maze - shadow lab dungeon
shadow_maze_boss - shadow lab boss
shallow_keep - verderia wtf
shallow_keep_01 - shallow keep / spider boss
skasa - skasa dungeon
skasa - skasa boss
skystair - ghent town
spinalcord - first/second spine dungeon
storm_pass - storm pass
sunderland - thunder and/or(?) shadowthunder land dungeon (see secret.ogg)
sunderland_boss - thunder and shadowthunder land boss
tavern - hendon myre tavern
temp_mcgee - ??
thief - brigand dungeon
thief_boss - brigand boss
town_ghost - when you're dead from town pvp/invasion i guess
town_pvp - town pvp
underfoot - shallow keep and spider lair dungeon
underfoot_enterence - slums gate dungeon
underfoot_enterence_boss - slums gate boss
vilmark - vilmark dungeon
vilmark_boss - vilmark boss
westcoast - west coast (old, unused)
westcoast_new - west coast (current)

gblkingdom.ogg - goblin kingdom
gblkingdom_boss.ogg - goblin kingdom boss
skycastle.ogg - sky castle
skycastle_boss.ogg - sky castle boss
squadwar.ogg - rangelus guerrillas
squadwar_boss.ogg - rangelus guerrillas boss
town_ghost - when you die in town invasion
vdefence - song in town when town invasion is activated.

oh yeah also town invasion plays magma_cave.ogg `-` "

some guy named doomguy on DFOsource made of list of what file plays where
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How to Change DFO Music
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