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 Mabinogi(Beginner guide inside)

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PostSubject: Mabinogi(Beginner guide inside)   Mabinogi(Beginner guide inside) EmptySat Sep 14, 2013 10:03 am

WAHHH its a Nexon game, shut up.

While only a couple of us play this game I believe that I should post it anyway, along with a beginner's guide maybe, I'd actually like to see more peeps from here at least try the game as well, this topic will be our central hub if this thing is a success(Which I hardly doubt it will be.)

Wiki: http://wiki.mabinogiworld.com/

Beginner's guide(Ill try my best)


Creating a Character:
When you start out you'll have a "Free card" which basically lets you pick any race and any appearance(Even the ones marked with a star, you're not stuck to basic styles)

Important: Most people start with a human because you can actually get 2 character cards for free when you ally with the giants or elves, a giant and an elf character card, I suggest doing this, but at the same time that's only if you know you'd be using those alts, 

The selection of races isn't very diverse and the differences between them is actually pretty staggering and will most likely decide your role very early on, the three races are Giant, Elf and Human, 

Giants are the easiest to start out with because of their naturally high strength, speed. HP, Stamina, Will and the ability to hold almost all weapons including their giant specific weapons, and dual wield one handed blunt weapons. They are very skilled at holding blunt weapons, large swords and knuckles for duking it out with your opponent, cons of being a giant include naturally low intelligence, dexterity and MP, also a larger hitbox(This is also a blessing as your high speed and less travel distance make the distance between you and your enemy seem nonexistant) Less intelligence won't effect your damage(Unless you're a mage/gunslinger) but it will reduce your magic defense making you more vulnerable to mages.

Call it a downside if you wish but Giants can't wear as many clothes or light armors as humans or elves can, though their selection in Heavy armor is pretty nice.

Humans are the most versatile of the three races and is the most common race because of it, their HP, Str, Int, Dex, Will, Stamina and MP are all very evened out to suit your needs, they are skilled with swords and can dual wield them, swords are nice for their high balance which means consistant damage output(You wont be getting your minimum damage often, your max damage will be your regular damage) they also have access to the most skills in the game and can use anything to their advantage. Unlike giants, humans have Archery, and unlike elves they have lances as well, they are associated with every single talent in the game quite nicely, cons to being a human, well their only con is that they're the slowest moving race, which only turns the tide in battle because of your free mounts when starting.

Elves are the hardest race to start with due to their stats, their HP, Str, Will and defense really suffers as they cannot wear any heavy armors nor get as many benefits from their combat skills, their dexterity, intelligence, mana and their race-specific ability Hide(drops aggro immediatly which is REALLY nice, also it makes you invisible to enemies) are higher than the other two races, also their AP costs(Ability points, your BACKBONE of this game) are much different than humans or giants, costing more AP to master their magic and archery skills, but less AP to master their combat skills, they excel at archery and magic, especially archery though as they will shoot two arrows instead of one for each shot, and have two race-specific skills: Mirage shot and Final shot(Which I'll explain later) your pros of being an elf include the highest damage potential in archery, magic and gunslinger, they have the fastest movement speed of the three races and they can hide any time they want to drop/avoid aggro(Except in combat, hitting or being hit) the cons are heavy though with their low defense, HP, str and will

now that that's out of the way you can pick your appearance and the such(You can pick the features marked with a star, dont worry) and create your character and press start, You'll be taken to Nao to pick your talent, now I shall explain the talent system.

Talent systems are designed to give you a goal as to what your character aspires to be at an early stage and increases stats and doubles your skill training rate for that respective talent, there are a numerous ammount of talents but let me explain the ones most important.

Starting out talents(Easiest to start)

Close Combat(warrior):(I REALLY suggest starting out with this, except for elves.)
 This talent focuses dealing damage with melee weapons, swords, maces, axes, is primarily based on Strength and Stamina, as well as HP and Defense. the stats given for this talent raise your Str and HP very early on and is the best talent to start out with hands down, its the easiest to understand and taking a hit isn't as punished.

Martial Arts(Fighter): 
This talent focuses on one on one fights using knuckles to assault and combo your enemy, uses chain skills to deal devastating damage to your enemies, all damage for Fighter is primarily based on Will, also they will wear light armor most likely as heavy armor stunts their chain skills. downsides for fighter is that they cannot handle multi-aggro well. this talent increases Will and Stamina(Because holy shit you're gonna need it, this class eats stamina)

Archery(Archer): (I suggest starting here for elves)
This talent focuses on sniping your opponents from afar or stun locking them from up close with a fast bow, damage is increased by dexterity and they dont consume a very significant amount of stamina, aiming in this game is based off of an RNG so if you hate those, you're gonna hate this class, basically the aimer increases the chance you'll hit your target the longer you aim for, the closer the enemy is the faster it will aim, Ranged attack also increases your aiming speed, but elves don't get as much as a bonus for this(For firing two arrows) humans will have the best time with archery as they have the fastest aiming speed, no hidden miss chance and their arrows stun a little longer, elves can aim while running(up to 50%) and fire two arrows at a time.

Harder talents to start: 

Magic(Mage): This talent starts out the slowest, and will most likely kick your ass if you're not careful, it focuses on dealing magic damage to their enemies(which isnt resisted that well) to deal high damage with charge times, the high damage comes later, based entirely on intelligence. you'll be stuck with 3 basic bolt spells for a long while, I'll go more in depth on the skills section. I really cannot recommend this to beginners. 

Battle Alchemy(Alchemist): This talent also starts out like mage, pretty slow to start and you won't get most of your skills until later, also you require resources(crystals) to deal your attacks out, all of their skills require charging, like magic, This talent focuses on using the power of Alchemy to deal fixed damage to your enemies, there's really no way to increase it's damage with your stats, instead you need to use upgrades and enchants, as well as cylinders. It's good with crowd control.

Puppetry(Puppeteer):(I actually suggest using this talent if you wanna be different)
This talent uses a puppet tied to the user with strings of mana, this class uses str and dexterity and is VERY OP, it focuses on controlling a puppet with control bars to battle for you, dealing high damage while having a meatshield. why is this down in this category? You have to control yourself and your puppet, you'll also count as two people, making aggro a little bit of a chore. and you won't get all of your skills right away(You'll need to do a questline, misdelivered package)

Lance Combat(Knight):(I suggest this if you want to be different)
This talent focuses on using a lance to attack an enemy from mid-range, they're very powerful and cant use defense nor counterattack, but they get 2 skills called lance counter and lance charge, lance counter is garbage which is why it's down here as you have no real way of defending yourself. has the potential to be the highest physical damage dealer. the con being you cannot attack from too close up, use defense or counterattack. and their version of counter sucks

Talents I don't suggest taking to start at all.

Music(Bard):(I don't suggest this to start out)
This talent focuses on supporting your allies with buffs activated by playing music, that's it.

Holy Arts(Cleric):(Another support class and you'll be soloing a lot)
This talent focuses on healing your allies, shielding them and generally standing around being useless.

No don't choose this. damage sucks, hitstun sucks, you'll die from hitting your opponent most likely. DONT CHOOSE THIS.

Constructive Alchemy: 
It's used to create barrier spikes, golems, synthesize items, fragment ores and convert metal, it's a life talent basically, don't pick this.

Any Life Talent(Marked in Yellow):

These will be useful later, but not for now as they grant no combat bonuses. You'll need combat to get the materials anyway so please choose combat.

I will be explaining how stats effect your skills

Strength (Str) adds a Damage Bonus to Melee Combat, Control BarsAtlatl, and Dual Guns List.
Your physical strength. The more Strength you have, the stronger your attacks are and the more bonuses you gain from Strength-dependent skills.

  • When equipped with any Melee Weapon except for Control Bars, Every 2.5 Str will add +1 to Maximum Damage; 3 Str adds +1 to Minimum Damage.
  • When equipped with a Control Bar, every 3.5 Str will add +1 to Maximum Damage; 5 Str adds +1 to Minimum Damage.
  • When equipped with an Atlatl, every 5 Str adds +1 to Maximum Damage and +0.5 to Minimum Damage.
  • When equipped with Dual Guns, every 5 Str adds +1 to Maximum Damage; 6 Str adds +1 to Minimum Damage.

Intelligence (Int) increases Magic Attack, the success rate of Enchant, and the Experience gained for Pets. It also reduces the cast time and mana cost of Thunder,FireballIce Spear, and Hail Storm, and adds a Damage Bonus to Dual Guns.
Your rational capability. The more Intelligence you have, the more bonuses you gain from Intelligence-dependent skills.

  • Every 20 Intelligence increases Magic Attack by 1 point

    • Magic Attack increases magic damage dealt by 1% per point.
    • The exact amount added is 0.05 Magic Attack per point of intelligence.
    • These effects compound with the Elemental Masteries and the effects of certain Wands. (I.e 1.2x damage from Int and 1.1x damage from Mastery would be 1.32x damage).

      • Damage bonus from the player's Enchants as well as from int can add large amounts of Damage due to the stacked multipliers.

  • Every 20 intelligence will increase the player's Magic Defense by one point.

    • Magic Defense is used instead of normal Defense when calculating damage taken from any magic attack.
    • Protection will still reduce the damage of magic after Magic Defense has been factored in.

  • Magic Balance is raised by 1 for every 4 Int.
  • Mana Consumption and Casting times of ThunderFireballIce Spear, and Hail Storm are decreased by 1% per 50 Int.

    • This effect compounds with similar effects from other sources. For example, having 20% cast time reduction from Int and 40% from a wand would result in a 52% casting time decrease.

  • When equipped with Dual Guns, every 5 Int adds +1 to Maximum Damage; 6 Int adds +1 to Minimum Damage.

Dexterity (Dex) affects the damage of Ranged Weapons and Control Bars, Balance and Wound Rates, as well as the Success Rates of certain Life Skills.

Your ability to work. The more Dexterity you have, the faster and better you can create items and the more bonuses you gain from Dexterity-dependent skills.

  • Every 2.5 Dex adds +1 to Maximum Ranged Damage; 3.5 Dex adds +1 to Minimum Ranged Damage.
  • Every 3.5 Dex adds +1 to Maximum Control Bar Damage; +5 Dex adds +1 to Minimum Control Bar Damage.
  • Every 4 Dex adds +1% to Balance for Melee and Ranged Attacks.

    • The exact formula is 
      (Dex - 10) / 4

    • , rounded down.

  • Every 10 Dex adds +1.0% to Maximum Wound rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound rate.
  • Higher Dexterity can improve the imbalance in the meter while Cooking.
  • Every 10 Dex adds +1% Success Rate to all Life Skills (except for Potion MakingBlacksmithingTailoring and Carpentry).

    • This bonus caps at 180 dex for a total of +18% Success Rate

Will, also known as Willpower, affects the player's chance of going into Deadly status upon receiving a lethal blow, the damage of Knuckles, and increases Critical Hit and Wound Rates.
Your mental prowess and determination. The more Will you have, the better you can survive dangerous situations and the more bonuses you gain from Will-dependent skills and Will-affected circumstances.

  • Every 3 Will adds +1 to Maximum Knuckle Damage; 3.5 Will adds +1 to Minimum Knuckle Damage.
  • Every 10 Will adds +1.0% to Critical.

    • The amount of Critical that is contributed by the Will stat is calculated as (Will-10)/10.

      • Will below 10 will instead decrease the player's critical rate by up to 1%.

  • Every 10 Will adds +2.0% to Maximum Wound Rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound Rate.

Basic close combat skills:
Smash: One hit wonder, this is your best skill, max it first
Combat Mastery: not an actual skill but it will increase your HP and damage, I suggest ranking this with Smash, but not to R1 so you can keep a realtively low combat power, rank it til you feel comfortable with your HP
Defense: You dont need to rank this first but it will defend against basic attacks, windmill and arrows, this skill is best used with a shield.
Counter Attack: You dont need to rank this first but it will counter all melee skills except windmil, negating damage and sending it back at them
Windmill: Rank this along with combat mastery and smash, try to get it to rank 9, and if you can rank 5, this is the hardest skill to train later in the game.
Assault Slash: Rank this to Rank A for the 100% damage and range increase. that's all you'll need at first

Basic Fighter skills:
Focused Fist: One hit wonder, once charged up it can deal a shit ton of damage, rank this first. can be countered only by counter attack. can be defended so be careful.
Charging strike: It charges into your opponent dealing a quick punch, can be countered only by counter attack. can be defended so be careful.

Basic Archer skills:
Ranged Attack: Rank this to R5 for the dexterity and aiming speed increase AT LEAST
Magnum shot: Rank this with Ranged attack, get it to R1 as you'll love it's damage
Crash Shot: Not really basic, but this skill is really worth it once you get it, you'll get the quest to obtain it once you reach ranged attack rank 9(Tons of AP to master, just rank it to F for the beginning)

Elf only: Mirage Missle: This skill attacks one enemy with a diseased arrow, the enemy then spreads the disease around fairly quickly, wittling away at the health of all enemies within range til it reaches 1, then you can simply finish them off with a single attack.

Basic Mage Skills:
Firebolt: This skill deals the most damage of the three bolts, but has the most charge time and is the most effective at 5 charges, will ALWAYS knock down, unless the enemy is just not able to be knocked down. which is rare and only among huge bosses. rank this or lightningbolt after icebolt.

Icebolt: This skill does the lowest damage of the three bolts, but it can be used in quick succession, being able to fire 5 seperate bolts at your enemies like a automatic pistol. It's good to start with due to its low AP cost and rewarding damage.

Lightningbolt: This skill does the highest single charge damage of the three bolts, you'll only want to charge this once as charging it more doesnt increase damage, only the amount of targets it hits, but it can deal more damage than icebolt or firebolt in a single charge, making it a good cast and shoot. rank this or firebolt after icebolt.

Basic Alchemy skills:
Water Cannon: It's like firebolt but it doesnt always knock down, it charges 5 times and deals more damage the closer to your target you are, it will always knock back if you're close to your enemy, rank this to D to get Flame Burst.

Wind Blast: This skill loads a wind crystal quickly into your cylinder, knocking back an enemy very far and allowing you to charge another alchemy skill, use this when you feel uncomfortable with your position. rank this to D to get flame burst.

Flame Burst: This skill is godly and ranks easily, It fires a jet of flame at your opponent hitting it 3-5 times depending on it's rank(3 at rank F, 4 at Rank 5, 5 at rank 1) It offers great control as it hits all enemies within range, it's spammable and hitstuns for a while.

Maybe more later.
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Mabinogi(Beginner guide inside)
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