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 Godcode comic after chapters

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PostSubject: Godcode comic after chapters   Godcode comic after chapters EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 7:43 pm

i title none of my posts seriously. >:I
anyway. Im too lazy to rewrite the first 3 chapters...but theyre in comic form HERE
its old >_> ignore the mistakes.

And i continued in writing form FTW

also writing isn't my strong point, but i do this so i can get a clear understanding of whats to happen and so im sure that the story makes sence.
also sorry for the code. its the only way to keep it with the tabs =w=

Chapter 4

   Chapter 3 ends with Angel finding the power of that god, Sarvajna, who he met in his dreams. Sarvajna decided to materialize himself, instead of using possession, which caused Angel to black out and not actually see what happened. When he woke up, Sea and Spy (the other two soldiers they left with) were in the room. Sea (the guy) was examining the body and Spy (the girl) was tending to Angel and Night, who was unconscious. Sea noticed that Leader: Iceland had his body modified to work better with a lack of blood, using drugs, and physical reinforcements to his organ walls and major vessles to keep them from piercing as easily… which is why all the wounds he had didn’t stop him… though he would have eventually passed out from the smaller vessels leaking. His body died from the hole in his chest being spread and the organs being pulled out of it. This was, of-course, done by Sarvajna, though. Not Angel.

Germanic-Franc Arc- Segment 1
   It was a calm afternoon… about a week passed since the returning from conquering Iceland’s territory. Angel was still soaking in everything that happened and still pondering the consequences of such a power. Wrapped in bandages and having only a day or two off for recovery, he sat next to the center floor window and just gazed at the ocean sparkling in the noon sun.
   Hearing the distinct clicking of her heels, Angel turned around to see Night standing behind him.  “Are you feeling any better?” she smiled, “The doctor told me I should be able to get back to training within the week.”
   Her positive demeanor was enough to make Angel raise an eyebrow to her situation. After having her sternum shattered, she still was as willing as ever to make herself useful to her country, and loyal to her leader. “I’m better.” Angel responded quietly, returning his gaze to the ocean.  “Only a day or two more.”
It was obvious by the behavior presented that he wasn’t too excited with his shortened break from his job. Night just smiled sympathetically and took a seat next to him.  “Angel…”
   Angel’s eyes stayed on the ocean for a few more seconds before slowly and curiously turning his attention to Night, who was clenching her fists in her lap and staring at her feet.  “You could’ve died back there… and it was because I was too hasty to wait for backup first…”
   Angel stared at her as her eyes became glossy. He wasn’t quite sure what to say. “You…don’t have to worry about me,” He reassured.  Night looked at him with concern.
   “You could barely face that guy….He was a monster…” She wiped her eyes and sighed, “It was inconsiderate of me to call for you… You’re so inexperienced.” She leaned over, resting her head on Angel’s shoulder. Her voice sounded choked up, “I-if you really did die back there…” she buried her face into Angel’s arm, “I wouldn’t be able to help but blame myself.”
   Angel felt her subtle tears on his arm. He thought for a second before speaking, “I can defend myself fine….” He turned his head the other direction as Night looked up at him, “I can defend all of us. I…I have that power.”
“That sounds like quite the story to tell me about, AngelCode,” interrupted the despised voice of authority.
“L-Leader..!” Night gasped, drying her eyes and standing up quickly. Leader gave her an approving expression, quickly averting his attention to Angel, who sat still and gave an annoyed glare.
   Leader chuckled to himself at Angel’s stubborn attitude….his bravery to act in such a way. “I’ve been meaning to ask how you managed to defeat Iceland singlehandedly”. He walked up closer to Angel and loomed over him, “How is it possible that you couldn’t land a single strike yet managed to win….” Leader smirked, “and in such a brutal way.”
   Angel stalled. Without revealing what really happened, he was at loss of words. “I just beat him. Does it matter how?” he sneered.
Leader kept his calmed expression and leaned over to repeat his question. “It isn’t a matter of why I want to know…. It’s a matter of you being inferior, and answering my questions.” After a few seconds of the same scorning expression from Angel, Leader stood up straight again.
Leader’s face then turned serious. He pulled the staff out from his belt and put it up to Angel’s throat, before anyone had time to realize what just happened. “I asked you a question, Code”.
 Looking into Leader’s eyes, Angel could tell he wasn’t taking this lightly. That gaze was enough to freeze his breath. He sat there silently. “Please! Leader, don’t!” Night cried,  grabbing a hold of Leaders arm.  “It was just a bad experience for him…h-he probably just doesn’t want to repeat it yet! Give him time! He’s still new to this!”
   Leader flung Night off his arm before activating his staff, creating a shining blue blade reminiscent of Angel’s hand-blades…. Certainly sharp enough to slice through Angels flesh with the twitch of Leader’s arm. “W-why are you overreacting so much?!” Angel questioned, knowing Leader wouldn’t dare kill his prized soldier….
“Your stalling leads to suspicion.” He replied. “And you need to learn your place in this system”. Leader dug the blade of his staff into Angel’s collarbone, causing Angel to suddenly jump out of his seat and back away with a sudden sense of insecurity.
   “A-are you crazy?!” He cried, holding his newly formed wound.
Leader simply smiled….almost as if he was enjoying the expression on Angel’s face. “No, I am quite sane.” Leader responded, whipping the blood off his staff and walking slowly towards Angel, “It’s your incompetence that makes me have to do this.”
   Angel knew he didn’t have a chance to fight him. He also was quite aware that Leader wouldn’t hesitate to beat him to the last thread of his life. “I-I JUST GOT A LUCKY HIT” He lied, gaining the stern look back in his eyes. “I-I made sure he was dead….b-by removing his vital organs!”
   There was a slight moment of silence. Leader deactivated his staff and lowered his arm. “Oh?” He questioned. Angel stayed on guard, not knowing what to expect from his lie. Leader’s face hadn’t changed at all…he still seemed very unconvinced. “And it took you this much effort to get you to tell me, why?” He smirked.
Just then there was a large thwak as Angel flew onto the floor. Leader held out his staff once again. “Taking me as naive is one of the most fatal mistakes you can make, Code. If it really were that easy, I wouldn’t be asking you this question in the first place.”
Angel sat up cautiously with the bloodied staff pointing at his head. “You see, Code… I don’t like you, as a person. You’re too stubborn… too prideful as child of your status”, Leader announced, a smile creeping onto his face, almost sadistically. “I will have to beat that out of you, won’t I?” Angel jumped aside as leader cracked his staff into the floor, and ran to the window
   “Keep in mind, There is no escape in this world, AngelCode!” Leader informed. Angel darted and held his arms in front of his face, using his forearms to shatter the glass. He unfolded his wings and flew away… now only with the thought of escape on his mind. He can’t get caught…or his consequences will be even worse…
   there was no looking back….or he would see that face laughing back at him.
Night stood there staring out the window, completely flabbergasted at what just happened, then turned her head quickly to Leader. He pulled a small computer device from his pants pocket, giving a confident expression. “Any good man has a strict security on their property,” he smiled, pressing something on the mini-computer and pushing it back into his pocket, then walking away, as if nothing even happened.

He probably was only about a mile or two away before his thoughts finally collected on everything that was happening. He couldn’t believe that he just…ran. He ran. “I’m so…weak…”
   Angel was stuck pondering this thought. He couldn’t fight aside Night…He did nothing in the face of his superior but hide his tail between his legs…. And now if he were to get caught, he couldn’t even predict the punishment he’d get.
By then his thinking was interrupted when Angel realized that he was losing height… fast. His wings flickered and shut off, plunging Angel into the ocean below him. The impact of hitting the water was enough to make his head spin, and take his breath. “DE-ACTIVATING ANGEL||CODE.1.0-- STATUS: COMPLETE” appearing in his eyeshields was what gave him the hint that Leader really had won.
   “D-damn it….” He mumbled to himself…sinking.
 The world was black… the only thing he heard was that voice of power.
   “Do not worry… It isn’t that time yet”

Angel jumped up in a state of pure shock. He looked down at himself “I-I’m alive…?”
He took a nice look around at the room he had been laying in for an unknown amount of time “T-this isn’t the institution…. Where is this?”
Just then he heard another scream…which sounded like rather frustrated. “For the love of- JUST PUT THEM OVER THERE.”
   Angel ran to the door and cautiously peered out. It looked as if…here were on a ship. The floor was made of a hard, sealed wood, and the sides were made of a silver metal of some sort. Men were bustling about, doing whatever they were doing. As Angel looked over, he saw the only woman on the ship…the one who must have been making the obnoxious commands. It didn’t take her long to notice him watching, however.
“Ahhh- so the Shrimp is finally awake”, she snickered. “You’re lucky we didn’t just steam ya’.”
Angel looked at her closely. She had a fair purple hair, that was wavy and went down to her mid-back, and she seemed rather built for a woman…. But the first thing that caught Angels attention was her face. She wore a crimson eyepatch over her right eye, but her left eye was a stern yellow. Her gaze could break anyone. “Who are you?” Angel said as intimidatingly as he could.
She laughed “You’re pretty cold for a kid, huh? No hellos or Hey thanks for saving my life… It’s all about knowing who I am. Jeeze, kid’s these days.” She rubbed her chin as if dissapointed.
“I’ll repeat: Who are you?” Angel repeated just as sternly. He wasn’t sure quite yet to trust this woman… She was hard to read. He couldn’t tell if she just wanted to laugh at him, hand him in as bounty or actually just save him.
The woman sighed and then put her hands on her waist, clearing her throat. “I am Iara… the queen of this huge watery wasteland called the ocean.” She claimed, haughtily. “Or if you want more accurate terms… What you Codes would call a Pirate.” Angel perked an eyebrow. He hadn’t been very familiar with the outside world so he was still rather skeptical on what she meant.
Before any more words could be said, a rather tall, dark skinned man with a cigarette half hanging out of his mouth walked up, quickly taking notice to the, much shorter, Angel. “Hey, so you’re alive!” He held out his hand and introduced himself. “I’m Carson… Her first mate of this ship”
   Angel stared at his hand, then stared back up at his face with a revolting expression. Carson quickly drew his hand back in while dissapointingly mumbling “He’s just like you….” To Iara, who just turned and gave him a death stare.
Carson cleared his throat and let out a relieved chuckle. “Oh!” he remembered, “the real reason I came out here…” He took his cigarette and tossed it off deck. “Land- Ho.”
Chapter 5
   It must have been the next morning, for all Angel knew. Apparently his meeting with the ocean along with his tireless nights before then all caught up at once. The incidences at hand, though, seem to just add to his worries. According to these two people, Iara and Carson, they’ve been sailing all night… by then they had made it to the great country of Spain.
   “We need supplies and shit… you know the routine.” She told Carson, in a rather apathetic tone of voice. Carson adjusted his long black coat and put on a pair of dark sunglasses. Turning to Iara he stopped halfway to notice Angel standing there.
   “Um… What about the kid? He can’t go out like that …” Carson sighed. Iara was the first to suggest something.
   “You can take that metal junk off, can’t you?” she questioned while angel stood there still a bit untrusting and in silence. Iara Bent to eye level with Angel and gave him a demanding glare, “WELLLLLLLL?”
   Angel stepped back quickly “Y-yes…” he spewed unintentionally. Iara stood back up with a pleased expression on her face. Angel scrunched his face in frustration “What makes you think I’d let you take it off?”
   Iara looked down at Angels scornful expression and returned her own “What makes you think I’ll hesitate to take your ass and chain it to the bottom of this god-damned ship?” She grabbed angels arm and threw him against the floor, signaling Carson to hold him down.
   “W-What the hell is wrong with you people!?” Angel yelled, unable to squirm free of Carson’s pin-down. “G-Get off me..!” After another few moments of trying to wriggle free, he ultimately gave up and growled in defeat.
   “It’s like wrestling with wild animals,” Iara grinned, feeling around the base of Angels jetpack looking for the clips to disconnect it. “A-ha!” she announced, releasing the connection and slowly pulling away the large metal pack, and throwing it aside. “whoever designed this shit was clumsy…” she huffed disappointedly.
   “you almost done? I think he’s getting pissed off…” Carson questioned, looking at Angel’s face and seeing nothing but scorn. Iara Snorted.
   “Not like he’s going to even be able to do anything. He’s completely de-activated.” She removed the last of his attachments and stood up. “Alright, done!”
   Carson stood up cautiously… but much to his surprise Angel just laid there. What she said seemed to echo in his head… she was right. It was pointless to be so hostile at this point. They both just proved they could take him down easily, yet, they haven’t by now so…
   “Now what are you going to do?” Angel asked, standing up, turning to Iara with a strong expression. He would trust them for now…but he wouldn’t let them break the little bit of spirit he had. Iara didn’t seem to mind either way. She just turned to Carson and smiled.
   “You have extra coats, right?”

“I feel ridiculous.” Angel growled, after seeing what he was made to change in to. He was dressed in a zipper-up turtleneck with long sleeves. His pants were baggy and black, and a pair of fingerless gloves to top it all off.
   Iara slapped a cap that was way too big for him onto his head. “Shut the hell up-- you look fine.” Angel bit his tongue in defeat.
   It was a bustling town. The industrialization was great, and the area seemed prosperous. Lights were everywhere and the people Angel saw, all seemed happy. He thought about it… he’s never seen so many happy people at once. People normally grew scornful as soon as they saw him… and the people at the institution were never genuinely happy… even if they could pretend to be.
   The first stop was the grocery store. It didn’t seem as much of a surprise with all the people on the ship, and how little Iara claimed to use her “land-legs”. Carson removed his glasses and hung them off his white wife-beater’s neckline, revealing is Carmine colored eyes. “Let’s get this over-with…” he groaned.
   There was a silent stepping sound echoing through the female side of the housing units. It wasn’t the typical klacking noise made my most of the inhabitants there.
   “NightCode,” Said a strong voice shortly before opening the only occupied room at the time. “I have a request of you.”
   Night stood out of her bed, wiping her face “Y-yes Leader?” She was rather embarrassed he had come in and saw her this way. She always tried to keep a strong exterior… but she hadn’t felt this worried in a long time. She knew how people were around Codes… and how Angel was around people.
   Leader smiled slightly. “Would you like to go and look for your… Angel?”

   After about an hour gathering a cart of supplies for the next week or two, Iara stopped suddenly and set her hand to her ear. “…Yes… You can’t be serious…” She growled and let out a big sigh. “I have the most…useless crew ever. Comeon, we have to go tend to their pitiful asses”
   Once they all finally got back to the ship, lugging everything they had bought, they were met by a serious looking man in uniform holding a tablet and pen. The first thing Iara noticed, however, was the shiny golden badge on his chest. “What are you doing here, cop??” She snapped.
   “Is this your ship?” he questioned sternly.
   Iara huffed. “So what if it is?” She crossed her arms stubbornly.
   The cop sighed, knowing what he was going to have to deal with at this point. “You realize that this ship is unlicensed, and isn’t permitted to park here, right?” He looked at Iara, who’s face just seemed stiff. “A-alright then, I’m going to have to request some identification-“
   Just then Iara plowed her heel into the policeman’s forehead “Release the ladder!” she yelled to the deck of her ship. Carson and Angel just stood flabbergasted at what just happened.  “COMEON!”  She screamed, snapping the two of them out of it and signaling them to follow her to the now released ladder.
   As the ship began to leave the dock, the cop came to his senses and leaned up holding his face and cringing. Realizing that they were escaping he ran to the edge of the dock, seeing it was too late to catch them on foot.
   Angel turned his head around, hanging off the ladder, just in time to hear the policeman scream in fury: “Damn you, Icers!”

   “Hey… Carson?” 
   Carson looked down at the normally silent soldier, slightly surprised. “Yeah?”
   Angel leaned over the side of the ship and looked at the horizon. “W-what’s an Icer?”
   Carson leaned back and looked down at Angel questionably, “You really don’t know what that is? Do they not teach you anything?” Angel stood quietly, waiting for his answer. “Well…” he continued, “Pretty much someone who decides to not use the advancements in technology that happened during the war.” He looked at Angel for confirmation on his explanation and got nothing. Carson shrugged awkwardly, “Y-you know… they say It’s like we’re frozen in time or something…”
   “I like it like this” Angel silently admitted. Not once in his life has he felt so…free. Here he felt… human.

   Night stood at the edge of the departure deck, staring out at the horizon, holding a small mission log to her chest. The strong wind was blowing her hair into her face. As she pulled it aside, she smiled to herself. “Just wait a little longer….”

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PostSubject: Re: Godcode comic after chapters   Godcode comic after chapters EmptyTue Jul 20, 2010 8:43 am

using code to indent isnt a bad idea ;U
it was getting on my nerves
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lol i spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out how to D:
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updated for the sake of fitting in O:<
*crawls back to the art forums now*
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PostSubject: Re: Godcode comic after chapters   Godcode comic after chapters EmptySat Jan 08, 2011 4:27 am

*crys at how much there is too read* Thumbs Up
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Godcode comic after chapters
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