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 Phantasy Star Online 2

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PostSubject: Phantasy Star Online 2   Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:41 pm

For anyone who is intereseted in seeing if there computer can run the game:

Phantasy Star Online Character Creator:


Phantasy Star Online Beta Client (Reusable Updateable Client):


Phantasy Star Online English Text Patch (8/1/2012)

Check for updates

(Extract to {C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_CHARACTERCREATOR\pso2charactercreator_bin\data\win32})


{C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2\pso2_bin\data\win32}

Mini Guide to configuring client:

How to Configure client

Matter Board/Story Quest Completion:

Story Quest Helper

Skill Planner


Berserker 76/12/44

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasy Star Online 2   Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:44 pm

Matter Board Page 1
A-3 Find a ワイヤードゲイン Wiredgain drop from the enemy “Udan” (Any Forest Mission)
A-4 Go talk to ウルク Uruk, you can find her downstairs in the shopping lobby near the stage.
A-5 Find a “ブレイカー” Breaker drop from the Lv7+ Fongalf (Later Forest Missions)
B-1 Find a gunslayer drop from an Udan (Any Forest Mission)
B-2 Play the mission “ザウーダン討伐” look for a floating tablet in Area 1 to see a cutscene. Look for an event tablet called
“捜索中のゼノ?” (It is the first mission in the quest list.)
B-3 Go to the Shop Lobby and find Xeno, he will assign a client order you must complete. Afterwards go to the quest counter and start any mission and kill 20 Naberius native enemies ナベリウス原生種の撃破 x20. When you are done, go back to Xeno and select the client order again and report the information to him. You should see a client order clear appear on the screen once you are finished.
B-4 Find a “グリッパー Tag Valve drop from the enemy “Nab Rappy” (Any Forest Mission)
C-3: Find a “トリビュート” Tribute drop from the Zaudan enemy. (Any Forest mission)
C-4 Go talk to ジャン Jean, you can find him in the shopping lobby downstairs.
C-5 Find the Event Tablet “仲良し姉妹アークス” in Area 1 of the Dagan Extermination mission (ダガン殲滅任務:森林 Forest Mission)
D-1 Find a “リア/ティルトウィンα” drop from the Gorongo. (3rd or Free Forest Missions) Gorongo’s roll up into balls.
D-2 Find the レッグ/デステレンα unit from the Lv7+ Dagan enemy.
D-4 Find a “ハルベルト” Halberd, from the Agnis enemy. (Later Forest Missions.)
D-5 Play the quest “ダガン殲滅任務:森林” and look for an event tablet in Area 1 called “スキルマジすげえって”. (It is the third mission in the quest list.)
E-1 Find the “アーム/ティタスティンα” unit from the Lv7+ Enemy “Galf” (Later Forest Missions)
E-2 Find a “ブラスター” Blasta from the RockBear Enemy. (Rock Bears are Bosses and random Interrupt Events in Forest Missions, they usually appear in Free Field Quests)
E-3 Find the event tablet “オレの名はヒューイ!” in the Nab Rappy Capture mission. (ナヴ・ラッピー捕獲任務 Forest Mission)
E-4 Talk to Leda in the Shopping Lobby 2nd floor by the Makeup Counter.
E-5 Find a “ストライカー” drop from the Vriada. (Later Forest Missions)
Matter Board Page 2
A-1: Find an Alva Rifle from a Lv21+ Gilnas Core (Desert Missions)
A-2: Find an Alva Rod from a Lv21+ El Arda (Desert Mission)
A-3: Find a リア/プロダング Rear / Prodang unit from Lv11+ Zaudan.
A-5: Find the event tablet “不穏な人影” in Area 2 of the”Subdue Fongalf” mission. (2nd Forest Mission)
B-1: Meet Patty and Teia at the Shopping Area plaza
B-2: Find the “レッグ/ラジルストックα” Leg Ladrustuck from the Lv 11+ Signogan enemy (Desert Missions)
B-3: Find the event tablet “おせっかいな先輩” in Area 1 of the “Subdue Fongalf” mission. (2nd Forest Mission)
B-4: Find the event tablet “強化されたダーカー?” in Area 1 of the “Subdue Fongalf” mission (2nd Forest Mission)
B-5: Find the “レッグ/プラズガロンα” unit from Lv 11+ Rockbears
C-1: Meet Uruk at the Shop Area near the stage.
C-2: Find the “アーム/ラジウパウチα” unit from a Lv11+ Spargun enemy (Desert Mission)
C-4: Find the “アーム/ブリダインα” unit from a Lv 11+ Oodan enemy (Forest Mission)
C-5: Find the event tablet “ゼノとエコー” in the Robot investigation mission. (機甲種性能調査:砂漠 Desert Mission)
D-2: Find the “リア/ラジルザックα” unit from Lv11+ SpardanA. (Desert Missions)
D-3: Find the “ワイヤードオーバー” Wired Over from the Lv11+ Sol Dinian (Caves Missions)
E-1: Find the “グレイヴ” Glaive from the Lv21+ Kaltagot (Later Caves Missions)
E-2: Find the “スプレイン” Splein from the Lv11+ Dinian (Caves Missions)
E-3: Find the “タグバルブ” Tabvalve from the Lv11+ Digg (Caves Missions)
E-4: Find the event tablet “師匠に似ている” in Area 1 of the Dragon Territory mission. (龍族生態調査 Cave Mission)
E-5: Find the “アルバソード” AlvaSword from the Lv21+ Fodoran

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Posts : 143
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasy Star Online 2   Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:17 pm

So there is a bare bones guide online but I figured we could use a more in depth one here.


This is the Item Lab. (Purple Shop located in the Lower Level Shop area to the left of the elevators. Here you are able to reinforce your item using grinders you find (looks something akin to"this") and its a 4 star drop iirc.

アイテム強化 = Normal Reinforcement,
属性強化 = Upgrade Attribute Strength, No limit/Penalty on this.
特殊能力追加 = Ability Infusion
アイテムラブを出る = Exit the Item Lab


Max Level is +10, Failure at +7-+9 can result in a -1, while a failure after +9 will cause -2,
Requires Grinders. Special AC items only acquired through the gachapon system can increase the success chances located on the left drop down menu.

Buffing Element Attributes:
Weapons/Armor you may find can already come with an element or in Super Rare (red items on map) cases, when you identify the weapon you can choose a target element you want the weapon to assimulate.
In order for you to boost the element strength of a weapon you must have two weapons with the same exact name.

The first weapon you choose will be your target weapon/armor, then assuming you have doubles of that same item, you choose the second item which is going to be infused into "target" weapon/armor.

NOTE: This item will be deleted from inventory once infused and abilities lost with it.

The element strength can be boosted anywhere from 1-3 points depending on a few factors.

Target Weapon Attribute + Same Attribute (Crit)= +3 Element Gain
Target Weapon Attribute + Same Attribute (Non crit) = +2 Element Gain
Target Weapon Attribute + Different Attribute (Crit) = +2 Element Gain
Target Weapon Attribute + Different Attribute = +1 Element Gain
Target Weapon Attribute + No Attribute = +1 Element Gain

When combining weapons/armors with different elements, there is an exclusive AC Gachapon item that can change the element of the resulting item to whatever you want.

Ability Infusion:
Ok here's the most important part of your weapon or armor. If your like me and you like to have a certain set of armors because you like the way they look on your character, this is gonna be a long process with lots of gambling. Gotta get those good looks and great abilities right?

The first item you select is going to be your "target item" (Top item). Now to transfer/power up abilities, you will need weapons/armors with the same amount of ability slots as your "target item". You can use up to 2 different items for this process. Ability slots are noted on each weapon by a x1,x2,x3 etcetc up to x8(iirc), which basically just says how many abilities are on the item currently as well.

NOTE: If you are trying to Infuse/Buff abilities on a Target Weapon, only other Weapons can be used for the infusion process. Same applies to Armors.
NOTE: Items used as infusion material will be deleted from your inventory.

You have 3 types of ability transfers:

Type 1) Transferring any of the preferred abilities from the selectable list of abilities available.
Type 2) Some abilities can be stacked to make more powerful versions (Most max at III, while others either max at II or don't increase at all [Mutation I]).
Type 3) Boss Sols: Powerful abilities found on certain items dropped from bosses. Most revolve around increasing HP and either
(S-Attack, R-Attack, T-Attack, PP Max, Ability, S-Defense, R-Defense, T-Defense...). In order to infuse a "target item" with a Boss Sol ability, you will be required to provide 2 items with the same Boss Sol you want.

Now depending how many slots the original "Target Item" had, the next screen will show you the available amount of slots on the weapon/armor + an extra slot.

Percentages of success will be displayed next to the abilities indicating the chances it will appear on the "Target Item".

NOTE: Use of an extra slot will decrease the success chance of all the abilities being attempted for infusion by about 30%. Use of the extra slot, provided all your other abilities succeed, is how you increase the ability slots overall on the "Target Item"

So what happens if you have an item that has no ability slots at all? You can still infuse an ability to it however the only slot available will be the Extra Slot, meaning off the bat whatever ability you choose to place there, you automatically start with a -30% chance of success. There is 1 perk to using items with no ability slots as your "target item" however, and that is that they have the ability to be infused with items of any number of ability slots. This gives items with no ability slots, to act as "filler" equips to pull off desired abilities from items which may have to many slots.

Item Identification: Tekker Shop
Red items found in dungeon areas will be marked with a "?" in your inventory. These items need to be identified before they are equipped. The lady that handles identification is next to the reinforcement shop.

When Identifying an item, you can select a few things here.

First is the Element of the item and Second option allows you to choose a *Personal* ability the weapon can have that's NOT transferable: Either, Meso Drop Rate Up, Rare Item Drop Rate Up or EXP Up.

I may have missed something but that is the gist of it. If I remember something else, I'll add it later.


Berserker 76/12/44
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasy Star Online 2   Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:27 pm

Soph teach you how to buy weapon from other player's personal shop

1.Go to the purple Console, open it
2. Pick first option, after that pick the first option again
3. Now you should see this window

Don't bother with anything, go pick the main catagory

from top the bottom
Consumeable item
Skill Disk
My Room Misc
Order Item/Quest Item

Once you pick weapon
sub catargory will open

top to bottom
Duel Blade? Or whatever that is
Mechine Gun
the other Forcer weapon which I have no idea what it is

after you pick everything, you pretty much all set, but you can still mess around with the filter to find the item you want faster

other item can be shop in the same way....but I'm too lazy to post the detail...just play around
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Posts : 143
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasy Star Online 2   Fri Aug 03, 2012 11:28 am

Updated English Patch: Confirmed working.


Berserker 76/12/44
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasy Star Online 2   

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Phantasy Star Online 2
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