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 The Legion of Merit

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PostSubject: The Legion of Merit   The Legion of Merit EmptySun Apr 15, 2012 10:26 pm

Some of you may have heard of this story in the New Nexon Forums or in DFOSource. In case you don't know here are the links to them: http://www.dfosource.com/forum/artists-corner/95730-legion-merit-repost.html#post1275705


These are chapters up to date, this one here is just starting right now.

Well if you truly want to know why I decided to do this... well I got inspired by the Legion of Merit members which is Anonomoose, Maspan, Brackmonster/Fireberg, Jinglestan, Yden and Maribo. I felt like I just had to do this. When I started to progress in the story, I decided to make it more of a complex plot rather than being simple and also decided to focus it mostly on my main character's point of view. I just got a lot of readers in the New Nexon Forums and the DFOSource. Main readers are mostly Maribo, Fireberg, Rintagea, Anonomoose (somewhat), Jinglestan (somewhat since she replies in my stories about some things Razz), and some others I can't remember. And lastly, enjoy! I will be updating in here as well as the other two I mentioned but if you want to keep to up to date chapters, read in the other two websites. Also Maribo's and Rintagea's stories are joint with this so don't please go saying I am stealing works. Also this is a mix between Mabinogi, DFO, and Vindictus. Enjoy!

The Legion of Merit

The Prologue

In the land of Arad, there was a great accomplishment and peace as well. The Apostles were all destroyed, Ozma sent back to his imprisonment, the cosmic demons sealed once again in the Otherverse. The rift through the Otherverse was completely gone, vanished from the air. The Kartels defeated by the Empyrean Imperial Royal Forces. But the Devolution, the Kazan Syndrome, the curse of the Dark Elves, the plague, and all of the misfortunes that has seeped into fair Arad never faded away. These bad events were never mentioned as a great celebration was held in the continent. During in the middle of this festivity, a giant meteor hurled toward the planet and thus shook the earth. Thousands of innocent lives were killed in this tragedy and so began another Judgement Day and another day of reckoning. However, a message carved from a rock sits in the very pit that the impact made. The townspeople read the message. It says:

Greedy humans and all humanoid alike, remember this day that we, the Gods, judge you of your mortal sins. Because for not repenting of your original vice and sin, we will send a plague greater than the Devolution itself that will rot the whole Earth and will greatly increase the aging of anyone whoever touches it. However, you can repent by doing what we say. Bring us the heads of the Fomorians or monsters you call them and we shall forgive you of your sins and we will take you up to the paradise known as Tir Na Nog.

Renewed with such faith in the Gods, every race banded together to destroy the monsters that inhabit the dungeons. Thus it created what is the most horrifying and cruel genocide: the Human-Fomorian War. For years and years the war continued on and on. The united humanoid races with continued belief that Badhbh Cath Morrighan, the Goddess of War and Vengeance, will bring them to their place of rest where everything is perfect and the Fomors who fight for their lives. They are lead by the King of the Fomors, Cichol Gricenchos.

This fight caused all of the nature to die; the lands bloomed with blood red poppies, famine struck Hendon Myre, the Suju Province, the West Coast, and all other known towns, plague claimed many more innocent lives, poverty was everywhere, nobles became corrupt, thievery was in the deepest corners of villages, rape and prostitution came regulars in Arad. Many have cried out to Morrighan begging her to free them of their demise, yet she did not answer, but just looked on. Soon all of Arad will perish under the madness of the prophecy. Perhaps there can be a change of the tides that roar all over the small planet. Perhaps a hero or two can rise up against this insanity and bring balance once again to Arad. Perhaps the world needs… the Legion of Merit.
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PostSubject: Re: The Legion of Merit   The Legion of Merit EmptyThu May 03, 2012 11:41 pm

Still waiting for this? I decided to restart this since I received a lot of criticism on DFO so this time I'll be starting it anew but in a manga style of drawing stay tuned Smile
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The Legion of Merit
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