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 100% Orange Juice Character Guide.

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100% Orange Juice Character Guide. Empty
PostSubject: 100% Orange Juice Character Guide.   100% Orange Juice Character Guide. EmptySat Jul 05, 2014 9:34 am

Steam link

In this guide, I will give a description of each character in 100% Orange Juice, including information such as stats, useful card combinations, and a detailed breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses.

This is not a how-to-play guide. It is assumed that the viewer of this guide possesses basic knowledge of gameplay mechanics and can identify card effects based on name. If you are unsure of what a card's effects are, please refer to the 100% Orange Juice Cards Information guide written by fellow juicer, ProjectAria.

The information and suggestions presented in this guide are mainly intended for multiplayer purposes, though much of it could apply to single player as well. If you are looking for a guide for completing single player campaigns, I suggest rolling better.[size=10][i0.kym-cdn.com]


Version History
Schiff Robot's stats have been modified. Now 6/1/0/-1 instead of 7/1/0/-1.
Flying Castle's stats have been modified. Now 10/1/-2/-1 instead of 10/1/-1/-1.

Kai's Protagonist's Privilege has been modified. Now has a requirement of level 3 instead of level 4. Now also has a requirement of 20 stars instead of 30 stars.
Store Manager has been modified. Now loses 1 HP on card discard instead of 2 HP on card discard.

Kai's stats have been modified. Now 4/1/0/0 instead of 5/1/0/0. His section requires updating.
Fernet's Air Strike has been modified. Now grants 15 stars upon every KO. Her section requires updating.
New playable boss characters introduced: Store Manager, Boss Robot and Flying Castle. Boss character section is due at some point (which means, unfortunately, a Tomomo guide)

Added effective defensive stats for all characters.
Aru's stats have been modified. Now 5/-1/-1/2 instead of 5/-1/-1/1. Her section has been updated to reflect this.

Guide created.

I'm lazy and don't feel like typing out long card names repeatedly so here's how I abbreviate stuff:

[size=15]IoF: I'm on Fire!

A battle card which grants the user +1 ATK and -1 DEF for the duration of combat. It requires player level 1 and costs 5 stars.

RAtF: Reverse Attribute Field
A battle card which inverses both character's stat modifiers (calculated after other battle effects) for the duration of combat. It requires player level 3 and costs 10 stars.

RCC: Rainbow-Colored Circle
A battle card which grants the user +2 EVD and -1 DEF for the duration of combat. It requires player level 2 and costs 5 stars.

SAOM: Super All-Out Mode
An event card which grants all players +2 ATK during their next instance of combat. It requires player level 3 and costs 30 stars.

What are Defensive Thresholds?
What these numbers describe is the effective defense of a given character. These DEF number is obtained by adding the highest possible roll (6) to a character's DEF modifier along with their max HP, then subtracting 1. This represents the largest possible roll a player is able to defend against and still live. The EVD number is the highest possible roll combined with the character's EVD modifier, again subtracting 1. This is the largest possible roll a player is able to evade.

For example: QP can achieve a maximum defense roll of 6 (6+0). With 5 HP, the highest attack she is able to block is 10. Her maximum EVD is 6 (6+0) meaning she is able to avoid any roll of 5 or lower.

If a character has an immunity value, it means they are guaranteed to avoid any rolls under a certain number. This is easily calculated by using their EVD modifier.

Remember: these numbers all assume a maximum roll of 6 and do not factor in other card buffs or lesser rolls. They only exist to show the extent of a character's defensive capabilities.


[size=15]Stats: 5 HP | -1 ATK | -1 DEF | +2 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 9 DEF | 7 EVD | 2 Immunity
Hyper: Present for You

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. E640E52E765CD883B16A214CF861DFB49422A977

Sporting good HP and great EVD, Aru plays a very defensive role in games. Though she is able to slip through opponent's attacks, she must be wary of her miniscule ATK and DEF. As her combat proficiency is poor, you'll want to spend your time avoiding confrontation and instead focus on acquiring stars. Her hyper, fortunately, excels at doing just that, with the potential of granting the largest amount of stars of any non-trap card. It does come with the fairly steep downside of loading up your opponents with cards to use against you, which further emphasizes your need to avoid an engagement.


Present for You grants more stars the fewer cards everyone has, so the main thing to pay attention to is everyone's card count. With a 30 star cost, you'll need to hand out at least 2 other cards to break even, since Present replaces itself upon use.

While breaking even is the bare minimum to shoot for, because of the nature of the card, you'll want to hold onto it to maximize your gains. As a general rule of thumb, try to hold onto your hyper until you can get at least 50 stars from it. Often times, the first use will be the most efficient, as other players may horde their cards to prevent you from cashing in again. You can force card removal through use of traps like Bad Pudding and Flamethrower, though keep in mind the 20 star cost of the latter. In a pinch, Present for You can be used while it is your only card in hand to effectively pay for itself while giving you a full, fresh hand.

Fun fact: the maximum possible amount of stars awarded by Present for You is 120, which is more than double what Poppo can get with Ubiquitous.


+Can quickly accrue stars through hyper
+High EVD makes her difficult to hit
-Easily countered hyper
-Hyper is a double-edged sword since it can give enemies useful cards


In order to get the most out of your hyper, you'll need to ensure your opponents are light on cards.Flamethrower and Bad Pudding both work well, with the former working as a clutch kill on occasion. Holy Night will increase your per-chapter gains and is generally useful on all farm centric characters. Gift Exchange will shuffle around everyone's cards, possibly allowing you to snag an opponent's hyper, denying them its use. If you find yourself needing to survive battles, RCC works well with your natural EVD bonus to help you dodge those high rollers.

[size=15]Stats: 6 HP | -1 ATK | +2 DEF | -2 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 13 DEF | 3 EVD
Hyper: Air Strike

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 9F0D622F3B39C459AC74AF2A01723992B810DBE9

Roll like a tank, hit like a, uh... decommissioned tank. Fernet is a veritable walking fortress, able to shrug off combat damage like nobody's business. Because of this, she has an extremely easy time farming up stars and holding onto them. Often times, opposing players may pass you by, preferring to take their full roll while leaving you to your own devices.

Unfortunately, being a fat damage sponge is about all she can do in battle. With reduced ATK, she frequently struggles to hit an evading target, and her unsalvagable EVD ensures she'll eventually be worn down by repeated battles.


Air Strike deals random damage to all living targets on the board other than yourself. This would be a pretty cool hyper if Fernet could actually prey on her weakened opponents. At 30 stars, the hyper itself is also fairly costly considering the benefits are so limited. Unlike Marc's x16 Big Rocket, killing a target with Air Strike doesn't grant any wins. 

Ultimately, Fernet's Air Strike does not synergize well with her playstyle and isn't really worth the high cost for using it.


+Great survivability
+Can disrupt other combat oriented players
+Can use RAtF well
-Poor combat, will eventually be wittled down
-Hyper somewhat useless
-Card reliant
-Lack of big plays can be kinda boring


Fernet shines when she is left to farm, so picking cards that increase her income is reccommended.Holy Night and Nice Jingle both work well for raking in the big bucks. For healing, Pudding will top off your high HP while Dinner can be used to interfere with other killseekers, denying them income.

Fernet can also utilize RAtF to become an offensive threat in battle, so there's always that...

Flying Castle
[size=15]Stats: 10 HP | +1 ATK | -2 DEF | -1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 13 DEF | 4 EVD
Flying Castle has no hyper
Prevents the use of battle cards (by attackers only when initiating combat on Castle.)
Unable to retaliate during combat.
Flying Castle requires a 6 upon initial revive roll.





[size=15]Stats: 5 HP | +1 ATK | -1 DEF | +1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 9 DEF | 6 EVD | 1 Immunity
Hyper: Binding Chain

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. BFFC2D8FC3F9498C82555CD6907584D947F45A60

Hime is a balanced character with a stat distribution that favors combat. Compared to other EVD characters, she sports higher HP, which gives her better survivability overall. Her hyper has amazing utility and a very low cost, making it a great tool for disrupting other players.

There's really not much else to say about her, so let's move on to something more interesting...


Binding Chain causes everyone to skip their turn, allowing you to essentially act twice. At a modest 10 star cost, this card is really amazing. The main drawback is the player level 4 requirement, limiting it's uses to late game exclusively. Nevertheless, having such a large degree of control over the board is invaluable.

There are numerous applications for Binding Chain. It can be used immediately before the Miracle stage effect to deny everyone but yourself the benefits of doubled panels. You can use it to impede players chasing you down or running away. It can be used to stall out effects like Protagonist's Privilege or Little War. If there's a situation where you find yourself needing a little extra time,Binding Chain might just be your saving grace.


+Higher HP than her counterparts
+Disruptive hyper is very good for upsets
+Low card costs
-Hyper has a high level requirement
-Doesn't really excel in anything


As with other evasion characters, RCC and IoF are solid combat choices. Due to her higher HP, she uses Big Magnum and Pudding better than her counterparts.

[size=15]Stats: 4 HP | +1 ATK | +0 DEF | +0 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 9 DEF | 5 EVD
Hyper: Protagonist's Privilege

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 23BA1E0B6FDBC5912A663143C03FCC4BD954A2F4

Kai is a solid pick for any scenario. He can use lots of cards effectively, allowing him to be played pretty much however you'd like. Though his stats are fairly neutral, his hyper gives him a great combat advantage, allowing him to navigate through the later stages of the game safely, and even score some guaranteed kills through the use of supportive cards like Final Battle.


Protagonist's Privilege let's you do stupid stuff like walk into boss battles with 1 HP and leave unmolested. Upon use, enemies on the defensive in battle are unable to fight back, allowing you to get free hits without any fear of retaliation. This is pretty nice on it's own, but where this really shines is when you do nasty things like force a fight to the death using Final Battle.

As long as you initiate combat, using Final Battle with your hyper active will let you repeatedly attack roll against a defending opponent until they eventually die. Because your opponent is guaranteed to die, it is important to pick a high value target, as a combination of Final Battle and Protagonist's Privilege is going to set you back a cool 50 stars. If you've really got cash to burn or are looking to beat up on multiple opponents, Little War can give similar, though not exact results. By paying a total of 70 stars, you can guarantee two free hits against anyone who is unfortunate enough to be caught in your direct path, with the added amusement of watching other players forced to tank two hits from a boss.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Little War is an event card, so unlike Final Battle, you cannot play both it andProtagonist's Privilege in the same turn.


+Good stats all around
+Strong late-game presence
+Best theme song
-Somewhat card reliant
-High cost combos can leave you at a deficit
-Low rolls can waste hyper


As mentioned above, Final Battle and Little War both synergize very well with your hyper. Assaultgives you the first attack, which also makes it useful while hypered, though it can be wasted if no player lands on it for the duration. IoFMagnum, and other in-combat ATK buffs are also useful.

[size=15]Stats: 4 HP | +1 ATK | +1 DEF | -1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 10 DEF | 4 EVD
Hyper: x16 Big Rocket

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. ED37264CB79A484399391F759CE67DDA020D26FF

Marc is unique in that she is the only character who is able to score wins off of opponents without even touching them in battle. Through use of her hyper, she can pick off weakened targets, or even slaughter them outright, depending on the phase of the game. Additionally, she sports a nice spread of stats which can allow her to succeed in a variety of combat situations.

Another unique feature she possesses is a very mellow theme song, which can instantly kill all hype upon level up.


x16 Big Rocket scales in both damage and cost based on your level. It is usable regardless of player level, so the card has great versitility in it's use. To get the most out of it, you'll definately want to kill your target with it, as you are granted wins. Your victim must also incur a +1 penalty to their revival roll, which can keep a problematic player out of commission longer.

Early game, it's a useful tool for weakening targets or picking off stragglers, scoring some easy wins. Under certain situations, it may even be beneficial to purposely avoid leveling up in order to keep the card cost low. This is usually effective when your opponents are spending a lot of time fighting each other and escaping battles with low health.

At level 3, kill Peat any time he isn't eating dirt for free wins.

Once you've hit max level, your rocket really hurts. Like, a lot. Any character not named Marie Poppo or Fernet is a guaranteed kill, so save your hyper for more situational uses, such as denying victories or securing them for yourself.

One thing to remember is that despite your opponent's remaining HP, x16 Big Rocket will always deal your level in damage. This can make the card's cost less efficient, particularly during late game.


+Good combat stats
+Can OHKO most of cast with hyper lategame
+Hyper can farm kills indirectly
-Worn down through repeat battle
-Hyper gets expensive quick


Artillery ain't cheap, so if you intend to use hypers regularly, you're gonna need to suppliment your income. Holy Night and Nice Jingle will keep your pockets lined. Pudding can help replenish your health after combat, and comes with the unexpected benefit of a high level requirement, meaning you'll be able to rocket down opponents who try to benefit from it. As for direct combat, IoF can give you the extra punch you need to finish someone off, while Usabit strengthens your DEF at the cost of sacrificing your already low EVD.

Marie Poppo
[size=15]Stats: 7 HP | -1 ATK | -1 DEF | -1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 11 DEF | 4 EVD
Hyper: Ubiquitous

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 0C76B8E7EADBB55CC0ED4F1A3CFBC43422DFF0F6

Marie Poppo has the highest HP of any other character in the game, but suffers for it by having diminished stats and, by extension, very poor combat abilities. This coupled with the star steal from Ubiquitious forces her into a strict star norma choice. As such, players of Poppo should focus on collecting and stealing stars while running away from opponents who want to (justifiably) kill her and take her stars.


Ubiquitous is a no cost card which teleports Poppo to her target and steals stars from them, scaling with their level. For each player level your opponent has, you will take from them 10 stars. Against a level 5 player, this card will steal 50 stars from them, which can easily be the single deciding factor in the outcome of a game.

Ignoring the thieving aspect of Ubiquitous, the card has amazing utility as it grants you controllable repositioning on the board. You can teleport yourself away from a threatening player and into a safer position, possibly closer to a home base. Bear in mind that because you must teleport yourself onto another unit, you are open to retaliation as they will chase you down in an attempt to reclaim their stolen stars from your corpse.


+Very high HP makes her deceptively bulky
+Hyper can decide games
+Great benefits from RAtF
-Poor combat all around
-Hyper not at its peak til late game
-Hyper can put you into dangerous situations


Poppo plays a mean game of keep-away, so using cards that allow her to survive and run away are crucial to her survival. She is the single best user of Pudding and RAtF which work amazingly with her high health and negative stats. Shield and Usabit can ensure survival against aggressive foes in battle. Here and There forcibly repositions everyone on the board, allowing for a potential followup Ubiquitous on the next turn.

[size=15]Stats: 3 HP | +1 ATK | +1 DEF | +1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 9 DEF | 6 EVD | 1 Immunity
Hyper: Blue Crow the Second
Peat requires only a 4 upon initial revive roll.

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 3220C4E43AC79D82EC0E2DA7E65EC45DF8303146

Sporting a bonus in every combat stat, Peat does a pretty good job when it comes to fighting. His hyper, Blue Crow the Second, grants him greatly improved stats during battle allowing him to easily overpower opponents. Additionally, his lowered requirement for revive rolls lets him get back into the fray in the event he should meet an untimely end.

If all that sounds too good to be true, well then you're right. Peat suffers from having an abysmally low HP stat, which greatly reduces his ability to sustain combat. Even having a favorable defense roll will result in Peat being stripped of a third of his health minimum. This is further compounded by stage hazards and damaging traps, which affect Peat far greater than any other character. But hey, at least you'll be able to pick yourself up quicker once you inevitably die to Mimyuu's Hammer...


Blue Crow the Second grants additional stats based off the number of cards in your hand at the time of activation. It does count itself before use, so if you have nothing else, you will always gain a minimum of +1 ATK and DEF and lose 1 EVD. Ideally, you'll be using it with a full hand of 3, though under specific conditions, you can even activate with a hand of 4, giving you a ridiculous +5/+5/-3, which is going to really hurt.

It's cheap, it's low level, it's good. Don't use it on an empty hand and you'll get good results.


+Great combat stats
+Amazing battle steroid hyper
+Quicker revives
-Very low HP
-Very weak to RAtF
-Very weak to indirect damage
-Hand size reliant hyper hinders usage of other useful cards


Since Peat's base stats are so high and his hyper requires him to keep a full hand to be efficient, he benefits from having supportive or trap cards which can be held until they are needed.

Saki's Cookie is good for healing, since Peat has such low health. Nice Present can quickly fill your hand and fuel your hyper. Assault can force a battle, allowing you to hyper and stack the odds of victory in your favor. Stiff Crystal can save you from embarrassing hammer deaths.

[size=15]Stats: 5 HP | +0 ATK | +0 DEF | +0 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 10 DEF | 5 EVD
Hyper: Hyper Mode!

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 0804098BA268724A82785842CF91BB5A2ADE0946

QP is a character without any strengths or weaknesses, making her a jack of all trades. Because of this, she can pursue the Win or Star norma equally. Additionally, she can benefit from any combat card during battles to help her fighting potential.

If you can't decide what you want to do during a game, just pick QP and improvise.


Hyper Mode! is arguably one of the best hypers in the game. It allows you to take huge risks and get away without any penalties. Use it during a boss engagement to suicide and come back next turn with all stars intact. Use it during a player ambush to deny them wins and stars. Use it during a battle to juice up your ATK and get kills.

Honestly, the only time you wouldn't want to use Hyper Mode! is in any instance where you would be able to normally survive combat.


+Balanced stats
+Very good mid and lategame
+Immune to RAtF
-No combat dice modifiers
-Card reliant for kills


As stated before, QP can benefit from pretty much any card. Offensively, RAtF and Big Magnum are effective for turning matchups in your favor. SAOM gets special mention as it combines well withHyper Mode!, giving you a very large ATK increase, while protecting you from a flubbed DEF roll. Speaking of defense, UsabitShield, and RCC are all good for keeping damage intake low, whilePudding, unsuprisingly, restores lost health.

Schiff Robot
[size=15]Stats: 6 HP | +1 ATK | 0 DEF | -1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 11 DEF | 3 EVD
Schiff Robot has no hyper
Begins each game and revives immediately with 1 HP.
Regenerates 1 HP every 3 chapters.
Auto-revives after KO next turn.





[size=15]Stats: 4 HP | +1 ATK | +0 DEF | +1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 9 DEF | 6 EVD | 1 Immunity
Hyper: Extraordinary Specs

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 15DEF428A1FC2AA63E9A68DF7A7AA4E459B09C82

Sora is a medium risk, medium reward character. Her stats make her fairly safe in combat and even her hyper promotes stability. She can play aggressive or passively depending on what cards you managed to draw. 

Overall, not a bad pick, but without an active hyper, don't expect people to feel too threatened by your presence.


Do you hate low rolls? If so, Extraordinary Specs might be right up your alley. For the duration of the chapter, up until your next movement roll, all of your dicerolls are guaranteed to be perfect sixes. This hyper is pretty straight forward, simple and clean.

Using Extraordinary Specs for movement can be tricky at times, so it's typically used to scum combat rolls. Even though you're throwing out max rolls, you aren't guaranteed to kill your opponent, which can lead to disappointment when it comes to assassinating a target. On the flipside, you probably won't have to worry about dying since you can defend through pretty much anything.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself whether or not the 30 stars is worth the 6. If you're struggling to maintain stars, you may want to hold off on using it.


+Good blend of offense and defense
+Hyper allows for consistant high rolls
-Below average HP
-Hyper can be situational or underwhelming


Battle cards which modify your stats synergize well with your hyper. Big Magnum and IoF can pump your damage up and secure kills. Despite being an EVD character, Sora manages to retain a neutral DEF stat, so use of Usabit can help in situations where avoidance doesn't seem possible. An opponent afflicted with Heat 300% is a lot more vulnerable to a natural 6, so it's worth considering.

Store Manager
[size=15]Stats: 6 HP | +2 ATK | 0 DEF | 0 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 11 DEF | 5 EVD
Store Manager has no hyper
Does not gain stars from Bonus Panels.
Cannot use cards.
Suffers 1 damage if card is discarded.
Store Manager requires a 6 upon initial revive roll.


♥♥♥♥ the police comin straight from the underground
A young manager got it bad cause I'm brown


He can't even use cards, so there's no hyper to worry about.


+an bossu
+One of the few characters with +2 ATK
-all those downsides


Since Store Manager can't use cards at all himself, he has to rely on other people using cards that benefit him indirectly. Good choices for this include cards such as Little WarDinnerSAOM andHoly Night.

Additionally, Flamethrower works very well to reset the amount of cards Store Manager has in his hand so he can avoid taking bonus damage from discarding. However, most people won't useFlamethrower if they draw it, and if it ends up in your own hand it's worthless.
Because of this, using Bad Pudding is recommended more as its a free cost card and people will actually play it.

[size=15]Stats: 4 HP | +1 ATK | -1 DEF | +2 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 8 DEF | 7 EVD | 2 Immunity
Hyper: Accelerate

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 39987B31A1D8481E550F4A0A305FE2CBC115D5C4

Suguri boasts one of the highest stat totals in the game. With decent HP and ATK and and unmatched EVD, she finds herself able to repeatedly fight, often times escaping without even a scratch. Of course, due to the nature of EVD, low rolls can result in death. So what better way to overcome bad dice luck than to just roll another die?

If you're feeling lucky and want to go fast, then buckle up, 'cause the Suguri train has no brakes.


Accelerate grants Suguri the ability to roll two dice for the entirety of the chapter. This includes everything from movement to bonus squares to combat rolls. This allows you to cover an insane amount of ground, catch up to an opponent, and decimate them in combat through sheer overwhelming numbers. Keep in mind, Accelerate is fairly costly at 30 stars. Be sure your target is worth the investment before committing to the kill.

What's interesting to note is the double dice effect actually lasts until your next movement roll. Because of this, any player attempting to initiate combat before your next turn has to overcome a double EVD and ATK roll. This serves as a great deterrance against counterattacks and can lead to some interesting setups with Assault, though the window of opportunity is very small.

Remember: just because you have two dice doesn't remove the luck factor. You have the exact same chances of rolling a double 6 as you do getting snake eyes.


+Great stats
+Good duelist
+Hyper is great for assassinating
+Uses basic cards work very well
-Reliant on dodges
-Hyper is cost inefficient if others low on stars


Sometimes when Accelerate isn't enough, Dash! can help close the gap. IoF and RCC both sacrifice your middling DEF to bolster your ATK and EVD respectively. Heat 300% will soften up foes, and is a decent choice since your evasive nature reduces the impact if you happen to find yourself on the receiving end.

[size=15]Stats: 6 HP | +2 ATK | 0 DEF | 1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 11 DEF | 5 EVD
Hyper: Magical Massacre
Tomomo requires a 6 upon initial revive roll.

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 05B1333C41C0861A6D3D76F14D20D148140A29AF

Tamamo batoru!
Tomomo is the goddess of 100% Orange Juice, and has the stats to back that up.
However, despite how she is in the Campaign mode, she's not nearly as bad in multiplayer. You'll still get flak for playing her though.


This hyper makes Gamble! look good. With a level 4 requirement at a whopping 40 star cost, it has the ability to KO every player in the game (including yourself.)
This sounds good on paper, but then you realize that you gain no wins from it and it only works when they're at full health. Factor in the requirements on top of all of this and the hyper is extremely limited in its usefulness.
But she should be going for wins anyway, right?

The best maps to use this card in are the Battlefield maps, because then you can just focus on fighting and not have to worry about stars. In particular, Sealed Archive works as the best stage for this, since it has both Battlefield and Regeneration. Just remember to not be at full health when you do use it.


+Touhou theme
-limited usefulness hyper
-lacks AI rolls in multiplayer


Tomomo loves fighting, and since she does cards such as SAOMIoFBig MagnumLittle War andFinal Battle all work very well for her in that regard.
Additionally, consider Gift Exchange to pawn your hyper off on other players while potentially getting one of theirs in return.

[size=15]Stats: 5 HP | +2 ATK | -1 DEF | -1 EVD
Defensive Thresholds: 9 DEF | 4 EVD
Hyper: Gamble!

100% Orange Juice Character Guide. 26F497A1C490B40342124C374FCB929968AFBE71

Yuki is a bully who uses her high ATK modifier to brute force her way through battles. Not even high EVD characters are safe from her when she gets on a roll streak. As Yuki, you always want to get the first shot off in battle, because her other stats are less than stellar. Low DEF and EVD make her a glass cannon. Thankfully, her HP is solid, allowing her to takesome smaller hits.

But hey, if you don't get hit you won't die. So don't get hit.


Gamble! chooses a random target and instantly KOs it. This can also affect the user. The only influence you have over this card is using it when players are already KOed, increasing the odds of a specific player dying. As its name implies, playing this card is entirely up to luck. Killing a target does not grant you any wins, nor does the killed player drop any stars.

Assuming Gamble! hits a favorable target, it can be used to delay a player while they attempt to revive. Suiciding with Gamble! is also completely legit, as it allows you to revive with full health or allow a player chasing you to pass you up.


+Very high attack
+Hyper can be used to self KO, preventing star loss
-Hyper is unreliable and doesn't grant wins
-Low defenses can result in unfavorable combat
-Vulnerable to retaliation


As an assassin, Yuki benefits from being able to quickly burst down her targets. IoFBig Magnum, and SAOM all work great when getting the drop on a target. For traps, Assault forces fights whileHeat 300% can force your opponents to make risky evasion rolls.
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