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 X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5

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X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5 Empty
PostSubject: X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5   X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5 EmptyTue Jul 27, 2010 7:27 pm

Yes...I just got bored and decided to do this....

PS.I dislike the tale Nexon tells us...But I guess All hail the unique experience

PSS. This File Has 17 pages, 6~10 tomorrow...

Morgan’s Diary

MeYa Years: 4 Year
Arad Years: 995 year

Page 1

Finally, I’m back to my hometown…Noire Ferra
But the hometown what I had in mind is not a place that full of moist, smelly fog…
And what are those “things” walk around everywhere…
Some of them have the same skin color as DarkElf…
I think they are “Ghouls”(Zombies)…
And I believe I see my families are already one of them…
They are waiting for me to come back…even after they die…

Page 2
The current ruler of the DarkElf kingdom is Queen MeYa. She is young, but talented.
But compare to those senators, I don’t think she is talented enough…
If I can’t uncover the truth behind this pestilence, the same old meaninglesstragic will happen to our Queen MeYa…
If what Lady Alice said is true, the whole thing is setup by the human, I promise, I will risk all I got to wipe out the entire human in this world.
But come to think about it…most of the senators would see this pestilence as a great chance to increase their power… Use the tension between Human and DarkElf to start a war, then by winning the war, the senators will surely become the true rulers of the DarkElf Kingdom…
I guess I really have to think twice about this…
So the question is… Does the Human really have reason to done such horrible thing?

In fact, the relationship between Human and DarkElf are not as bad as most of the DarkElf think…
Our Royal Mage been send to a major human city to create the human mage guild, our airship are flying everywhere at the sky of Arad, help the merchant transport their goods.
During the time like this, I shouldn’t just say our relationship is “not bad”, but in fact “really good”.
Maybe the senator think our relationship with human are getting too close, they think they sense the great dangerous behind this, cause them make a such foolish decision.
I mean…Yes, if we open the human history, we can see the thing human like the most are lands. For the purpose of increase territory, the war between human never end, even today. I can say the human are the most cold blood and cruel race on this planet.
But the problem is…Does our land worth for them to take?
In other hand, if we (DarkElf) all come out of the ground and attack the human world, how much trouble can we really cause?

By follow the logic, I find myself getting the second question…
What if Lady Alice lied to me?
And if she did, why?

Page 3
I’m back to Noire Ferra, But I couldn’t get into the town…
So many Ghouls are walking round, and most of them are my people…
Rush into them and dead is meaningless…
I plan to use stealth to get into the town, and see what really happen inside…
If I know someday this going to happen, I really should practice stealth when I was a kid…

Page 4
I successfully get into the town…
Lucky, no one realize I get in here,
But What I saw are not just Ghouls and Wraith,
There are Humans in Noire Ferra….
So look like this pestilence really have something to do with the humans

Page 5
I followed the humans all day today, hope to find out what they up to…
And this is what I found out…
They seems like belong to a same organization, or as the humans would say… “Religion” (Look like religion is something the human can’t live without it, I guess that is because they have a much weaker mind)
This religion’s name is “Grim-Seeker”
I watched their ceremony, it seems like they are waiting for something to come…

“Ah ah, this is the land where Lord Diregie blessed…”
“By the power we gain, we are ready for the god’s judgment…”

Diregie…I believe I heard this name for somewhere…

To be Continue…
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X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5 Empty
PostSubject: Re: X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5   X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5 EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 8:56 pm

this is the original story, translated?
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X Files: Morgan's Diary Page 1~5
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