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 Homura Combat

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PostSubject: Homura Combat   Homura Combat EmptyWed Jan 04, 2012 2:12 pm

megaupload.com XQFL1LM1

This is a 3D free game from Comiket 81.

I'll be helping with the options menu. My Japanese is poor but I can still translate here and there.

Homura Combat 2VfNL

Top to Bottom

Rendering System

Display - Pick a display if you have multi monitor.

Pixel Shader - How many pixels there will be to make the game more realistic.

Vertex Shader - How good the Special Effects will be.

High Dynamic Range - How will it use the lighting all around you for this game.

Anisotropic Filtering - Short way to describe, the further things are the more pixalated it will become and blurry. If you set this higher they will become less blurry.

Anti-Aliasing - This makes things smooth.

Resolution - What size do you want it?

Full Screen Mode - Knida obvious.

???? - I don't know what this does... I think it limits your FPS? I turn it off my FPS goes straight to 60 or higher. I turn it on it's a constant 30 never moving... so yeah. Possibly Benchmarking.

???? - I really need more Japanese lessons.

Homura Combat 0o7tb

Start Game

Load Game

Exit Game

Homura Combat TNS9t

Select Mission

Loadout - Pick your weapons

Save Game

Options Menu

Go to Main Menu

Homura Combat Jrseu

Translating this is hard... I'll try though.

The very top option is a preconfig of options going from Ultra High to Low with the last option on the bottom of that menu being Customized.

Vertical Sync



Antialiasing Mode - Idk wth the japanese use.... PSSMx3...? The first choice is lowest disabling shadows and nifty details. The 3 after that mid with a low mid high setting making an effort to bring out some of the details. PSSMx3 is Highest with also a low mid high setting. The last one is a ?.

Idk what these 3 menus translate too but they affect how the game looks. Higher number better.

First two check boxes are also a ?

The very bottom there is a check mark for FPS.

On the right where that mini menu is there is Sound, Controls, and Exit. The menus are really easy to figure out SE = Sound Effects and BGM = Background Music. Stuff that has English lettering that other games would have.

Homura Combat 74Hxc

Select your mission on the top left.

Bottom right from left to right is Exit and Start.

Homura Combat Rc47X

Diffculty... it's in English.

Exit and Start are the buttons.

Homura Combat VDOyX

Left - Click Shoot

Right Click - Switch Weapons

Middle Click / Q / Z - Stop / Start Time

Ctrl - Roll

WASD - Move

Tab - Shows how many kills you have and your ping. It's showing Online capabities...? Lol wut?

F8 - Pause the game.

Homura Combat U6iam

Options Menu

Title Screen

Menu Screen

Exit Game

Exit the Menu


Homura Combat Afroman12
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Homura Combat
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