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 I'll Catch Up to You Someday

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PostSubject: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:59 pm

There exists a little workshop in the Mages Guild that belongs to a aspiring young Witch, it is here thatshe works on her latest invention. "Just a little more..." muttered Maribo as she struggled to tighten the last screw on her latest creation. Maribo has been working tirelessly on this project for months now,hoping that this time it would work for her. After countless failures, it had to work this time. "Finally, this should work... hopefully." Maribo muttered to herself, her silver hair shining slightly in what little sun that would reached in from a single window. Her clothes torn asunder from her hard work. This was not Maribo's usual look, for she took managing her appearance and well being above all else, except when it came to her experiments.

Maribo took a few steps back from her creation, smiling at her accomplishment. She felt confident in what she created, without looking she motioned her hand onto her workbench and picked up a small object, it was Maribo's master control panel, the one she uses for all her experiments, because making a control panel for every machine she made is just to time consuming, so routing everything to one panel saves time and money. She took another look at her creation.

Maribo could hardly wait to see her masterpiece in action as she began flicking switch after switch. With each switch a part of her creation sputtered to life, as all the little cogs and gears working in unison. Everything seemed to be working until Maribo's machine began shooting off sparks and creating thick smoke. "No... no no no... NO NO NO NO CRA-" Maribo's sentence was cut off suddenly when a explosion that shook the walls of the little workshop could be heard for miles. Shards of metal and machine components lay scattered about the workshop when the smoke cleared. A small pile of metal began to move, Maribo struggled to push the debris off her. "Well crap..." she muttered. Upon pushing herself free, Maribo walked to her her workbench which now was covered in small scrap iron. She began shoving the debris off the bench until she found the blueprints for her invention. Upon taking a closer look, she just couldn't figure out how it all went wrong.

Maribo sat in her little chair looking over the blueprints. "maybe theres a problem with Florea's power output..." she muttered. After a few glances at her blueprints Maribo's expression turned from curiosity to annoyance as she balled up the little scrap of paper and tossed it against the wall. "BAKA!" she shouted. "leaning over her workbench, Maribo placed her head in the palm of her hands sighing in aggravation. "Guess I can go ahead and start on version thirty-two..." she muttered. Maribo grabbed her clipboard from the desk and began going over her research budget. "No no no... this wont do..." she said, "Maybe if requested materials from Mr. Richter... but that would require trips back and forth to Ghent...which costs money...." she said as she looked over at her familiars. Poor Florea's light had become a dim flicker, Jack frost was beginning to melt, Pyro Jack's flame was as small as a candle, and Pluto looked as he would keel over any minute. The little guys had been working themselves half to death trying to help Maribo finish her creation. "alright guys, take five." Maribo said.

As Maribo looked over her budget, the door to her workshop flung open and in came rushing a familiar Little Mage, Nittis, a witch like Maribo.

Nittis was a close friend of Maribo, she was the youngest mage to become a witch in the mage's guild. You could spot her in a crowd easily just by the pink hat she always wore. Nittis also had peculiar eyes, her right eye was red while her left was purple, and she was the only mage Maribo had ever seen who had a cats tail, apparently the result of one of Nittis's experiments.

Nittis looked over the workshop before spotting Maribo at her desk. "HI MARI!!!" She shouted. Maribo looked over at Nittis with a annoyed expresion on her face. "what is it Nittis? Didn't you read the sign outside... it said NO VISITORS!!!" Maribo Shouted. "Nittis tilted her head to the left, Then looked at the smoldering heap that was Maribo's latest creation. "The hell happened to that thing?" she asked. Maribo put her head on her desk. "Nittis walked over to Maribo and put a hand on her shoulder. "Aw come on tell me, what as it?" Nittis asked as she began shaking Maribo trying to get Maribo to tell her. This was something that Maribo had gotten use to when it came to Nittis. She was after all still a child, But today, Maribo was not in the mood for it. Maribo shoved Nittis away while shouting, "Will you cut it out you little brat, for the love of god, do you always have to be like that, cant you try growing up for once!!?" Nittis took a step back, no matter how annoying she was, Maribo never shuted at her like that. "Wh-whats your problem, I was just playing geez!" Nittis said while fighting back her tears.

Maribo looked away from Nittis, "Just go little one... I just dont feel like dealing with you today." she said. Tears were already streaming down Nittis cheek. "Fine!!! be that way... jerk!" She shouted as she ran out of the room. "Sorry Nittis..." Maribo muttered, "But I have to do this, the less people know, the easier it will be when I finally leave this place..." Maribo laid her head on her desk. Tired from the day of hard labor, and disappointed that it all seemed like it was a waste. She slowly began drifting off ot sleep, she would most likely have that dream again, the same dream she was having every night since that fateful meeting.
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PostSubject: Re: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:29 am

It began like any other day, Maribo was hard at work with experiments. She planned on using terranite fragments in this particular experiment, but to her dismay she forgot to plan ahead and gather some. Thus forcing her to inevitably go out and enter the Vilmark area, While she could have bought terranite, she could only get the best results from terranite straight from the source. Setting out towards the ancient area, Maribo noticed a lot more traffic in the Vilmark areas, which was strange since only chief researchers like herself are aloud into Vilmark. Curious Maribo decided to pay a visit to Seria and see wha twas going on. Upon entering Seria's den, Maribo was greated by a rather familiar voice, one she got use to when she was still a dungeon fighter. "Hello there." said Seria. "its been far to long Maribo, how are you?" Maribo smiled at Seria, "Good morning my dear old friend, ive been well, and you?" Maribo asked.

Speaking with Seria brought back many fond memories from way back then. Maribo hadn't planned on stayng long but couldnt help but stay and chat with an old friend, one of two people who she could conversate with without getting annoyed to hell. "Seria, how goes thing in ElvenGuard, I notice more people here then usual." said Maribo. Seria's facial expression turned to one of a worried child. "Its Uncle Linus, he's got everyone in a uproar about terranite, claiming he can create powerful weapons from them if dungeon fighters bring him enough." Said Seria. The look on Maribo's face went from bliss to one of pure annoyance.

"Seriously... people are actually trying to make weapons from that stuff?" Maribo asked. "Terranite is unstable as it is. Last thing we need is a bunch of people running around with ticking time bombs..." Maribo took a sip of the Tea Seria had prepared earlier. "But whatever, if Linus has found away around the unstable component then more power to him I guess.." Maribo muttered. Seria looked at the small clock on her shelf then towards Maribo. "What brings you to Elvenguard Maribo?" she asked. Maribo put down her tea cup. "Came looking for Terranite actually, need a few samples for a experiment im working on. In fact I should get going." Maribo said as she got up, stretching. "I'll see ya later Seria." Maribo walked towards the exit waving goodbye to her old friend.

Maribo never did like crowds, and making her way thru the sea of dungeon fighters asking for party calls didnt help. Her hard work paid off as she finally made it though the crowd and entered Vilmark. Maribo never ventured to far into vilmark, due to how dangerous the de-evolution made the area, and there was plenty of terranite in the outer rim of Area 50, Or thats how it should have been, but today was... different. The Massive flow of dungeon fighters pretty much picked the area clean of terranite, there was barely any remarkable specimens left.

Maribo knew what this meant, she might have to venture further into Vilmark, though she herself was against it. The thought of completing her experiment, overcame her fears, and so against her better judgment, Maribo made her way deeper into the forbidden area.

Maribo never went this far into Vilmark before, the stories she heard as child was more then enough to keep her away even as an adult, but on that day she would have to be brave if she wanted to get any of her work done. Kneeling down in the tall grass, Maribo began collecting terranite samples. As expected the terranite found this far in vilmark was of high purity, a small smile came across Maribo's face,she knew that these would provide excellent results. Maribo looked up into the sky, there was a gentle breeze and the sun was beginning to set in the west. Maribo stood there as if in a daze, starring at the sunset. She didnt get to see many of these, so it was a sight to behold once in a while.

A sudden rustle in the long grass snapped Maribo from her trance like state and her grim reality began to settle in once again. "What am I doing!!?" Maribo blurted out. Being out in Vilmark at night was very dangerous because the mutated Lagaru that make their home here only come out at night. Maribo instinctively grabbed a red potion from her blet and tossed it into the grass, causing a rather big explosion which in turn sent a number of crimson red figures flying. "Well that lava potion failed, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth.." Maribo muttered as she jumped on her Koonail and took flight. Maribo flew as fast as she could, as a large pack of Lagaru closely followed behind her. "Man this isnt even funny," said Maribo as she dropped another lava potion behind her, this one was a success and blocked the path of her pursuers. "Yeah take that!" She shouted as she looked back. If Maribo would have kept looking forward she would have saw the Lagaru that lay and wait in the tree ahead of her.

By the time Maribo had seen the attacker from above, The Lagaru had pounced her Knocking the poor witch off her broom and crashing to the ground wit ha loud thud. Though in a terrible amount of pain, Maribo managed to get to her feet. Maribo's head darted in every direction as she frantically searched for her broom, she had to get out of here before the pack could surround her. Her eyes caught a glimpse of a faint blue glow, she knew it was her broom and sprinted towards it. Maribo didnt get far as a lagaru jumped on her back sinking its shrap fangs into her right shoulder. Maribo let out a blood curdling shriek as the pain so horrid shot thru her body. Maribo tried frantically to shake free from the little red beast.

Maribo managed to throw the Lagaru off her as she fell to the ground again. Her head beginning to spin. As her body grew numb, she knew full well what it was. A lagaru's bite was poisonous, and considering how badly the bite mark was on her shoulder she didnt have long till she would fall unconscious. As she struggled to get on her feet again, Maribo glanced behind her, The lagaru slowly made stalked behind her, the little monsters didnt seem ot be in a hurry, they knew well enough that their prey wasnt going anywhere.

Maribo fell to her knees again, she couldn't stand on her own anymore. Menacing Cackles and what sounded like laughter could be heard behind her. As Maribo dragged herself across the ground, she knew full well she wasnt getting away, she dragged herself to a nearby tree where she sat and watched as the instruments of her demise closed in for the kill. "Never... thought I'd die from some low life monster..." Maribo said as she gasped for air, her conscience fading.

"Screw... you guys..." Maribo muttered. She looked up towards the sky. A birght full moon hang overhead. Maribo could no longer move, the lagaru drew closer. In the light of the moon she could see every little detail of the horrid monster down to the many hundreds of teeth each of them possessed. One of the Lagaru lunged at Maribo. Before The Lagaru could make the kill somethin struck it from behind. The little fiend fell to the ground with a sickening thud. Maribo blinked her eyes trying ot figure out what the hell just happened. Faint footsteps could be heard in the distance.

A figure in the dark, a tall figure stood in the shadows. "Who.. is that?" Maribo thought. The figure began to approach. Maribo couldnt quite make out what it was but it look like... blue armor?

A man, dressed head to toe in blue armor that shined brilliantly in the moon like, Hair blue as the ocean that reached down the mans back. A hat that was tilted enough that Maribo could barely see his face. On the mans belt were three sheathed katanas. "A... slayer?" Maribo muttered. The swordsman unsheathed one of his blades, never taking his eyes off the lagaru's.

"Is he going to... fight them all himself?" Maribo thought. The swordsman took held his blade up in the air and suddenly hundreds oh shinin blades began manifesting as if out of thin air. As Maribo began feeling her conscience slipping once again, she caught a glimpse of the swordsman leaping towards the monsters.
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PostSubject: Re: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:04 am

A faint morning light came in through the window, bathing an unconscious Maribo in a faint glow. The light touched her on her cheeks. The warm touch brought Maribo back to reality. Maribo jumped up, grimacing in pain. She placed her hand on her injured shoulder. "Ouch..." she muttered. Laying back in the bed, Maribo glanced at her new surroundings. "Where the hell am I?" she asked herself as if expecting an answer. She had no idea how long she been unconscious. As she lay in bed, Maribo got a worried look on her face. Maribo looked under the covers. "WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CLOTHES!!!?" She screamed. The door to the room flung open suddenly startling her. Maribo stared at the sudden intruder. "Blue armor..." she muttered.

The slayer from vilmark stood in the door way breathing heavy. "What the hell are you screaming for?" he asked. Maribo struggled to get the words out. "I.. uh..." she muttered before remembering that she... still had no clothes on. "PERVERT!!!" she shouted as she pointed at the slayer. "Get em Florea!!!" A white light shot from Maribo's finger and struck the slayer sending him flying out of the doorway. Little florea zigged and zagged around the room before finally disappearing. Maribo's face all flustered and red waved her hands and a little black cat appeared before her. Tilting its head at her slightly at her before running over to the door, with a gentle tap from Pluto's paw, the door slammed shut wit ha heavy thud.

Maribo pulled up the sheets covering herself. "Whatever you saw, erase it from your mind..." she said. The door opened up a little. "I didnt see anything." said the slayer. The slayer tossed a bag into the room. "Your stuff, Seria fixed your clothes. So dont even start thinking I was the one who undressed you." he said. Maribo looked through the bag, everything of hers seemed to be there. "You saved me right?" she asked as she pulled out one of her shirts from the bag. "You got a name or should I just refer to you as Mr. Pervert for now on." she said. "Its Jiino" he said. Maribo paused for a second, then started laughing. "Wow, what a crappy name!" she said. Jiino shrugged, "Funny... and you are?" he asked. "Maribo, still digging through the bag stopped and looked towards Jiino. "Its Maribo.." she muttered. Jiino laughed, "Your name isn't any better." he said. Maribo began to dig through her bag frantically now. "What the... where the hell is my terranite???" She shouted. She threw her bag to the floor. "Seriously I went through hell to get that stuff." Just then Maribo noticed the blade on Jiino's belt. "oh hell no..." she muttered. Jiino looked puzzled. "What? What is it now?" he asked

"You... that blade.... is that terranite?" Maribo asked. Jiino grabbed the odd g blade from his belt. "Yeah I found a ton of terranite after I rescued you. Pretty cool huh?" Said Jiino. Maribo clenched her fist. "Tell me..." Maribo muttered. "Was the terranite in a neatly sealed sack?" Jiino thought for a moment. "Yeah how did you know?" He asked. Maribo tried to get up out of the bed. She never felt the need to completely injure someone as muc has she did right now. "YOU IDIOT!!! You used MY terranite to make you one of those useless unnecessary over-hyped weapons!!?" She shouted as she began getting up. In Maribo's haste to get up she accidentally reopened the wound on her shoulder and it began to bleed. A sharp pain shot through Maribo and she fell ack into the bed. "If I wasnt hurt... i'd kill you..." she muttered. "Uh... sorry." said Jiino. Maribo grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Jiino. The pillow missed completely. "Oh you dumb slayer.... sorry doesnt begin to cover how much your gonna owe me..." Said Maribo.

Maribo spent many days bed ridden and unable to really move about. Though she didnt mind really, seein as the slayer who saved her life tended to her every need. Maribo didnt really show her gratitude though since that was something she hadnt had any real experience in since... forever. In fact, some would say she made Jiino's life a living hell with all the weird things she asked for. Since Jiino accidently used up all the Terranite Maribo had collected. Maribo decided that until Jiino payed her back in full, she wasnt going anywhere.

When Maribo became well enough, she took over Jiino's kitchen, considering that he never used it, it gave her something to do, that and she was really good at cooking. "Hey Jiino, theres something I dont get, your a dungeon fighter, yet... you cant cook for yourself." Maribo said. Jiino put his hand on his chin. "Dont really know, I guess I was to busy trying to get stronger, more importantly... why the hell have you not gone home yet" Jiino asked. Maribo had gone way past the point of overstaying her welcome. She was beginning to make a mess of Jiino's small home with all her experiments and untidiness. Maribo seemed to be ignoring Jiino as she began humming to herself while stirring the pot of stew she was preparing. "Its not like I can go home, since someone stole my terranite.." said Maribo as she glared at Jiino while holding up a Meat cleaver. "Any other dumb questions?" Jiino turned away. "Nevermind then.." said Jiino, A worried look on his face.
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PostSubject: Re: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:48 pm

And so this is how the two spent there days together. Maribo still recovering from her injuries passed the time tormenting poor Jiino while he worked off his rather large dept to her. Although the situation that both these people were in was... interesting to say the least. Jiino didnt seem to mind the young witch much, and Maribo, though she would never mention it, enjoyed being with the slayer.

Even after Maribo had fully healed, being able to make her way home, would often make up excuses to visit Jiino, even after Jiino had already re-payed his dept to her. Maribo often brought food and snacks with along with her, since Jiino couldnt cook she would often back him various snacks. She enjoyed watching people enjoy her cooking, it made Maribo feel proud of what she could do. One day the Young Witch stopped by Jiino's home for a visit, carrying in her hand a baskets of various treats for them to share. As usual Maribo barges into Jiino's home. "Hey Jiino!!!" Maribo shouted as she entered. To her surprize, Jiino wasn't home. Maribo seemed puzzled, considering that Jiino knew she was stopping by today. "Well thats pretty rude Jiino..." muttered Maribo as she sat down in the kitchen. She picked up one of the treats she made and started nibbling on it.

Maribo had sat there for some time and as beginning to get annoyed that she had pretty much been stood up by Jiino. She got up from the chair and walked into the living room, looking around for something ot do while she waited. It was there that she noticed a rather large green Backpack sitting in the corner, Curious Maribo slow walked over to it and took a peak inside. The backpack was filled with various items and tools one would need if they were planning a trip or something. "Is he planning a trip or something?" Maribo asked herself. Jiino never mentioned anything about leaving nor did he give any indication of doing so. At that Moment Maribo heard the door open. She panicked quickly closing the bag up and running back into the kitchen before Jiino found her out. Sitting back in the chair, Maribo struggled to keep a calm expression on her face. Jiino stood in the entry way to the kitchen. "I see you let yourself in once again Maribo." said Jiino, a slight smile on his face.

Maribo looked at Jiino, a emotionless glare in her eyes. "Het Jiino." she said as she nibbled on another treat from her basket. Jiino stared back the young witch. "You ok, you look like the world was ending." he said. Maribo looked away for a moment. Then looked back at Jiino this time there was a smile on her face. "What took you so long you perv, making a lady wait like that is rude ya know... I got bored sitting here." Maribo said getting up. "Now how are you gonna make up for this?" Jiino scratched the tip of his nose. He walked over to the basket on the table and grabbed one of Maribo's treats, it was shaped cutely like pluto. Jiino chuckled to himself. "My bad, I had some errands to run, I got so busy I forgot you were coming to visit again." said Jiino. Maribo walked over to Jiino and poked his forehead. "Im tired of cookies..." she said. Jiino rubbed his forehead. Okay, so what does great Maribo want then?" he asked. Maribo turned away from Jiino, putting her hands on her hips. "Grilled octopus Bread..." She said. Jiino laughed, shaking his head. "Alright then princess, shall we?" he said.

Maribo dragged Jiino the whole way to the Moonlight Tavern. Of course she was going to make Jiino pay for her meal today, and of course Jiino once again, didnt mind at all, seeing Maribo smile made hi happy. Though the smile on the witches face was forced at best. Maribo's mind kept wandering back to the earlier today. Was Jiino planning on leaving, because he hadnt said anything about since they met. Maribo was beginning to worry. Was Jiino planning on leaving, to leave without telling her?

"Is something on your mind Maribo?" Jiino asked, he had noticed that Maribo seemed distressed this evening. Maribo looked down at her food, she barely touched it that night. "Im fine perv, just thinking about something." she said. Jiino shrugged, he figured Maribo was just in one of her moods again. They spent a great deal of their time in the tavern in silence. Maribo poking at her food, looked up at Jiino who was chugging Elven Beer like it was going out of style. Maribo pouted then shoved Jiino slightly. "I want to go somewhere else..." she muttered, tugging on Jiino's arm.

Maribo dragged Jiino out into the night air. She wasnt sure where they would go but. But she needed a reason to get Jiino out here. Anything to give her an excuse. "Alight, were outside... now what?" Jiino asked. Maribo stood there in silence, tugging at Jiino's arm. She honestly didnt know what to do next. "Ice cream..." she muttered. "Get me some ice cream, im going back to your place, to tired and I hae a headache..." she said as she walked away. "And none of that vanilla crap.... Chocolate, or else..."

Our young witch had returned to Jiino's house, closin the door behind her, she made her way to the kitchen stopping short in the living room. Her head turned to her left, her eyes narrowing on the backpack again. "Stupid..." she muttered "Why the hell does he need to leave anyway?" Maribo walked over to the backpack and kicked it. Honestly Maribo didnt know for sure that the backpack meant Jiino was leaving, but she had already assumed the worst, and it made her angry. She didnt want Jiino to leave. And it terrified her just thinking about it.

Maribo slumped onto the couch, her arms crossed over her chest. It didnt take long for Jiino to return with the ice cream. "Here ya go Maribo, a tub of chocolate chip ic-" Jiino stopped mid sentence. "You ok Maribo?" Jiino asked. Maribo didint say a word, she looked over to the backpack again, then to Jiino. "jiino.." Maribo muttered. "Are you... going somewhere?"
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PostSubject: Re: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:28 pm

Jiino scratched the back of his head. "Ugh... is that why you've been in a bad mood today?" Jiino asked, a small smirk on his face. Maribo stood up, her hands clenched. "Well, are you?" she asked. "Are you planning on leaving?" Maribo looked back at the backpack. The Slayer turned away from Maribo letting out a sigh. "Yeah, I was, been planning it for sometime now, why is that a problem?" Jiino asked.

"Where are you planning on going?" Maribo asked. Jiino sat on the couch patting the seat next to him. "Come on now, have a seat and calm down." He said. "Jiino, where were you planning on going? You seemed to have this thought out pretty well." Maribo said, her fist still clenched but trembling now. Jiino leaned forward in the couch slightly. "East, me and some other dungeon fighters are planning on going east." he said. "We've heard rumors of a land with things we've never seen, its a excellent chance to get stronger." Jiino said, the excitement in his voice rising. "You've heard the rumors right?"

"Yeah I have heard the rumors... and thats all they are... RUMORS..." Maribo said. "Theres nothing out there for you Jiino." The young witched plopped down onto the couch. Jiino patted Maribo on the head. "Well I cant be sure until I actually go no can I?" he said.

Maribo grabbed Jiino's hand and poked at it. "Its a waste of time... besides... wouldnt it be better to just stay here and get stronger... you really dont need to go anyway." Jiino pulled his hand away. "Thing is... I wont get any stronger if I stay in Arad, thats why I have to go. Besides it'll only be for a few weeks, I'll be back before you know it." Said Jiino. Maribo jumped from the couch. "How can you be so casual about this, how do you know you will be even able to come back?" said Maribo.

Maribo stomped her foot in frustration, attempting to hold back her tears. "Why are you getting so worked up over this Maribo?" Jiino asked. "I dont... want you to go..." Maribo muttered. "Jiino stood up, he didnt quite hear what the young witch had to say. "Come again?" Jiino asked. Maribo wiped a single tear from her eye. "I dont want you to go!" she shouted. "I dont want you to leave... cant you just... stay here... with me?"

Jiino took a step back, he wasnt sure wha tto say now. That had been the first time Maribo ever seemed so sincere about anything. "Maribo, what the hell!!?" he asked. "You... really are stupid aren't you... after all this time you still havent figured it out!!? Then let me put it in terms even you can understand! I... LO-" Maribo paused for a second, the words hard for her to say. She took a deep breath and looked Jiino in the eyes. "I love you Jiino... since the day you saved my life, your all I think about, it scares me to even think, that you would actually leave me behind like this. So I beg you Jiino, dont do this..." said Maribo, unable to hold back her tears she ran into Jiino, burying her face into his chest.
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PostSubject: Re: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:47 am

Jiino held Maribo trying to comfort her. "Hey now no tears, I thought you told me you dont cry." Jiino said. "I had no idea you felt that way Maribo." The young witch tried to push away from jiino but it was a futile attempt, Jiino held her close. "Maribo... why dont you just come with me?" Jiino asked. "Thats.... something I cant do and you know it...." Said Maribo. Jiino patted the young witch in the head. "Yes you can, we could make this trip together." he said.

"No... I cant.." Maribo muttered as she slowly pushed away from Jiino, wiping the tears from her face. "Even if I wanted to... I cant... im not as strong as you, and i'I'd just slow you down... I beg you Jiino... just... stay here with me..." she pleaded. "Jiino hugged the witch, kissing her on the top of her head. "If I could, trust me, I would in a heart beat, but im committed to this... and I do plan on going. Besides its only for a month, then i'll be back." said Jiino.

Maribo sighed, there was nothing she could do and she knew it. She layed her forehead against Jiino's chest sighing yet again. "You idiot... just.... look what you've done to me, I'm a mess thanks to you..." Said Maribo once again, fighting back her tears. "I finally gather enough courage to tell you how I feel... and when I do, your leaving just like that. Life is unfair..." Jiino held Maribo closer to him, embracing her. "Like I said... its only for a month, besides... if I kept the woman I love waiting... she'd probably hunt me down and kill me..." he said. For the first time that day Maribo actually produced a genuine smile.

Jiino lifted Maribo's chin, her eyes meeting his. Maribo's face was beginning to blush. Jiino leaned in and kissed Maribo on the lips. It was the first time the young witc hhad ever kissed someone and the thought turned her face beat red, It was that night under the glow of the full moon, that these two souls united in passion and became lovers.

But that was when he dream stopped being pleasant and reminded her of what happened and why she's been working tirelessly on her latest project. A few days later, Jiino left along with the other dungeon fighters to the expedition East. Maribo, of course waited for Jiino's return. Day after day, she counted the days till he promised to return. As the day drew Maribo grew even more excited knowing she would get to see the man she loved again. But that day never came. That day that crushed her whole world, the day when the sole survivor of the expedition returned wit the grim news that the journey had been a failure and that the dungeon fighters who left had been killed or had gone missing. That ws the day Maribo began the Fusion Craft Project. Which brings us back to where this tale started. As Maribo jumped up from her slumber from a very painful poke to her side.
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PostSubject: Re: I'll Catch Up to You Someday   Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:27 pm

"HEY WHAT THE HELL!!?" Maribo shouted as she grabbed s wrench spun around swinging wildly ready to clobber her attacker. Her attack was stopped short as a single hand grabbed her wrist stopping Maribo dead in her tracks. Maribo stood there in shocked waiting for her eyes to focus in the dimly lit room. She squinted her eyes for a moment then let out a heavy sigh. "Geez Saka are you trying to give me a heart attack... I thought I was really in trouble there for a moment..." said Maribo. The young witch was of course referring to Sakagami, a nen master and a close friend of Maribo.

Sakagami was a Nen Master from Odessa, who in fact found Maribo when she ended up in Arad. She had long beautiful silver hair and big blue eyes that reminded Maribo of the ocean for some odd reason. Sakagami was as usual in her school uniform. There was a point when Maribo looked up to Sakagami as a role model but over the years she kinda... just thought of her as an occasional annoyance that she could tolerate.

Maribo attempted to wipe the sleep from her eyes. "What is it this time Saka? If its about that money I owe ya can it wait till Sharan pays me, im not in the mood to be hit up for money that I dont have..." said Maribo. Her expression showing that she was still half asleep. Sakagami flicked her index finger at Maribo, popping her on her forehead. "Hey bighead, mind telling me why you decided to make Nittis cry? Usually I dont mind... but when she comes running into our guild head quarters crying about how you were mean to her... I have to draw the line." Sakagami folded her arms over her chest. "We get enough of that crap from you when you complain about not having this or why we dont have that. I dont need to mages whining about crap!" Sakagami said as she leaned over Maribo. Sakagami was a lot taller then Maribo and it annoyed the witch when Sakagami talked down to her like this.

"Hey Saka..." Maribo muttered. "Shut the hell up... I swear everytime you come around your on my case about something... were not little kids anymore ok, I dont need you telling me this crap... like I dont feel bad enough for yelling at Nittis...." Sakagami smirked laughing to herself. "Yep thats the Maribo I know." Sakagami muttered, taking a seat on Maribo's workbench. "Still hard at work I see... things going ok in here?" Sakagami asked.

Maribo grimaced looking at the heap of metal and machinery that was once her creation. "No... starting to think its impossible to get all four elements working in sync... that last one completely totaled the place... and my funds for this project are running low, not sure If I should continue or just give up." said Maribo.

"HEY NOW!" Sakagami shouted as she jumped to her feat. "So you just gonna up and give up on him then?" Maribo leaned back in her chair. Truth is Sakagami was the only person who knew of Maribo's love affair with the slayer in blue armor. Though Sakagami often teased Maribo about it, she secretly wanted Maribo to succeed, for reasons unknown however. "If ya ask me, you should have went with him when he offered, then you wouldnt be putting yourself through this crap...." Sakagami muttered.

Maribo jumped up fom the chair. "Ok why dont you just go ahead and shut the hell up Saka! I swear, you take it to far sometimes..." Maribo Shouted "and I swear if you say anything like that again, i'll drive my drill some place where the sun dont shine..." Sakagami laughed, pokeing Maribo on the forehead. "Nah thats ok bighead... we both know you'd lose in a fight against me, or do we need a reminder of has more wins over who?" Maribo walked over to her ruined project kneeling down sifting thrrough the rubble. Maribo seemed to be unaffected by Sakagami's teasing but in actuality was rather close to turning the workshop into a blazing inferno if it meant shutting Skaagami up. "What do you want anyway...." Maribo asked in a calm voice.

Laughing to herself, Sakagami sat in Maribo's chair crossing her legs. "Yeah about that... bunch of the other guild mates want to get together at Moonlight Tavern tonight. Believe it or not But that cheapskate Sherlok is actually paying, not sure whats up with that, but everyone wants you to come along to." said Sakagami. Maribo glanced over at Sakagami, a blank stare on her face. "Not interested... sorry I got work to do." Said Maribo. The nen master picked up a stray screw and flicked it into the air. "Three words..." Sakagami muttered. "Grilled.... Octopus.... Bread...."

"Say wha..." Maribo said as she jumped up. "Dont screw with me Saka!!! Siusha only makes that dish five times a year and she already made it five times this year." said Maribo. Maribo's eyes burned with excitement. Nothing tasted better then Grilled Octopus Bread, and it was a very rare delicacy since it could only be made when the Behemoth passed close enoug hto the continent for her to gather the ingredients. In what seemed like a instant, Maribo was upstairs cleaning herself and getting dressed. Sakagami got up and walked to the door, stopping just in front of it. "Hurry up or im seriously gonna leave ya here." Sakagami teased.

Maribo suddenly came running down the stairs, Koonail in hand, her appearance looked so much better. "Now theres the Maribo we know and love..." Sakagami muttered to herself. Maribo stopped just a few feet from Sakagami and looked over at her familiars. They all stared at her, pleading looks on each of there faces. "Well this wont do at all..." Maribo said snapping her fingers. A blinding flash of light emitted from the elemental creatures when the light subsided, Maribo's little companions looked good as new. "Well... what are you guys waiting for?" Maribo asked waving for her familiars to tag along.

"One thing Maribo..." Sakagami said. "When we get there... you better apologize to Nittis... seriously, she's just a kid go easy on her." Maribo hopped on her broom. "Yeah I know geez.... get off my back" said Maribo. The two made there way to the tavern. The night air was calm on this night, the moonlight castiing a rather beautiful glow on the streets. When the two came to the tavern door, Sakagami opened the door, holding it open for Maribo. "After you..." Said Sakagami. Maribo walked through the door shaking her head at Sakagami. "You idiot..." muttered Maribo. It was surprisingly very poorly lit in the tavern.

"Ok what the hell?" Maribo shouted. "You know how I feel about dark rooms Saka..." Sakagami put her hand on Maribo's shoulder. "Ok guys NOW!" she shouted. The lights in the tavern lit up revealing ratehr large crowd of people. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIBO" The crowd shouted. Maribo was confused over the situation she as now in. "What.... is this?" Maribo asked. Sakagami popped Maribo on the head again. "Dumby, dont you remember what today is?" Sakagami asked. "October 27th …. um..." Maribo muttered. It finally dawned on her what was so special about today. "This is the day..." she muttered again. "Sakagami walked over to the table in the mddle of the room that was loaded with food and various drinks, with a Large cake in the middle. "Thats right Mari.. this is the day you came to Arad, when you made that giant crater in the middle of Odessa, ever since then you've been like family to all of us." said Sakagami.

Maribo felt overwhelmed, she had totally forgot about her own birthday. Maribo was so busy with her project she had completely forgot about this day, and the many people who cared for her. Tears swelling in her eyes. The entire guild was present today, The first time in a long time that everyone had gooten together just to celebrate the young witch life. Today she turned twenty. Maribo tried to hide her tears as Sakagami walked over and hugged her. "Its ok little one... you dont need ot act so tough in front of us... your among family now..." she whispered to Maribo, and for the first time Maribo truly cried, forgoing trying to bottle up her emotions. "Geez you guys... now I cant stop crying..." said Maribo. "Thank you all, really... you have no idea how much this means to me."

That night Maribo and the rest of the guild members partied till the break of dawn. Time seemed to fly by between the dancing and drinking, the party games, and Sherlok having to pay for the damages caused by the rowdy guild. By the time things settled down, everyone was either passed out or still trying to keep the party going. No one seemed to notice that Sakagami had taken Maribo back home. Maribo passed out drunk, being carried in Sakagami's arms. "Lightweight...." Sakagami muttered as she carried Maribo up to her room, laying her in bed. Sakagami sat in a chair next to Maribo's bed. "She really tired herself out..." Sakagami thought as she ran her fingers through Maribo's hair.

Morning had already come and gone as Sakagami laid sleep in the chair, Oblivious to what was happening downstairs. Maribo once again hard at work on her project. Her familiars darting about the workshop making the preparations needed for everything to go smoothly. "Today... it has to be today..." Maribo said. The young Witch seemed to be in rather high spirits today after last nights party, or perhaps seeing all her friends supporting her gave Maribo her bak the confidence needed to start again. Either way she just knew that today was the day. Maribo checked and double checked every last detail.

Once again Maribo stood in front of her masterpiece, master control box in hand. Marveling at what she accomplished in such a short time. "If this works... then I'll finally have something to give me a edge over whatever is out there... " she muttered as she hit the switch, the machine she created sputtered to life. The Florea electromagnetic floor started shooting electricity off in controlled bursts as the Frosty Turbine spun shooting off shards of ice, and Pyro furnace began producing Flaming Jackyl bots. "Just as planned!" Maribo shouted over the roar of her machine. "Just one more..."

The trap door for the Dark Pluto Paw began to shake violently. A wicked smile came across Maribo's face. "Come on Pluto..." she muttered. Maribo took a step forward. "Maybe it malfunc-" Maribo didnt get to finish that sentence as the Spring loaded high velocity Pluto Paw came bursting out of the trap door rending everything in its path to smithereens. Had Maribo stepped forward just a bit more, she'd been destroyed instantly form the impact.

The noise from downstairs was loud enough to wake a Sleeping Sakagami. Who came down just in time to see what transpired. "Holy Crap, Maribo are you ok!!?" Sakagami shouted. "Am I ok? Maribo asked. "Never better!" she said turning towards Sakagami. "It finally worked... I did it!!!" Shouted Maribo as she jumped for joy. "I did it Saka did you see it? Did ya?" Sakagami looked confused. "Your telling me thats suppose to happen? It just wrecked your place again." Skakagami said."But of course, Its perfect. It'll destroy anything caught in its path. Now all I have ot do is set the automated reconstruction system to be able to rapidly produce one when I need it... set up a teleportation system large enough to send it to where I need it to be." said Maribo, she began ranting about things that Sakagami just... didnt understand. "So... basically it works right? Thats the short version?" Sakagami asked scratching the back of her head. "Pretty much... yeah!" Said Maribo, her excitement barely containable.

Maribo spent the next few days preparing for the trip she was about to take. Having to decide what to bring was a huge chore, she couldnt make a solid decision on what to bring. "Hey Maribo you up here?" shouted Sakagami as she entered Maribo's room. "Cant talk to busy, said Maribo as she tried to force her suitcase closed. Sakagami walked over and pushed down on the suitcase locking it in place. Maribo glanced at Sakagami, who was dressed very formal. "Whats with the outfit? Maribo asked.
Sakagami patted Maribo on the head. "you honestly think... im gonna let you take this trip on your own? Wha tkind of friend would I be if I did that, besides... I have midterms coming up and... im not looking forward to taking those." said Sakagami. Maribo laughed as she struggled to pick up her suitcase. "You didnt study again did you?" She asked wit ha smug look on her face.

Sakagami shrugged, "Eh, I can always take a rein-check." said Sakagami. "Anyway if were doing this we need to leave now. We got a long way to go Mari." As the two made there way down stairs and out the door. Maribo turned around and looked at her workshop, letting out a sigh. This felt right to Maribo, she knew that this was a good idea. Her and Saka would head east, find Jiino, and drag his butt back to Arad if need be, because she knew Jiino had to be still alive. And Maribo was going to make sure he got home safely.

Maribo flipped the light switch and the workshop grew dark. As she closed the door, Maribo let out another sigh. "Jiino, just hold on a bit longer..." she said. Shutting the door shut. "I'll Catch up to you someday..."
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I'll Catch Up to You Someday
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